Customer Reviews for Food For Health™ Vegetarian Emergency Food Kit

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Food For Health™ Vegetarian Emergency Food Kit

275 Servings Weather Proof Bucket
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Customer Reviews for Food For Health™ Vegetarian Emergency Food Kit
Review 41 for Food For Health™ Vegetarian Emergency Food Kit
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:January 12, 2011

Great Addition to your long term food storage

Pros: lasts for up to 25years.
Model Number: 275 Vedg. food supply
" A++++++. great price, and yes we checked all over.Nice selection of food. We are lucky we have an ample supply of water and ways to cook during a blackout or other emergency. Be sure to have water stored and a way to cook in a blackout! I have added this to my existing food storage. It is a good idea to store all kinds of food,not just freeze dried and or dehydrated. You can store most food you normally use. Just be sure to rotate it. I have many canned goods that last for 4-6 years. pink salmon is a good one-6 years. I would NOT buy any short term food you do not normally eat. you will end up not using it and throwing it away. "
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Review 42 for Food For Health™ Vegetarian Emergency Food Kit
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:chicago, il
Date:January 25, 2011

easiest emergency starter kit

Pros: easy to store, best bang for the buck
Cons: need additional food items, not for people with sodium restrictions
" this is the best way to start an emergency food system. Yes, it's a basic start but with the addition of dehydrated or freeze dried fruits and vegtables it will keep you fed in an emergency. I would also recommend a variety of meat items and a really good water filtration system "
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Review 43 for Food For Health™ Vegetarian Emergency Food Kit
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:February 3, 2011

Vegetarians do not wat hydrogenated fats

Cons: f
" I purchased and sent back as it all contains hydrogenated oils which is 1000 times worse than animal fats "
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Review 44 for Food For Health™ Vegetarian Emergency Food Kit
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:February 6, 2011

The Purpose of the Product

Pros: relatively cheap.
" 1) This is EMERGENCY food, not gourmet meals.
2) If someone complains about hydrogenated oil in this product, they need to rearrange their priorities. If you don't survive, it won't matter what happens to your arteries in 20 years.
3) This is PART of an emergency food plan, and you need to have a way to include proteins. This could be from other products or from shooting a squirrel or a moose.
4) Emergency food is only part of your plan.
5) It's dehydrated food! Thus there is no water. You have to plan how you are going to get safe water.
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Review 45 for Food For Health™ Vegetarian Emergency Food Kit
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:February 23, 2011

emergency food

" I thought this emergency food kit was a great value. It is great to have on hand in case of emergency. The price is great, and the shelf life of 20 years is great. Everyone should stock up for emergencies. "
Review 46 for Food For Health™ Vegetarian Emergency Food Kit
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Washington State
Date:March 4, 2011

have tried most of the food and am pleased

Pros: long shelf life, easy storage, good price, will not go to waste if no emergency, easy to doll up and make into a tastey meal, we have water source/fuel so cook time is no issue, a good part of emergency plan
Cons: many items require planning for 1/2 hour of fuel, requires added ingredients if taste is important, requires adding protein if nutrition is important, requires common sense planning
" In a horrible disaster we probably wont care about taste but it is good to know we can still have it with a little effort and planning. Common sense tells us that water comes first, many of us can afford to miss a few meals. But, Especially if you have children, food helps to calm the situation and improves comfort for all. Right now we have the time to plan and talk about the taste and nutrition of the food and ways to improve emergency preparedness. It should be okay NOW to talk about the taste and nutrition and cost of the food we store for emergencies. If you have heart disease or food allergies or diabetes it is better to obtain items best for your health, if you are vegetarian it is okay to purchase accordingly, also if you have children stock up on foods they will enjoy if you can. If you have pets it is okay to get extra dog food and emergency supplies for them. No whining though if the disaster hits tomorrow and you have nothing prepared.
I am not vegetarian and know nothing about the oils or different kinds of milk, soy vs whey vs whatever and am working on this and also balanced nutrition and calories needed. We prefer real milk but this whey milk tastes fine when cold and I think most children would drink it or use it on cereal. I don't plan to use this all the time but wanted to try it and figure out an emergency food storage plan. it keeps for a long time in the package. I feel this is a good start. Never tried whey milk before and it would be nice to have around, if there is a milk supply shortage and I think it tastes much better than powdered milk you can buy in a box I added instant breakfast mixes to it for extra calories and vitamins or could be used to make some sort of shake. The pancake mix is good. You can actually make it thicker and roll it like a snake, twist it in a cork screw shape around a stick and and cook it on the stick over a fire, this would keep the older kids busy. A bottle of picante sauce or spiced up canned tomatoes to add to many of the soups or dishes for improving flavor. Use freeze dried meats or canned chicken to add to the protein content to many of the dishes. Use the soups for a base for a large pot cook it add more water and fresh or canned or freeze dried garden items. You have enough food in the bucket to play with the ingredients prior to any emergency. Figure out how to make it work for your family and don't let it go to waste. The serving sizes don't always mean that 5 servings feeds 5 people so figure out what you might really need. If sodium content is too high for your diet add more water and more ingredients. I am happy with this purchase and hope it sits on my shelf for a very long time and not needed for an emergency. It makes me feel good to at least attempt to be prepared and very glad to be able to read the opinions and hints from others on this topic. "
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