Customer Reviews for WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut Cordless Push Mower

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WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut Cordless Push Mower

The WORX 17-inch 24 Volt IntelliCut Mower is a greener, cleaner, high-performing cordless mower. The powerful IntelliCut feature offers torque on demand technology ensuring that power is there when you need it. No more bogging down in tough conditions when mowing tall grass or mulching leaves. Simply set the dial to POWER when cutting through the tough stuff, and switch the dial to QUIET to efficiently mow in everyday conditions without disturbing the neighbors. The WORX IntelliCut mower has a start switch to get you mowing quicker and easier with no hassle of pull starts, worrying about mixtures, or having enough gas. The bagging feature will collect the debris for disposal or compost. The powerful 24-Volt battery will allow you to mow up to 15,000 square feet in quiet mode. This mower is perfect for smaller yards where maneuverability is necessary. Its compact design also makes it a perfect trim mower around heavily landscaped yards.  The removable battery makes it convenient to charge the battery anywhere without toting the mower to the power outlet. The folding handle allows the WORX mower to be stored almost anywhere out of the way or under a work bench. With the WORX mower, your lawn will be easier, quieter, cleaner, and less hassle to mow. Features: IntelliCut mowing technology ensures torque is there when you need 3-in-1 mower: mulches, bags, and rear discharges Removable battery allows for convenient charging in any location Fold-able handle releases quickly for compact storage 6 position, 1 touch height adjustment moves from 1.5” to 3.5” smoothly Battery power level indicator is easy to read Ergonomic adjustable handle reduces fatigue and improves control Mow up to 15,000 sq feet in Quiet mode Specifications: Battery Power: 24 Volt Deck Diameter: 17” Cutting Diameter: 16” Front Wheel Diameter: 5-7/8” Rear Wheel Diameter: 8-5/8” Cutting Height: 1.5” to 3.5” Cutting Height Positions: 6 Grass Collection Capacity: 1.4 bushels Battery Type: Lead acid Battery Model: WA3218 Charging Time: 10-12 hours Charger Model: WA3721 Charger Rating: Input – AC 120 Volt~60Hz, 45 Watt; Output – 29.5 Volt, 1.0 Amp Machine Weight: 50lbs
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Customer Reviews for WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut Cordless Push Mower
Review 1 for WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut Cordless Push Mower
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:New England
Date:July 28, 2014

Inferior to the regular retail version

Pros: costco return policy
Cons: not the standard handle assembly for the wg787.
Model Number: Worx WG 787
" We have just learned that the entire handle assembly, that is, the upper and lower handles and the assembly that holds them together are completely different from the standard model of the same model number! That's why you can't fold over the handle, nor adjust the height, on the Costco version. I'm shocked because usually a model sold through Costco is better than the standard, not worse. We may have to return it. "
Review 2 for WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut Cordless Push Mower
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Bloomington, IL
Date:July 26, 2014

Good so far

" Honestly, I don't think that the most recent reviews of this mower are realistic. This is fairly new technology for electric should expect that the result will be a less robust system. If you look at Consumer Reports, just about all recommended cordless electric mowers are flawed. The bonus of buying from Costco is the guarantee that, if the machine dies prematurely, you can simply return it.
I've had my machine for about a month. I can mow my medium/small yard three times on power mode before the battery gets close to dying. I am not impressed with the collection bag because it doesn't collect. I will read the instructions again and call WORX if it is still not working. But, the machine is lightweight, mows well, is easy to handle, and very quiet. I am optimistic but will not be too surprised if there are troubles with the battery down the line.
Review 3 for WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut Cordless Push Mower
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Sequim, WA
Date:July 12, 2014

Died too early in its life

Pros: light and easy to use
Cons: not robust enough to last
Model Number: Worx 17" 24V Cordless push mower #750543
" Wife used it for one year and it cut well for our small yard. Easy to handle. At 13 months old, it failed to start. Hear it click only. Battery fully charged. Talked to the warehouse and they said return it.
Debate is whether to buy another of these and take the chance that it will last longer and/or keep returning them when they fail or go elsewhere to find a more robust tool. If Stihl made one, I would buy it. "
Review 4 for WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut Cordless Push Mower
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:July 11, 2014

Disposable Mower

Pros: none
Cons: died after one year
" Only worked for one season. Taking it back today. It did work well for one season. so if you only need to mow your lawn for one year, this mower is perfect. "
Review 5 for WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut Cordless Push Mower
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:June 29, 2014

Works for less than a year, not powerful

Pros: silent nature friendly
Cons: less power needs push battery not up to the mark
" The battery is acting up after 10 months of purchase, it needs your push voce to drive not self propelled. If you cut little overgrown grass it will not even last for 200 sq feet area.
Not recommended, unless free battery replacement for 5 years at least, with 1 spare battery.
Review 6 for WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut Cordless Push Mower
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Olympia, WA
Date:June 23, 2014

Avoid - Battery Issues

Pros: great performance when it works, run time on the battery was plenty long
Cons: battery died within a year
Model Number: WG787
" I loved the product while it lasted, but after less than a year the battery stopped working, despite regular charging. From the Worx website, this appears to be a common issue. With replacement batteries costing $99 and being out of stock, this is a terrible investment. "
Review 7 for WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut Cordless Push Mower
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:June 12, 2014

A Big Relief

Pros: quiet. does the job. no oil or gas used.
Cons: not usa made.
Model Number: Worx 17" Intellicut
" I am so happy with this mower because I do not have to pull start it. I do not have to use oil or gas. I do not have to breathe in the fumes and hear the loud noise associated with gas mowers. It is very quiet even in the "power" mode and is a real joy to work with.
I have mowed my rather large yard, and my neighbor's, about 20 times now and everything "worx" fine.
Give it a try!
Review 8 for WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut Cordless Push Mower
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:May 29, 2014

Poor product

" I was excited to get this machine going and get my landscaping on, but unfortunately it was a dud. I put it together and charged the battery as the manual specified and it worked for less than five seconds and shutdown. I didn't even get the opportunity to mow my lawn. I called worx several times and left them my number and heard from them 5 hours later. Their response time was poor and their product was defective. "
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Review 9 for WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut Cordless Push Mower
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Las Vegas, Nevada
Date:May 28, 2014

Love my little lawnmower

Pros: size and price.
Cons: none.
Model Number: WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut Cordless Push Mower
" I got tired of paying landscapers who charged too much and didn't always do a complete job.
I saw this little lawnmower and fell in love with it's size and how compact it is. I've had it a year now and absolutely love it! In fact, my son and his girlfriend fight me for turns to use it! The battery lifts off easily to charge and it holds a charge for a really long time. It does a great job and I couldn't be more pleased! "
Review 10 for WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut Cordless Push Mower
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Bellevue, WA
Date:May 23, 2014

one of my least pleasant experience with Costco

Model Number: 750543
" Ordered the lawnmower online since it was sold exclusively online.. The product was shipped with no screws... waited about a week to receive this product, delayed yard work and I had to drive over to Costco to return it.
Can't say anything about the product itself but I obviously won't be purchasing this product again since I don't know what my next experience will be like with shipping and possible missing parts. "
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Review 11 for WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut Cordless Push Mower
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:May 21, 2014

Good Customer Service

Pros: lightweight worx customer service
Cons: battery should last longer than a year
Model Number: worx 17 inch cordless lawnmower
" I purchased this lawn mower In June 2013. I had absolutely no problems. This year I noticed the charging light never went green. When cutting the grass it would lose power in 15 minutes. I called Worx, and the battery warranty is good for a year. They are sending a replacement out, no hassels at all. "
Review 12 for WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut Cordless Push Mower
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Blue Springs, MO
Date:May 20, 2014

Very Happy!

Pros: lightweight battery lasts quiet.
Cons: none so far
" Very impressed so far. Back yard large and sloped so impressed that battery lasts for both front and back and only uses one third battery. Like not having grass all over me and smelling gas, easier on allergies. So light to push that I don't want to use my self propelled on back yard.Can hear cell phone ring and talk while mowing.Push using just one hand at times. "
Review 13 for WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut Cordless Push Mower
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Orange, California
Date:May 19, 2014

Great for small lawn

Pros: small machine and quite while running
Cons: so far so good!
" It is a quite machine and it has been running well for 2 months when I first bought it. "
Review 14 for WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut Cordless Push Mower
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Atlanta, GA
Date:May 14, 2014

Great for tall users

Pros: great handle for tall users, light weight, efficient at mowing the lawn, quiet, no oil, no gas, no fumes
Cons: battery charging time is long, no steel frame, battery is heavy to lift though mower is light
Model Number: WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut
" I purchased this mower last week. For the past year, I had been using a reel mower to mow my lawn. Since I have quite a few weeds, I wanted a better mower but did not want the hassle of dealing with gas, oil, oil filters, or even electric cords. I also did not want to spend a small fortune on a lawnmower, so I settled on the Worx 17" which Costco offers for a good price.
Costco shipping was fast as usual, packaging was fine, assembly simple, though the drawings in the manual could be a little more intuitive.
I charged the battery full for about 6 hours and then mowed away. My lawn is a fairly typical suburban lawn so it's not acres of wild weeds, but it's not stamp-sized either. My lawn had been unmowed for 2 weeks or so prior to me using the Worx mower.
I used the "power" setting at the lowest cutting height. The Worx did a phenomenal job at chopping up all kinds of weeds and I was able to mow my entire lawn while barely breaking a sweat, filling 2.5 bags. I did not have to go over sections a second time to cut the weeds down to size, once was enough. The battery did not run out of power which was great. The mower is surprisingly light weight and maneuvers well.
The clippings bag is easy to use, easy to install and easy to remove. Have not used the mulching function yet.
Tall users: the handle bar of this mower has 3 settings, which is fantastic if like me you are taller than 6 feet. If you're short or medium height, you'll like the adjustable handle bar too because you can adjust the bar to match your preference.
A common criticism of this mower is that the battery dies after 1 season requiring purchase of a replacement battery. Unfortunately the chance of having to buy a replacement battery is a risk of buying a battery powered mower. It seems to me in reading reviews of other battery powered mowers that the issue is not isolated to Worx but common to most brands. It has more to do with the existing state of technology of batteries than, I think, Worx being worse than average on the battery issue (though I could be wrong about that).
If the battery issue is structural, Worx should iron out a deal with Costco to provide replacement batteries. As it is, Worx guarantees the battery for 12 months.
One last thing: the battery may be heavy to lift for seniors, but it's possible to charge the battery while the battery is installed in the lawn mower, in which case you will have to lift the battery only once when you first assemble the mower out of the box and add the battery to the mower. "
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Review 15 for WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut Cordless Push Mower
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Pullman, WA
Date:May 12, 2014

Great mower so far

Pros: great blade cuts everything, no gasoline required, relatively quiet, lightweight, charges quickly
Cons: charge doesn't last as long as i might like, haven't yet gotten through my whole lawn once, packaging was weak/lucky it didn't break
Model Number: WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut
" I purchased this mower a couple weeks ago, and so far so good. It does a great job cutting everything despite the fact my lawn is currently a jungle. I am amazed at the mulching function. Despite the fact my grass and weeds are around a foot high in some places - terrible, I know! - it has done a great job so far. You can't really find any evidence of the mulched material except on the sides of my driveway. It seems to do a much better job mulching than the gas-powered mower my "hired gun" used the past couple years.
The one downside to the mower so far is that the charge hasn't lasted long enough to take care of my entire lawn. I don't have a really gigantic lawn - not quite sure of the square footage - but do have quite a few "medusas" of uncontrollable, thick, hollow-stalked grassy clumps that I was told need to be dug out to be killed, and I have a couple very steep slopes that have been a challenge. I will be on round 3 tomorrow. However, the mower has done a great job chopping even the "medusas" up. My lawn has been quite a nightmare since this is my first cutting of the year. Hopefully the mower will be able to plow through the entire lawn AFTER this first trim gets done, IF I ever get it done! :-) (No time like the present)
One other significant issue with this item (ot at least the company) was that the mower was not packaged well. Despite the fact the mower is listed at 50 lbs., the company decided a single piece of clear packing tape was sufficient to keep the box closed. The box had popped open on top when it arrived on my doorstep. I opened it and took out the mower, leaving several parts for assembly in the box. When I moved the box, the bottom dropped I was glad I had taken the mower out! It is fortunate that the box didn't break during shipment.
Review 16 for WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut Cordless Push Mower
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Date:May 11, 2014

Not powerful

" If you have a small lawn and with no downhill, this might be a good machine for you. If not, then don't even think of buying it. Its not powerful at all. And price is too high based on its performance. There are much better mowers in the market within same price range. "
Review 17 for WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut Cordless Push Mower
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:May 10, 2014

no gasoline carcinogens; and, no cord

" This is the best of the mowers since you do not have to inhale gasoline nor use a cord. My battery leaked acid after a year and swelled up; but, I was able to return it to Costco; and, buy a new one. I will never buy a gas mower again. The Worx mower also has a high power mode and different height modes for cutting grass. "
Review 18 for WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut Cordless Push Mower
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:May 9, 2014

good purchase

" good for small yard, less than 5000 squared feet. not sure about the battery quality.
otherwise, it is perfect
Review 19 for WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut Cordless Push Mower
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:April 28, 2014

Great Mower

Pros: great battery life, little noise, easy to clean, light
Cons: no high end power
" I've used this mower for a few weeks and really love it. I have a smaller yard but the battery has no trouble lasting even on the 'Power' setting. It's light weight but not cheap, runs smoothly, easy to clean and maintain, with very little noise.
If you feel you need a mower with a lot of power this might not be for you, but average to easy lawns should be serviced with out issue.
A few reviews have mentioned that the battery won't hold up for the next season, but so far so good. I'll update next year. "
Review 20 for WORX 17" 24V IntelliCut Cordless Push Mower
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:April 26, 2014

Dead after less than a year

Pros: quiet
Cons: didn't last
" Just like other reviews, I loved it until it suddenly died. Plan to return it tomorrow. "
3 of 3 people found this review helpful.
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