Customer Reviews for Vitamix 5200 Ultimate Package with CIA™ Masters Collection 7" Santoku Knife

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Vitamix 5200 Ultimate Package with CIA™ Masters Collection 7" Santoku Knife

Getting Started Guide, Cooking Class on DVD, Whole Food Recipes Cookbook and Whole Grains Cookbook
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Customer Reviews for Vitamix 5200 Ultimate Package with CIA™ Masters Collection 7" Santoku Knife
Review 1 for Vitamix 5200 Ultimate Package with CIA™ Masters Collection 7" Santoku Knife
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Charlotte, NC
Date:July 5, 2010

nice blender, not my favorite

Pros: great smoothies juices peanut butter
Cons: foamy soups clean up not super-easy
Model Number: 5200
"Since my Blentec found a new home at my girlfriend's, I found myself back in the market for a new high-horsepower blender. Was convinced I would buy another Blendtec when a VitaMix show was going on at my Costco. The rep convinced me it was every bit as nice as my Blendtec so I bought it. Having used my Blendtec over 1000 cycles it didn't take me long to compare apples to apples. VitaMix is a nice machine. Makes very smooth juices and smoothies. Takes a little longer than with Blendtec. Hot soup takes much longer and comes out foamy. Both machines are very loud - I think Blendtec is a little louder but not by much. Ice cream is no contest - Blentec by a mile. Blendtec easier to clean. The VitaMix does everything the rep told me it would but after 80 cycles I've decided to return it when Blendtec comes back for another show. I like the power and results of Blendtec better, but I can see why most reviews of the VitaMix are positive. They are both nice. And both American made - very nice to see."
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Review 2 for Vitamix 5200 Ultimate Package with CIA™ Masters Collection 7" Santoku Knife
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Seattle, WA
Date:September 29, 2011

Awesome Blender

Pros: no wasting food. smooth drinks and chunky salsas
Cons: not a fan of the lid clips
Model Number: 5200
"Purchased the package with the CIA santoku knife and 3 blenders jars. This was after reading reviews, trying out the in-laws Blendtec and Vitamix, and of course saving up for it. It is a huge purchase after all. Really appreciate the low speed functions to make chunky soups and salsas, and the high speed for hiding veggies in my super-smooth fruit smoothies. Ultimately decided on this over the blendtec because of really slow low speed, and being able to have complete control over the speeds without having to waste time reprogramming. Veggies and fruits don't go to waste because if they look like they're turning they get tossed into a smoothie, wasting food used to be a huge problem for me so i can see myself recouping the costs in the long run.
The santoku knife is a really great addition. It's pretty heavy, nicely weighted actually, and really balanced. chopping is a breeze and it just feels so nice to hold and prep veggies with. i'm pleased such a nice knife was included in the package.
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Review 3 for Vitamix 5200 Ultimate Package with CIA™ Masters Collection 7" Santoku Knife
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Canoga Park, CA
Date:March 29, 2010

What took me so long to buy this?

Pros: everything is great about this blender
Model Number: 5200
"The first time I saw a demonstration was at a Costco in Hawaii (2005) and I was standing there watching and tasting everything the gentleman made. I knew at the time I couldn't afford it. As the years past I would think about it as I would buy less expensive blenders and appliances. Fast forward to March 2010. Everytime I go into Costco I look for the blender....Aha! there is a demonstration but I have to wait until I get off work or give myself the 24 hour test to see if I really need it. I decided it was an investment so I drove on my day off back to Costco, tossed it in the cart before I would find another excuse not to buy it. I can't believe I waited so long. I absolutely love it! I make at least two different kinds of soup for the week and I make a big pitcher of green juice. I use it almost every day and feel so much better. I love going to the farmers market buying fresh produce and know that I will eat all of it before the week is finished. All of the other appliances are going to Good Will.
Great investment.
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Review 4 for Vitamix 5200 Ultimate Package with CIA™ Masters Collection 7" Santoku Knife
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Auburn, CA
Date:September 15, 2011

Love Costco!

Pros: best blender on earth
Cons: vitamix customer service is staffed with idiots.
Model Number: VM0103
"We have been very pleased with this blender – until the bearing on the base unit began to go out. It started throwing off dust and chunks bearings, etc. Have to say – the thing kept running well. But was getting MUCH louder and obviously on its way out. We called VitaMix and that’s when we weren’t very impressed – we explained in detail that it was the base unit – they listened to the noise over the phone and said they’d send the replacement part. I explained that would be difficult since everything is sealed in the base unit – they insisted it would be fine. We received a new container blade and bearing – not what was needed. We called again – they simply could not understand it was the base unit – the thing only has a few parts! We’ve owned it almost 7 years – took it back to Costco and they refunded us the entire purchase price. Why would anyone even consider buying one of these things anyplace other than Costco? I’m not sure how they do it – but Costco is a great company that really looks after our best interests."
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Review 5 for Vitamix 5200 Ultimate Package with CIA™ Masters Collection 7" Santoku Knife
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Orlando, Florida
Date:October 17, 2008

Well worth the money!!!!

Pros: quick, easy to clean, easy preparation, extremely versatile, kitchen essential, very healthy, great for kids
"I really hesitated to buy this because of the cost. I told my girls, 11 & 13, who were sold on it during a roadshow presentation, that they would have to use it everyday if we spent that kind of money.
I absolutely love this blender, my kids make smoothies all the time. I have made everything from sorbee to tortilla soup and it is fantastic. There is no comparision between this blender and a juicer. This uses all of the fruit and vegetable- nuts, stems everything - the best part is taken out when using a juicer - this blender is so powerful it instantly turns seeds and stems into a smooth drink. I can not make a strong enough recommendation. We love it, use it constantly, it's easy to clean and we are not throwing away part of the food - it all goes in and taste great. I also recommend buying the spices - we use them on salads, meat, seafood - fantastic flavor.
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Review 6 for Vitamix 5200 Ultimate Package with CIA™ Masters Collection 7" Santoku Knife
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Austin, TX
Date:February 22, 2009

BEST Money ever spent on a kitchen appliance

Pros: very well-made durable components, turns everything into something yummy!, very easy to clean
Cons: noisy when running
"We bought our VitaMix blender 5 years ago after a friend was at Costco and saw the VitaMix demo in town for the weekend. She thought it was the neatest thing ever and bought one on the spot. Hubby and I were skeptical. Sure we were going through an average of two blenders a year because our family made smoothies every day, but still hundreds of dollars for a *blender*?
We stopped by Costco, watched the demo, and were impressed - especially by the ability of the blender to take whole foods (like apples with the skin on) and puree them completely.
We bought one, took it home, and five years later it runs *exactly* like the day we bought it. Best value for a kitchen appliance ever. Our favorite thing to make is smoothies (we add things like whole fruits and vegetables like spinach)and it whirs it into a yummy, smooth conconction that no kid or adult can turn down. Makes great restaurant-quality frozen margaritas too!"
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Review 7 for Vitamix 5200 Ultimate Package with CIA™ Masters Collection 7" Santoku Knife
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:February 21, 2011

never knew a blender could be so good!

Pros: really easy clean-up!!!, thoroughly blends frozen items, makes use of less attractive fruit so none wasted
Cons: loud but not as loud as my teenagers
Model Number: vitamix 5200
"I am a mom of three teenage kids and this machine is like manna from heaven! Before its arrival, french fries and catchup were as close as veggies came to crossing their lips. Now, I can make them green smoothies (spinach, kiwi, green grapes, banana, and plain yogurt) and they beg for more! The other day, my son had half the basketball team over after practice. The boys all wanted "protein" shakes. So a green smoothie with a dash of protein powder and they were good to go. My son also makes a "rocky" shake (remember the raw eggs from the movie?) I wasn't about to feed him raw eggs, but pasturized eggs in a carton (also from Costco) worked just fine. Kind of gross in my opinion, but no worries of salmonella. I have used this for quick soups (heat frozen butternut squash in the microwave, add some hot chicken stock, and a dash of cream or half and half), fruit sorbet (buy the mixed fruit in the big bag from Costco freezer), and really easy mashed potatoes with cheese (just boil the potatoes a little bit firm). Oh, and also made wonderful frappacinos (much cheaper than going to the coffee house). We add vanilla yogurt instead of milk for a richer taste. This machine ranks right up there with my dishwasher as the most used appliance in my home...well next to the fridge and washer/dryer, but you get my point! One of the best purchases yet from Costco....thanks!"
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Review 8 for Vitamix 5200 Ultimate Package with CIA™ Masters Collection 7" Santoku Knife
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Myrtle Beach, SC
Date:August 31, 2009

Wish I'd bought this years ago!

Pros: solid construction, grinds everything to a pulp
Cons: looks like a relic - but retro is in!
Model Number: 5200
"I have wanted a Vita-Mix blender for literally about a decade or more. Of course I couldn’t convince myself to buy one while in the meantime I spent money on “stupid stuff” when I could have bought my coveted blender many times over. But I digress! I just purchased this Vita-Mix on 8/23/09 at my local Costco during a demo there. I had the date of the demo on my calendar for months and then dragged my poor hubby to see the demo with me. We were both impressed to say the very least! I have since used it only to make very healthy smoothies, but it is amazing. I’ve made “cabbagecino” several times (vanilla soy milk, cocoa powder, instant coffee, vanilla extract, stevia, ice… and yes, cabbage!). I brought my cabbagecino to work today and let my boss have a taste (bucking for a raise), and he was amazed at the taste and now wants a Vita-Mix for himself. I can’t say enough about this blender. I cannot wait to delve into the world of soups and ice creams and such. The recipe book that comes with it is super-high quality.
I must also say that the price on this “kit” online is very good. The same kit at the Vita-Mix website is the same price but without the Neova sauce pan, which sells separately for a couple hundred dollars I think. Plus you’d pay additional shipping at the Vita-Mix site. If you don’t think you need all the extra stuff, wait for a demo at your local Costco. You get the basic set up (blender, recipe book, DVD and plunger thingy), but that’s really all you need to start off with and it’s a couple hundred less than this big kit price. I encourage you to see the demo; it’s very compelling.
All in all, it was worth the decade wait, but I sure wish I’d gotten it when I wanted it a long time ago. All these years I’ve wasted, but I have it now. Oh, and if you get it, make sure you watch the DVD. It gives you a lot of info about how to start using your Vita-Mix. Awesome machine."
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Review 9 for Vitamix 5200 Ultimate Package with CIA™ Masters Collection 7" Santoku Knife
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:San Diego
Date:March 3, 2012

Yes, you Will use it

Model Number: Vitamix 5200 Ultimate Package
"My biggest concern when I bought my Vitamix was whether I would use it enough to make the purchase worth it. I knew the machine was worth the money but I was buying it because my husband and I needed to eat healthier, not because we were health nuts.
We have had the Vitamix 5200 Ultimate package for about 2 months and I am using it two to three times every day. We are eating healthier because everything tastes better when it's made from whole foods and the Vitamix cuts my time in the kitchen at least by half. We use it for smoothies for breakfast, to make the odd things we may need or crave like butter, peanut butter, quick breads, ice cream, juice, and it chops my veggies for me in seconds. Just the time it saves me is worth the price and that's just a happy accident of the nature of the machine.
It's not a blender, it's a multi-tool that is high
quality so it's husband proof. I am very happy with my purchase and I will always have one of these in my kitchen from this point forward. Wonderful!
Review 10 for Vitamix 5200 Ultimate Package with CIA™ Masters Collection 7" Santoku Knife
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Miami, FL
Date:January 9, 2012

USA Made, built to last!

Model Number: 5000
"If the old adage, "you get what you pay for", were defined today, VitaMix would be at the top of the list of examples. If you are one of the people hanging up on the price and are looking for a cheaper route, you should consider the cost of buying it after you have to throw away the cheaper model you at first saved a buck on (i.e. "Ninja", "Blend Tec", etc.). When I researched blenders originally, I did not need to do more than look to the blender experts like Jamba Juice, Starbucks, and Robeks to see what they are using. Next time you're at one of these establishments, ask an employee how often their VitaMix blenders "break" or "stop working". Other than the slightly higher h.p. of the commercial machines used by the pros, the one that I purchased at Costco 4 years ago is still running strong. I would agree with other comments from customers that the unit is loud. For me, the weight of the motor, the sound it emits, and its durability are simply representations of its dominance. I recently purchased the dry container. Now, I can grind nuts, seeds, and grains to any size I want to produce all different types of freshly ground ingredients from "whole" grains. Whole grains are more complex and complete than processed ones. They also last longer and tastes better when they are stored and then ground as needed (consider the same logic that is applied to coffee beans). I am a professional chef and (apparently a long winded customer) and proud parent of two. My kids eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains than 99% of the population based upon comparative diets of the average American. There is NO WAY I would ever be able to provide this type of nutritional benefit to them without "disguising" the ingredients by blending them into something delicious. In case you are still reading this, I will share with you (my fellow parents, proud VitaMix owners or future owners) a recipe that I have perfected to start the day and send my kids off to school knowing they have a foundation to provide them energy, alertness, and proper nutrition. Please adjust ingredients to your tastes (I buy primarily organic ingredients but I am certain that the overall cancer fighting, immunity building and disease fighting properties of fresh fruits and vegetables will far outweigh any possible negative effects). I listed the ingredients in the order they are added to the blender. I also listed the amount roughly I use so adjust to your liking as you go.
12 oz. Fresh squeezed OJ
1/2 c. Almond milk (or soy, oat, hemp, etc.)
1/2 c. Coconut milk (substitute raw dried coconut and increase liquid as needed)
2 Kale leaves with stems chopped into 2" pcs. (about one large handful-don't be scared to add more than less, this stuff packs a lot of nutrients and displaces very little volume when blended and I promise will not be detected by your kids).
1 Handful fresh spinach leaves
6 Fresh (or frozen) strawberries with the "crown" (green leafy part of stem)
1 Medium carrot
1/2 Apple
1/2 Orange (try to leave as much of the white part of the rind and just remove the orange outer layer)
2 Tb. Raw oatmeal (I use steel cut whole oats)
1 Handful RAW almonds
1 FROZEN banana (I like my smoothies cold without adding ice. Frozen bananas are a perfect way to add texture and increase the viscosity without the water weight from ice).
1/2 c. Frozen Mixed berries (blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, cranberry, etc.)
4-5 Dates
2-3 Tb. Honey whole clover (it is recommended to be sourced from Canada or USA)
Makes around 32 oz.
It's packed with fiber so consider your access to a nearby lavatory before taking on the world!"
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Review 11 for Vitamix 5200 Ultimate Package with CIA™ Masters Collection 7" Santoku Knife
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Annapolis, MD
Date:August 23, 2010

Unbelievable (In a Really Good Way)

Pros: performance, customer service, warranty
Cons: cost, noise, size
Model Number: 5200
"I first heard about Vitamix at a cooking class in the local Williams-Sonoma and I just could not understand the looks, the cost and the fuss over this machine. A few days of internet research later, I got it. And I drove over 50 miles to the nearest Costco that was having a demo to see for myself.
It was worth the drive, definitely. One week later, and I am wondering where this machine has been all my life. My initial impressions after one week of daily use is that this machine is really as good as everyone claims it is. Using this machine is such an easy way to get fruits and vegetables into my diet that it is unbelievable (in a really good way).
This machine attains speeds as low as 11 mph and as high as 240 mph. As a result, it is possible to put whole fruits with seeds and cores, and stringy vegetables into this machine that barely cause a hiccup. While many blenders can master the typical smoothie, this is the one that can pulverize vegetables so completely that you would never know they were in there - no shreds, no lumps - just fruity goodness. Amazingly enough, this machine can produce a steaming bowl of pureed soup one minute and a frozen sorbet (with practice) just minutes later. I am hard pressed to think of any other appliance that is so versatile and productive. The patented tamper that comes with the Vitamix provides a great deal of control along with the variable dial on the machine. Although the machine does nor have a dedicated "pulse" lever, it is easy to chop or grind and do a pulsing action with the on/off lever or with the variable dial.
I am also impressed by the customer service provided by the Vitamix company. On the occasions when I have called Vitamix customer service, the reps have been very helpful. The 7year warranty beats the warranty for the closest competitor (Blendtec) because Vitamix pledges to repair or replace a damaged blender at their cost - even if the damage was due to the customer. They even pay shipping there and back..
The machine is noisy. In most cases, however, the blender is only on for 30 to 60 seconds. Soups seem to take the longest and that's only 6 minutes, at most.. So the noise is tolerable, in my opinion.
This machine makes ice cream, but it takes practice. At the Costco demo, I noticed that the presenter used frozen fruit , not ice cubes for a reason - frozen fruit works a lot better than ice cubes when it comes to ice cream. Even then, getting real ice cream takes an exquisite sense of timing. Still, it is possible, and when I manage to hit that sweet spot, the ice cream is delectable!
This machine is fantastic. and it is backed by a U.S. company that has devoted nearly 100 years to this one product. The design elements of this machine and its performance are top notch, I think owning this machine will greatly improve my health, perhaps even be life-changing. Time will tell..."
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Review 12 for Vitamix 5200 Ultimate Package with CIA™ Masters Collection 7" Santoku Knife
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Arlington, TX
Date:January 16, 2010

Great for my diet!

Pros: great to make/keep you healthy, great for busy people, great quality!
Cons: none what so ever!
Model Number: Vitamix 5200
"Purchased this machine 3 days ago at Costco and already feeling much better. Eating smoothies for bkfast and dinner and soups for lunch. The thing is that even though the ingredients are very healthy, trying to eat right or lose weight means that you MUST reduce your food intake, and thus cut down on portions. And that includes those wonderful smoothies and soups! I know, I know, it's hard to do! The demonstrator gave us a great tip: replace sugar or any of those sweeteners that are now in question, and purchase at Costco something called wholesome organic blue Agave nectar, which can be found in the baking area. Because it is a low glycemic sweetener, it prevents sugar spikes in the body. It tastes JUST like honey and tastes incredible in the smoothies. I am going to try it in my coffee to replace the bad sugar!
The Vita-mix is one of the best appliance I have purchased and definitely worth the money (cheaper than my diet meals that cost an arm and a leg!) Also, the demonstrator made an ice cream he spiked with a carrot and some spinach. It was soooo good! Perfect to "force' my son to eat his veggies as he couldn't tell the difference. Thank you Costco! You gave me a chance to become healthy once again!"
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Review 13 for Vitamix 5200 Ultimate Package with CIA™ Masters Collection 7" Santoku Knife
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:July 11, 2009

Great Blender

Pros: power and processing speed
Cons: initial sticker shock
Model Number: 5200
"We bought the blender with the large wet container and added the small dry container as an accessory. We have six kids at home and make smoothies, icecream, sorbets, and frozen drinks a couple of times a day. We also make nut butters and grind spices and grains in it occaisionally. We were going through a blender every year or so just making smoothies and their performance wasn't even close to the Vitamix. This does a lot more and better. We had a speed control board burn out recently but Vitamix paid shipping both ways and fixed it without a question. They also replaced the main drive spline while they were at it. With the great performance and a 7 year warranty and good service there isn't much that can go wrong. I would wait for an in-store road show as the price we paid was a lot less than this online price."
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Review 14 for Vitamix 5200 Ultimate Package with CIA™ Masters Collection 7" Santoku Knife
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Ogden, UT
Date:December 27, 2009

Worth Every Penny!

Pros: easy clean-up, quick easy and tasty meals smoothies etc., different speeds which allows more versitility, obliterates seeds! (i.e raspberry flax etc), 7 year warranty, customer service, black model looks great, cookbooks are awesome!
Cons: some say price but it's worth every penny!!
Model Number: 5200
"We LOVE LOVE LOVE our Vitamix! We saw a demo at Costco and were sold. We use our Vitamix at least 3-5 times a day! It makes the best smoothies, ice cream and soup. We use it to mix up pancake batter, cake batter, etc. It's also nice to have the dry blade for nut butters, grinding wheat, etc.
We purchased the 5200 style in black and it's amazing. It has different speeds so that you can keep texture in soups or use it to mince, chop, etc. The blender is so versatile and we use it to chop, mince, puree, whip, blend, etc. The machine is SO easy to clean too. It literally takes less than 30 seconds to clean. I don't use any other blenders or food processors now that we have the vitamix.
The blender is a little bulky and hard to store in standard cabinets, but we keep our Vitamix out on our counter permanently because we use it so much. The blender is also a little noisy, but it's worth it because it's so powerful and makes things quickly.
Although the product is a little pricey upfront, it's a worthwhile investment. It comes with a 7-year warranty and everyone that I've talked to that owns one raves about the great customer service. It seems to have a long life span (at least 15-20 years) and it pretty much replaces all other appliances. Also, you are able to make whole food smoothies, soups, etc., so it helps you feel more healthy too because of the extra vitamins, fiber, etc.
that is able to stay in your meals.
LOVE our vitamix! Check out their website for online demos or call your Costco and see when they will be demoing there. The price is SO much cheaper if you buy through Costco rather than other retailers."
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Review 15 for Vitamix 5200 Ultimate Package with CIA™ Masters Collection 7" Santoku Knife
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:June 14, 2010


Model Number: 5200
"The vita Mix 5200 is the ULTIMATE MACHINE. This does what no other machine will do. I was disappointed with the Blend Tec machine and frankly don’t know why Costco sell such a terrible product. After seeing a live demonstration of the Vita Mix I returned the inferior machine back to Costco and bought the Vita Mix 5200. This machine has the power to do the things that I see on TV shows such as Martha Stewart and the Iron Chef for these people use the Vita Mix. I check it out before buying and found out that Vita Mix is rated #1 by Consumer Reports and Dr OZ, my favorite. The texture of my Vita Mix is impressive from smooth smoothies to ice cream, peanut butter, soup, sauces bar drinks as well as bakery items, blew me away. I have friends who have the Blend Tec and after seeing my machine in action took that one back and bought the Vita Mix.
Believe seeing is believing buy one and try it you won’t be disappointed.
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Review 16 for Vitamix 5200 Ultimate Package with CIA™ Masters Collection 7" Santoku Knife
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Silicon Valley, CA
Date:June 3, 2010

Disappointed & Frustrated

"Well, I must really say that I was at first Very impressed with the Vita-Mix. I used it for everything as everyone does. I watched the demo's over and over and finally decided to buy one for myself.
But, I found that I really didn't like EVerything to be blended on the highest speed because I did not like the foam that it created. It would take up to fifteen minutes for the foam to go away at times while blending milk, vitamins, and other powder based substances.
So... I started using the machine on low speeds to blend milk shakes, diet shakes, juices, etc. Not actually chopping up pieces of fruit and such, just blending liquids.
Well, the unit's motor, or speed control, ended up failing after about two months of blending on slow speeds.
When I called customer service on this they told me that " The machine is not made to run on the slow speeds".
I had never heard that mentioned at any of the demo's they had at the store's. I looked in the manual and never saw anything about that as well...
So, why am I disappointed?
Well, Customer Service said they could repair the unit but I had to send it to them at my cost for shipping and packaging, and "the machine is not made to run at slow speeds"
WHY would I want to buy a machine that could not perform at slow speeds? You'd think that something that costs as much as we paid for this machine would be able to handle fast And slow speeds.
I wasn't too thrilled with the idea of having to send the unit back for repair on my dime and my time. There are ways for Quality organizations to send a box for pick-up and shipment. That, along with the chastising I received for running the machine at slow speeds - as if I should have known this...
It's just easier for me to return it to Costco.
The real dilemma is this:
Will I buy another Vita-Mix now knowing that they are prone to fail at slow speeds, that the manufacturers knows this is an issue, and that they have no intension of correcting the problem - because I should not be running it at slow speeds, after all.
I think I heard that a few too many times...
Nope, guess I'll just stick to regular blenders for a while....
I know this review is one in 50 or so. All I can tell you is this: Don't run the machine at slow speeds and you should be fine.
Happy Mixing..."
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Review 17 for Vitamix 5200 Ultimate Package with CIA™ Masters Collection 7" Santoku Knife
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Nashville, TN
Date:July 29, 2010

I use it every single day

Pros: sturdy, built like a tank, sounds impressive
Cons: pricey, you won't feel bad about spending the money
Model Number: 5200
"I'll second what everybody else is saying. The blender is top-notch. It's huge, and the styling is cold-war-era Soviet - it's not terribly pretty. The landfills are full of pretty blenders, including a couple that I've sent there.
The controls couldn't be simpler: on/off, a speed dial, and another switch to choose the speed dial or the ridiculously high speed. Note that on the high speed your neighbors will complain about the noise, even if you live in the country.
This blender would probably make a smoothie out of a tire iron. I haven't tried that, but I have put a lot of frozen fruits in there and ended up with frozen fruit mush every time. A little liquid and you have a smoothie. Or something that tastes good and can be eaten without teeth. It's wonderful stuff.
Now, the bonus is the sauce pan. I expected a throw-away pan that was some sort of "but wait! there's more" deal. Instead, I got a very solid, finely crafted pan that would cost good money if bought separately. It's really nice and a good addition to any kitchen.
Vitamix gives you a recipe book, but it's also available online on their web site. I mention this because if you have a few ingredients laying around, it's useful to go to the web, type in what you have and see what comes up. Of course, it's not just their site that's useful.
I believe that when I'm old I'll be putting all my food through here so I can still eat the things I enjoy without my teeth."
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Review 18 for Vitamix 5200 Ultimate Package with CIA™ Masters Collection 7" Santoku Knife
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Spokane, WA
Date:April 21, 2009

Should have bought this years ago!

Model Number: Vitamix 5200
"I saw a demo in Costco and thought it was a cool machine but too pricey. A year later, after trying fruitlessly to use the "other" brand juicer on a regular basis and giving up because cleaning the darn thing was too much work, I bit the bullet and bought the Vitamix. I LOVE THIS MACHINE. I use it almost daily to make delicious smoothies, protein shakes and sherberts. I've made soups and sauces in no time flat also. Buy the Vitamix and you'll be healthier and happier for it. My ten year old who hates veggies loves anything I make in the Vitamix. It runs like it has a hemi under the case and purees whole foods like carrots and skin-on apples to a fine consistency. I'm sure glad Costco had the demos because I'm not sure I would have bought this otherwise. Take my and all the other reviewers word for it and buy the Vitamix. You won't be sorry."
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Review 19 for Vitamix 5200 Ultimate Package with CIA™ Masters Collection 7" Santoku Knife
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Orlando, FL
Date:March 29, 2010

Nut just for the health fruitcakes

Pros: built like a tank.
Cons: none but not all-purpose
Model Number: 4000 Commercial Maxi
"Inherited an older 4000- Commercial Maxi model. Best blender ever, and not just for vegetable smoothies (Yuk!). It will kneed enough bread dough for one easy loaf. I can make egg pasta dough in seconds (Yum!). It makes all kinds of batters, such as muffins, pancakes, waffles, coffee cake, etc. Just add berries, nuts, etc. after blending and before cooking. French toast dip whips up with air, making the lightest French toast. I love sharp cheese, and it will quickly assimilate chunks into other recipies.
It doesn't do it all. Chunky soups and stews get ground to mush unless you add the chunks after the Vita-Mix heating. Ice cream is runny unless then frozen, which leaves ice crystals. It won't replace your food processor for slicing, as in homemade sweet potato chips. It will pulverize meat, but it is more a paste than the start of a great burger. I haven't tried, but it might make a good liver pat'e."
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Review 20 for Vitamix 5200 Ultimate Package with CIA™ Masters Collection 7" Santoku Knife
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:October 20, 2008

life saver

"As to the warranty if I am not mistaken it's 7yrs. as long as you register for warranty.
It's a wonderful product that I have used every day since purchase at the end of August 2008. I suffer from osteo arthritis in the jaw, eating, chewing causes a lot of pain and sever headaches. This has allowed me to make smoothies with vegetables and fruit of many varieties and many soups. Eating this way has decreased my pain levels and headaches, and increased nutrients. Vitamix has been wroth every penny, also saving pennies being able to use the whole fruit, vegetable etc. Easy to use, easy to clean.
I highly recommend this product to everyone.
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