Customer Reviews for Novaform® 13" Rhythm Queen Memory Foam Mattress

Novaform® 13" Rhythm Queen Memory Foam Mattress

The Rhythm mattress is designed for more than just a good night’s sleep. Its innovative design provides the ultimate in responsiveness -- reacting to your every move, while keeping you at the optimal temperature. The top layer of gel-infused memory foam keeps you cool and comfortable all night while providing gentle support. The layer of innovative DuraTex foam offers weightless head to toe support and vibrant reaction to each of your body movements. The base foam layer provides long lasting stability to ensure that your mattress never needs flipping or rotating. The Rhythm Mattress from the Acclaim collection allows complete ease of motion when you have the energy, and deep refreshing sleep when the time is right. Mattress: Mattress thickness: 13" Premium, three layer construction 2-inch layer of Gel-infused Memory Foam for gentle support and the optimal sleep temperature 4-inch layer of dynamically responsive DuraTex foam for complete ease of motion 7-inch layer of base foam for deep support and stability Comfort scale: 3 (1=firmest, 10= softest) Contouring Level: 2 (1=lowest, 5=highest) Box Spring not included Features: Quilted matelassé cover with a contemporary spiral design Constructed to maintain shape without flipping or rotating Evenly distributes weight to eliminate pressure points that cause tossing and turning 20 year, limited warranty Foam made in USA Meets the requirements of 16 CFR Part1633 – Federal flammability (open flame) Queen Mattress dimensions: 60” W x 80” L x 13” H; Weight 83 lbs For more information about this product, call the Sleep Innovations Customer Service Center at 1.888.999.0499
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Customer Reviews for Novaform® 13" Rhythm Queen Memory Foam Mattress
Review 1 for Novaform® 13" Rhythm Queen Memory Foam Mattress
This review is fromNovaform® 13" Rhythm King Memory Foam Mattress.
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Atlanta, ga
Date:September 10, 2015

Perfectly firm BUT horrible looking

Pros: firmness, costco return policy
Cons: packaging and uneven expansion
" If I had to rate my sleep on this mattress I would give it 5 stars. Since the mattress looks like it has been through a warzone, I have given it 3 stars. The firmness is perfect and I sleep much better on this than any of my previous mattresses. But all corners are pointing upwards and all sidings are a bit higher than the mattress, making it look extremely weird. I had seen the reviews regarding this and figured it would be a 50-50 chance in getting a good mattress, but looks like I drew the shortest straw. I have had the mattress for about two weeks, so it should have settled by now. I will give it another two weeks for it to settle more (although I don't think it is going to get any better), but I want too make sure that this mattress stays firm; I will the contact novaform for a replacement. Just as a note. I did see on the mattress that it was packaged in jan 2015 so it has been in the vacuumed packaged until late August. This could be the reason for the uneven expansion. "
Review 2 for Novaform® 13" Rhythm Queen Memory Foam Mattress
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:St Paul, MN
Date:June 15, 2015

Good for price

Pros: comfortable sleep
Cons: ridge in middle
" This is our first memory foam mattress. We have had this mattress for six months now and it is still comfy. The ridge in the middle of the mattress is still a little annoying, but we keep laying on it trying to reduce it. "
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Review 3 for Novaform® 13" Rhythm Queen Memory Foam Mattress
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Los Angeles
Date:March 28, 2015

Great Mattress Except for Packaging

Pros: comfortable mattress, arrived quickly
Cons: packaging causes a little hump in the middle.
" This is our second rythm mattress. It was nice to sleep on for our guests. The problem with this manufacturer is the way they package the mattress. It causes a little hump in the middle which does not entirely disappear after a reasonable amount of time. "
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Review 4 for Novaform® 13" Rhythm Queen Memory Foam Mattress
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:February 2, 2015


Pros: costco return policy
Cons: double defective
" I ordered this item hoping for a firm and supportive mattress. After uncompressing from the packing box, it did not expand properly and had a big hump across the entire length of the mattress where it was folded and re-folded for packing. Waiting over a week did not show any improvement. Novaform offered to replace the product. The new replacement had the SAME DEFECT but even a bigger hump. I couldn’t believe it! Novaform offered to replace it again stating that they would "ensure that the factory opens the mattress to inspect for any defects" and my response was shouldn’t they had done that for the first 2 mattresses they sent! The way they fold it in half then refold it again into W seems to destroy the mattress integrity. I ordered a Sleep Science product that seems to be a better quality. "
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Review 5 for Novaform® 13" Rhythm Queen Memory Foam Mattress
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:March 8, 2015

I have a very bad back, and I like this mattress!

Pros: firm enough comfortable enough
Cons: soft edges not like the support of a coil mattress
Model Number: Rhythm
" I've had the Rhythm mattress for three months now. I tried the Serafina first, but there wasn't enough support for me. They came and got it without complications and delivered the Rhythm.
I have a lot of trouble with my back and neck. The Serafina was too soft for me, not enough support. The Rhythm has one inch less memory foam and the Duratex layer is what gives the mattress the support and firmness I needed to make it work.
Backed by Costco and Novaform, I don't think you can go wrong. Novaform spent a lot of time with me on the phone and were wonderful sharing information I needed to make an informed decision. "
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Review 6 for Novaform® 13" Rhythm Queen Memory Foam Mattress
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Oceanside, ca
Date:March 2, 2015

Firmer than I expected

Pros: easy returns
Cons: bed itself
" We wanted a firm bed, but this bed was firmer than expected Costco listed as a 3 but would say it felt like a 1 being firmest. It also had a lump in the middle of bed, we gave it about two months but could not get use to it nor did the lump go away. Costco of course was great had it picked up and we purchased a different bed from Costco. "
Review 7 for Novaform® 13" Rhythm Queen Memory Foam Mattress
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:February 27, 2015

Glad Costco Has a Return Policy

" My husband liked it, it was to hard for me. After a year it got a lump in the middle. "
Review 8 for Novaform® 13" Rhythm Queen Memory Foam Mattress
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Denver, CO
Date:January 11, 2015

Three Weeks: Shape Never Came Back

Pros: none
Cons: never regained the shape
" After three weeks there was still a ridge down the middle of the bed from top to bottom. Three weeks. I heated up the ambient temperature in the room to 75-80 degrees with no success. Had to take it back to Cotsco. Very, very disappointed. "
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Review 9 for Novaform® 13" Rhythm Queen Memory Foam Mattress
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Alameda, CA
Date:January 7, 2015

Disappointed..Not like sleeping on a concrete slab

Pros: seems like a quality mattress, great if you want a medium-firm mattress
Cons: not as firm as some reviewers suggested
Model Number: 764341
" I looked forward to this mattress after reading Ashleyw's review [11/30/14] and Hills [7/29/14]. I was hoping for something firmer than my current beautyrest. The mattress sinks SO MUCH! Too much give! I actually like to sleep on the floor and so I was very excited after reading the reviews. Seems like we're reviewing 2 different mattresses. It sinks/contours too much.
The best analogy is like laying down at the beach: the sand is firm and hard, but I sink in after a while and it leaves a body shaped indent in the sand. I was hoping for concrete firmness from the reviews and to barely sink in like my futon.
Some important details:
200lb and 5'9 so I'm thick and heavy. Side sleeper. My wife doesn't sink in the mattress at all.
1 good thing: Firmer and better than my in-laws mattress from Costco #10" sleep science).
I just wanted to review to counter balance the other reviews that say it's too hard. Maybe it is too firm if you are a lightweight/tall person. My body type must be very different. Please take that into account when you consider this mattress based on some of the reviews. I am debating on returning it or not. "
Review 10 for Novaform® 13" Rhythm Queen Memory Foam Mattress
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:New York, NY
Date:January 27, 2015

Defintely Firm!

Pros: firm
Cons: maybe too firm
" This is def a firm bed with less give than regular memory foam wich I like. I needed a 2 inch topper to make it a little softer. When I'd sleep on my side my arm would fall asleep it was so firm. I've had it 2 weeks and will give it a little longer. So far I think I'll keep it - partially to avoid the hastle of sending it back and also a question of if I'd find anything better. "
Review 11 for Novaform® 13" Rhythm Queen Memory Foam Mattress
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:January 12, 2015

Very disappointed

Pros: fast shipping; easy set-up
Cons: uncomfortably firm; sleeps hot
Model Number: 767564
" Purchased this mattress in December 2013 in hopes of being as satisfied with the comfort as many reviewers. (And as we've been with a similar entry-level mattress we own made by another company.) After a year, neither my husband or I can sleep comfortably on it. It is extremely firm. Also, we both sleep uncomfortably warm on it. Just tried adding a down mattress-topper to try to cushion the feel a bit but that didn't work, either. We both agree that we're sore after a night's sleep. Not what we'd anticipated at all - we'd really hoped it would be a good fit or us. "
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Review 12 for Novaform® 13" Rhythm Queen Memory Foam Mattress
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Valley Springs, Ca
Date:November 30, 2014

Like sleeping on a concrete slab

Pros: no smell, easy set up, inflates fast
Cons: too hard, heavy
Model Number: Nova form 13" Rhythm King Memory Foam Mattress
" I absolutly HATE this mattress. We bought it in July Received in August, finally got to setting it up in Sept. After having let it "break in" for 2 months it is still like a concrete slab. My husband has worse back pain and I'm a stomach sleeper who now tosses and turns all night because there is NO give. Set up was simple minimal smell if any at all. I bought this off the other reviews who said its firm but not too firm but that was WAY wrong. If you like sleeping on a bed as hard as sleeping on the floor this bed is for you. "
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Review 13 for Novaform® 13" Rhythm Queen Memory Foam Mattress
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Date:August 2, 2014

Not to my liking

Pros: solid bed that absorbs your partner's movements, does not sleep too warm as some memory foams do
Cons: too firm without contouring, doesn't give that wonderful memory foam feeling, the edges are too soft hard to sit on side of bed
" I ordered this mattress and did not find it to my taste. Initially, the bed had a crease in the center from unfolding. However, this was okay as it quickly disappeared in a couple of days and returned to its proper shape. There was also a little off gassing, but this also is expected and disappeared quickly. However, what was disappointing to me and why I am going to return it is that I am used to a traditional memory foam mattress that is firm at first then conforms to your body and imparts this wonderful feeling of being cradled by your bed. This bed uses what I believe is a lower density top layer that conforms less. So you get a mattress that feels more like a standard coil firm mattress, which might be excellent for some people, but not for me. If you are used to sleeping on a firm, coil mattress, and do not mind the edge of the bed getting very mushy when you sit at the end, then this bed would be excellent, as memory foam is a true improvement over an innerspring mattress. However, if like me, you are used to and like the traditional feel of a tempur-pedic type bed, then this mattress will disappoint. I am returning it and greatly appreciate Costco's return policy. Thanks! "
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Review 14 for Novaform® 13" Rhythm Queen Memory Foam Mattress
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Denver, CO
Date:September 11, 2014

Firm and comfy for us

Pros: firm and supportive
Cons: heavy to move
" We purchased based on reviews and Costco return policy and it was on sale this summer for $250 off list. It is firm, but both my wife and I have slept better than ever. Especially good for us as side sleepers. No real off gassing and the shape was flat in 24 hours. "
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Review 15 for Novaform® 13" Rhythm Queen Memory Foam Mattress
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:San Antonio, TX
Date:August 22, 2014

Nice mattress!

Pros: comfortable, good value
" We were really in need of a new bed, and after reading the reviews for this mattress in the queen size, we decided to give this one a try. We have had the mattress for about 3 weeks, and we are very happy so far. I sleep on my stomach/side and my husband sleeps on his back/side, and we both like the bed. It is more firm than we expected, but still very comfortable and supportive. I had been getting severe pain in my hips and shoulders, which is almost completely gone already. I also sleep much better through the night, and do not feel my husband moving around or getting out of bed for work. It did take my husband about a week to adjust to the new mattress, but now we are very happy! "
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Review 16 for Novaform® 13" Rhythm Queen Memory Foam Mattress
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:August 17, 2014

Excellent Mattress

Pros: comfortable supportive warranty/return policy
Cons: edge support
Model Number: Novaform 13" Rhythm King
" After much research into box springs, air, & foam beds, I decided to try this mattress. I wanted something different than box springs, as they seem to sag & give out in a relative short amount of time.
I liked the idea of using my current box springs, and the mattress was $250.00 off & with Costco's generous return policy, I felt I had little to loose. The mattress arrived 8 days after ordering it. The mattress is wrapped with an outer thicker wrap & an inner vacuum sealed wrap. Upon opening the cardboard box it came in I notice the outer wrap was halfway off the mattress. (Still secured, but on only half the mattress.) My wife & I cut the outer wrap off & immediately heard a hissing noise. (No, we did not puncture the inner wrap when we cut it.) We quickly & carefully cut off the inner wrap. The bed expanded in less than 5 minutes. There was no detectible odor, or any creases in the mattress.
Sleeping on it that night was a dream. It is a firm mattress, which is what we were wanting. It feels like your sleeping on a box spring, but yet you're not. You do not sink in & it is extremely easy to roll & change positions throughout the night & without bothering your partner. Plus I did not get hot sleeping on it.
The only thing I don't like about the mattress is the edge support. If you sit on the edge of the bed you do sink in. I don't know if this is how all foam mattresses are, as this is the first one we have purchased. For me this is not a huge issue as you can lay/sleep on the edge just fine, without sinking in.
This mattress is not for those who like a softer mattress that conforms to your body. If firm is your cup of tea, then this is the mattress to get.
I'm not sure of long term reliability, but with a long warranty & Costco's generous return policy, I'm very confident that if any problems arise, they will be taken care of promptly.
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Review 17 for Novaform® 13" Rhythm Queen Memory Foam Mattress
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:San Diego, CA
Date:July 29, 2014


Pros: great return policy, no smell
Cons: sleeps way too hot, way too firm
Model Number: Novaform® 13" Rhythm Cal King Memory Foam Mattress
" Went from another memory foam mattress from Costco we got 3 years ago with no gel. Replaced it with this to reduce how hot we sleep. This is, oddly enough, MUCH hotter. It is also unbearably firm. I am a back and side sleeper and a bad back. I don't mind firm, this is like laying on the floor. When I called to place the return order, the rep on the phone asked if it was too firm before I could even say what the problem was. Both the temperature and the firmness are very bad. The rep suggested the Sarafina mattress for a softer and cooler bed. I will give it a try with my fingers crossed; hopefully this does the trick, because returning these mattresses seem so wasteful. Really wish they carried the models in a store to try out. "
Review 18 for Novaform® 13" Rhythm Queen Memory Foam Mattress
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:July 27, 2014

BEST mattress ever and Costco quality

Pros: best sleep ever!, a lot of room, firm sleep=deep sleep
Cons: none!
Model Number: 767561
" I live in an area where there is no Costco so first let me say I was skeptical about buying online from but I was happy that they still provide the same quality online as in store purchases. The shipping packaging was pretty good, as good as a huge mattress can be- we purchased king size so it was huge to ship. And delivery was extremely fast- I was sleeping on new bed and pillows (also purchased from within 1 week of ordering.
The mattress is FIRM but for me and my husband this is great and exactly what we needed. I would say that if you can sleep on the floor and be ok in the morning than this mattress is great for you. There is little give but enough to keep spine aligned and provide strong support for our bodies throughout the night. If you have never slept on a memory foam mattress and are expecting fluffy clouds, then you are in for a dramatic change. Our previous memory foam mattress was good but it kept heat, this mattress does not- we both stay cool through the night. I would recommend this bed for firm mattress people and it is the BEST nights sleep we have gotten ever! We sleep extremely hard and get the deepest sleep since this purchase, and I would buy it again! Plus we can move and the other person does not feel anything or hear any creaks (if you move from a spring mattress). Plus we upgraded from full to king and there is plenty of space to move and it really adds to the best night sleep! "
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Review 19 for Novaform® 13" Rhythm Queen Memory Foam Mattress
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:May 6, 2014

Not Happy!!

Cons: not usable after 5 days
Model Number: Novafoam 13" Rhythm
" After 5 days, the mattress still has major bumps to the point that it's not usable. Will wait another 2-3 days and then return. What a pain to deal with!! "
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Review 20 for Novaform® 13" Rhythm Queen Memory Foam Mattress
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Port Angele WA
Date:June 17, 2014

Rhythm King it rocks so far.

Pros: costco and it's seems to be firmer like we wanted
Cons: nothing i can see at this time but we just got it
" Wow have on the bed before cutting open for sure. No smell, somewhat firm (that's what we wanted), and it inflated in meer minutes if that long. WOW "
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