Customer Reviews for Hunter Fan Fernwood 70" Ceiling Fan

Hunter Fan Fernwood 70" Ceiling Fan

The Hunter 70” Fernwood ceiling fan features a Premier Bronze finish with White Snowflake Linen glass bowl which has a modern rich look sure to impress.  The large strong motor and 70” blade span produce almost 8,000 CFM which is sure to keep you cool in the summer and circulate the warm heat down in the winter.  The included remote control, Dust Armor finish, and Hunter’s motor warranty make this a great value for your great room. Dust Armor™ Nanotechnology Blade Coating Repels Dust Build Up: Hunter Fan Company recognized one of the largest complaints with ceiling fans was cleaning dusty fan blades and the unsightliness of having extremely dusty blades in an otherwise clean home. To combat this problem Hunter Fan Company is proud to introduce Dust Armor. After years of research we have formulated a blade coating which helps to repel dust build up through a breakthrough nanotechnology. How Dust Armor Blade Coating works: The blade surface is coated with a layer of nano particles. The nano particles repel small moisture molecules. Dust particles gather to water molecules and when the density of the dust/water particles is low enough, light air currents blow the combined particle away from the surface. Features: Hunter Model Number:  55049 Fan Finish: Premier Bronze Glass Color: White Snowflake Linen Fan Size: 70” Dust Armor: Yes Remote Control Included: Yes Rated for Indoor Use Comes with 5 Dark Maple/Dark Walnut blades 180 watt light kit uses 3-60W candelabra bulbs (bulbs included) 3 position mounting system: flush, standard or angled Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty Powerful Whisperwind® Motor for years of quiet reliability Can be mounted with or without light kit CFM Data: High Speed 7910 Medium Speed 5725 Low Speed 4018 RPM Data: High Speed 104 Medium Speed 74 Low Speed 51 Fan Dimensions: Ceiling to blade bottom 12.21" Ceiling to light bottom 19.21"
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Customer Reviews for Hunter Fan Fernwood 70" Ceiling Fan
Review 1 for Hunter Fan Fernwood 70" Ceiling Fan
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Dunwoody, GA
Date:August 17, 2014


Pros: large blades, light
Cons: slow rpm, very less air
"This is very slow and I am not an engineer person but there is no way it gives 8k CFM air. I am going to return this back to COSTCO."
Review 2 for Hunter Fan Fernwood 70" Ceiling Fan
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Houston, TX
Date:June 22, 2014

Moves very slow

Pros: easy to install
Cons: slow speed, poor air flow
Model Number: 55049
"Easy installation and easy to follow instructions. I would recommend downloading the online manual if in doubt.
The problem with the fan - at least the one we got - is that it does not move much air on the high speed. After reading various online troubleshooting posts we decided to bypass the remote connection. This had a marginal improvement in speed but not enough to move any significant amount of air.
My smaller 55 inch fans perform better than this. I was disappointed because I wanted this fan to work out as it appeared to be such a good value.
I will be looking for a replacement and will likely return this fan."
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Review 3 for Hunter Fan Fernwood 70" Ceiling Fan
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:June 19, 2014

Works perfectly - looks great

Pros: easy installation
"Installed quickly and without an issue. The issue raised earlier regarding slow speed is probably a simple fix by pulling the chain to the max speed first, then using the remote to adjust the speeds. I found that out with a prior fan installation. High speed is very fast and moves lots of air."
Review 4 for Hunter Fan Fernwood 70" Ceiling Fan
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:June 10, 2014

Nice Fan

Pros: pushes a lot of air, relatively easy installation, looks great, very quiet
Cons: installation of remote
"I have read several of the inputs by others and had to put in my 2 cents. The fan is really good for a large fan and most importantly, the price is right. Only issue I had was with the installation of the remote portion of the fan. With a multiple switch setup it is a BEAR sooo I didnt install it. Fan works great... and DOES push a lot of air. The key may be in putting it in a room large enough. Sure the fans appear to move slower but it does push a wider path and more air. Kinda like a focused amount of air feels like more but ISNT.... This fan works great in a large room and the price is worth it whether using the remote or not. I will probably add more of these to my home as my ceilings are high and summer air circulation is a must in TX."
Review 5 for Hunter Fan Fernwood 70" Ceiling Fan
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:Victorville, California
Date:May 27, 2014

Very Disappointed

"The fan is very nice looking. Shipping was great, as usual. My husband is a licensed electrician, and install was good he says. However, we are thoroughly disappointed with the output of this fan. We put this in our large master bedroom as it gets very hot up there. This fan doesn't do anything except look nice. Sure maybe it circulates the air. But we were expecting to FEEL some air flow and some wind with this bad boy! I mean, come on! It's comparable to an airplane propeller! We can't feel anything, nor can the other people we have invited upstairs to check and make sure we aren't crazy. And the remote is a joke. It's fine that it's plastic, I could care less, but I've programmed it a few times and that thing just has a mind of its own. I have rolled over on it in the middle of the night, to have the light come on brighter than I can ever get it to go. And then i have to fight with it to get it to turn the light off! It's going back. I'm really disappointed."
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Review 6 for Hunter Fan Fernwood 70" Ceiling Fan
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Yankee Hill, CA
Date:May 23, 2014

Pretty Wobbler

Pros: looks nice, moves enough air
Cons: can't balance fan blades, unreliable remote control, lights look nice but aren't bright enough, really really ugly cheap plastic remote control, roor tech support
Model Number: 55049
"I purchased this fan for a 30' x 30' high ceiling great room. On high speed it circulates air throughout the room nicely. If it ran any faster it would be blowing papers off the desk. Folks having trouble in this regard might want to check that the fan speed pull switch is set to the highest speed.
The dark wood pattern on the blades complements the black steel wood stove in the same room as well as the black door hardware, so aesthetically it's a good fit.
I ran into two issues with the fans I've tried. The first is that the remote control is a real hit and miss affair. Sometimes it'll turn on/off the light or change the fan speed, sometimes not. I'd say you've got a 3 out of 4 chance that it'll do what you want the first time you push the button. I tried putting a fresh battery in the remote, which helped but did not fix the problem.
The other issue is with getting the fan blades balanced. I followed the instructions in the included balance kit and still couldn't keep the chains on the pull switches from tangling with each other and rattling when the fan was on high speed. So I removed all the blades, weighed them, and attached weights to bring them all within 1.5 gram of each other. Still the fan shook. So I called Hunter Fan tech support. I got a nice lady that seemed like she was running through some kind of script of questions, almost like a multiple choice test. I didn't get the feeling that she'd been any closer to a Hunter fan than the remote control, let alone tried to balance one. After wading through ten minutes of questions, she concluded that the motor housing was bent, and agreed to send another fan to me free of charge. All I'd have to do is cut out the electrical connector between the fan and the light housing and return it to the company. Fair enough, and two weeks later I had a replacement fan. Except it has both problems that the original did. Since I now had weights from two balance kits, I was able to get the new fan to not wobble quite so badly, but it still looks like something you'd find in a sleazy bar in a third world country. And the remote, even with yet another new battery, isn't any more reliable.
Maybe there's a reason Casablanca fans cost twice as much?"
Review 7 for Hunter Fan Fernwood 70" Ceiling Fan
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:san jacinto, ca
Date:May 8, 2014

cute on the outside, not much else

Pros: looks cute, size, price
Cons: candelabra bulbs, not enough power, color of light cover
"i am learning about ceiling fans and after buying first, then researching i realize i made a typical mistake. i purchased this ceiling fan because it looks nice. i'm not sure how a ceiling fan who has over 8000 cfm could move so slowly. granted, i am a ceiling fan novice, but i was really counting on this fan's brute strength. on its highest setting, i can literally watch each blade go by. i am disappointed that the blades on my 54 inch hunter granville fans move much faster. i am tempted to return it, but won't because i paid to have this "all bark and no bite" ceiling fan installed. perhaps i am missing something here. maybe large ceiling fan blades cool off simply because the blades are large and therefore do not have to go faster.
also i am soooo disappointed that this fan has candelabra instead of cfl bulbs. i'm not a fan of the light covering either. white just seems a bit brash and out of place on this fan."
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Review 8 for Hunter Fan Fernwood 70" Ceiling Fan
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Everett, MA
Date:May 4, 2014

Beautiful Fan......But

Pros: very sharp and rich looking fan., moves alot of air, easy to install
Cons: lights are not that bright, remote lags, remote cheap feeling and looking
Model Number: 70" Fernwood
"I guess when you get a fan this large for this cheap you have to skimp on something. Well for this fan it was the remote and receiver. This is the third and probably last hunter fan i get for that reason. I find myself orchestrating an orchestra to get this fan to do anything using the remote. You can also dim the lights on it. Which is cool if you can time it right. There is a lag to that feature as well, so if you hold the button down to long it will go from bright to dim and back again. On the bright side this is the only one out of the three i did not have to put the balancing weights on. The fan itself is gorgeous.......all three of them are...... every time I use the remote i want to throw it against the wall. You got to be slow and deliberate with it."
Review 9 for Hunter Fan Fernwood 70" Ceiling Fan
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:April 27, 2014

Unit didn't come with instructions

Pros: looks nice
Cons: no instructions
"The fan looks really nice in pieces all over my living room. I'll attempt to find the instructions on Hunter's website, and I'll run up and down the stairs for each step...because I don't have a printer. And yes, I opened the package completely ... there are no instructions."
Review 10 for Hunter Fan Fernwood 70" Ceiling Fan
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:San Diego, Ca
Date:March 28, 2014


Pros: looks elegant long blades stylish
Cons: blades turn slow not enough air flow.
Model Number: 55049
"I ordered the fan online and it promptly arrived to my house within a week, great delivery service.
Put the fan up, looks great, the remote is small and clear to understand how to use with buttons marked 1, 2, 3 and two separate button for the light on & off.
The blades are long 70 in. & both sides are dark, with one side slightly lighter color mixed with the dark.
My problem with it is, I expected more air output, selection 1 is like the blades are on it’s way off that’s how slow it is…2 is like a 1, therefore 3 is like a 2 speed.
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Review 11 for Hunter Fan Fernwood 70" Ceiling Fan
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Smyrna, GA
Date:March 4, 2014

Great Fan for the Price

Pros: price, appearance, quiet motor, 3 fan speeds, remote control, dimming light function, auto shutoff lighting function, ant-dust technology
Cons: reverse switch on fan itself instead of remote, can't distinguish different blade colors, color of remote control (tan & grey), ships in original box without additional packaging
"After weeks of searching, we bought this ceiling fan and are glad we did! We installed this fan in our living room which has a 20 foot ceiling. After getting over our fear of heights, the installation was relatively easy. It took a few hours due to inexperience and again the fear of heights, but ended up working as expected.
It is the perfect size and color for the room. The lights are brighter than expected and the fan is extremely quiet. See Pros and Cons for more details."
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Review 12 for Hunter Fan Fernwood 70" Ceiling Fan
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:September 9, 2013

Poor quality

Pros: low price
Cons: very low air output, poor quality
"I'm going to return all 3 of these $70 Litex fans. The one makes noises as it spins after just being installed. Put out very little air.
Getting the nice & fast model for $120 Hunter 52" fan to replace all three of these."