Customer Reviews for Ninja™ Kitchen System 1100

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Ninja™ Kitchen System 1100

The Ninja™ Kitchen System has 1100 watts of professional performance power! The Ninja™ Kitchen System 1100 includes 72 oz. pitcher with a lock in pour spout for all of your frozen blending needs.  The Ninja blade technology can crush and blend whole fruits and vegetables into smooth and creamy drinks in the matter of seconds! Create delicious doughs and batters with the 40 oz. processor and easy to use attachments.  The kitchen system motor is equipped with Smart Speed Technology controls the speed as the ingredients come together, allowing you to knead doughs, crush ice into snow, blend fruits and vegetables all at the touch of a button. Features: • Professional 1100 Watts Blender and Food Processor • 72 oz. Blender Jar for Frozen Blending and Complete Juicing • 40 oz. Bowl for Food Procession and Dough Making • Makes Dough in less then 60 secs • Cord storage to keep your counter tops clear • 3 speeds + pulse • BPA Free pitcher and bowl • Easy to clean control panel • Dishwasher safe parts • Dimensions: 6.2” L x 8.1” W x 17.5” H; Weight: 7.8 lbs. Model: NJ602CO
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Customer Reviews for Ninja™ Kitchen System 1100
Review 41 for Ninja™ Kitchen System 1100
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:November 24, 2012

Go with the Vitamix

Pros: low cost
Cons: fails at fruit/veggie smoothies
" At one fifth the price of the Vitamix, I brought the Ninja home on my last Costco trip. While it's well constructed and better than other blenders we have owned, it was very disappointing in making smoothies. We knew from store demos than Vitamix smoothies made with whole fruits and vegetables are absolutely, well... smooth. The Ninja leaves pieces no matter how long you blend and at any speed. We decided to purchase the outrageously priced Vitamix after this sad result. Moment of truth was the first whole-fruit smoothie... completely smooth with the Vitamix. The Ninja is headed back to Costco, the Vitamix is here to stay. "
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Review 42 for Ninja™ Kitchen System 1100
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Concord, NH
Date:November 9, 2012

OK but not great

Pros: seems faily well made
Cons: doesn't blend ice well at all
Model Number: Ninja Kitchen System 1100
" We bought the Ninja today to replace a fairly cheap Cuisinart blender we have had for years.We have only used the Ninja to make frozen margaritas and it does not blend the ice as well as it should. The old Cuisinart we had blended the ice to a very smooth consistency but the Ninja leaves the ice fairly granular no matter how long you blend it for. A little disapointed. "
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Review 43 for Ninja™ Kitchen System 1100
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Napa, California
Date:November 4, 2012

Not the juicer I thought it was

Pros: make extremely well and it a very sold applicance, its easy to clean and very solid.
Cons: it does not juice
Model Number: kitchen system 1100
" We purchased it yesterday. We tired doing several types of juicing but it just turned out to be a "pulp sludge". I must say though it is made very well and probably does a great job on chopping and dough mixing but its definitely not a juicier. That's the only reason we bought it was for juicing. We're going to return it today. "
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Review 44 for Ninja™ Kitchen System 1100
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:October 27, 2012

Excellent Blender

Pros: powerful easy to clean works as advertised
Cons: none
Model Number: Ninja 1100 BL660
" I cannot understand the negative reviews from some for this amazing blender. We bought the Ninja 1100 with the small individual serving/mixing glasses, rather than the Kitchen System but both share the same 1100 watt base and 72 oz pitcher. It makes perfect smoothies and has the power to blend hard fruits and vegetables with ease. It is much easier to clean than my Juicer and only has three parts to rinse and air dry. If you rinse them off right after blending, they come clean easily. The blades are sharp, indeed, but common sense and a little care in handling will avoid any accidents. Besides, they are not any sharper than any other food processor or blender with bottom blades. I laughed out-loud at the review that complained about the blades falling out! If you leave the lid on and pour out the contents through the pouring spout built into the lid, the blades are held safely in place. If you made something very thick that would not pour through the lid spout, simple remove the lid, grab the blades from the top shaft and remove them while you scoop out the contents. I guess it does take some common sense to work the thing so, if you are short in that area, don't buy it but, if you want a great blender for under $120.00, this is as good as it gets! "
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Review 45 for Ninja™ Kitchen System 1100
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Cedar Grove, NJ
Date:October 24, 2012

Great Blender

" Not sure why the few negative reviews. I've had the Ninja now for 3 months and use it literally everyday. Its awesome making smoothies and shakes. My morning starts with an apple, banana, strawberries, almonds, water and a scoop of protein powder. It takes it down wo a problem to a nice consistency. The larger container helps as well...something a few of the other blenders dont have. Think the ninja is a true 72 oz. Trust me, you'll need it. Also I use for soups and its great. I dont need a blender to warm up my contents. I simply put the soup into the pot afterwards and heat it up. Plus, lets not forget, the Ninja a 1/4 the cost of the other 2 blenders. Happy shopping!!! "
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Review 46 for Ninja™ Kitchen System 1100
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:philadelphia, pa
Date:October 24, 2012

this blender rocks

Pros: i think this would grind concrete!
Cons: it is big and noisy
" after burning out motors on 2 small blenders, plus on a waring and a kitchen aid while making smoothies, I really wanted a vitamix or blendtec, but was just too cheap, so I got this. I was a little worried b/c people said the design was dangerous. I don't know what those folks do with their blenders, but I think this is in fact safer than trying to clean those little bitty stuck in the bottom blades. You remove the lid, grab the top of the cone and remove it and lay it flat in your dishwasher (or rinse immediately and use your long glass cleaning sponge). In any case, I use whole (giant) costco strawberries (11 to be exact) to one cup of milk and 2 big handfuls of kale, plus a few other things and this thing is a champ! blends till smooth. My husband warily agreed to try a smoothie w/ kale in it and then grudgingly admitted that it was so smooth he couldn't tell he had "lettuce" in his drink. i am buying these for both my daughters. the ninja doesn't struggle one bit no matter how much rock hard frozen fruit i dump in there "
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Review 47 for Ninja™ Kitchen System 1100
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:Palm Springs, CA
Date:October 23, 2012

Real disappointment for Smoothies

Pros: cute name nifty appearance
Cons: doesn't do anything well. overly complicated.
Model Number: Ninja Kitchen System 1100
" PLEASE, forget about this for smoothies. It's design prohibits making anything at all smooth. The blades are on the thick center pillar and it can't create a vortex, so nothing gets pureed. Lumpy, very lumpy. My old classic Waring with half the power does a better job on them. I didn't bother with some of the attachments before returning. Why the overly complicated lids aren't interchangeable is truly bizarre and inconvenient. It doesn't work well as a food processor either. It's a jack of all trades and master of NONE. I wouldn't even give it Journeyman status. Watch out for those blades after blending when you go to pour, they come right out when you least expect it and are VERY sharp. If you are on a budget get the Kitchenaid 5 speed. If you want the real deal, Vitamix or Blendtec. "
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Review 48 for Ninja™ Kitchen System 1100
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:October 21, 2012
" Do not waste your money on this processor. Way to many parts, not a problem if you have unlimited storage space. The lids not interchangeable. "
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Review 49 for Ninja™ Kitchen System 1100
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Mission Viejo, CA
Date:October 15, 2012

Waste of money

Pros: none, i can't think of one.
Model Number: NJ602CO
" Bought the Ninja on 10/10 and returned it on 10/15. Lids on two units are not interchangeable but should be and are extremely difficult to remove and clean. Plastic containers are also difficult to clean and to pour. Lid on large container broke after a couple of uses. "
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Review 50 for Ninja™ Kitchen System 1100
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:San Antonio TX
Date:October 7, 2011

Wanted to love it, bought 3

Pros: very handy in the kitchen
Cons: not reliable
" I used the magic bullet several times a week and I loved it. When the first one's motor burned out in a year, I replaced it. The second one leaked after a short while enough to cause problems. I thought this was all just bad luck. When the 3rd magic bullet bit the dust as quickly as the other two, I realized there was something wrong with the quality of this little appliance.
A Vitamix may have to be my next purchase because I wouldn't want to buy one of these every year. "
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