Customer Reviews for Food For Health™ Extreme Emergency Kit

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Food For Health™ Extreme Emergency Kit

7-day, 4-person Kit
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Customer Reviews for Food For Health™ Extreme Emergency Kit
Review 1 for Food For Health™ Extreme Emergency Kit
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Date:September 21, 2010

A Fair Start

Pros: 'a nice start' for a go- bag.
Cons: stove fuel is a chore to find.
Model Number: N/A
" Just went through the collection- here's my findings:
The video was pretty accurate, will give you a good idea of the contents. Perhaps because this is Costco, they included an extra safety blanket and rolled drop cloth (plastic sheeting).
I thought the quality was fair and expected, with these exceptions:
The 'survival knife' was dull, couldn't cut paper actually. The 'Happy Camper' outdoor gas stove uses a cartridge that I'm searching the Internet- with many results in the UK. ? 230G butane-propane mixture cartridge....
Those two need a remedy.
As a 'nice start' - I'd go the extra mile and add some water to your kit. I took these contents and used them as the basis of a go-bag. "
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Response from Costco:By Costco Wholesale BuyerFoods October 1, 2010
The fuel for the camp stove can be found at most retail outlets. Coleman fuel model 3250-702T (Small, green canister)
Review 2 for Food For Health™ Extreme Emergency Kit
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Gig Harbor, WA
Date:October 18, 2010

Bucket of Crapola

Pros: nice closeable bucket, decent canister camp stove
Cons: waste of money.
Model Number: Extreme Emergency Kit
" I was curious about this "Extreme Emergency Kit" so I ordered it. I had a hunch in might be filled with inferior stuff but it really went well below my low expectations. It looks like somebody got a bucket and filled it with cheap junk from the store that charges only a dollar for its products. Maybe it's just me, but when I think about survival gear and supplies, I think about high quality -- you know -- as if your LIFE might depend on it. It appears that the best item in the bucket is a canister powered camp stove. It uses a Coleman butane canister and works quite well. However, with the dubious quality of everything in the bucket, I wouldn't count on the stove being a rock solid device either. I'd recommend buying your supplies individually and placing them in your own weatherproof container. You could even use the inventory list as a starting point . Just get better quality because if ever needed it would be well worth it.
I haven't tried the food but I'm assuming it's edible.
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Review 3 for Food For Health™ Extreme Emergency Kit
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Washington State
Date:March 4, 2011

"a start" for home emergency kit

Pros: many usable emergency items in a bucket, great starter for emergency plan, covers many emergencies using lightweight material, food will store for a very long time, price is good
Cons: to keep sm/ lightweight:many items are not durable, many items not made in america, food takes too much time water fuel., quality of many items substandard for costco
" A year ago I had no idea what should be in a home emergency/evacuation kit. I am still learning. This gave us a good start when I purchased this last summer. If we had to dig this bucket out of the rubble from a earthquake or some other disaster and had nothing else....or if we had little time to evacuate (ie wild fire or to a shelter for whatever reason) I know we will be very grateful for attempting to be prepared.
Modify the kit for your potential needs... thinking about water mostly over the food for short term emergencies. Yes there are many items in this bucket that hopefully we don't need or are not the quality I would like but but they all fit into the bucket and can be used for all types of situations.
I am making this emergency kit into something to grab and go and keeping adequate supplies and food stocked in our home if we need to stay put for a period of time.
The entire bucket is easy to throw in the car but too awkward to carry for a long distance for most people, it only weighs about 28 pounds but no handle. A couple of empty backpacks close by, if evacuating or traveling on foot, and a check off list is a good idea.
I looked up many of the items and added up the cost and actually this is a good price for what is found inside, meaning I could buy the same individual items and pay alot more in the end. If you have nothing started for emergency preparedness this is a good start. You can get better quality by purchasing some items separately.. and a real tent instead of the plastic one...a larger more heavy duty ax , but the cost and size of items would add up and take up space quickly and if evacuating on foot you need a way to carry heavier sturdier items. This is a good kit for being the size of a bucket...and will help for a potential unforseen emergency to get you by. The items can be used for nondisasters as well. You can add and replace items as you figure out what you may need for your situation and your area and your budget.
items are substandard for Costco but they are indended to be disposable and light weight to get through a temporary emergency. The food tastes ok and can be dolled up, needing more protein and calories for longer term needs takes water and fuel to prepare so modify the food to meet your emergency needs adding or taking away from the bucket. if you don't need the plastic survival tent use it to cover a broken window during a storm. add some special items if you have pets or kids. add your prescription drugs, know first aid, practice making a campfire, but come up with a disaster/emergency plan to meet your families needs. "
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Review 4 for Food For Health™ Extreme Emergency Kit
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:April 2, 2011

Great Emergency Kit

" We are very happy with this kit as it has so many items that are all in one neat contain ready for any emergency. We are even going to take it along on our camping trips. It really covers what tools you need, I know that you could not purchase all these individually for this price. "