Customer Reviews for HAAN® SS-25 Multiforce Pro™ Steam Cleaner

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HAAN® SS-25 Multiforce Pro™ Steam Cleaner

The HAAN Multiforce Pro is the first multi purpose steam cleaner to include CR-motion technology that gives you the power to mop, scrub, buff, sanitize and refresh with just one machine. Cut your cleaning time and effort while expanding your cleaning possibilities. The Multiforce includes attachments allowing you to take steam where you never have before, outdoor surfaces. Moving scrub brush attachments attack messes on tile, deck boards and cement patios easily. Including buffing cloths help to bring the original luster back to aged hardwood floors or dull marble. The Multiforce Pro also features variable steam technology that allows you to dial into the perfect setting depending upon the mess and the flooring surface. This versatile steam mop includes 4 ultra-microfiber cleaning pads, 2 buffing cloths, 2 steam scrubbers and a Carpet Sanitizing tray. Features: Quick and effortless cleaning with CR-motion™ technology Versatile functionality all Clean outdoors with CR-motion™ heavy duty scrubbing brushes Multiple CR-motion™ Pad Attachments for versatile cleaning Variable steam output for everyday cleaning or heavy duty scrubbing. 2 counter reciprocating pads move at a rate of 850 cycles per minute providing a back-and-forth scrubbing motion 20 steam jets provide a wide cleaning path & reduce hot spots Proven to kill 99.9% of common household germs, bacteria & dust mites Swivel head adds maneuverability with a stable design that enables unit to stand upright independently Electronic pump provides continuous steam Carpet Glide attachment included for sanitizing, refreshing & deodorizing carpets Removable water tank can be easily filled right at the tap Cleans & sanitizes without the use of chemicals & detergents Includes 2 sets of reusable Ultra-Microfiber Cleaning Pads, 1 set of Buffing Pads and 1 set of Scrub Brushes Specifications: Color: Red and Grey Voltage/Hz: AC 120V, 60Hz Wattage: 1200 Watts Cord Length: 18 ft. Tank Capacity: 11.83 fl. oz. Heat-up Time: 40-45 sec. Operating Time: 17 min. (High Setting) 23 min. (Gentle Setting) Dimensions: 10.27" W x 9.8" D x 45.67" H Weight: 7.27 lbs. Model: SS-25
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Customer Reviews for HAAN® SS-25 Multiforce Pro™ Steam Cleaner
Review 1 for HAAN® SS-25 Multiforce Pro™ Steam Cleaner
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Menifee, CA
Date:March 18, 2014

Great Steam Cleaner

Pros: easy to use
Cons: none
Model Number: SS-25
" It is lightweight, easy to handle. Has lots of steam, not like some other machines. The handle swivels making it is to get into difficult areas. The machine has great scrubbing action, cleaning up difficult areas. This was a great investment. I would recommend this steamer to everyone. "
Review 2 for HAAN® SS-25 Multiforce Pro™ Steam Cleaner
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:October 15, 2013

High Quality Steam Floor Cleaner...LOVE IT!!!

Pros: the cr-motion really gets floors clean, easy to put together out of the box, large water tank, well made
Cons: none that i have noticed
Model Number: SS-25 Multiforce Pro Steam Cleaner
" This HAAN Multiforce Pro Steam Cleaner is awesome! I have purchased TWO Shark floor steam cleaners in the past and they both broke within a year of using them- total junk! I did my research this time and decided on the Haan floor steam cleaner. Even though it is more expensive upfront than the Shark, it is a high quality machine. The CR-motion technology is really neat – to describe it is like it self-propels and vibrates to really deep clean. I no longer have to follow my steam cleaner with a scraper and brillo pad to get the hard dried-on gunk off my floors ….this machine does all the work. My floors look awesome and it is super easy to use. I highly recommend this steam cleaning machine! "
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Review 3 for HAAN® SS-25 Multiforce Pro™ Steam Cleaner
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:sunny CA
Date:October 8, 2013

Great on laminate

Pros: light weight, easy to assemble-1 screw!, has a second set of microfiber pads, no use of chemicals to clean
Cons: very short cord length, noisy when cr used, would like a hand held attachment for drapery
Model Number: ss-25
" Great on laminate floors-no more hazing or streaks after cleaning and no more scrubbing on hands and knees! Heats up quickly and removes dirt rapidly on the low steam/ CR setting. It took 1 pass with steam/ CR to get paw prints off versus 3 on CR without steam for comparison. When the pads started to get wet I turned the steam off and used the CR on the floor. Minimal moisture left, dries in 10-15 seconds! Easy to push/pull around and lightweight. Would be a 5 star item if not for the cord length...I had to plug into 3 different outlets to do my one bedroom apartment. Not enough of a problem to attach to an extension cord, but an obvious design flaw in an otherwise wonderful product!
Also, on this shipment my apartment number was omitted even though it was entered into the shipping address and I had some issues with UPS regarding picking the item up. Not Costco's problem, but worth mentioning if you live in an apartment complex. "
Review 4 for HAAN® SS-25 Multiforce Pro™ Steam Cleaner
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:Palos Verdes, CA
Date:May 26, 2013

Marginal performer

Pros: might sanitize a clean floor???
Cons: doesn't perform as advertised.
Model Number: SS-25
" I hoped this machine, with its steam and brushing action, would clean both surface dirt on, and grout between, travertine stone floor tiles. It does not.
The brushes are already bending out of shape after just a few hours' usage.
There isn't much steam produced by this machine, but if you work two sq. ft. at a time you eventually can feel the stone floor get warm. The heat does help clean by loosening up the dirt so that you can get on your hands and knees and SCRUB THE FLOOR AND GROUT BY HAND with a brush to get it clean. "
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Review 5 for HAAN® SS-25 Multiforce Pro™ Steam Cleaner
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:San Diego, CA
Date:May 8, 2013

All gimmic

Pros: looks fancy
Cons: doesn't work well
Model Number: SS-25
" I can't tell you how excited I was to find this product. The day it arrived I was eager to test it out that I opened immediately and tried it out.
We have tile floors with about 1/4" grout lines. We have been using a Shark Pro Steam Mop and although it steams well it requires a lot of work and pressure to clean the floors. The Haan multiforce was supposed to alleviate that with it's CR Motion technology. As of now, I am utterly dissappointed.
1. I filled the tank up with water and let it heat up according to the directions. After waiting for over a minute I wanted to take a look at the bottom and inspect the steam coming out. To my dismay, as some steam was coming out, many of the jets were just dripping hot water. FAIL
2. I proceed to put on the pads so I can begin cleaning the floor. I put the pads on and begin. As I begin to make my passes along the tile I notice the bright shine of the floor from water on the tile. I touch the tile i just passed over with my bare foot and its cold. It leaves a lot of water and takes time to dry. I stop and lift the mop vertically and look under the pad to observe the steaming process. The pads are so dense that NO steam gets thru the pad. Some of the steam comes out the sides of the CR heads and the steam that does get injected into the pad condenses immediately and makes for a wet pad leaving a wet streak across the floor. FAIL
3. My tile is actually pretty clean compared to most homes because we do not wear shoes in the house but there are some scuffs, dried stains and dirty grout. I had to apply some force for the mop to clean up some of the stains. If the steam was actually going thru the pad, the heat and steam would have loosened the stain and the pad would have had no problem cleaning it up. FAIL
4. We have a hall where we put our wee wee pads for our dogs. They miss occassionaly and I have to manually clean it up and scrub the grout. AH-HA! The Haan Multiforce should work here with its bristle attachments! NOPE! I popped on the bristle heads and proceeded to clean that hallway and the grout was left untouched. There was specifically a stain in the grout where I let the multiforce sit to get it out... didnt touch the stain. It just made a wet mess over the stain. FAIL
In conclusion, I guess I have learned that sometimes shortcuts are not a good thing. Nothing can replace good 'ole elbow grease and a scrub brush. I had pipe dreams making the chore of cleaning the tile a snap but I have learned that the Haan Multiforce could not accomplish that. Honestly, I think if they made some adjustments to the design it could actually work half decently. Haan, if you are listening...maybe making the pad (or areas below the steam jets) thinner to let the steam pass through... or even put the steam jets between the CR heads so that the steam can work it's magic on the tile and the CR heads and pads can clean, it would probably work better. This is going right back to Costco and I'll continue to use my Shark Pro Steam Mop for now. "
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Review 6 for HAAN® SS-25 Multiforce Pro™ Steam Cleaner
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Owingsville, KY
Date:April 16, 2013

Great Floor Cleaner!

Pros: scrubbers are really great!
Cons: no cons in this steamer.
Model Number: HAAN SS25
" I have tried many floor steam cleaners and found this to be the best. It does not over wet the floor - dries quickly. The scrubbing action works just great. "
Review 7 for HAAN® SS-25 Multiforce Pro™ Steam Cleaner
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:pine brook,nj
Date:March 19, 2013

didn't do what i needed done

Pros: the only steamer with moving pads
Cons: it did not get into the grooves to clean the grout
Model Number: haan ss-25
" in theory it should have worked perfectly. i needed it to clean my kitchen grout. the movement cleaned the floor but did not get the grout clean. it did work well on my wood floors though. "
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Review 8 for HAAN® SS-25 Multiforce Pro™ Steam Cleaner
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:November 16, 2012


Model Number: SS-25
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