Customer Reviews for Q-See 16 Channel D1 Security System with 2TB Hard Drive and 16 CCD Cameras

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Q-See 16 Channel D1 Security System with 2TB Hard Drive and 16 CCD Cameras

KEY FEATURES 16 Channel Premium Full D1 DVR Real-Time Full D1 (704x480) Resolution on All Channels 16 High Resolution 600 TVL CCD Cameras Up to 100 Feet of Night Vision HDMI® Port for High Resolution Viewing Options 16 Professional Grade RG-59 Shielded Mini Cables Free Q-See Mobile Apps for  iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry 5/6/7 and Windows Phone 7.5/8 Mac and PC Compatible Pre-installed 2TB Hard Drive OVERVIEW Full Control with Full D1 Resolution A combination of high resolution and real-time recording means you’ll always know your home or business is safe and sound. With a full set of 16 CCD cameras, the 16 channel QT5516-16A7-2 bundle provides the camera versatility and, most importantly, the resolution you’d expect from a system you can fully trust. This surveillance system offers a real-time D1 (704x480) image size and an HDMI® port to take advantage of the larger, clearer image size. In addition, the system offers a range of remote monitoring features that keep up updated on what is happening when you’re away. Premium Resolution CCD Cameras A total of 16 high resolution CCD cameras, each recording at impressive 600TV lines of resolution, are the watchful eyes of this reliable system. Each of the included QD6012B cameras offers up to 100ft range of night vision recording capabilities. All the included cameras come in a tough all-metal housing that makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor. All cameras also come with pre-assembled 3-axis brackets that aide in flexible placement and secure installation. The smart design of the brackets also acts as a theft-deterrent by protecting sensitive camera wire and safely routing it behind the wall and through a wall or ceiling. Real-Time D1 Resolution The QT5516 DVR records in real-time D1 (704x480) resolution on all 16 channels! D1 resolution results in a larger, clearer video image, 4-times the size of a conventional CIF video image. The larger resolution makes it easier to identify people and objects at reasonable distances. Free Q-See Mobile Apps We put peace of mind at your fingertips with our FREE iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone supported apps. These apps provide you with convenience and portability by providing you with access and control over your surveillance system: View one or more cameras live See recorded video (iPhone, iPad and Android Phones ONLY) Record video or take a snapshot and save to your mobile device Easily control a PTZ camera (not included) Remotely control DVR settings and more... Free “Q-See QT View” app for iPhone and “Q-See QT View HD” for iPad available from Apple’s AppStore Free “Q-See QT View” for Android phones and “Q-See QT View HD” for Android tablets available from Android Market Free “SuperCam” app for Windows Phone 7.5/8, Windows Mobile Pro and BlackBerry Remote Monitoring Remotely monitor 24/7 worldwide using high-speed Internet from Macintosh or PC computers. Compatible Internet browsers: Internet Explorer 7-9, Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox Free Multi-System Software - included on CD – allows you to monitor your DVR regardless of browser View from a compatible mobile device Additional Remote Monitoring Specifications: Receive instant email alerts and snapshot images when motion is detected, an alarm is triggered, video loss or other event loss occurs. Up to 10 users can simultaneously log into the DVR with dual-stream technology allowing for easier Internet access even on reduced bandwidth connections Q-See’s Free Dynamic DNS allows you to access your DVR remotely using a convenient URL instead of a complicated – and sometimes changing – IP address Compatible operating systems: Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 Costco Concierge Services and 18 Month Warranty Q-See stands by its products and to prove it each product comes with unmatched support. In addition to the standard Q-See warranty, Costco members receive the peace of mind Costco Concierge Services provides. Costco Concierge Services provide technical support and are there to answer any questions you may have about your new system. Q-See also offers you with information and setup options if you prefer a professional installation. ADDITIONAL DVR SPECIFICATIONS 2TB Audio/Video Rated SATA Hard Drive A sturdy A/V rated, high capacity hard drive comes pre-installed with the DVR. The amount of footage you can save on the hard drive before needing to over-write footage will depend on the recording and resolution settings you select. The system can support 2 SATA hard drives up to 3 TB. 60ft of Professional RG-59 Shielded Cables Each included camera comes with 60ft of professional Rg-59 cable for immediate installation. RG-59 cables ensure a better image quality by providing a shielded cable that reduces image noise. A shielded cable also allows for a safe installation in walls or ceilings. High Resolution Viewing Options Take advantage of the systems clearer, larger image size with an HDMI® port and the included standard HDMI® cable. Monitor live feeds or watch recorded video on a 19” or larger TV or monitor and clearly see all the essential details your system can record. The QT5516 DVR also includes VGA and BNC connections for standard resolution viewing. Start-Up Wizard Setting your system has never been easier! With the new Q-See integrated Start-Up Wizard, setting up your remote access and basic DVR settings is laid out with a straight forward on-screen guide. Easily configure and learn how to access your DVR from your computer browser. The wizard even helps you setup remote monitoring on your mobile device. The wizard is automatic and begins assisting you as soon as you power up the DVR for the first time. Customizable Event Response Configure your DVR to send out e-mail alerts, activate a PTZ camera or sound an alarm when motion is detected or video is lost. Convenient Backup Transfer video files from the surveillance system to a PC, Flash Drive or USB Hard Drive in order to free-up space for new video while retaining important footage. H.264 Compression Minimizes file size in order to maximize the recording time, which also allows you to efficiently store as well as transfer video smoothly for viewing over the internet. Navigation Menus User-friendly interface, along with the accompanying mouse and remote, make moving through the menus a breeze. Four Recording Modes Record continuously (manually start and stop), Trigger recording start and end times using a daily timer, Trigger recording to start when motion is detected, Link system to trigger from an external alarm. 1, 4, 8, 16 Auto-sequence Viewing Options View all 16 cameras at once on a split-screen, or view 1 camera at a time on full screen mode with the option to cycle through each of the cameras at a customizable speed. You can also choose to view a 4 or 8 camera grid on screen. Easy Search Options Search recorded video by time, motion detection event, alarm triggered event Zoom In Up To 2x when viewing live or playing back footage Need to zoom or getter better look on a specific section of live or recorded video? The QT5516 DVR offers 2x digital zoom on footage which lets you get a bigger picture of whatever small part you may need. Multi-Tasking Functionality Simultaneously record, view live or recorded footage, back-up files and remotely monitor and manage your DVR on your computer network or the Internet. Free Access to Q-See's Exclusive Multi-System Software Thinking of expanding your security system or needing to monitor a separate location? Q-See offers its free Multi-System Software for its QT-series DVRs. Monitor multiple QT-series DVRs from a single computer using just one, simple log-in. Control each DVR just as if you were sitting at it! Select which cameras on which DVRs to view in single screen or split screen mode up to 64 individual cameras at once! QT-series DVRs models: QT474, QT454, QT504, QT428, QT426, QT446, QT528, QT526, QT536, QT4332, QT4532, QT548, QT5516 and QT4516 ADDITIONAL CAMERA SPECIFICATIONS 1/3” Quality CCD Image Sensors Get high quality images with accurate day colors at an impressive resolution of 600 TV Lines. Fixed 4.6mm Lens Each included camera comes with a fixed 4.6mm that provides a 50°-55° viewing angle. 36 Infrared LEDS High quality infrared LEDs allow the camera to see up to 100ft in dark conditions. Versatile Mounting Brackets All included cameras come with pre-assembled 3-axis brackets that allow the camera to be securely placed on just about any flat surface and offers a full range of motion for precise positioning. The mounting bracket's smart design also protects sensitive cables by safely routing them behind the bracket and through a wall or ceiling. ADDITIONAL SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS Advanced H.264 Video Compression Supports 2 SATA HDD up to 3 TB Backup Via Network or USB Hard Drive Power: DC 12V / 3A (Adapter Included) Live Display Resolution: 720x480, 1920x1080 D1 Recording Option: 480 FPS (30FPS per Channel) D1 Display Resolution: 720x480, 1920x1080 Recording Modes: Motion Detection, Time Schedule, Alarm Trigger, Manual Display Modes: Single Camera, Split Screen Multi-Camera Video Search: Time or Motion Detection Event Compatible Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 & 10.8 Compatible Browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox Android, iPhone/iPad, Blackberry 5, 6, 7 and Windows Phone compatibility Up to 10 simultaneous Remote Viewers Dual Stream WHAT'S INCLUDED 1-year Q-See Warranty & Lifetime Technical Support 16-Channel Real-Time DVR with pre-installed 2TB Hard Drive (QT5516-2) (16) High-Resolution Cameras with 3-Axis Brackets (QD6012B) (16) 60ft of Professional Mini RG59 UL Rated Cable (4) 4-way camera power adapter for efficient installation Power supply for DVR Standard HDMI® Cable USB Mouse and Remote Control CD-ROM with Remote Viewing Software and Manuals RJ-45 Ethernet Cable
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Customer Reviews for Q-See 16 Channel D1 Security System with 2TB Hard Drive and 16 CCD Cameras
Review 1 for Q-See 16 Channel D1 Security System with 2TB Hard Drive and 16 CCD Cameras
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:July 26, 2013


Pros: mademe forget about all my other problems
Cons: will consume many many hours of your life
Model Number: 66642
" you get what you pay for the cables are pure junk power supplies are even more junk lose connection when you touch them two cameras broke i one week save your money buy a real system that works and save the stress and wasted time getting to work "
Review 2 for Q-See 16 Channel D1 Security System with 2TB Hard Drive and 16 CCD Cameras
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:New York, NY
Date:July 17, 2013

My first surveillance system - very bad choice

Pros: seems cheep ($650) for 12 (700 tvl) cameras/dvr
Cons: made me look like a fool infront of my wife...
" This is my first surveillance system and I am not an expert, but i am also not stupid. This system will tell you what happened but will not tell you who did it. There is no way you can make out faces with these cameras. "day light or night vision"... I missed with brightness and hue and everything else that you can miss with and still nothing. So the answer is don't buy that one...or return it if you already bought it. "
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Review 3 for Q-See 16 Channel D1 Security System with 2TB Hard Drive and 16 CCD Cameras
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Date:July 15, 2013


Pros: all in one system
Cons: cameras
Model Number: QT5516-12C2-1
" This is my second Q-See surveillance system from Costco. I returned the last one because the 600tvl cameras produced a not so clear picture.
So I figured the 700tvl cameras that come with this system along with the 960h DVR must be better...Wrong.
These cameras are much worse. Colors are washed out, anything beyond 5 feet was fuzzy. I tested 3 cameras and they all produced an image like you were looking thru frosted glass.
These cameras are new to the Q-See line of analog cameras. I think the 600tvl cameras produce a much better image then the 700tvl that come with this system.
I'm disappointed to say the least.
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Review 4 for Q-See 16 Channel D1 Security System with 2TB Hard Drive and 16 CCD Cameras
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Lagrange, KY
Date:July 18, 2013

DVD defective out of carton

Pros: cosco's return policy.
Cons: apparently no quality control at q-see.
Model Number: QT 5516-12C2-1
" Upon opening the box I discovered 4 boxes inside and the seal was broken on the box containing the DVD. When I did the inventory I found the power cord for the DVD missing and a loose end on the HMDI cable. I was able to borrow the proper cords to get started. When I powered up the DVD and connected to my monitor, I discovered the DVD had no output going into the monitor. The mouse that came with the DVD made no change in the output. Returned everything to local Costco for full refund. DVD defective out of the carton. I've worked in electronics for 35 years and consider myself knowledgeable enough to follow the directions that came with the unit. Very disappointed with results. Haven't made up my mind if I want to reorder same or go with different brand. "
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Review 5 for Q-See 16 Channel D1 Security System with 2TB Hard Drive and 16 CCD Cameras
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Reno, NV
Date:July 20, 2013

As good as it gets

Pros: camera quality both housing and specs, q-see customer service, fast shipping
Cons: flimsy packaging
Model Number: QT 5516-12C2-1
" I've been researching for months, with the intent of upgrading an older system. Finally, decided to order this one, as the cameras are aluminum, not plastic and the specs on the the 700 tvl cameras are better than many of the other brands. For assurance, I even contacted Q-See several times prior to ordering to make sure they would answer the phone, which they did in a timely manner. The reps are courteous and professional. I will say, the boxes that everything is packed in are are too flimsy, as mine was damaged when delivered, but eveything inside was in tact. Like all systems, the most difficult thing is running the wires, but the setup thereafter is pretty straight forward. The camera display colors are true, very clear and the night vision is the best I've seen for the money. "
3 of 5 people found this review helpful.