Customer Reviews for DLT Monterey 3-in-1 Pool, Dining and Poker Game Table

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DLT Monterey 3-in-1 Pool, Dining and Poker Game Table

Accessory Package Included, Mahogany Finish, Reversible Wood Top
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Customer Reviews for DLT Monterey 3-in-1 Pool, Dining and Poker Game Table
Review 1 for DLT Monterey 3-in-1 Pool, Dining and Poker Game Table
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:San Diego
Date:May 17, 2012

Great multi-function table

Pros: 3 in 1
Cons: heavy top
Model Number: DLT Monterey
" It works very well for what it was designed for, 1/3 pool, 1/3 poker, and 1/3 dining.
For pool, it is a smaller, functional table. It is a level, nice playing surface. A $4K slate table rolls better, but this is pretty darn good. Kids and guests love it. If you want a pro table, then just buy one.
For poker, it is FANTASTIC. Big enough for 8 players.
For dining, it is FANTASTIC. 8-10 can sit around it. Height is not an issue at all. It looks great with no tablecloth. In fact, friends have asked us "where did your pool table go?"
The beauty of the table is it can be moved if necessary, unlike a 1000 lb slate table. And you can use it as a dining/poker table, unlike a standard pool table. It looks beautiful, and plays well, so I see no downside.
The biggest problem is the top. It is very heavy and big. We just leave it on to cover the table from dust, and then just place it along wall when we play pool.
Review 2 for DLT Monterey 3-in-1 Pool, Dining and Poker Game Table
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Philadelphia, PA
Date:April 1, 2012

Great Table!

Pros: still have a dining room table when needed
" We had seen this table a few years ago and decided this year to purchase it through Costco. We couldnt be happier. It is more beautiful than the pictures show. It makes an awesome statement in my dining room. My husband and my brother in law played all night. Hubby is happy and I am learning more each day. we are looking forward to years of enjoyment with our table. The curbside service was not cool and it had a few mars and chips on the pool edges from shipping that we fixed. The top is heavy but we are easily able to manager. I just wish I had a way of preventing it from sliding if bumped during play. All in All is a great purchase. We were not disappointed at all. "
Review 3 for DLT Monterey 3-in-1 Pool, Dining and Poker Game Table
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Mesa, AZ
Date:August 3, 2011

Absolutely Beautiful Replacement in Dining Room

Pros: design, game room and dining all in one
Cons: heavy table top, shallow pockets
" We purchased this to replace our seldom used dining table; however, I didn't want to give up a dining table altogether. The 3-in-1 table provided the perfect solution. Assembly was easy, only needed phillips screwdriver (to remove surface from wooden pallet like frame), rubber mallet (to gently nudge legs further into slots), and the provided allen key to secure the legs. It is true that the dining/poker top is very heavy; however, my husband and I were able to lift in onto the table with little strain (I am 5'1', 135lbs, and don't work out)... 2 strong people should be sufficient, 3 to 4 if not very strong.
The ball pockets are shallow, which is probably out of necessity as they would be in the way of dinner guests if they hung much lower. We have had to remove balls from more favored pockets during play.
Overall would definitely recommend as it is a beautiful table which perfectly fit our needs of game play and occasional dining. "
Review 4 for DLT Monterey 3-in-1 Pool, Dining and Poker Game Table
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Casper, WY
Date:June 5, 2011

Pretty Happy Customer

Pros: appearance
Cons: mdf surface is pretty uneven/unleveled
Model Number: 7003PF2SH
" I have purchased this table and I am pretty excited about it. The product was shipped to my house within the stated at the web page time frame. Unfortunately, during the transportation the dining/ poker top was damaged. Whatever damaged it penetrated through the box and made a big hole in the side of the dining top (the product was well packaged though). However, the folks at DLT were absolutely great in listening to me and shipped a new top without any hesitation. I was pleasantly surprised of how good their customer service was. I did not have to wait through any automotive service or be placed on hold. SUPER JOB! The table itself is a pretty good looking piece of furniture. As my place is kind of limited when it came to space, I had to go with this size and type table. If I had the extra space, I would have definitely bought a slate pool table. The only reason why I did not give this product five stars is the fact that the MDF surface is not leveled well. I understand that a none slate table would tend to curve the balls one way or another, but I never expected the balls to be curving soooo much. I considered returning the table, but now I am kind of happy that I did not. Overall, it is fun to have this table when family and friends are around. Before purchasing, I read many reviews of people having trouble finding chairs for this table. I combined mine with two 60-inch benches on the sides. I purchased them online and they look absolutely great! When I play pool, I just slide the benches underneath the tale instead moving chairs around!
Oh, and YES, the dining/poker table is super heavy!
Review 5 for DLT Monterey 3-in-1 Pool, Dining and Poker Game Table
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:April 13, 2011

Wonderful Product

" This table is really beautiful...It is very heavy but is manageable with 2 strong adults. This table is definitely worth the money. My only complaint would be the cup holders are extremely shallow but there really is nothing else that could be done about it. "
Review 6 for DLT Monterey 3-in-1 Pool, Dining and Poker Game Table
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:New Jersey
Date:February 21, 2011

Excellent Value, High Quality-My Experience

Pros: grand appearance, does not look like pool table, customer service responsive, poker nite-hubby/guys nite approved, price, craftsmanship overall
Cons: tabletop too heavy to remove alone, weak legs that can crack, 3+ men needed to flip over top, tabletop does not store easily
" We purchased this table for our dining room 18 months ago. Very impressed with impressive look of table-does not look like it is a pool table when dining top is on. Much better in person-pictures do not do this justice. Arrived in huge box. Impressed with beauty of table, but a bit stressed when my husband & I put the table together. We both almost threw our backs out-make sure you have strong helpers! Far more beautiful and grand in person. Paired beautifully w/ chocolate brown tufted suede chairs (3 on each side) and 2 leather chairs at each end. Use extreme care when flipping over initially to not crack legs-suggest 3-4 men to flip table over & remove dining top-too dangerous and heavy for 2 people alone. Top is VERY heavy- needed to be turned back over by 4 men at poker nite. Impossible to lift by myself or with husband alone. Poker lovers will be excited-they can have a classy poker nites & that pool table they always wanted & while having that grand impessive dining table you've been looking for. It has worked out quite nicely. Top should be made in lighter material and should be slightly thinner, for ease of use. No regrets, definitely recommend! "
Review 7 for DLT Monterey 3-in-1 Pool, Dining and Poker Game Table
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:December 5, 2010

Nice Table

Pros: very well made
Cons: tabletop single unit very heavy, no place to store the tabletop
" Overall a nice table. The only cons to this is that the table top is a single piece and is very heavy (approx 125lbs). Because the table top is so large there isn't any place to store this other than having it lean up against a wall. The other con is that the table is a little high. The average seat height of a dining chair is 18" and this about 1.5" to 2" too short to sit and eat comfortably. Overall, we are getting good use of it and have both family and friends interested in purchasing one for themselves. "
Review 8 for DLT Monterey 3-in-1 Pool, Dining and Poker Game Table
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Cedar Park, TX
Date:November 1, 2010

Quality is so so

Pros: 3-in-1
Cons: weak leg, extreme heavy top, cheap package, cheap veneer at the edge of table top
Model Number: 7003PFxSH
" The overall quality is not as good as I expected.
They use very cheap stuff to pack this table. The edge of the first one was damaged by the delivery company. Costco took it back and resend one.
They screwed lots of packing wood at the back of table and also stapled something cloth. Of course you will not see those small holes if you are not under the table.
Those billiard pockets was very cheap stuff. The surface of those billiard pockets were scratched wile arrived and I can see the white color inside. I called the customer support, they wish I could marked it with some black pens.
One of corner support wood has a crack, I can see one additional screw on that. The hole they drilled in that block was not at the right place, so it is impossible to put the hex lag screw in. I have to make that hole bigger by my power tool.
You can see the color difference at the surface if you stay close to the table. In some place, there are some very tiny dents.
The idea of 3-in-1 is great. However the table top is really too heavy. It is really hard to find a right place to store it. "
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Review 9 for DLT Monterey 3-in-1 Pool, Dining and Poker Game Table
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Los Angeles
Date:August 22, 2010

Weak Legs

" I bought this table in the summer of 2008. I love it and so do my friends and family. The only problem it has is weak legs. The connections of the legs and the table are very weak and there is a good chance that it will break if you move it arround. In my case, I have to move it from my garage to my back yard every time I have company at my house. After few uses, I can tell that the legs are wiggling. I tried to tighten one of them but it cracked open a little. Be carefull when you tighten the screws. Do not over do it or PUSH the table arround.
After all it is a good table for the price.
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Review 10 for DLT Monterey 3-in-1 Pool, Dining and Poker Game Table
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Winchester, Va
Date:July 28, 2010

Awesome Table

Cons: can't find chairs to match it.
" My husband saw this and had to have it. I wasn't convinced at first that we should get this, but he convinced me to take a chance and I am glad that I did. We have had the table for a few months now and it is awesome. I love it. The table is gorgeous. The only down side that I have had is that I can't find chairs that go with it. "
Review 11 for DLT Monterey 3-in-1 Pool, Dining and Poker Game Table
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Westchester, NY
Date:April 13, 2010

Wow! They are selling this again!

Pros: a pool table in my dining room!, best price i could find.
Cons: one piece top had to be cut into 3.
" I got jealous of a family member who got a pool table for X-Mas, because I had nowhere for a regular, dedicated pool table. Then I saw that companies made pool / dining tables... GENIUS! The dining room is used mostly to eat ... otherwise useless space. Why didn't I think of that?!
Now that I'd usurp the dining room with such a table, I'd have to convince the MRS. So I didn't want a pool table that LOOKED like a pool table with a top just laid over it - cheesy. I wanted one that looked like a dining table so that no one would know until I took the top off. Stealth is COOL!
Fast and furious internet searches showed some really nice ones from Europe - ones that cleverly hid the billiard fantasy underneath gorgeous table tops. But the prices were not right (several thousands of dollars and then shipping), and it would be hard to rectify any problems from across the pond. It was also hard to come by reliable, good reviews for American companies. It seemed like a big gamble for such a pricey item. In addition, the really good ones have slate beds, and I wasn't sure I wanted to put that much weight in one spot on a wooden floor.
Then I saw this DLT Monterey here and at a competitor's site. The thing looked beautiful in the pictures. It was not made of heavy slate (hey, I'm NO Minnesota Fats, so MDF is good enough for me). It was cheaper than others, and this was the better price by 800 bucks. It was also a 7'x 4' (total dimensions) table which fit pretty well in my dining room (I just got some shorter cue sticks for the tighter shots). Very importantly, it could be returned if it was garbage (I love having a local Costco!).
However, I was hesitant to buy since not many people had reviewed it. There were 2 pretty good and seemingly honest reviews here, but that was it. The competitor site had no reviews at all. So I agonized over it for weeks. It was the ONLY table that fit my bill, so I took a chance and am very happy I did.
The packaging protected the table very well. It seemed that the shipping company had damaged one corner of the box, but the table inside was still protected and pristine.
It is a VERY handsome piece of furniture. Yeah, it's MDF and laminate, but they do one HECK of a job on the mahogany finish (and I found a nice mahogany cue stand to match). The legs are beautifully carved and the sheen of the table top is gorgeous. It does not LOOK like a pool table. I invited my family over and they asked where the pool table was... while they were standing beside it.
A poker playing friend of mine saw the poker top and said it was nicer than any in-home poker table he had ever played at.
Anyway, there were a few downsides too, which prompts only 4 stars.
First, the top is suspended on around twenty something little clear rubber cups that hold the table about 1/2 inches above the pool rails (this protects the rails and leather pockets). It is annoying to take these off and put them back on as part of the table transformation. Plus, it raises the table top height a little higher than what people are used to when they eat (about 1 and 1/2 inches above the dining table we replaced - noticeable but not uncomfortable). For the price though, this doesn't bother me that much because ... I GOT A POOL TABLE IN MY DINING ROOOOOOMMM!!!!
Secondly the table top is VERY heavy. It needs 2 people to lift. Then it is so big, where does one put it?! My wife couldn't lift it with me, and I wanted to be able to do it by myself. I brought my carpenter dad and my bro over one day and cut it into 3 pieces (my brother almost fainted as we cut the gorgeous one piece top). It is tricky, because it is made of laminated MDF and it has to be scored correctly so the circular saw does not kick out pieces of jagged laminate. Our result wasn't factory perfect, but came out pretty darned good. A little stain and wood filler and eurathane and voila! My pop rigged a little system of aluminum pieces so the 3 parts could connect and hold each other up against gravity. And now I can remove the 3 pieces by myself and play any time. (The company would sell a bunch of these if they made the top out of 3 pieces to begin with!)
I was actually upset that both of these sites stopped selling it before I could write my review. I figured my review would have generated more interest in this product or at least prompted the company to create a table with a 3 piece top. Well, it's for sale again, and I totally recommend it (at least if you have good carpentry skills). It is the right price here. I like this table!!! "
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Review 12 for DLT Monterey 3-in-1 Pool, Dining and Poker Game Table
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Sacramento, CA
Date:January 5, 2010

Great 3-in-1 table!

" We bought this 3 in 1 pool, dining and poker game table because we wanted to be able to have the functionality of using it as a dining table for when we have guests and as a pool/poker table when we want to entertain and have fun. The table itself has a very nice finish and looks really modern. It is just the right height for eatting on as well as playing pool. The table top however, is extremely heavy. You definitely need at least 2 strong people to lift the table top and flip it over. My wife (who is fairly petite) tried to help me but it was just a bit too heavy for her to flip her side up and over onto the table without exerting too much effort! Over all, it is a great table and we have been using it ever since we got it. "
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Review 13 for DLT Monterey 3-in-1 Pool, Dining and Poker Game Table
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Northern California
Date:December 1, 2009

Happy we made the investment

Pros: beautiful good size love the switch-out tabletop
" This table looks even better in person than in the pictures. We absolutely love it and are so glad we spent a little extra money to get something nice for our game room. Make sure that you have an extra set of hands ready to switch out the tabletop, it is heavy! And make sure you have somewhere convenient to store it! Countless hours already spent playing pool, poker, board games and even ping pong on this table and it is none the worse for wear. Highly recommended. "
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