Customer Reviews for EasyOn Gutter Guard 100'

EasyOn Gutter Guard 100'

This DIY stainless steel micromesh gutter guard keeps out leaves, pine needles and roof sand grit from your gutters so you will never have to clean your gutters out again.
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Customer Reviews for EasyOn Gutter Guard 100'
Review 1 for EasyOn Gutter Guard 100'
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:San Francisco, CA
Date:December 18, 2014

Excellent Quality, Easy Installation

Pros: easy installation, everything included, works as advertised, prompt response from the founder
Cons: nothing of consequence
"I am a DIY homeowner, and had a great experience with Gutter Guard. Installation went faster than expected and fit easily-the self-tapping screws were great, thanks for including the drill chuck. I put in nearly 100' on the front and back of my house and the side of my garage. I am in San Francisco area and we just had our big storm of Dec 2014, and the guards performed flawlessly. I see all the roof grit that used to wash down the spout instead rolling off onto the ground. The founder replied personally to my email, which is very nice touch these days. Glad to support American entrepreneurs and Costco. I have tried several products in the past, and I am looking forward to this being my last installation. Thank You!"
Review 2 for EasyOn Gutter Guard 100'
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:December 17, 2014

So Glad I Found These!

Pros: very sturdy product(aluminum/stainless steel), 10 yr warranty(25 yrs. with simple registration), option to use adhesive strip or included screws, never having to clean gutters again, excellent customer service, reasonably priced diy product
Cons: i didn't install them sooner
"I love that our home is surrounded by trees.However, cleaning out gutters that
are 20 ft. high is one very unpleasant
chore.I began searching for DIY gutter
guards and finally found these.I just in-
stalled them and they are already hard at
work keeping pine needles,silver maple
seeds and oak leaves out of my gutters.
The install would have been easier in
warmer weather as I needed to adjust
the shingles in some areas and they were
rather stiff in 60 degree temps.Structural
integrity of the product is very high.The
mesh between the aluminum frame is
very sturdy and lets water through but
little else,not even shingle grit.I am now
looking forward to many years of NOT
cleaning my gutters!
Review 3 for EasyOn Gutter Guard 100'
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Seattle, WA
Date:December 17, 2014

Right Product/Right Price

Pros: easily installed, inexpensive, very strong adhesive (or can be bolted), excellent fit on k-type gutters, responsive manufacturer with 10 yr warranty
Cons: not as sturdy as competing products, may not fit all gutter types
"The EasyOn gutter cover is a microscreen type that homeowners can install themselves with little difficulty. Similar to Masterguard or Leaf Filter (available only as a dealer-installed product), the EasyOn, sold elsewhere as Gutter Glove, allows rainwater through, but not the grit, sand, or needles that defeat other gutter guards. My first installation was on a garage shed roof a year ago. The EasyOn worked perfectly, so that I just had to sweep the refuse off the gutter guard with a broom. With two huge firs in back and a couple of hemlocks in front of my home, needle and thatch are ever-present. With EasyOn I hope to avoid the 3x annual gutter cleaning."
Review 4 for EasyOn Gutter Guard 100'
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Waukesha, WI
Date:December 8, 2014

Great Product

Pros: good price every thing needed to install included, great support from the manufacturer
Cons: none at this time
Model Number: #695174 & #695196
"I brought 100' and a 24' pack of gutter guards was able to install them in one afternoon using the screw method was easy to install look and work great , after 3 rainfalls they work perfectly. I put them on in late fall and leaves that fell on them have blown off since and they look clean."
Review 5 for EasyOn Gutter Guard 100'
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Rockville, Maryland
Date:December 2, 2014

Remarkable Gutter Guard

Pros: easy to install, looks good, option to use self-stick tape or included screws
Cons: would be nice to be able to order other quantities, no concerns after first several storms this fall.
Model Number: 111785849714
"I've put off purchasing a gutter guard product for too long. Once I saw the EasyOn Gutter Guard at the website and watched the videos, I decided it was time to do it.
The units arrived promptly and were just as easy to install as was advertised. While the video was helpful the instructions in the package were easy to follow. I am grateful everytime the wind blow or it rains as my EasyOn Gutter Guards work as promised.
Review 6 for EasyOn Gutter Guard 100'
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Lewes, De.
Date:November 26, 2014

Could'nt be Happier!!

Pros: "made in usa"
Cons: have not had any issues thus far
Model Number: EasyOn Gutter Guard 100' (695174)
"After looking at the many, many gutter guard products on the market, I couldn't be happier that I made the right choice by purchasing and installing the "EasyOn" gutter guards. The product lives up to its claim... "No more gutter cleaning ever! Living in an area where there is lots on tall pine trees and having to contend with the constant cleaning of pine shats all the time, its a pleasure not to clean the gutters any more.
The other great plus is that is was easy to install and made with long lasting materials. You can not beat the 10 year warranty and if you register on line its extended by 15 years! Oh, "made in USA" just tops the cake."
Review 7 for EasyOn Gutter Guard 100'
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Bozeman, MT
Date:November 26, 2014

Works well in warm climates

Pros: works well above freezing
Cons: see review
Model Number: EasyOn Gutter Guard 100'
"This item preformed well during the summer and fall season. However, with the first significant snow fall and temps just below freezing, snow melt from the roof would run onto the mesh and freeze. This created a frozen surface for additional runoff to overrun the gutter and form Ice sickles. We have over 12" of insulation in the attic and minimal heat loss from the living area. I removed the guards today due to the buildup of ice dams along the leading edge. I'm glad I put these up with screws instead of the tape."
Review 8 for EasyOn Gutter Guard 100'
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:St. Louis MO
Date:November 18, 2014

Very pleased with product

Pros: easy to install, high water capacity even during heavy rainfall, no clogs, great value compared to other methods
Cons: small amount of shingle sand, hanging christmas lights challenging
"We have many large trees by our home and I used to clean out our gutters several times a year.
These Easy On guards have worked out great this fall, not a single clog even during heavy rainfall, and all the leaves have blown away leaving the gutters looking great. I am very pleased with them - worth not falling off the roof for sure.
I looked closely after several months and there is only a small amount of shingle sand on top of the EasyOn guards, but this is not a big deal.
Hanging Christmas lights can be a challenge,I am still investigating this."
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Review 9 for EasyOn Gutter Guard 100'
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:November 17, 2014

Very satisfied

Pros: good quality easy to install reasonable price
Cons: none to report so far.
Model Number: E014SP4316
"The gutter guard sections were very easy to install! I am in my 60's and was able to finish all of my one-story house in one weekend - just before the big Fall leaf drop. I was pleasantly surprised to find that basically all of the leaves blew right over the gutter guards, and I have not had to clean any leaves off of them yet. The holes are also small enough that I have not observed any shingle debris getting into the gutters either. Finally, I attached the gutter guard with screws to give me access to the gutters if I ever need to, and the screws were very easy to install."
Review 10 for EasyOn Gutter Guard 100'
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:November 12, 2014

A great value and effective

Pros: usa made and value great customer service.
Cons: none
"The EasyOn Gutter Guards are exactly as described on their website, and I feel a great value and effective product.
The website and the paperwork that comes with their product,has many detailed photos, I used for reference while installing. Also their website has links to their install videos, I found these very helpful. I ordered two 100ft boxes, and installed about 170ft on my home. My neighbors were curious, now they are jealous...
I see why Costco carries this product, they are great!!
Review 11 for EasyOn Gutter Guard 100'
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Pleasant Grove, Utah
Date:November 10, 2014

Constco has wonderful products, this is the best!

Pros: great service and wonderful product
Cons: none
"For years 2-3 times a years I have to climb on the roof, usually during a heavy rain storm and and clean out the rain gutters. I have tried other products which didn't work. I installed Gutter Guard (approximately 200 feet) and it was easy to install(used screws) and works wonderful. The day after I finished the wind blew and the leaves begin to fall on the gutter. As it blew they all blew off. Rain, even when heavy goes in the gutters. Wonderful invention and great service. My first order of 100 feet did not come with any screws and when I called I was sent additional screws and 24 additional feet. I am a vocal advocate for Easyon Gutter Guard"
Review 12 for EasyOn Gutter Guard 100'
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Ca, up in the gutter clogging pines
Date:November 8, 2014

good buy

Pros: price and ease of instalation
Cons: if you need one more you can't find it anywhere!
Model Number: Easygo gutter guard
"goes up easy and saves a lot of back breaking work. The stainless steel design is great."
Review 13 for EasyOn Gutter Guard 100'
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Saugus, Ca
Date:November 7, 2014

Rain goes right through and no gutter cleaning!

Pros: easy to install and it works!
Cons: if there is any i haven't found it.
Model Number: 100'
"Living in So Cal rain is little and far between and my Redwood tree would fill my gutters so when it did rain there would be quite a mess if I did not remember to routinely clean the gutters. With Gutter Guard the "leaves" from the Redwood just blow off the top and the 1 time it rained since putting Gutter Guard up there was no problem with run over, the rain just filtered through the stainless steel mesh. It isn't often you buy a product that performs as advertised and is as easy to install as advertised but this is it. The 4 foot lengths are about perfect for getting straight on the gutter and I used the screw method so the wind would not be a factor in the future. I had areas where I had to bend, cut and customize the lengths to get around mid roof downspouts where different roof elevations were and changes in roof length where I had to make a corner. The material was perfect for such cuts and bends. I just wish it would rain so I could watch what a great product this is!"
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Review 14 for EasyOn Gutter Guard 100'
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Snohomish, WA.
Date:November 4, 2014

Water Runs over them

Pros: easy to install, cheaper than other brands, didn't have to get new gutters
Cons: water cascades off front of gutter
"Purchased from Costco and installed myself. Installation was easy. I used the tape except for at the corners and at downspouts. There I used screws for easy removal in case of clogs or re-sealing corners. Roof is 4/12 pitch. Water runs down the roof and a lot of it just keeps going right over the gutter guard and off the front face of the gutter. This has now created a huge drip line in the flower beds and newly planted lawn, which is a bigger issue than having to clean out the gutters."
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Review 15 for EasyOn Gutter Guard 100'
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:western PA
Date:October 28, 2014

Excellent product, very good price

Pros: sturdy construction. roofer was impressed.
Cons: none so far.
"When i had the roof and gutters replaced on my house this summer, I decided I wanted gutter guards to minimize the maintenance required. I purchased these gutter guards after looking at what the roofer had available and had him install them. Now that the fall leaves are largely on the ground, I'm very happy with how these guards are performing. In general the leaves just blow off the roof and right over the gutters. A few have accumulated against the sides of dormers on occasion, but when the wind comes from a different direction, they seem to blow away as well. If the performance through the winter is as good, I'll be very happy."
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Review 16 for EasyOn Gutter Guard 100'
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:New Hampshire
Date:October 24, 2014

Works better than I thought!

Pros: installs easily, keeps leaves and pine needles out of gutter
Cons: short a few screws
"I hired a gutter company to put on my gutters in September. I was going to pay him to install guards that he had but it was more than I wanted to pay. My wife pointed out these and we ordered them. Funny, they are almost exactly like the ones he was going to install and it was $500 cheaper to do it myself. I watched the videos and did not do the tape method. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough and had to buy 1 more small box.
This week, we had torrential downpours and all my gutters and guards functioned perfectly! I watched as those colorful leaves fell to the roof and were swept over the edge. Then my wife asked me to come out of the rain. :-)
Today, I went up to finish the job on my last section of roof. There was a clog and the leaves where I hadn't put on the guards were all backed up. I cleaned out the gutters and finished putting on the guards. Thirty minutes using the drill bit and the screws for a 24 foot section ... last time I clean the gutters for a long long time!!
We'll see how they hold up in the winter."
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Review 17 for EasyOn Gutter Guard 100'
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:October 22, 2014

So Glad I Bought EasyOn Gutter Guard

Pros: easy installation, only water can enter the gutter
"This gutter guard is amazing!!! I reviewed all the competitors and this guard was easy to install and works as advertised. I bought 300 feet and installed the gutter guard on a split level home. The self stick is a superb idea and was quite helpful when installing on the two-story part of the house. I may install the screws next summer but I was hurrying to beat the rain which started right after I finished. I live in the Seattle area and during today's downpour EasyOn Gutter Guard performed flawlessly. If I had to do decide on Gutter protection again, I would make the same decision, EasyOn Gutter Guard is for me."
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Review 18 for EasyOn Gutter Guard 100'
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Middlesex, New jersey
Date:October 21, 2014

No More Pine Needles!!!! :):):):)

Pros: top notch product and it does what it claims!!
Cons: none to date
Model Number: 695174
"I waited until Mid-October to write this review because I really wanted to see the EasyOn Gutterguard in action. I have a two story home with 1 story garage. I usually have to run up and down the 24’ latter no less than 6-8 times a year especially the fall because of the large number of pine trees in the backyard. I can’t tell you how any times the gutters would overrun with leaves and pine needles. I had researched many gutter guards and they all had different faults/issues. I even spoke to a family member who had a particular brand installed for over $1,200 but it still required periodic cleaning of the gutters because of leaf infiltration. Anyway, I installed approx. 120 feet early September. Since it was a 30 year old roof, installation required a slim crowbar to lift older shingles (had new roof applied over older shingles). With some coaching, I was able to install the EasyOn Gutterguard in about 6 hours.
The first major test was 2+ weeks ago with the first avalanche of pine needles followed by various sizes of leafs. I have to admit, I was skeptical about yet another product claiming to prevent leaf/pine needle buildup. I don’t usually write reviews, etc. but I am extremely impressed with EasyOn Gutterguard’s ability to prevent the enormous amounts of pine needles that already have fallen (and have yet to fall). I was curious and was able to pop up one end of the screen and sure enough, not one pine needled to this date has made its way to the gutter. At this rate, I am not sure whether I will ever use my 20’ extension ladder in the future! And as a side benefit, my wife is extremely happy that I no longer have to trudge up and down the latter numerous times emptying out the gutter from time to time! of course, time will tell with the upcoming winter months, spring time and summer so look forward to following up with an update in the future.
All in all, I would highly recommend this product to all home owners especially ones with copious amounts of pine needles. You will never regret installing EasyOn Gutterguard. Best of luck to all."
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Review 19 for EasyOn Gutter Guard 100'
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Seattle area
Date:October 21, 2014

Works fine on straight sections but valleys clog

Pros: works as described but only on straight sections
Cons: valleys clog and water pours over edge w/hard rain
Model Number: 100'
"I was very excited like others -- install was pretty easy overall and we just had out first big rain. OMG, why even have a gutter at the 3 valleys I have on my roof? They instantly clogged with Maple spinners and tons of water poured over the gutters soaking everything below. If you don't have any valleys, this product seems to work great, but in my case it, now what do I do? I was able to use a broom and clear out enough for the SHORT valleys to drain OK, but the long/large valley never drained properly. And sweeping out valleys is NOT what I paid to do during heavy downpours."
Review 20 for EasyOn Gutter Guard 100'
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Warren, RI
Date:October 11, 2014

Great Gutter Guard Solution

Pros: superior material, easy to install with step by step instructions, keeps leaves pine needles and grit out
Cons: so far none
Model Number: Item #695174
"I have a single story home with tall trees (oaks, maples, pine) on three sides. Originally I tried using some simple solutions to ensure the downspouts did not become blocked. This didn't work out well since in less than a year I needed to get up on the ladder and clear the gutters and downspouts over six times.
I tried some of the cheaper solutions in sections, but either they didn't keep the leaves and needles out or they did not let the water drain properly.
Since I have over 200 linear feet of gutters, having one of the "professional" systems installed would be very expensive.
Based on reviews and cost I decided to try EasyOn - best decision I could have made:
The material is high quality and consistent from piece to piece. Cutting the material is very easy and works exactly according to the instructions. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. There seemed to be some extra screws with the package (which is great since its easy to have one fall out of the drill every once in a while#.
Installation in general is easy, although that may vary based on the type of roof. For instance, with asphalt shingles I found it better to let the shingles bake a little in the sun as it is then easier to lift and slip the gutter guards under. This is particularly helpful when trying to slide under an inside or outside corner.
The mesh itself is tight enough #as noted in the literature# to keep out even the sand grit from the asphalt shingles. I now have no worries at all regarding whether or not the gutters will get clogged. I did spray water on the roof and everything seemed fine in terms of absorbing the water.
Setting up the end caps is very easy and effective. Setting the outside corners was easy as well. None required any rework to get right the first time. Although it would seem it should be the same for inside corners, I found them to be a bit more difficult. In this case, not because of the instructions or the material, but rather due to inconsistencies with the gutters or roof line itself. I reworked a couple because depending upon the direction of the first piece sometimes I ended up with too much of a jog between the two pieces of gutter guard, which would likely accumulate leaves or debris. In these cases, if I could not eliminate the jog sufficiently, I cut another piece #removed the two pieces of aluminum and used only the mesh itself#, slid it under the roof, and then screwed the other end into the gutter with the guard. This eliminated the jog and instead left a smoother transition in the corner. As an example, there is one section of the gutter where about 6 feet from the corner the gutter becomes a bit wider, which means the gutter guard is not wide enough to go under the roof and still have the front connector seat against the gutter, so the inside corner is not as smooth as it should be.
Since installing the guard I have not had a full downpour, but I have had some heavy showers and everything seems to be working fine. In addition, with the leaves starting to fall, they seem to fall on the roof and then simply blow away or get washed by the rain.
I cannot comment on possible issues in terms of Winter ice dams or buildup #an issue perhaps with any gutter guard), but otherwise I would definitely recommend this product."
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