Customer Reviews for Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Car Speaker Bundle with 3-in-1 Charger T36H2P72

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Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Car Speaker Bundle with 3-in-1 Charger T36H2P72

This item may currently be in stock at your local warehouse for immediate purchase at a cash and carry price. Enjoy clear hands-free calls and surround sound music. An in-car, Bluetooth speakerphone featuring Virtual Surround Sound and voice-guided assistance Make and answer calls using just your voice Tells you how to pair with your phone, who is calling and your battery status Turns itself on and off automatically with help of in-built motion sensor Always clear in-car calls and music Plays music through your in-car audio system with help of the FM transmitter Streams music, podcasts and GPS instructions directly to FREEWAY Pair it with two mobile devices at the same time Talk for up to 14 hours and get up to 40 days standby time Battery Life - Up to 14 hrs talk time/ 40 days standby time Jabra Freeway is one of the first in-car speakerphones to have 3 speakers coupled with Virtual Surround Sound. You’ll enjoy sound so clear, it will be like talking to a passenger in the car. All of the background noises, honking cars, roadwork, bumps on the road, disappear with Freeway’s dual-mic technology, which filters out everything but your voice. Open the car door, get inside and your Jabra Freeway turns on and is ready to use. A call comes in, and Jabra Freeway announces who’s calling. You can then accept or reject the call using just your voice. You can also make calls, redial and end calls by giving simple, verbal instructions. Once you’ve reached your destination, Jabra Freeway turns off once you’ve left your car Specifications Connectivity: Wireless Technology: Bluetooth Bluetooth version: 3.0 AVRCP: Yes Auto Pairing: Yes Music Streaming: Yes Jabra PC Suite: No Speakers: Frequency Response: Wideband Digital Signal Processing: Yes Microphone: Microphone Type: Dual Microphone (Noise Blackout™) Microphone Sensitivity: High (E-HS) Mute function: Yes Battery & Power: Talk Time: Up to 14 hours Standby Time: Up to 960 hour(s) Music streaming time: 14 hour USB Charging: Yes Battery Status Indicator: Charge alert Design: Changeable Covers: No Wearing Style: VisorClip Weight: 115 grams Length: 99mm Width: 120mm Depth: 19mm Remote Call Control Digital Signal Processing: Yes Jabra PC Suite: No
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Customer Reviews for Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Car Speaker Bundle with 3-in-1 Charger T36H2P72
Review 1 for Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Car Speaker Bundle with 3-in-1 Charger T36H2P72
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:San Leandro, CA
Date:December 6, 2013

Frustrating product

Model Number: Jabra Freeway BT #T36H2P72
" I so wanted this to work for me to avoid using my ear BT but I gave up. It answers calls great but attempting to place a call was too frustrating. Paired very easily. Per instructions, at "What can I say" menu I said "Phone Commands" to make a call, I said "Dial/Call XX" and it chose a name at random. Not the # I wanted. After a few attempts it dialed the correct #. Twice, instead of placing my call, it was just quiet & nothing ever happened. After pulling over, I realized it had somehow gotten to the "Play music" area, which I didn't direct it to. Since I don't have music on my GS3, that's the reason it was quiet. In between the dialing attempts, the voice command was searching (as if Googling) for a place instead of placing a call.
I did read the manual before & after pairing & thought it'd be easy to use. I also spoke slowly. When I was having trouble placing calls, I pulled over & re-read the manual thinking I missed and/or was doing something wrong. Not the case. Later, after I got back in the car, instead of placing my call it asked to be paired as if it was the first time I was using it. That happened twice & couldn't figure out why. I also didn't get to connect to the FM option because after stating so on the phone command it wouldn't go there. I had it on the FM channel already. (Newish car, '09 VW Jetta.)
Also, the sound could be louder. Of the people I did speak to, one said the reception was good, another just okay. Two had some trouble hearing/understanding what I was saying, as was I. I had volume all the way up but still had trouble at times.
Basically, in my opinion, it's great if you're just answering the call but too frustrating & distracting trying to place a call while driving. Maybe it's not for me so I'm taking it back. "
Review 2 for Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Car Speaker Bundle with 3-in-1 Charger T36H2P72
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:November 21, 2013

Good Device with Limitations!

Pros: pairs easily sound is good loads of features!!
Cons: fm modulator is extremely poor!!, not quite loud enough for me!
Model Number: Jabra Freeway T36H2P72
" This Jabra unit is a wonderfully designed device. It paired quickly with my Motorola Droid X. It has a load of great features built into it, some of them I am still discovering. I recommend reading the manual fully, then once again for good measure. It is sleek in design and clips over the visor snugly. No chance of it coming loose or moving around. One drawback of the snug fit however, is when you are using your visor to block the sun. Then the unit is on the backside of the visor. Tough to use the buttons in this case, and the speakers are now obstructed somewhat.
The built-in speakers are great quality, however I wish it was louder. Maybe it is the Droid X cell phone, but I doubt it. With both devices at full volume, I find it difficult to hear the other person when I drive on the Freeway. Around town it is fine, but on the Freeway the sound is far too low to be comfortable. I drive a 2003 Ford Escape, and I admit there is a fair amount of road noise with these vehicles. But that said, the Jabra could be louder.
So to solve the above issue, I tried the FM modulator to listen to my calls through my car stereo. As one other reviewer wrote, the sound through FM is absolutely terrible. Static and interference-type sounds run throughout the call. Good thing I called a friend on the first try, asking how the sound quality was. He said it was acceptable but not great. It improves once you revert back to the Jabra speakers in the unit. Again, if you drive on the Freeway using the FM modulator, then the clear station you begin with, will eventually pick up a signal from a nearby FM station. This is nearly impossible to avoid, unless you are driving across the Desert. In that case, any station will work nicely.
One feature I really love, is the fact that the unit goes to sleep if not in use, or the vehicle is not moving. Once I open the door and get in, it wakes up and pairs with my phone again. This conserves the battery greatly, which has been working now for around 1 month without recharging. I wonder what would happen though, if you stopped the car and wanted to talk for a while. There must be a way of keeping the unit from going to sleep, and allow you to keep talking. Once again, keep looking over the instructions.
Overall, I recommend this unit. I have owned several Bluetooth devices. Some fit over the ear, others fit on the visor. This one is the best one I've had so far. "
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Review 3 for Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Car Speaker Bundle with 3-in-1 Charger T36H2P72
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Las vegas , NV
Date:November 16, 2013

Works well with Siri from Ipad Mini and Ipad

Pros: dual active bluetooth works with siri and apple
Cons: none yet.
" I'm using my Ipad Mini for music, GPS, and Siri. Music and GPS connected through my USB input. Since Siri doesn't work through USB input , I connect Siri through this Jabra. I also connected my Iphone through this Jabra. Since this device can have 2 active bluetooths, my iphone and Siri from my Ipad Mini both worked at the same time. "
Review 4 for Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Car Speaker Bundle with 3-in-1 Charger T36H2P72
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Beverly Hills, CA
Date:November 4, 2013

Better than I expected

" I am so happy with this car bluetooth. The sound is excellent, people can hear me well and it took seconds to set up. In fact when I get in my car it connects immediately. Would recommend it highly! "
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Review 5 for Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Car Speaker Bundle with 3-in-1 Charger T36H2P72
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Miami, FL
Date:October 7, 2013

This thing works as promised!

Pros: just works!, excellent sound.
Cons: wish i had two.
" This is probably one of the best purchases I've made this year. As a salesperson, I am on the phone ALL day. Battery life is excellent, sound is beautiful, the speaker is loud and clear. You can also stream music to the device, AND have it re-transmitted to the radio in your car -- what a bonus! It also had no problem pairing with two devices at the same time. In fact, this thing is so good, I use it as a speakerphone in the house as well. I'm the first person to take something back to Costco if it doesn't work, and this thing actually works. "
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Review 6 for Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Car Speaker Bundle with 3-in-1 Charger T36H2P72
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Pleasanton, CA
Date:September 19, 2013

Terrible FM performance

" The basic speakerphone works well, and the sound is good - loud enough etc. - but that's expected from any bluetooth speakerphone. However the FM performance is really bad - maybe I got a bad unit. It never found a single blank station properly and the when I tuned it to a known (to me) blank station, the sound was very static-y.
The FM and the motion-sensing auto-on/off were the primary reason I bought this particular model. "
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