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Premier Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis System

Not available for shipment to the state of California For years, the only solutions to poor quality drinking water involved buying water by the gallon at the supermarket or paying expensive fees to deliver 40-pound bottles to your home. Now, systems with the same technology as water bottling plants can be installed right under your kitchen sink, providing you with gallons of water for pennies a day. While standard reverse osmosis systems waste 4 or more gallons per every gallon produced. The new patented "Zero Waste" reverse osmosis system wastes no water. This state of the art system reduces Arsenic(v), Cysts, Barium, Cadium, Chromium, Copper, Flouride, Lead, Radium 226/228, Selenium, TDS, and Turbidity. In addition, bad tastes and odors, such as chlorine, can be virtually eliminated from your drinking water along with unwanted chemicals and sediments, giving you fresh, healthy tasting water with every glass. Features: The only 100% efficient reverse osmosis system available today   Perfect for areas with higher water costs or low water pressure   Eliminates the need for air-gap faucets   Patented water conserving design   Requires 110V electrical outlet   Easy to install   Inexpensive to maintain   NSF certified   Tank Dimensions: 11"D X 16"H   Filter Dimensions: 18"L X 15"W X 6"H   Warranty: 1-year limited warranty Premier features high quality NSF certified reverse osmosis and filtration systems for your home or office. They are designed for easy installation and maintenance and are the same systems sold nationwide by professional installers. In addition, Premier sells a variety of filtration components which are compatible with many other reverse osmosis and filtration brands. Model: 500029 / 926518
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Customer Reviews for Premier Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis System
Review 1 for Premier Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis System
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:Silicon Valley, CA
Date:November 11, 2009

Died leaky after two years

Pros: makes you think you're saving, installation easier than many, supply line attachment
Cons: poor reliability, pump dies after a couple years, expensive, makes the hot water line cold, noisier and gets worse with age
Model Number: Z-RO4
"This unit installed easily and has a better valve system than our old under-sink RO system. The water produced was good. The noise was tolerable and we didn't have the issues that others have had with filter replacement.
The big issue for us is that after two years the pump has started leaking water. I don't know if I'll be able to stop the leaking or if this means we need a new pump. A new pump kit is about $164 from the manufacturer.
My previous, non-motorized version lasted ten years before we decided that it consumed too much water. This one only consumes less water because we run the hot water tap into a bucket to save the water that gets pumped down the hot water supply pipe (or at least it used to before the pump broke). If we just ran water down the drain until the water heats up we would have the same amount of waste. In the end, I think we were better off with the old water waster. Costs less, didn't break.
Bottom line: breaks sooner, doesn't really save anything, costs more. Don't get it."
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Review 2 for Premier Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:South Lyon, MI
Date:June 19, 2009

Saved Our Drainfield

Pros: there is no wasted water., recovery is quick after changing filters., can save your drain field if not on city sewers.
Cons: cost is about double that of a conventional unit.
Model Number: Zero Waste.
"Prior to purchasing our zero waste reverse osmosis system about 3 years ago, we had a Watts "standard" reverse osmosis system which was about 5 years old. We were unaware but that unit had a problem that caused it to never shut off, even when the water storage tank was full. One day we were having our septic tank pumped and the person doing the pumping asked if I had a toilet or sink running. I did not. It turned out that our Reverse osmosis system was dumping water into the septic tank 24 hours a day. Eventually, I believe this would have blown our drain field and would have cost about $20K. We found this zero waste system at COSTCO and replaced the old one. Note that the Zero Waste system sends the waste water from the reverse osmosis system back into the Hot Water tank. The old unit sent the waste water down the drain and into our septic system. In addition, the Zero Waste system produces more water faster. We never run out of drinking water."
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Review 3 for Premier Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis System
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Date:December 21, 2009

Wonderful until the pump leaks

Pros: like it and the water, easy filter replacement (placed on basement wall)
Cons: pump leaks after 3 yrs ($100+), no pump parts - only full replacement, water $aved lo$t if you have to get a new pump
Model Number: Zero Waste RO
"I located on the basement wall so access is WONDERFUL. Can't imagine how hard it would be to do maint under a sink. I find the RO water (which eats thru copper pipes) also eats rubber. My sink stainer's rubber gasket just melts in a few weeks into a mess. Also had a leak detector automatic shut-off valve which contains a rubber diaphragm got eaten.
Biggest disappointment is the pump just started leaking on year 3. Contacted them but no parts. They want you to buy a new pump. The pump is fine I just need a special size/shape O-ring/gasket which would cost no more than a $0.01.
They don't supply them. All $'s saved with the Zero-waste now go into their pocket.
I took off the top of the pump, cleaned the mated surfaces, KY'd the O-ring and re-assembled. It's only been 1/2 day but the leak has stopped.
$100 every 3 years is unacceptable as was their attitude of 'Oh well looks like you have to buy a new pump'.
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Review 4 for Premier Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Morgan Hill, CA
Date:November 5, 2008

RO the way it should be

Pros: great water savings, very quick installation
Cons: instructions do not match shipped parts, small amount of warm water from cold in the mixer, lower mounting bracket vibrates against cabinet
"RO is a great idea until you see how much water it wastes! Watts Zero-Waste Reverse Osmosis System is as close to a perfect solution as our current technology will allow.
The installation of the product is simple but may require you to drill a 7/16" hole into your sink ( an $18 1/2" carbide glass bit makes short - if slow - work of that task ).
The instructions included in the box have not been updated to reference the improved ( ample ) fittings so you will end up with a couple of spare parts :)
To speed up the 4 hour fill of the 3 gallon tank release the pressure via the side valve and then use a foot pump to add the needed pressure back. This method will allow you to complete the "fill and drain twice" procedure in an hour rather than the
"wait 4 hours then over night" method.
I recommend getting a 1/4" round felt pad for the bracket as the slight vibration of the 24V pump causes the bottom of the mounting bracket to rub on the cabinets.
Other than a slight amount of warm water in the cold supply when first using the faucet in the morning the product performs very well. is a great source for the filters too Watts Premier RO Replacement Filter Pack - Item# 931979
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Review 5 for Premier Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Las Vegas, NV
Date:April 15, 2009

easiest install of all

Pros: easy install no plumber
Cons: 6 month maintenance looks like a bit of a hassle
"All other filters I've seen require an air gap + drain connection. Some build the air gap into the facet but that means you still need to use the facet.
Long story short, you don't need to drill any holes at all with this unit. No plumber needed. Just unscrew the two facet connections and screw in the supplied connections. Plumbers would charge you $200+ for any other unit to install. Just hook up the facet connection to your fridge icemaker (need to buy an union from home depot) and you dont even need to use their facet.
I have granite countertops and if i had to drill a hole, install would have cost more than the price of this unit.
Only thing bad I would say is that 6 month maintenance looks like a bit of a hassle. I read other units you just push a button and the filter drops out and you push another one in. This you need to take it out and all apart, clean it, put new filters then put it back.
Finally, if it breaks, just return it. It is costco after all."
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Review 6 for Premier Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis System
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Date:December 11, 2011

Major Disappointment

Pros: excellent water quality and taste, quiet pump, zero water wasted
Cons: limited pump/transformer life, slow filtering process
Model Number: Watts Premier ZRO-4
"The concept of this filter is terrific: zero waste water. But as reported by other reviewers, the equipment fails after approximately two to three years of use. We paid a professional to install and maintain our system, hoping to beat the odds. When the filter recently stopped working completely, we determined from the manual that either the transformer or the pump was at fault. While waiting for our installer to diagnose the problem, we contacted Watts and were advised to order a new transformer. The new transformer stopped working after a couple hours of use and Watts then sold us new filters and membrane (our installer had replaced the filters and checked the system just a couple of months ago). Our installer said our experience was not uncommon for his customers with this system: I just wish we had waited for his subsequent recommendations instead of turning to Watts for help."
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Review 7 for Premier Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:San Diego CA
Date:April 18, 2009

Well worth the price

Pros: simple install, delivers water that is drinkable, very quiet
Cons: cant use system with a tankless water heater
"I was sick of buying 2.5 gallon jugs of water, and decided to get an RO system. After looking at some of the other systems I decided on this one. Living in San Diego our water is horrible. My water PPM before the unit is 580 ppm, with the filter, I am getting ~30 ppm after 2 months. I also installed a Hague softener to prolong the life of the membrane. Ice cubes are now clear and odorless, and the water has no taste. I am just fearing when my hot water heater dies, since I plan on going tank less, I can no longer use the zero waste system and will have to go with another system. I have read several people complain about the noise from the pump, but they must have super sensitive hearing, or defective units, I cant even notice it when I am standing over the sink."
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Review 8 for Premier Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:November 18, 2008

Significant Water Savings

Pros: no water waste, clean water to drink, relatively easy to install
Cons: electric needed under sink, slight hum of motor, hot water sometimes comes out cold
"I have not received my first water bill yet after installing this system, but I already feel better knowing that I am not wasting 3-4 gallons of water for every one produced with a normal R.O. system.
The installation was no more difficult that a regular R.O. system, but be sure that you have available electric where you plan to place this system before you buy it. There is a motor that plugs into a regular wall outlet. Newer homes may have an under sink outlet - older ones (like mine) may not
When I am washing dishes and have already brought hot water to the faucet, occasionally I will experience cold water coming form the hot if, say, I just filled up the dog's water bowl. This is of course because that is where the waster water goes - into the hot water line. This is nothing that would cause me not to buy the system - it was just a surprise.
There is a slight rhythmic hum of the motor for those of you who are noise sensitive. Not a constant noise, only after you have used the RO water.
Having said all that - I LOVE this system, and it's MUCH cheaper here than anywhere I found on the internet."
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Review 9 for Premier Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis System
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Date:January 3, 2009

Cheap components

Pros: great tasting water
Cons: noisy pump, warranty too short, stopped working after only 18 months, takes up quite a bit of room under the sink.
Model Number: Watts Zero Waste Water Filtration
"Pump is LOUD. After warranty was up the system just stopped working. It squeaked for nearly a month then simply stopped. It sounded like I had a flock of birds underneath my sink! Now I have to remove the entire system and by a new one. What a hassle. I don't think this system is worth paying the extra $$ if it isn't going to last very long. I am hoping Costco will refund the $$ for my old one. Watts Company wanted to charge me $90 for a new pump!! They were no help at all. Overall I am frustrated that the system isn't manufactured well enough to perform the task that it is intended to. Do your homework before you spend the extra $$."
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Review 10 for Premier Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Huntington Beach, CA
Date:November 23, 2008

Great RO for Water Conservation and Taste

Pros: easy to install, clean tasting water, affordable replacement filters
Cons: no water filter replacement indicator, basic water dispenser design
"We are very pleased with this system. I have to admit that I'm particular with the taste of water, and this four-stage RO system produces clean, no after-taste water. I also liked the zero waste feature for water conservation. The zero waste part redirects the wasted water into the hot water line. The system is very quiet. As the first reviewer mentions, the mounting bracket vibrates slightly against the side of the cabinet, but this is not bothersome. A felt pad stick-on (available anywhere) is a helpful suggestion.
The product arrived quickly, without paying the additional expedited freight charge - we ordered it Tuesday night and it arrived Friday morning. We felt comfortable trying this product knowing we could return it to a Costco store if it didn't work to our satisfaction.
We had a plumber install the system, along with a new kitchen faucet. The additional zero waste part was new to our plumber, but was not difficult for the plumber to figure out. As with any RO system, just make sure you have sufficient space under the sink on the preferred side to mount the filters (the holding tank can slide to any location). The mounting that holds all the filters can lift off the cabinet brackets for easier access and filter replacement.
One suggestion for asthestics would be a water spout in a designer finish, such as brushed steel or brushed nickel. We tried another spout, but the fittings were not compatible. Another preference would be a filter replacement indicator light."
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Review 11 for Premier Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis System
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:January 9, 2014

No product support

Pros: makes good tasting water
Cons: zero product support beyond the website
Model Number: ZRO-4
"I have had this product for a few years and it works reasonably well. However, when it comes time to ask a question or order a part you get the website and that is all. I called and was on hold 3 different days for 15 minutes with no answer. Finally I left a message and nobody ever returned it. Since this system does need periodic maintenance and there is no one to provide advice for that process I cannot recommend it."
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Review 12 for Premier Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:March 12, 2012

Still working after 5 years

Pros: fast water replenishment, durability (5 years and going), no water down the drain
Cons: sound from pump if not installed correctly, may cause delay in getting hot water when needed
"We bought this system about 5 years ago at the same time we installed a water softener. The system works great and produces clean water quickly.
The system has an electric pump on it which is different than any other RO system that just uses the water pressure. The water supply line connects to the cold water and the water waste line to the hot. There is no connection to the drain like typical RO systems. The pump then forces the water through the filters and back into the hot water line. So no water goes down the drain, except that if the system is running and you need hot water then it takes longer to get hot water (so that water goes down the drain) because the cold water is being pushed into the hot water side by the pump. (a minor note: all RO systems produce waste water, or water that is not filtered. This water is typically sent down the drain whereas this system pumps it back into the hot water line instead).
Others have complained about noise and here's some information on that. If not installed correctly then it can be quite noisy. Since the system has an electric pump on it the pump can cause a vibration where it's mounted which will reverberate through your counters. This is a simple problem to solve. You must make sure it is securely fastened and not just hanging from screws. You also must make sure that the bottom of the filters are not toughing the side of the cabinet. Once we did this the sound from the RO system is inaudible unless you open the doors to the cabinet."
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Review 13 for Premier Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis System
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:San Diego, CA
Date:June 30, 2009


Model Number: ZRO
"Got the unit within 7 days of Costco placing order.
INSTALL:Install should be very easy with screwed-on flex lines from valve to faucet. (Mine were not: fixed line to faucet part of valve [cheap builder!], so I replaced them with standard valves and new flex lines. Almost impossible to remove the compression rings off the supply copper lines without the tool from Lowes/Home Depot.). Mounted filters on left side of sink cabinet, wedged a piece of furniture-leg-protective-rubber between the pump and the sink cabinet wall, and situated the tank inward behind the sink drain lines [perfect fit]. End result is barely audible noise and almost no space lost. Refrigerator makes more humming noise than this one. Takes approx 4 hours to refill tank whenever empty. Bottom line: unit is good. Don't know about maintenance effort because haven't done one yet.
PRO:water tastes the same as 5-gallon jugs I normally buy, no odor, no flavor, nothing (good!)
CONS:faucet is spring-loaded push-down type. I have to stand there and work it when I fill by jugs through a slip-on hose. Prefer a turn-lever. Faucet wiggles freely when not used and becomes rigid only when pushed to use (wimp design or feature?)
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Review 14 for Premier Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis System
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:New Jersey
Date:November 1, 2009

Comments And Some Tips

Model Number: Wattspremier Zero-Waste 4-Stage RO
"We have been using the Wattspremier zero-waste RO system for 4 years, and thought to share a few experiences.
First, the product is wonderful in terms of the quality of the filtered water. We used to boil tap water for drinking, and it always left white substance, which requires periodically cleaning using lemon or vinegar. With the RO filtering, there is no white residue anymore. Whether taking away mineral from water is good to health or not is a different issue ( presumably you can get regular mineral from vitamin pills). The removal of white reside definitely reduces the cleaning effort of our boiling ware.
The system actually uses hot water tank as the buffer. The pump will pulls cold water in and pushes the waste cold water through hot water line. So you can imagine that when no hot or cold water is using in the household, the pump will essential circulates water from the hot water tank - meaning it takes hot water from the hot water tank, filters it, and pushes remaining back to hot water tank. Presumably the tank is big enough so that un-filtered water remains to be the majority
and won't deteriorate the on-going filtering process. Because of this cycling, you will notice that hot faucet gives cold water, while cold faucet gives hot water after the pump is working for a while. This is due to water flow, and not because of the heat generated by the pump.
There are 3 concerns of mine, though, with the mechanism:
1. Waste water is pushed back to hot water tank and cools the tank. So it is actually trading water waste with extra energy consumption.
2. If nowhere in the house is using hot water, the hot water will eventually be pushed out of the tank and flow through the pump for filtering. The water temperature may deteriorate the filtering components. In my case, our pump starts to drip a litte when it pumps after 3.5 years.
3. All the waste water got push back to water tank, and may have a chance to shorten the tank life - as the waste water carries abundant of mineral and ions, etc.
Here is what I do to improve the energy efficiency:
1. Designate a time in a day to retrieve large amount of filtered water. Shut off the filtered water tank valve temperately after retrieving a large amount of water. This will stop the pump and the filtering process. You may want to use a container to store filtered water. The purpose is to specified a time for the filtering process.
2. At the time when hot water will be used significantly in the household, turn on the filtered water tank and turn off (or tuned down) the hot water tank gas line. This starts the water filtering process. The produced waste water will mix with hot water and be used. It won't flow back to hot water tank. Meantime, the new water flows into hot water tank won't be heated up so that it can be used for filtering later even when household hot water is not used. The hot water tank is usually large to sustain a long-time usage even when the gas line is tuned down temporarily.
3. Wait till the filtering pump finishes, which usually takes hours, then turn the water heater tank gas line back to normal.
Another tip on filter replacement:
A special wrench is needed to unscrew the filter cap for filters replacement. But even with the wrench, it is difficult to unscrew them. The trick is to unscrew and release some of the tubes first. What happened was that the air pressure pushes against the filter caps tight and makes it hard to budge. But if you loosen us a few tubes (closer to the filter caps), it will release the pressure, and make it much easier to unscrew the filter caps."
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Review 15 for Premier Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Sedona, AZ
Date:January 13, 2012

This one works great

Pros: great water replenishment rate, no excess water use to produce this great water
Cons: could be qieter ...
Model Number: Watts Premier Zero Waste
"We've had this unit installed for ~ 6+ years with no problems and great flow. You need to keep up with basic filter changes over the year - but the actual cost of use, water regeneration has been great!
Not sure about the transformer issues some people have reported - important to be sure with all transformers near wet areas that there is no shorting, no ground faults etc.?
We isolated our unit to quiet the pump noise a bit... got to be sure that the pump isn't rattling against something...
Good instructions for install - a basic handy person can install it themselves if you already have a hole in your sing to use - its pretty clear installation."
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Review 16 for Premier Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis System
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:San Jose, CA
Date:December 12, 2013

Great until it leaks in 3 years

"It is a great, or I should say the best home filter, until it starts to leak after 3 years. The water taste is superior. However when it starts to leak, I don't know how to deal with it. I tight the screw then it only stopped for weeks and then leaks again. I really like the RO filter, and zero waster of water, but hate the leaking!!!!"
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Review 17 for Premier Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Riverside, CA
Date:May 19, 2010

Best purchase

Pros: water does taste great!
Cons: i have no cons
"I have been using this product since 2002, and my old one just failed. I know products don't last forever but it work well while it was working. I saw some comments that the customer service is bad at Watts. My thoughts on that are that if they can't help you, Costco will. I never had a problem with Costco. If the product fails within one year and Watts can't help you, rip it out and return it to Costco, and buy a new one. You bought at Costco, and they will help. The product works great, and I have not had problems with it. The pump does fail, but hey they have to fail. product life is about three years."
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Review 18 for Premier Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Las Vegas, NV
Date:December 22, 2008

Reverse Osmosis Zero Waste Water Filter

Pros: no more water hauling and excellent water quality.
Cons: i placed small piece foam between the electric, motor and cabinet wall to stop hum.
Model Number: Watts Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis Filter
"For the money this is a great water filter, and it won't take you long to realize the money saved when you don't have to buy bottled water anymore! Because this unit does not dump back-flush water down the drain you save gallons of water. And for somebody who uses a septic system this "zero waste" unit is even more important to avoid unnecessary waste water.
I told myself to slowdown; closely read the instructions first, lay out and inventory the parts, and from there, the system was not difficult to install."
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Review 19 for Premier Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis System
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Date:May 28, 2012

Love it but...

Model Number: ZRO-4
"Purchased 3/8/2007. Noticed dampness under sink about a year ago, and recently a puddle. I never could figure out where the leak was, thought it was dishwasher but now I can see it is the booster pump for this product. Watts wants $170 for the replacement pump.
Undecided now on replacing with a new one from costco, getting a replacement pump elsewhere or looking for alternate brand.
Given the product lasted 5 years + cost of replacement filters, it was about $65 per year."
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Review 20 for Premier Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis System
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:May 28, 2011

A Catastrophe: NOT recommended

Pros: costco took it back
"This thing has been a nightmare: installed a new GFCI outlet just for this ($20 and 2 hours wasted). After the third power brick burned out in 3 months, I give up. And get this: That water you think you're saving? It uses electricity to jam it up into your hot water pipes... so it's putting the reject water back into your system, AND you're using electricity the whole time - note that normal RO filters do not have an electric pump."
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