Customer Reviews for SunGlo 8' x 12.5' Expert Greenhouse

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SunGlo 8' x 12.5' Expert Greenhouse

Acrylic Panels, Aluminum Framework
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Customer Reviews for SunGlo 8' x 12.5' Expert Greenhouse
Review 1 for SunGlo 8' x 12.5' Expert Greenhouse
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:August 22, 2012

Now that its done...

Pros: dvd is provided, came w everything-shelves lamp hose etc
Cons: written instructions are bad
" I could come up with lots of suggestions to make the installation easier/faster for the consumer but I kept saying to myself... if they did that - then the price would be higher. But there are several items that could have been completed prior to shipping that would have saved lots of time and shouldnt have taken the manufacturer that much to do.
BUT its done - and all the parts were there, some not labeled all that clearly but I didnt think it was that hard to figure out the parts. The written instructions were not good. You must view the dvd and refer back to it as you build. Some places the written material was down right inaccurate. More diagrams would have been helpful.
It looks good and I am very excited to use it. I hope to review again after an E Wa winter as my husband says no-way will it hold up. He hated all the rivoting and thought we could have "made our own" but talk is cheap and getting all the parts in a box made this greenhouse happen.
It is a permanent structure. So, put it where you want to leave it - if you are selling your home, it is staying with the buyers.
It is super hot in the summer sun and I agree with the review that states that there should be an larger venting system. I havent used it this summer (as it took me several weekend mornings to get the house built) but it is super hot in there. Time will tell.
I liked that it came in a box and I got it done. Wouldnt have happened otherwise, so for me - its perfect.
Review 2 for SunGlo 8' x 12.5' Expert Greenhouse
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:Snowy Montana
Date:July 1, 2012

Keep looking...

Pros: withstands high snow loads
Cons: many design flaws, parts missing, difficult installation
Model Number: 8x12.5
" I am very experienced in construction, but still found that this was a much more time consuming and difficult than I was prepared for. Allow at least three long days with two people knowledgeable with tools and construction.
There are literally hundreds of parts to this installation, and we were missing several critical parts. Some parts weren’t labeled and so were difficult to identify, others weren’t machined properly, missing bends and slots. The directions recommended that all parts be inventoried before starting, but this isn't as easy as it sounds: Some parts stack and nest so closely that counting them before starting is nearly impossible. Other parts aren't labeled, and sometimes different parts have the same number. Sometimes different sections of the instructions refer to the same part by different names.
The printed instruction booklet was unclear in several areas, made references to diagrams that were not there and had contradictory information. The video is absolutely necessary, construction would have been impossible without it.
The missing parts were sent about ten days later, but one was still the wrong item, so I just modified one of the extra parts that was sent instead.
I am disappointed with the quality control. I considered packing everything up and returning it to our local Costco, but with so much time already invested, I decided to stick it out. What should have been a project for a long weekend ended up taking three weekends instead.
I had to make some modifications that were due to what I consider design flaws:
I changed the door to swing in instead of out, otherwise it would be inaccessible with any amount of snow. I also had to change the location of the exhaust fan since it was trying to blow out towards the direction of the prevailing winds. Even with the change I made and a good shadecloth, there is inadequate means of removing heat in the summer. Some sort of openings at the top should have been in the design.
On the plus side, It stands up to our 80 plus psf snow load, and withstands strong winds well.
Review 3 for SunGlo 8' x 12.5' Expert Greenhouse
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:April 1, 2010

A great deal

Model Number: 8x12.5 expert
" The greenhouse arrived very quickly. It does take 3 people to put it together, but the video is excellent. I was most impressed by the quality in every part , not only the actual building, but the accessories are well made and durable. Every piece was there and everything fit. The first night it was up we had 50 mile an hour winds. It was not affected at all. Customer service was excellent. I am totally satisfied. "
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Review 4 for SunGlo 8' x 12.5' Expert Greenhouse
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Creston, CA
Date:March 6, 2010

Good Experience

Pros: heater benches lights all included., price ease of assembly.
Cons: no automatic vent openers.
Model Number: 8 X 12.5 Sunglo
" This was the 4th greenhouse I have bought and assembled. It is made in the USA!! It was pretty easy, the DVD was great to follow along. It showed the entire assembly. Very nice not to have to mess with the square bolts, etc. The greenhouse was a great buy, came with EVERYTHING. There were no leftover parts and I enjoyed the riveter, my new fav tool. It has withstood 65MPH winds and it stays warm thanks to the thick walls. I do wish it had automatic vent openers, I am having to manually open the vents whenever it is warm. All in all, very happy and have reccomended it to friends. It is full of starts right now and my favorite place for peace and quiet when it's cold out. "
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Review 5 for SunGlo 8' x 12.5' Expert Greenhouse
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Denver, CO
Date:November 17, 2009


Pros: cedar shelves smelled great!, fans open/close with the thermostat setting!
Cons: the shelving could have been an extra 1" longer.
Model Number: Sunglo Expert
" Our Sunglo Greenhouse arrived quickly! Faster than we were ready. The pallets of greenhouse parts sat in our garage as we got our site ready. We spent about 2 weeks then assembling the greenhouse. It REALLY helped to have the "how to build" CD running at the same time, because this is a little complicated of an assembly. I would say that this assembly is not for an amateur!
The greenhouse is now up and running. It's gotten cold here in Denver so we're watching how this is going to affect the heating bill. So far, all is warm in the greenhouse and thriving. Friends are jealous! "
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