Customer Reviews for Novaform® Gel Memory Foam King Mattress

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Novaform® Gel Memory Foam King Mattress

This item may currently be in stock at your local Costco Warehouse for immediate purchase at a cash and carry price. Discover the science behind a better night’s sleep. The very first of its kind, the Novaform® Gel memory foam mattress combines the comfort of memory foam with the smart support of gel. Together, they minimize pressure points, providing more balanced support. You’ll sleep faster, deeper and wake up rested and refreshed. Innerspring mattresses can cut off circulation which compromises sleep comfort and causes you to toss and turn. The patented gel technology responds to these pressure points and your body’s temperature, creating a more restful sleep experience. Enjoy the new Novaform® Gel memory foam mattress providing the ultimate sleeping experience with comfort, support and luxury combined into one! 12 in" in overall thickness   Top layer: 2.5” of gel-memory foam infused with gel beads   Middle layer: 2.5” of textured foam   Base layer: 7” of superior-support foam   Patented gel-infused memory foam technology   Box spring not included   Meets the requirements of 16 CFR Part 1633-Federal flammability (open flame) standards   Flame-retardant cover conforms to strict Federal standards   Premium memory foam molds to your body; returns to original shape after use   Superior pressure point relief which improves circulation   Cover: Luxurious quilted jacquard circular stretch knit cover, polyester-cotton top and quilted side panels, durable and long-lasting   Memory Foam – 100% Hypo-allergenic, CFC-free   Great for platform beds and slatted frames   20-year limited warranty   Compressed & packaged for easy transport and delivery   Memory foam made in the USA   King mattress dimensions: 76" W x 80" D x 12" H; Weight: 112 lbs.   For more information about this product, call the Sleep Innovations Customer Service Center at 1-888-999-0499. Model: 554629
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Customer Reviews for Novaform® Gel Memory Foam King Mattress
Review 61 for Novaform® Gel Memory Foam King Mattress
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Twin Cities, MN
Date:June 5, 2011

Sleeping through the night.

Pros: full support, can easily add a softer topper if needed, reduces motion transfer
Cons: initial feel is a bit too firm, heavy but i'm not going to move it much
Model Number: 554629
" We have had this mattress for about a month now and I wanted to give it a good test drive before posting a review.
While the initial feel of this mattress is quite a bit on the firm side, while you lay there for a few minutes, it does conform to your body and gives good support. Both my wife and I are sleeping well and it doesn't hurt my back at all compared to our old mattress. We have also not experienced any heat retention.
Setting up the mattress was easy. We started in the morning and by bed time it was ready to go. We had none of the smell and my wife has a good nose.
For the price we feel it is a good buy. I hope it will stay good long term. As far a the firmness goes I know I can make a bed softer pretty easy by adding a topper and it will still be cheaper than the big name mattresses. "
Review 62 for Novaform® Gel Memory Foam King Mattress
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:Eureka, CA
Date:May 12, 2012

How did this get 4 out of 5 star rating???

Pros: didn't smell like others stated
Cons: too soft too hot, showed wear too soon
Model Number: Novaform® Gel Memory Foam King Mattress
" Anyone stating this mattress it TOO FIRM...really? It is so soft, you sink right to the bottom and I only weigh 145 lbs! We slept on it for three weeks to give it a chance but my back hurt every morning. After I made the bed, you could see the two hollows where we slept and remember this is less than a month of use. Last gripe is how HOT you get with this mattress-it holds all the heat-personally very uncomfortable. The best part about this whole experience is I'll never wonder again about the 'temperpedic' style bed. Realized the traditional mattress is best for me...replaced it with a Sealy Posturepedic Roseshore Firm King Mattress two days ago. LOVE IT-sleep great and wake with no back pain. Costco amazing as always-a simple email began the mattress return process AND they said we'll get a FULL refund. "
Review 63 for Novaform® Gel Memory Foam King Mattress
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:La Habra Heights, CA
Date:July 5, 2012

what a releif

" We have been needing a new bed for a couple of years and were afraid to take the step of purchasing a new bed. We were not happy in our very expensive bed we last purchased and were afraid to spend a ton of money and be unhappy again. We were going back and forth between a sleep number and a memory foam and finally decided on a memory foam. We found this mattress at Costco and the price was right. We have slept on it for only 2 nights but what a HUGE difference. I would toss and turn all night and a lot of nights get out of bed at 3 or 4 in the AM because my lower back hurt so bad. So far we love it and I hope that continues. We also unpacked it at about 4 in the afternoon and slept on it that night and it was great. There is also a smell, a lot of people have mentioned that, but it is slight and not overwhelming. "
Review 64 for Novaform® Gel Memory Foam King Mattress
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:November 10, 2011

Best Sleep In A Very Long Time

Model Number: Novaform® Gel Memory Foam King Mattress
" I bought this mattress a little over a month ago and wanted to give it enough time for a far review. Went to Costco - they put it in my car for me and my 20 year old daughter and I took it out of my SUV and set it up in less then 10 min. BEAUTIFUL that I didn't need to wait for my husband to get home from work and then him tell me 15 reasons why I would need to wait a day or two for him to take care of it.... At first the mattress does seem to be harder then I would have thought but it does mold to your body and after a few minutes it feels pefect. We did have a lumb in the center from head to toe that went away in a couple of weeks. Since night 1 my husband and I have both said it's been years that we have selpt so well. Well worth the money and we plan on buying another one for our guest bedroom. Would we recomend, IN A HEART BEAT!! "
Review 65 for Novaform® Gel Memory Foam King Mattress
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Portland, OR
Date:January 26, 2013

Best nights sleep evver

Pros: no smell after 3 days, comfortable
Cons: heavy, diffucult to move
" I will admit the first week was pretty rough, my wife and I thought the mattress was to firm and it wouldn't work out. We kept reading online that you need to give your body a good 60 days to adjust so we kept on night after night. It took about 3 weeks until we got use to the mattress enough for it to not seems so firm. At about the 3 month point we fell in love with this mattress, we will never sleep on a traditional bed again. We wake up rested with no aches and ready for the day. It pains me to see some of the low reviews complaining about not getting enough sleep during the first few nights. If you buy this keep it for a good 90 days before you even think about returning it.
At around 6 months we went to vegas and had a pillow top mattress in our about horrible sleep!!
It's been over a year and we love this mattress. "
Review 66 for Novaform® Gel Memory Foam King Mattress
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Southern Oregon
Date:March 10, 2011

Great Bed For The Price

Pros: comfortable, better night sleep, easy setup, value
Model Number: 554629
" We picked up this mattress at our local warehouse. It was easy to take home the way it was packaged, which I really appreciated. I was confident to purchase this mattress, despite the lack of reviews online, with Costco's great return policy. However, I love the mattress. It is so comfortable the way it molds to your body. It is a huge improvement over our previous pillowtop mattress, and my husband and I both sleep through the night without waking more often than we use to.
In order to protect the mattress and the warranty, we have put a waterproof mattress pad on it. I am not sure if it is the cover or the mattress, but I have found nights to be much warmer and that I sweat more through the night. I am going to try a different mattress cover and see if that is really the problem.
Regardless, I still love how comfortable it is, especially for the price!
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Review 67 for Novaform® Gel Memory Foam King Mattress
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Big Fork, Montana
Date:October 12, 2011

Great Mattress

" I purchased one of these mattress from Costco about 5 years ago and purchased a second one last month. I couldn't wait to take the over $1000 mattress we bought 2 years ago to the dump!
The mattress was delivered to our door. It took about 15 minutes to unpack and put in place. There is no smell and the folded crease in the middle was gone within hours. I can't feel my husband's movement in bed nor is there movement felt when one of us gets in or out of bed.
We are building a home and have several new mattresses to purchase and will buy these without hesitation not only because we are very satisfied with the quality of the mattress but also because of the way we were treated by Costco with an issue that came up for us.
I have gone out of my way to take time to write this review because of the way Novaform treated us with a question we had and because of the professional treatment we received from Costco. "
Review 68 for Novaform® Gel Memory Foam King Mattress
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Charlotte, NC
Date:October 5, 2011

Very Good But More Firm than Expected

Pros: value, transporting it, quality
Cons: a bit firm
" I bought this mattress based on the reviews on this site and seeing the small sample at my local costco. This mattress is very well made and we are glad we bought it. A couple of things-- the manufacturer designed the box to fit in the back of my minivan without having to move any seats--thank you. Also, it's about 100 pounds but a handle on the top of the box along with wheels on the bottom made moving it a snap. The mattress took about 2 hours to fully expand. We noticed the odor but it was not an issue for us (just opened the window for a couple of hours and it's gone.) We placed it on our existing box spring. The mattress is pretty firm compared to a pillow top...better to be a little firm than too soft. We decided to add a 1.5 inch memory foam topper (made by the same company) and it's perfect! We are sleeping great and have had the mattress for a few weeks now. I recommend it considering quality and price. "
Review 69 for Novaform® Gel Memory Foam King Mattress
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:New Jersey
Date:March 31, 2012

Love this mattress!

Pros: very comfortable, great support, good value
Cons: hard to remove wrapping
" Last April 2010 we purchased this bed in queen size. My husband & I loved it so much that last week we ordered the king size for our room. It came within 5 days we opened it up and it got to full size within 24hrs. The only difficult part was cutting the shrink wrapping around the mattress. You have to be very careful or you could cut the mattress cover. We had some slight odor but it was gone within 48 hrs.
At first I was going to give this 4 stars because there was a defect. There was an area that didn't expand all the way and it created a dent in the side. We called Costco to ask them what to do about that because we really wanted the mattress. They said that they would send us a new one and that someone would also come to remove the defective one.
After talking to Costco I was so happy with their resolution to my problem that I gave this 5 stars for both the mattress and the Costco service. That's why I buy most everything I can at Costco. Their service is unbeatable! "
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Review 70 for Novaform® Gel Memory Foam King Mattress
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:Seattle, WA
Date:April 30, 2011

Good first impression, dissapointing long term

Pros: cheap price
Cons: cheap
" I bought one of these, and initially I was very impressed with the comfort, firmness, and what I thought was good value for the price I paid. But after owning it for a little over a month now, I am sorely disappointed (no pun intended). It just doesn't hold up, it it starting to not bounce back, it doesn't respond at all like it did in the first few weeks. The mattress feels old, worn out and tired already, at only one month. It is as if it is an old, worn out mattress but only a month old. When it was new after sleeping on it, it would bounce back and you would go to sleep the next night and it would be all firm again. Now when I go to sleep, it is all dented in and kind of flattened and not as firm, feels old and worn out already. The problem is, it's too cumbersome too pack up and return to the store for a refund, so I feel I am stuck with it. Maybe I got stuck with a bad one, I don't know, but based upon my experience, I would not recommend, I don't think they hold up for the long haul. "
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Review 71 for Novaform® Gel Memory Foam King Mattress
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Raleigh, NC
Date:October 7, 2011

This Mattress Saved Me Thousands of Bucks!

Pros: self installation easy good price availability, comfortable and works with current box spring.
Cons: probably need two people to manage if stairs
" I don't usually bother with reviews but since I made this purchase based on the reviews on this site, I felt compelled to bare witness.
We just relocated to this area and ditched our old king mattress. After checking out several mattresses ranging from $2500-$3500, we looked on line and found this one.
I like firm but my husband prefers the pillow we even considered the sleep number that we tried in a hotel. Unfortunately, we couldn't seem to find the right number during our stay.
Anyway, since the mattress had a warranty we decided to give it a try before selecting a much more expensive option. We are sooo happy that we made this choice!
It was easy to manage in our SUV, they had it in the store so I got it immediately, and we are both very comfortable on it. The Gel and Foam is firm but your body still molds to the mattress. It didn't make me hot like the thermapedic mattress. This is the first time in years that I didn't wake up with lower back pain and stiffness.
Also, we were surprised to find that it was only $599 in the store so that was an extra bonus for us. I highly recommend this purchase! "
Review 72 for Novaform® Gel Memory Foam King Mattress
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:May 9, 2011

Heaven- best mattress purchase ever

" My husband and I absolutely love our mattress. We have had it for 4 months now and didn’t know one could sleep so well! After sleeping on a supposedly “ top of the line” Simmons (junk) mattress for two years, that dented and dipped after 6 months we decided to try out the nova forms and go with Costco because of their awesome return policy. There was a slight odor with the nova form mattress, but was completely gone within a day or two. We did sleep on it the first night – yes there was a ridge-hump-line whatever down the middle but it was gone by the third/fourth night. Both my husband and I are large people (5’10- 220 6’4- 300) so we depend on a great mattress, this mattress is hard as brick, especially when it is cold. But within minutes of laying on it, it melts to your body heat and softens up slightly. Two years of sore backs and joints, we now sleep great with no soreness and NO back Pain. It did take me about a week to “love it” my husband loved it the first night. We are tummy sleepers, while I don’t have a problem, my husband sometimes does. Not to mention- you’ve got to love the price!! Happy mattress hunting. "
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Review 73 for Novaform® Gel Memory Foam King Mattress
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Billings, Mt
Date:January 7, 2012

It's and adjustment, but I'm satisfied

Pros: price, warranty
Cons: it is very firm
Model Number: Novaform® Gel Memory Foam King Mattress
" I also wanted to wait a while to try this mattress out prior to leaving a review. We've been on this mattress now for just over two months. We previously had the Barrington mattress that Costco sold, which initially we were excited about. We were disappointed with it after just a few months as it really began to sag. We also began waking up with aches and pains because it was possibly too plush. Again, Costco's return policy rocks. They took that back no problem. During this time, I began researching the memory foam mattresses and saw the Novaform at Costco. We decided to give it a try, especially when it was a coupon item. This is by far the firmest mattress I've slept on. I've had to adjust to the firmness and occasionally miss the plushness of past mattresses, but I must say I rarely wake up with any aches or discomforts. I wouldn't describe it as 'sleeping on clouds', but I know I sleep comfortably at night. Overall, our main reasons for choosing this mattress were the price, the 20 year warranty, Costco's customer service, and the mostly positive reviews others have posted. This mattress was an adjustment for me (after spending 37 years on inner-spring mattresses), but I'm satisfied enough with it to keep it. "
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Review 74 for Novaform® Gel Memory Foam King Mattress
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Mid South
Date:October 15, 2011

Worst Sleep Ever

Pros: cost effective
Cons: hard as a rock in cooler weather
" After dealing with a high end pillowtop (and hating the sunken impressions) for too long, we decided to give a foam mattress a shot.
Purchased King size Novaform Gel Memory about 1 1/2 months ago. Let it air out for 2 days and complaints about the smell were non-existent.
There is however a huge issue with the mattress.
It took a few nights for myself and my wife (both average size) to become accustom to the mattress. No problem, as that is to be expected.
After the initial adjustment period, we both loved the mattress, or so we thought. After a couple of weeks, the weather started getting cooler, and I would wake up with lower back pain every morning. (never an issue before). My wife still liked it.
Now that the weather is cool every night, both my wife and myself both get no sleep (tossing and turning) and we both wake up with aches and pains.
Problem? The mattress is as hard as a rock in cool weather. What will happen when it actually gets cold? Might as well sleep on a board.
Sleep Innovations specifically states NOT to use a common box spring type foundation. The mattress is on a custom built platform and is no different than laying it on a floor, so it gets the full support they call for.
Can't wait to bring this back to the store. Maybe then we can get a decent nights sleep. "
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Review 75 for Novaform® Gel Memory Foam King Mattress
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:West Palm Beach, FL
Date:July 31, 2012

Surprised this Skeptic

" With two little kids constantly sneaking into our bed it was time to upgrade our bedroom furniture and our bed from a Queen into a King. That was the easy part the hard part was selecting a mattress. We seem to prefer the firmer mattresses and better sleep we would get at some of the better hotels when traveling. We looked at the Tempurpedic but couldn't justify the cost. Saw this at Costco and with their return policy, after some debate decided to give it a go and I am very glad we did. I've had it for a little over three weeks now and I've been sleeping great, no more waking up middle of the night, no tossing and turning, with this thing I am out cold! Very glad we went with this and if it gives us 10 years of service it'll be the deal of the century.
A few things to note, it does sleep a little hot, but you get used to it fast as I did. Second, something a little annoying that I just had to change the way I did things, is that when you sit on the edge you sink weirdly into the mattress, for putting on your shoes for instance. We always had a bench at the foot of our bed so I simply made it a habit to sit on the bench instead of the side of the bed. Also, the thing is big, heavy, and can be awkward, bring two people to the warehouse and to unpack. As for the foam smell, I hardly noticed anything and was definitely gone in a few days. Finally, the mattress is thick at 12", you may want to consider going to smaller (thinner) box springs as we did. Even with the low profile box springs I have to climb into bed a little bit and I'm 6'-1". "
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Review 76 for Novaform® Gel Memory Foam King Mattress
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Austin, TX
Date:January 11, 2012

Comfortable, firm, and not hot

" My husband and I bought this mattress after a friend recommended it. She actually has a different Novaform mattress but said her chiropractor recommended this one. We replaced a 14 year old inner spring Serta mattress. My husband is a stomach sleeper and I am I side sleeper. So, it is very hard for us to find a mattress that works for both of us. I thought a memory foam mattress might work best. This is the firmest Novaform mattress available, so if you prefer a mattress less firm, you might check out some of the other ones. We bought this one because it was the one Costco had in the store at the time we were ready to buy it. I purchased it, put it in the back of my minivan (without folding down any seats), brought it home and just opened the box and it "inflated" right in our bedroom! Very cool!
I was worried it would be too firm for me, and my husband was worried it would be hot. The firmness did take some getting used to, but I bought a Novaform memory foam contoured pillow, which helped a lot. Plus, I put a very thick plush mattress pad (also from Costco) on top. In reality, I am now sleeping on my back, which is actually better for my back and super comfortable on this mattress. I used to wake up with back pain almost every morning if I slept on my back. Now, I almost never wake up with back pain! It is amazing!
As far as it being too hot....neither of us has noticed it being hot. Keep in mind we live in central Texas and just endured the hottest summer in history (100+ almost everyday). We keep our thermostat set pretty high in the summer (78-80) to keep our bills down, so it's not as if we just keep our AC on to keep it cool. Some have noticed the mattress being less pliable in the winter, but we have not noticed that. Of course, it doesn't get that cold here, BUT we keep our heat low at night to save on bills, so it gets pretty cool in our house in the winter.
The best part about this mattress was that it was about half the cost of a similar inner spring mattress. We have ours on our 2 boxsprings and have not had an issue with a ridge in the middle, but we plan to put plywood under our mattress soon (though we've owned the mattress about a year now!), as these mattresses will take the form of whatever is under them. Eventually, we plan to buy a platform bed.
I would highly recommend this mattress, especially if you prefer a firmer mattress. If you don't like it, Costco will take it back. The hard part is getting it back to them. ;) I highly recommend trying a memory foam mattress if you haven't before. This is such a good deal, you really can't lose. BTW, it is cheaper in the store than online. "
Review 77 for Novaform® Gel Memory Foam King Mattress
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Warwick, RI
Date:January 12, 2012

Hope you like extra firm...

Pros: customer service
Cons: too firm
" The quality of the mattress seems great, the smell of the foam only took a couple days to dissipate and the mattress remains cool unlike some foam mattresses and finally don’t forget the great price.
The problem the wife and I had is that this is an extra firm mattress, which is definitely not for us. I wish the packaging stated the firmness rating as this isn’t listed anywhere on the box. After a couple of nights with no sleep and waking up sore, I sent an email to Sleep Innovations and they quickly responded to my email. This was a pleasant surprise to have them respond within a day, I love great customer service. I posted their comments below and I have since ordered and received the Roma Sera and it is much more to our liking due to its softer feel, unfortunately a bit more expensive too. Now the fun part of trying to return a king size mattress that once was vacuumed sealed in a nice box.
Sleep Innovations Comments:
Thank you for your inquiry. The mattress in which you purchased is an extra firm mattress. Therefore it most likely will not soften any more than what is has. I have included a list of all the mattresses in which we offer through Costco with a detailed description. I apologize for the inconvenience of you having to return your current mattress.
- Our Novaform Gel 12" mattress has 2.5" of gel infused premium memory foam, 2.5" of textured foam and 7" of premium base foam. We have taken our Nutratemp memory foam and infused it with gel beads for more support and a cooler temperature. This mattress is considered to be an extra firm.
- Our Pure Comfort 12" mattress will be one of our firmest and most supportive models. This mattress consists of 2.5" of Nutratemp memory foam as the top layer and 9.5" of premium base foam. It has a Cotton knit smooth top cover.
- Our Serafina 12" mattress is manufactured with 2.5" of gel infused premium memory foam, 2.5" of Luratex Custom Wave foam, and 7" of base foam. It has a Waterfall designed cover with a stretch-to-fit platinum swirl top and quilted jacquard side panels. This mattress is a medium-firm with a medium-high level of support.
- Our Deluxe Comfort 12" mattress is manufactured with 2.5" of NutraFresh memory foam, 2.5" of sculpted air channel foam, and 7" of base foam. It has a 100% polyester SI gold basket weave cover with quilted gold basket weave board side panels. This mattress is considered a medium firm with a medium-high level of support.
- Our Roma Sera 12" mattress is manufactured with 2.5" of Nutrafresh memory foam, 3.5" of Luratex Custom Wave foam, and 6" of conventional base foam. It has a quilted waterfall design cover with a stretch-to-fit platinum swirl top and quilted jacquard sides. This mattress is considered to be a medium soft with a high level of support. "
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