Customer Reviews for Propel Speed Star RC Helicopter, 2.4Ghz, Indoor/Outdoor

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Propel Speed Star RC Helicopter, 2.4Ghz, Indoor/Outdoor

This item may currently be in stock at your local Costco warehouse for immediate purchase. The Speed Star lets you switch between 3 and 4-channel controls so you get an optimal flying experience. Choose Pilot mode for a stable flight and to learn the basic flight functions. Fly forward, turn left and right, and go up and down. Once you’ve mastered 3 Channel mode, switch to 4 Channel for advanced flying. sweep left and right. Manufacturer’s Recommended Age: 14+ Years Indoor/outdoor copter flies up to 200 yards Switch between 3 Channel mode for easy flight or 4 Channel mode for advanced banking and sweeping 2 speed settings for controlled flights or tricks and aerobatics 2.4GHz digital spread-spectrum technology eliminates radio interference True Blade Pitch–just like with a real copter, two servos control the pitch of the blades to change directions Swappable battery lets you switch batteries so you don’t have to wait for recharging Monitor speed, trim, battery usage and other features on the controller’s LCD screen Includes controller, rechargeable Li-Po battery and USB charger Dimensions 9.5"L x 3.5"H Weight: 1oz.
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Customer Reviews for Propel Speed Star RC Helicopter, 2.4Ghz, Indoor/Outdoor
Review 1 for Propel Speed Star RC Helicopter, 2.4Ghz, Indoor/Outdoor
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:La Habra, CA
Date:December 12, 2013

Propel Speed Star RC Helicopter

Pros: easy to fly (once trimmed), great price, durable, very stable (once trimmed)
Cons: wished batteries lasted longer (5-mins), spare parts out of stock (on co. web site)
" I've flown co-axils and a fixed pitch before...I have to say, after trimming this little heli it's fun to fly indoors. Don't really think this little heli can be flown outdoors unless it's a no-breeze, no wind day. The heli is fairly forgiving and although I haven't crashed it into anything, a few hard landings, it did not break anything. I'm very very happy with this heli and would like to buy another. Only wished it was bigger but for the cost I think it's well worth the money. I wouldn't buy this for a little kid as they might have a hard time flying and get frustrated, but those who want to transition from a co-axial to a fixed pitch, this is right up your alley! "
Review 2 for Propel Speed Star RC Helicopter, 2.4Ghz, Indoor/Outdoor
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Pittsburgh, PA
Date:December 10, 2013

I had high hopes...

Pros: the rf remote vs. ir remote., comes with 2 batteries, nice remote, 4 ch vs. 3 ch...more maneuverable
Cons: batteries last about 4-5 minutes
Model Number: Propel Speed Star
" I was very excited to see a 4-ch helo for under $70. I have always wanted one, but couldn't justify spending that much.
I have flown larger helo's before and smaller ones like this...Just putting that out there so people know I have experience flying them.
I was happy to see this came with an RF remote vs. an IR remote...I bought one off another site before and it came with an IR remote which was lousy because you had to always be pointing at the helo, plus if you got near fluourescent lights it would freak out.
I couldn't trim this thing out for the life of me, which is why I'm only giving it one star...
I flew it in a controlled environment: Indoors in a 98x28 foot room with a 20 foot ceiling, no wind interference from air vents or fans.
No matter how much I tried to trim to correct it still drifted to the right. So when I fly it I contstantly had to correct for that.
I also tried flying outside just to see how it would handle. While it may say indoor/outdoor on the box...It doesn't do well outside...In a very modest breeze 1-5 mph the helo could not move forward into the wind and was pushed back.
One last thing...after 4-5 minutes of flight time the batteries don't have enough juice to get the helo more than a foot off the ground.
It's possible I have a bad unit.
I will be returning it and will try again. If the next one flys better I will update my review accordingly. "
Review 3 for Propel Speed Star RC Helicopter, 2.4Ghz, Indoor/Outdoor
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:North Georgia
Date:November 24, 2013

Nice Hobby Helicopter

Pros: nice to fly inside, fun to fly outside in light wind, very responsive to your controller, 2.4 ghz is much better than 29 or 49 mhz, great indoor trainer for flying nose in to you
Cons: haven't found additional batteries to purchase, delicate if you crash hard
" Shopping around for this heli, Costco has the best deal. I recommend that beginners use the low speed 4 channel mode. The gyro in the copter helps you from rolling over upside down. In other words, it's much easier to fly this one. You should know that it does take a lot of patient practice if you haven't flown before. If you fly within your abilities, it should be a lot of fun. It's good enough that I can trim it and fly it hands off the controller. The fast mode will let it react much more aggressive and faster. Buy this :) "
Review 4 for Propel Speed Star RC Helicopter, 2.4Ghz, Indoor/Outdoor
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Northern Virginia
Date:October 14, 2013

Best Heli for price and Costco product guarantee

Pros: fast, includes 2 150 mah li po batteries., single blade system, available at warehouse
Cons: i wish it were a little larger
Model Number: Propel Speed Star
" This helicopter is great. I have to begin by saying that I am quite good at flying indoor helicopters in my house, but for this one I recommend doing it outside first. It is much easier to learn how it responds with more open space. I flew it into a tree once, but thankfully did not hurt it.
I would recommend getting used to flying it in 3 channel mode first if you are not already experienced in 3 ch copter flight. It comes with 2 batteries, so you can bank on about 15 minutes of fun if you do not push it too much. This copter can fly really fast.
I learnt early on that most copters cannot handle hard landings. There is no reason for a hard landing. Practice staying low and hovering at first by not going much higher than 3 feet. Then branch out to turning in one spot.
Then forward and reverse, and only then banking. When I tried to fly mine inside I constantly had to adjust trim. If you are too close to a wall, the wind created by the copter will interfere with it. There is a reason why real helicopters do not fly close to buildings or cliffs.
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Review 5 for Propel Speed Star RC Helicopter, 2.4Ghz, Indoor/Outdoor
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Grapevine, TX
Date:October 14, 2013

Fun to fly, But...

Pros: well made rc controller, fun to fly
Cons: batteries only last 5-7 mins before recharge need
" This helo is fun to fly, but it does take time to learn how. It is essential that you properly "trim" the chopper using the rc controller. I've crashed it many times, but now I can hover almost hands off. Forget the 3channel mode, use 4 channel. I found it to be much easier to control. "
Review 6 for Propel Speed Star RC Helicopter, 2.4Ghz, Indoor/Outdoor
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:October 8, 2013

Trying it out

Pros: seems to be built good
Cons: need 24/7 support better soldering
Model Number: Propel Speed Star RC Helicopter, 2.4Ghz, Indoor/Outdoor
" It seemed to be built just fine but on the second day I was landing fast as it was going to hit something less then two feet high and the solder broke off the board for the main motor. To me it is more for short time to play as it would not make it outside very long. The support is only on week days and not on weekends and not 24/7 as it should be as most people will play more on weekends then week days. It is OK but if you are looking for an outside one get one of those and if you are looking for inside it could be the one. Took it back because of the bad weld and did email support but have not heard from them yet. "
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