Customer Reviews for Steamfast 3-In-1 Multi-Purpose Steam Mop

Steamfast 3-In-1 Multi-Purpose Steam Mop

The SteamFast 3-in-1 Multi Purpose Steam Mop represents the next generation of steam mop technology. Using ordinary water and absorbent microfiber technology, the 3-in-1 Steam Mop effectively and naturally cleans and sanitizes a wide variety of hard floor surfaces. With user-controlled variable steam intensity, the 3-in-1 Steam Mop can be "dialed in" for use on most any hard floor imaginable - steam with confidence on everything from delicate hardwood to durable stained concrete. And floors are only the beginning...with a quick swap of attachments, the 3-in-1 Steam Mop becomes a fully functional Handheld Steam Cleaner, perfect for blasting tough dirt and grime from all surfaces all around your home. Or you can convert it into a handheld fabric steamer for refreshing and releasing wrinkles from fabrics and upholstery. The 3-in-1 Steam Mop is truly an all-in-one steaming solution for every surface in your home. Features: Unique 3-in-1 functionality - steam mop, handheld steam cleaner and enhanced fabric steamer Cleans naturally - deep cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes on a wide variety of surfaces without harsh chemicals Quick Heat-up: Powerful steam generator produces steam in 30 seconds Variable Steam Control- "dial in" the perfect steam intensity setting to mop, clean or freshen any surface Compact and lightweight - mopping evolved easier and more effective than traditional mopping without the mess Continuous Steam - creates constant steam for maximum cleaning power without pumping Continuous-fill Water Tank - Add water any time, with no cool down Convenient Swivel Handle - Gets under and around furniture and the hard-to-reach areas Adjustable and detachable telescopic pole Durable Cleaning pads - Steamfast microfiber cloths are effective at grabbing and trapping dirt, dust and debris without scratching surfaces Accessories included: Microfiber Pads (2), Steam Jet Nozzle, Utility Brush (3), Fabric Nozzle, Squeegee, Cleaning Pin, and Measuring Cup Power: 1300 watts ETL and cETL listed Dimensions: 11" L x 5.5" W x 49.2" H Weight: 4.6 lbs 1 year limited warranty Model: SF-294
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Customer Reviews for Steamfast 3-In-1 Multi-Purpose Steam Mop
Review 1 for Steamfast 3-In-1 Multi-Purpose Steam Mop
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Decatur, GA
Date:August 26, 2014


Pros: creates good steam
Cons: awkward handle, mop head doesn't lay flat, mop head small, mop extender handle doesn't stay put
Model Number: SF-294
"I bought this mop to replace my shark pocket mop that just quit working. While the attachments sounded wonderful, they don't really do much. The mop itself is horrible. The way the mop head attaches doesn't allow it to lay flat while you mop. The extender doesn't stay put while you push mop...even in the locked position. The only good thing about this mop is that it does create a good amount of steam. While the price was right, the mop isn't."
Review 2 for Steamfast 3-In-1 Multi-Purpose Steam Mop
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Central Valley, CA
Date:July 26, 2014

Mop cleans well, easy to use, not a catch all

Pros: floors dry quickly, traps far more dirt than conventional mop, works on tile and laminate flooring, long cord for convenience, warms up fast makes a clicking noise to alert you, easy fill chamber or you can use the cup included, adjustable heat setting is great
Cons: dirt collects in corners and where mop stops, you still have to wipe up collected dirt, unable to clean baseboards as with a cotton mop, mop head keeps popping off when pulled backwards
"The product is easy to set up and use, warms up quickly and stands up well next to the wall without falling (if the pad is on). *As previously mentioned, do not use with bare feet, the steam comes out in many different directions. And do not allow children to use it.
The pad traps a lot of dust from my 90% hard floors and must be cleaned often, I am worried about wearing down of the stiff pad over time.
*I have not used all of the functions yet, only the mop.
I ordered online and my box was trashed-it appeared as if it was a return. All pieces were included.
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Review 3 for Steamfast 3-In-1 Multi-Purpose Steam Mop
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Colorado Springs, CO
Date:July 12, 2014

My New Best Friend

Pros: cleans very well, no harsh chemicals toxins etc, no getting down on your knees to scrub the floor, easy to switch accessories and clean a whole room, variable steam settings, adjustable mop handle height, lightweight, microfiber pads are easy to clean, multiple cleaner heads for different surfaces, heats up quickly
Cons: rinse pads often--they pick up so much dirt!, a little noisy, don't mop your bare feet..., handle is a little loose/swivelly
"I recently moved into my 36 year-old bachelor boyfriend's apartment. I think it's safe to say he hasn't cleaned it in the five years he's lived there. I used to jump from the tub (which I'd scrubbed clean) to the bathmats (which I'd laundered) to the carpet outside the bathroom (which I'd vacuumed), because the linoleum was so grossly covered in dirt, dust, hair, soap scum, toothpaste, and--let's face it--men's urine stains. I couldn't get the bathroom floor clean with a conventional mop (and refused to be down on my hands and knees on that floor).
My first time using the steam mop, it started to get the layers of grime up right away. The spot I'd had it sitting in for it to warm up (which is does quickly) was markedly cleaner than the surrounding area. Now, I'm not saying it didn't take a little bit of back-and-forth scrubbing with the pad, and having to run the pads through the rinse cycle of my washing machine several times (it picked up so much dirt! It's like the Dyson commercial, "You may have to empty to bin more often...") before I got just one of the two bathroom floors clean. But I cannot express how much easier this made the experience. And how much less terrified I am of the bathroom!
I also used the mop on the vertical front of the toilet to take away the dribble marks. I then swapped to the cleaning head to really scrub the rest of the toilet, sink, and bathtub. It worked wonders!
I will say that I very quickly learned my lesson about checking that I'd put the cap on the water reservoir correctly. It's easy to get it on wrong and leak water everywhere. Also, be aware that if you're cleaning spots that have a strong smell (like dried on urine...Yep, it was gross...) the mop will bring the smell strongly back to life. But take my word for it, it's worth it! The ability to scrub strong mildew stains in the shower in seconds is amazing! I've bleached the shower and scrubbed it with a toothbrush (hours of work) and gotten the same result in 2 minutes with the steam cleaner attachment. And without the harsh chemicals!
And as for those reviews that state it leaves behind a wet floor, I will point out that it's called steam mopping, not steam sweeping. A wet surface is to be expected, especially if you need the cleaning power a higher steam setting gives you. You can choose to use a lower setting, or, if you don't have time to let it dry, either keep one mop pad dry to run back over the surface when you're finished (as I now do when I mop the bathrooms weekly), or give it a quick wipe-down with a towel.
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Review 4 for Steamfast 3-In-1 Multi-Purpose Steam Mop
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Oxford, PA
Date:April 23, 2014

Great Product for the Price

Pros: it's lightweight and easy to assemble and use.
Cons: handle could be a little sturdier.
Model Number: SF-294
"Great product for the price. Easy to assemble and it's lightweight and easy to use. Did a great job on my kitchen floor. It got the floor much cleaner than just mopping would. My only complaint is that the handle could be a little sturdier. It seems a little bit flimsy."
Review 5 for Steamfast 3-In-1 Multi-Purpose Steam Mop
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Madison, WI
Date:April 21, 2014

Great value

Pros: price, ease of use, adaptability
Cons: loose connection between handle and base
"The price of this 3 in 1 appliance cannot be beat. If not for the somewhat 'loose' connection of the handle to the based, I would have given it five start."
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Review 6 for Steamfast 3-In-1 Multi-Purpose Steam Mop
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Bay Area, CA
Date:March 19, 2014

attachments makes it better than most!

Pros: attachments make it more versatile, priced reasonably
Cons: a little wetter than others but not a problem
"I've gone thru a lot of steam mops and they all perform about the same. It's the pad that usually makes a difference in the cleaning. This mop emits a lot of steam thus leaving your surfaces wetter than most cleaners, but I feel it cleans better. -I just switch out the pad without having the steam on to pick up excess moisture... it only take a moment to go over the surface. I do have to learn/play with the settings so it won't be as wet. The BEST feature is that it comes with attachments that BLAST away buildup from corners, faucets, toilet base, etc. This feature really makes this steamer worth every penny... It is also priced reasonably. I've had expensive, they don't last any longer or perform any better : )"
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Review 7 for Steamfast 3-In-1 Multi-Purpose Steam Mop
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Sacramento, CA
Date:March 4, 2014

Love My Steam Mop

Pros: easy to use
Cons: trying to wind the cord on the handle is awkward.
"Having four dogs, this steam mop is a great way that I can make sure my floors are not only clean, but sanitized as well. I love that I can wash the pads after every use. Not putting harsh chemicals on the floor, which would potentially harm my pets is also a great plus. This steam mop and all of the attachments are very easy to use."
Review 8 for Steamfast 3-In-1 Multi-Purpose Steam Mop
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Long Island, NY
Date:February 26, 2014

Great Steam Mop

Pros: heats up quickly, easily converts to a hand held steamer, mop head pivots nicely, cord is a generous length, includes all accessories
Model Number: Steamfast SF294
"For the price point, this 3 in 1 steam mop surpasses any steam mop I have used in the past. I used the Steamfast and it worked beautifully. Steam is constant, it's easy to convert to a hand held steamer, and it heats up in a flash. It works so well that I went and purchased distilled water to use in the Steamfast, to avoid any calcification that normally occurs in any steamer product. I want this to last. I was impressed by this product and I think anyone who purchases this will be satisfied as well."
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Review 9 for Steamfast 3-In-1 Multi-Purpose Steam Mop
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Date:December 14, 2013

Love hate relationship

Pros: great for grout
Cons: cracked and broke thread in 3 mos, not for heavy duty mopping
"Used as a handheld to clean grout and it was amazing. Really good for steam cleaning house with the mop pads but handle too short and I am 5'8" After only 3 months the plastic ring that threads the handle cracked and cannot be used as a mopper anymore only handheld. Still great for handheld stuff but if you are looking to do heavy duty mopping in a house with kids or dogs this is not for you!"
Review 10 for Steamfast 3-In-1 Multi-Purpose Steam Mop
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:Murray, UT
Date:December 3, 2013

Worked, then died like the Shark

Pros: cleans floors great
Cons: died in a year
"I don't know what is with these steam mops, they are all hazardous within a year. I purchased this one after the Shark died (4 months). This one only lasted a year! While it worked it was my go to hardwood/tile floor cleaner. You just need a little extra strength to use it."
Review 11 for Steamfast 3-In-1 Multi-Purpose Steam Mop
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Chula Vista, CA
Date:October 9, 2013

works really well

"Steamfast 3-in-1 works really well. I am really satisfied with it. I am thinking of buying some more as Christmas present."
Review 12 for Steamfast 3-In-1 Multi-Purpose Steam Mop
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:LB, CA
Date:October 1, 2013

Had it for awhile now

Pros: cheaper than shark
Cons: sub-par cleaning ability, floor wet after washing
"Decided I should hang onto it for a while and give it a chance... still doesn't work great. Continuouly makes a puff-puff sound. Cleans only marginally well... still requires a lot of human energy! Cord WAY too short. Next time I'll get a Shark again. Even with light use, I've discovered that these steamers only last a few years. I would not buy this brand again. Also, it leaves the floor really wet when it's set high enough to clean. At low setting it really doesn't get much up. It would be ok for floors that never get very dirty or with daily use."
Review 13 for Steamfast 3-In-1 Multi-Purpose Steam Mop
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:los angeles, CA
Date:September 14, 2013

Nice but not worth the price paid

Pros: heats up fast, lightweight, like the 3 in 1 function, long cord
Cons: handle flimsy, only 2 microfiber pads, not enough room to wind cord on handle
"Heats ups fast and is lightweight. Handle loosens too easily, seems flimsy. The directions say the head is supposed to "click" into place but mine never did. The jury is still out on this one, not sure if I will keep. Microfiber pads are useless, had to keep going over floor with paper towels to wipe up dirt."
Review 14 for Steamfast 3-In-1 Multi-Purpose Steam Mop
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Baltimore, MD
Date:September 5, 2013


Pros: lightweight
Cons: should have a way to keep water cup with machine
"I bought this because I had dirty spot in my kitchen where we walk. After first use stain was visibly more improved. Second use stain was gone! I will be using instead of a mop."
Review 15 for Steamfast 3-In-1 Multi-Purpose Steam Mop
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:August 23, 2013

Follow the directions for great results

Pros: makes certain cleaning chores so much easier, disinfects, no chemicals, easy to use, gets floors cleaner and dries faster than reg. mop
Cons: uses distilled water (i boil my own)
Model Number: Steamfast 3 in 1 Steam Mop
"I am so glad I bought this steam cleaner. I read reviews on it from several sites and most people liked it. Those who didn't I don't think properly followed directions. One may think going full steam is always the way to go, but actually you get better results by following their directions for the surface cleaned. You also don't want to go full steam with the gentle brush attachment which is made for a lower steam level. The easy instruction booklet is good. I called Steamfast customer service with questions I had and they were great. I LOVE MY STEAMFAST! It takes scuffs off floors really easily. It heats up super fast. I make my own distilled water for the machine . A quick Internet search showed me how - very easy. I used the machine on dirty baseboards with a low mop setting and the gentle brush attachment and it worked like a charm. It cleaned the oven walls beautifully with a high steam setting with the steam nozzle. I still have a lot of work to do on the oven door window which is disgusting. It took off some of the gunk, but this will require more work as this oven window was stained long before I lived in this house. I am still getting to know my Steamfast, but it is pretty fabulous. The fabric steamer is good for light wrinkles, but for deep ones I think it's easier to iron. Between my Roomba vacuum, regular vacuum, upright dustbuster and Steamfast - housekeeping is a breeze. Just as I couldn't live without my Roomba (also from Costco) which goes under beds and furniture, I now can't live without my Steamfast. I told my sister to buy this. It's that good."
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Review 16 for Steamfast 3-In-1 Multi-Purpose Steam Mop
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Orange County, CA
Date:March 28, 2013

A Fantastic Invention

Pros: works with regular tap water no chemicals, much more affordable than other steam mops, so versitile - it solves many cleaning jobs easily
Cons: the handle loosens too easily keep tightening it
"Very impressed by this product. It cleans our ceramic tile floors with ease and no chemicals. This saves money and is better for our and our doggy's health. With one of the attachments you can steam clean the grout - truly amazing how it lifts the dirt out without any effort at all. Also we've used it to steam our carpet to take the creases out of it due to furniture. This was a a great purchase. And the price was nice too. Highly recommend this."
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Review 17 for Steamfast 3-In-1 Multi-Purpose Steam Mop
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Boise, ID
Date:March 20, 2013

Good little steam mop for the price

Pros: good for the price, small swiveling head great for small spaces, washable mop pads, tank capacity
Cons: no major cons yet
"This is a pretty good little steam mop. I have owned a Eureka Envirosteamer for the past 5 years, and bought this as a replacement. In comparison, this little mop is great at getting into nooks & crannies (i.e. around toilets). the head swivels which is critical. This mop starts steaming very waiting around! The pads are ok...I have linoleum and most linoleum has tiny with pocks and grooves for texture and I don't think these pads (or the Eureka) will truly clean out those grooves especially if there is already grime in them. Will probably have to scrub periodically. But, the surface appears clean after mopping. Some reviewers mentioned wet or streaky floors. It's very important to use the MOP setting..if you turn it up higher it will pump out too much steam and definitely leave your floors wet. I have also used the hand held to clean the toilet lid hinge - very handy. The power of the steam blasts the grime out of all the little grooves. Just have a rag handy to wipe up the moisture. I also blasted dirt & grime from the tracks of sliding windows - worked very well.
Cons: The handle tends to work its way cockeyed while mopping...not a big deal, I just rotate it back into place. The noise of the steamer was a little annoying at first, but not so bothersome now we're used to it. The steam does not seem terribly hot, but then again steam is going to cool quickly and I'm not willing to put my hand right up to the opening where it comes out!"
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Review 18 for Steamfast 3-In-1 Multi-Purpose Steam Mop
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Date:February 8, 2013

Not good

"It was not working well. Its m first time with this product. I sent it back."
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Review 19 for Steamfast 3-In-1 Multi-Purpose Steam Mop
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:January 24, 2013

Was a dissapointment

"This steam vacuum seems to take a long to time to steam and it takes forever to clean a small area. There is not enough steam to clean the floors well. Defeats the purpose of steam vacuum if you need to use a wet mop as well. This is going back."
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Review 20 for Steamfast 3-In-1 Multi-Purpose Steam Mop
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:Fairfax, VA
Date:November 30, 2012

Went back to the store

Pros: heats up fast very fast
Cons: very cheaply made from the package to the brush
"I've had this steam mop since March and finally had enough. The handle broke first, the bristles on metal brush attachment all came out, last week, boiling water kept spilling all over the floors. Returned it today and ordered Oreck..."
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