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Nutrisystem® Women's Advanced Program Card

Customized Meal Plan 35 Breakfasts, 35 Lunches 35 Dinners and 35 Desserts
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Customer Reviews for Nutrisystem® Women's Advanced Program Card
Review 1 for Nutrisystem® Women's Advanced Program Card
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:March 5, 2011

Have to laugh

"I have to laugh at some at some of the extreme negative reviews. I think people are looking for that magic "make me thin" pill that has no penalty.
And I have advice to those who don't like some of the food but like others; you can exchange the food. Call Nutrisystem and they will explain how to return the food and specify a replacement that you like. We did it with no big problem and now know what to order.
Bottom line is it works and it is not bad food. I would not choose to eat it if not on a diet, but it is easier than trying to adhere to a diet on my own. And when the pounds start coming off you can stomach the sacrifice a little more easily.
If you complain about portion size then I think that is how you got in the situation to need a diet plan in the first place. The portions are plenty for what you need. If you are used ot large portions then you need to learn to stop overeating and this helps to train you on what is appropriate.
Bottom line: It works, if you follow it"
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Review 2 for Nutrisystem® Women's Advanced Program Card
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:April 4, 2011

Good value at Costco Price

Pros: easy good value do-able, costco return privledges
Cons: no diet food tastes gourmet, takes trial and error to choose
"Having been a weight yo-yo most of my life, I can tell you that Nutrisystem makes your work week simpler, gives you quick, easy to prepare meals, and some treats. I've been on enough diets to know what works and what doesn't. I also know that there is no magic pill, procedure, or program, and that you have to have your mind ready to commit to losing weight. If your are genuinely ready, Nutrisystem food can help. It's not gourmet, but you can (through some trial and error) find which choices you like. Costco provides an excellent opportunity to find out if it works for you at a great price. I've ordered it several times, and eat it during the week to combat those weekend restaurant jaunts. I suggest picking the custom menu option and trying out the Banana or chocolate muffins, pancakes, the Italian food choices, mac&cheese, the dry soups that you add water to (let them "soak" up the water thoroughly), carrot cake, white chunk cookies, and the candy bar a-likes!"
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Review 3 for Nutrisystem® Women's Advanced Program Card
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Walla Walla, Washington
Date:December 9, 2009

Totally Terrific

Pros: fast and easy., good taste and very high fiber., so easy to calculate on-line your daily intake.
Cons: none.
"I could almost take the last few great reviews I just read about this product and repeat them. This has been the best "diet" I have ever been on. And believe me, like most people that struggle with their weight, I've tried them all. At first it seemed like I was very hungry, but that only lasted a few days. I follow the recommendations and add to my meals accordingly. I read other reviews that complained about the cost of the additional food. Well, when you buy just what you should supplement with during the week, it is actually very inexpensive. By buying it through Costco I got a super great deal. I'm extremely happy with all of the food. The bars for breakfast have been my least favorite, but they are still good. I have enjoyed all of the food products and it works with whatever I'm serving to others so I don't feel like I'm being deprived. I've lost only 7 pounds in three weeks, but I understand that losing the weight slowly is actually the best way. I would recommend this to anybody. It isn't as hard as others make it out to be. And it is totally convenient."
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Review 4 for Nutrisystem® Women's Advanced Program Card
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Denver, CO
Date:December 5, 2009

Don't Knock It - It Really Works

Pros: limited cooking; easy when traveling
"As a lifelong dieter, I have finally found the diet plan that works for not only me, but for my husband and me.
Yes, the portions appear to be small - as Americans we have been inundated with oversized portions of everything, which is why we are so overweight.
Get on the program, but make it easy on youself and totally familiarzie youself with the plan. You do this by getting on the NS website and finding out "extra" things you can eat and add to the plan. (I found the most delicious onion ring formula on this plan - heck where else can you diet and eat tasty onion rings???)
The secret is gettiing into the nuts and bolts of this program by learning foods to add which are NOT listed in the materials that come with the order, but which you can find on the NS website.
If you don't want the hassle of counting calories, carbs, going to embarassing weigh ins at meetings, but do want to lose weight, eat food that tastes great, and follow the easiest diet plan ever, NS is for you!
Give it a try, but don't be lazy - go to the website and read, read, read, the results will follow!"
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Review 5 for Nutrisystem® Women's Advanced Program Card
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:San Antonio, TX
Date:February 6, 2011

not impressed

"I was really excited to try the Nutrisystem weight loss program, but it turned out to be a disappointment. First off, the shipping took much longer than it was supposed to. This was not Costco's fault. The card came from Costco very quickly, but it took 2 weeks to get the food from Nutrisystem. It was only supposed to take 7-10 days. The food is all pre-portioned, so it's easy to stick to the plan and you will see results. I've been losing a half to a pound a day since I started a few days ago. The problem is the food is not good at all. It's actually barely edible. You could create your own diet of about 1200 calories a day and buy low calorie frozen entrees to get the exact same results. The frozen meals you buy at the store taste WAY better. The meals in this Nutrisystem program are not frozen, so they're not fresh at all and full of preservatives. Also, these foods have lots of sodium, so beware of that. Basically, counting calories, portion control, and exercise are the keys to weight loss. You don't need Nutrisystem to accomplish this!"
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Review 6 for Nutrisystem® Women's Advanced Program Card
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:January 14, 2010

You are buying this for a reason

"I tend to not be a typical reviewer of product but after reading these reviews there is a value in posting. We are buying this for a reason, and this will give you what you need. Do you run home excited to rip open the pouch for dinner.. probably not. But are you excited that dinner is ready and you are not tempted to hit the drive through on your way home like you once did when you had no time?
The web was not working for me to order so I had to call the costco customer service and she was fantastic. I recevied the food only 2 days after i ordered it. I am a fan of the meal planner, i am checking off what i have eaten and honestly am working hard to get all the veggies and fruits and protein in....outside of the food.
Will this be a long term solution for me, probably not. But it is doing exactly what it is intended to do. I am keeping track of what I am eating, I have controlled portions and yes you guessed it i am down several pounds.
My last comment to consider is you get to totally choose your food this way... if you dont like it, dont order it again next month. Choice is a good thing :)
Happy Dieting Costconians!"
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Review 7 for Nutrisystem® Women's Advanced Program Card
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Sacto, CA
Date:September 22, 2009

Glad I bought through Costco

Pros: good value
"If you are considering Nutrisystem - I would highly recommend purchasing this "gift card" from Costco - you will have access to Costco / Nutrisystem Customer Service and you are able to pick out all 35 days meals - where there current buy 28 days get 7 days free (Nutrisystem picks those meals for you - that's what they told me on their generic 1-800 number). If you are not happy you are protected by Costco's wonderful return policy.
That said - I couldn't stand the food - and it's true 1/2 of your calories are your own supplied veggies, fruits, dairy, and a few others. There's no way I could eat out of a box 100% of the time especially their bland food - but this diet does require preparation and a tad bit of planning. Though their program is a lot more straight forward than a few others. When I cancelled my auto-refill Nutrisystem tried to charge me $20 for shipping the first time - but I quickly remineded them that I used this gift card and they did not charge me to cancel my second order (that they were orginally going to give a 5% discount on). That's why I gave it 4 stars - the food is ehh - but this card gives you a slightly better deal than through Nutrisystem directly and it comes with special customer service and is backed by Costco's return policy."
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Review 8 for Nutrisystem® Women's Advanced Program Card
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Northern Virginia
Date:June 30, 2011

Custom Order - Not really

Pros: seems to work., doesn't require a lot of meal planning
Cons: nutrisystem reserves the right to substitute.
"I purchased this product from Costco. It took 4 days for me to get the card.
Then after I redeemed the card on a Thursday evening I didn't get my delivery until late Monday afternoon. So all in all it took a full week to receive the order. I wish Costco still had the redemption cards in the warehouse.
Anyhow, I custom ordered my foods and when the package came it seems Nutrisystem took the liberty to give me quite a few substitutions. I don't like Tomato soup or Minestrone but I got both... and i didn't order them . Also not a big fan of Orange Chicken but I got it too. Nutrisystem states that they reserve the right to substitute, but come on... I wasn't prepared for the extent of the substitutions. Just be prepared.
All in all, I am happy with the weight loss and the foods I ORDERED and have tried are good. Costco provides this plan at a great value to its customers. Next time I will order via live Nutrisystem advisor and specify what substitutions I will not tolerate.
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Review 9 for Nutrisystem® Women's Advanced Program Card
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Seattle, WA
Date:November 23, 2010

Food is disgusting

Pros: weight loss, this really makes you appreciate real food.
Cons: food is horrible, the people that work there
"Now let me start by saying that I stuck with this for the 35 days. I lost 11 Pounds. I feel like this is the jump start that I needed to get my weightloss going. However......
The food looked nothing like the photos. I would often refer to it as dog food. You do have to buy some of your own stuff. So the value really is not that great. It made me appreciate other diets with real food. Often if you cook these foods with the directions on the package...they come out cold or not cooked. I am surprised that so many people gave this good reviews. Thinking of the chicken in these dishes...makes me want to vomit. Their was a couple dishes that were surprisingly ok tasting. I am not sure if that was because I was starving.
The people that work there...I called once...they only want to sell you more food. They are not counselers. So don't count on that. The web support from other members is good. I feel like you could find that on any diet website though. They call you once a week...when you weigh in to ask if you want to reorder. Ha ha ha.
If you have never done Weight Watchers. I would suggest that. It was just not working for me...because I was playing games with it. This made me appreciate the real food and the real world of Weight Watchers.
I hope this review helped someone."
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Review 10 for Nutrisystem® Women's Advanced Program Card
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Portland, OR
Date:April 26, 2009

Not worth it

"I bought this program because I didn't have time to go food shopping nor prepare meals. This is not worth it!
You have to shop for protein, dairy, vegetables, fruits and etc. etc....
For breakfast, 1.1 oz package of breakfast cereal is $2.00 and you need to add fruits and dairy or protein.
For lunch, they give you small cup of soup and then you add veggies and veggies(yes veggies and veggies) and dairy or protein.
you need to add snack of fruits and dairy or protein for mid-day.
NutriSystem Dinner and add veggies, veggies, fruits, fat, and NutriSystem dessert.
So if you really want to lose weight and have time and money to do all that go ahead."
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Review 11 for Nutrisystem® Women's Advanced Program Card
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Date:March 9, 2011

not for me

"I should have done my homework before ordering Nutrisystem and I would have realized that this program was not for me. I expected the food to be not so great – and it was. What surprised me was all the additional food and preparation for each meal. Basically, it seems like all Nutrisystem provides is a high carb, portion controlled entrée. The bulk of the program requires 2-3 veggies plus a dairy or protein for meals, and a snack of protein/dairy plus fruit which I had to buy and prepare on my own. This was definitely not easy with a busy life that requires me to be away from home a lot. Many of the products were high in sugar alcohols which causes gastric distress for me Whether it was the carbs or the food itself, after 4 days I felt so bad I quit. I am going to go to another system (unfortunately not available thur Costco) which consists of 5 meal replacements (complete replacements with no added food), and one lean and green regular food meal/day. I know Nutrisystem works for many people; just be sure and understand what you are getting and what is involved in the program."
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Review 12 for Nutrisystem® Women's Advanced Program Card
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Sierra Madre, CA
Date:June 4, 2010

Good and bad about the plan

Model Number: Nutrisystem Women's Advanced Program/35 day offer
"Good: portion control; meal in a hurry; losing weight; never hungry (at least not physically!); no sugar bounces.
Bad: most dinner entrees are awful! Lunch entrees are much better. Most desserts are good but I read labels carefully and palm kernel oil is NOT a good thing, especially when number 2 or 3 on the ingredient list.
Breakfast items are a real disappointment to those of us who are not in the habit of having sweets for our first meal of the day. The energy bars can be approximated at the grocery store as well as the cereal so, as far as I am concerned, most of the breakfast items are a bust.
I will not renew but the system has gotten be back into watching portion control and eating at regular intervals throughout the day. I think this program probably works best for those who have not been previously aware of food choices, as far as protein, sodium, etc. For those who are used to reading labels, most of the choices can be easily found at your neighborhood market. And frozen entrees taste a lot better than the dinner entrees on this program!
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Review 13 for Nutrisystem® Women's Advanced Program Card
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:March 7, 2011

Surprised in a good way

Pros: good variety, fast service
Cons: some ingredients i would not consume regularly
"My husband and I decided to stop fooling ourselves and get our portion size under control. We ordered Nutrisystem because a friend recommended it. Costco was fast in sending out the card. Nutrisystem was easy to order from. Liked the information provided about each meal. I've read other reviews and expected to take my lumps like a starving grown person... to my surprise, I'm not.
Food overall has been very acceptable. No gagging. No gulping of copious amount of water with meal. Instructions were very straight forward. Am learning about proportions, snack do's and don'ts and hopefully the success in keeping the pounds off. I would not recommend this for people who have food allergies to soy, gluten and/or nuts.
Right now, I would continue for another month and probably not longer. Am concern about some of the key ingredients. Hope this helps you."
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Review 14 for Nutrisystem® Women's Advanced Program Card
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:December 31, 2009

I've finally achieved a healthy life with NS

"I've been overweight my entire life. Although I joined sports during school, I was always fat. My parents and doctor tried all kinds of things, including severe calorie restriction but nothing lasted. As an adult, things got much worse since I was less active. I reached the point where I thought I was just always going to be fat, and when I mean fat I was morbidly obese. Then one day I was at work and saw a commercial for Nutrisystem. I'd seen them before, but was really struck by this one because I was in so much joint pain due to my obesity I was thinking that within 10 years I'd probably be wheelchair bound...not a pretty thought. I decided to try it for a month; if it was terrible at least I'd tried. I started on November 1, 2008. The program itself is easy. Yes, you do have to buy some healthy groceries to add in. But that is a simple thing to do. The add ins go a long way to keeping me from feeling hungry. For example, a favorite lunch is the cheesy homestyle potatoes from NS and a huge salad with low fat/low calorie dressing. I've found NS to be extremely convenient and very easy to use. If it wasn't, I'm sure I would have stopped using it by now. It's been over a year since I started, and I've lost over 115 pounds so far! My joint pain is completely gone and I've been able to start enjoying a much more active lifestyle. I have so much more energy than before and I feel great! I've had some of the food that I didn't like. I just don't order it the next month. Some of the food is so good I'd eat it if I wasn't on a diet. The nutrisystem community boards are a huge help, with lot's of people on there to encourage, share recipes and share motivation. I strongly recommend you register there and join the community of Losers!"
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Review 15 for Nutrisystem® Women's Advanced Program Card
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Long Island NY
Date:December 21, 2010

Great For Quick and Easy Weight Loss

Pros: easy and effective, certain foods are very tasty
Cons: side effects: terrible gas
"I am a nutrisystem addict. I am about 5'6", and weight 143lbs.
I have been on this program starting back in 2007. I am by no means overweight and some might say 'why do you subject yourself to this diet?' I do it because it is quite possibly the easiest foolproof diet out there. For those on this site saying they prefer the store bought frozen foods (ie. Lean Cuisine's etc), while I do favor those when I am not on NS, they are loaded with sodium. Granted, they are much tastier but they are not as healthy. Look, the bottom line is...if you want something delicious, fast, easy, and with guaranteed results, I hate to say it but you are never going to find it. Weight Watchers would come in at a close first place runner, but it is not easy (writing down points, weighing food etc...). I am not a mother, or really that busy except for going to the gym 3-4x a week but I can't be bothered weighing stuff and measuring portions.
Since I have been on this program so many times (mostly to drop 10lbs before I need to get into a bikini) I can say that the tastiest foods are:
Breakfast- ANY of the cereals. Add your own banana and blueberries and trust's quite filling.
Lunch- All ok (except for the creamy ones...bad experience with one and then never got them again) but if you have a lunch with a salad, again, quite filling.
Dinner- Mushroom Risotto is my absolute favorite! Pair a dinner with steamed veggies and a salad and it's perfect.
Snacks- Someone wrote that the cakes are terrible. I disagree. I think they taste just as good as the weightwatchers ones.
The only side effect that I hate is the gas. But then again, eating salad, and veggies all the time will give you that. So it's a bad and stinky problem but nothing compared to the great feeling of seeing the scale come down.
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Review 16 for Nutrisystem® Women's Advanced Program Card
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Los Angeles
Date:May 11, 2010


Pros: easy to follow
Model Number: Woman's Advanced
"For Nutrisystem to work for me, I order the custom plan. If I could not pick my meals, I'm pretty sure that I would not be able stay on NS very long. From my initial experience, I found that it took at least 2 months to determine which foods I liked and which foods I did not. Having said that, in 2008 I lost 23 lbs in 4 month. I will not say which meals I like and which meals I do not like. From reading the other reviews, I’ve determined that it is definitely a personal preference. I kept a spreadsheet and marked which foods I prefer and which foods to stay away from. By the 3rd and 4th months, I was able to order only the foods that I liked. NS works for me because the meals are pre-packaged for easy decision making and travel to work. But, like with any healthy eating plan, you have to make a lifestyle change. I regained 10 of my 23 lbs so I am going back on NS again and hopefully this time, I can find a maintenance plan that will keep the weight off. NS may become the maintenance plan or me."
Review 17 for Nutrisystem® Women's Advanced Program Card
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:February 2, 2010

Learn how to eat right!

"I've finally figured out how to maintain a healthy eating routine. Nutrisystem is a great way to find the balance between satisfying your hunger, and eating proper portions. It also forces you to eat more vegetables! I am into my third week and have not felt hungry yet. I've been able to maintain a consistent workout routine without feeling fatigue. All my clothes are fitting better, and I've lost weight. A couple of hints about ordering - when you order, you will receive a Nutrisystem card in the mail (it took 4 days to receive). Upon receiving the card, you go to the nutrisystem website and pick out the food you want to eat. You do NOT have to sign up for automatic delivery in order to pick out your own food. I figured the cereals would be a waste, so I ordered the muffins, scones, breakfast bars, etc and did not order any cereal. For the lunches, when you order, try to avoid the soups (the are good, but many of the other items are more satisfying) and the pastas that you have to add water too. The Nutrisystem website will tell you how you prepare the meals. The ones that you add water to and heat, and then wait 8-10 minutes are not as good as the ones you just put in the microwave. The dinners are all pretty good. Again, for dinners I stayed away from the soups/stews. The wraps so far are the only dinners that I do not like. The desserts are all good. You can expect your food within 5-7 days of ordering on line. What freaks me out a little bit is that none of the food has to be refrigerated. I separated all the items by breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert (brainless because each item is labeled by color) and when I'm ready to eat, I just grab from one of those four boxes. You DO have to shop for veggies, fruits, dairy and protein... but I've spent significantly less overall on groceries than I have when preparing meal. OVERALL ITS A GOOD DEAL AND IT WILL WORK IF YOU STICK TO THE PLAN!"
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Review 18 for Nutrisystem® Women's Advanced Program Card
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Parker, CO
Date:January 26, 2010

Great Product!

Pros: convenient, delishious, easy to prepare, really works if you stick with the program!, great and easy to use website!, no refrigeration needed
"I am a mother of three. I decided to try this product to help me get off my last 10 pounds. I am through week one and I have to say that I am overall satisfied to date. Nutrisystem sends you 35 days worth of foods. The meals look small and after you eat them you don't feel "full" you feel satisfied, until your next meal. This is the way a person should feel. This program is a no brainer! In fact it is re-training my brain to eat to satisfaction not until I explode! With my continued exercise program I have already dropped 3 lbs and an overall 5 inches! I haven't had a disapointing meal so far. I am getting my carbs, sweets and veggies. I add in my dairy and fruit for snack and I believe that if I continue drinking my water and continue my workout, I'll hit my goal in the next 4 weeks! My husband has been watching my progress and now he wants to try it! I give it two thumbs up!"
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Review 19 for Nutrisystem® Women's Advanced Program Card
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:San Diego, CA
Date:December 6, 2009

I Recommend Nutrisystem!

Pros: i am losing weight!, no worries about portions or calorie counting, nutrisystem customer service very nice, price is reasonable/no membership required, super easy & convenient
Cons: food is not gourmet, a little high in sodium
"I read all the reviews about Nutrisystem (NS) before ordering from Costco. First, the Costco deal is just so much better than if you order directly from NS. You do have to add proteins/milks, fruits, and vegtables to the program. I usually have low calorie/fat cheese sticks or low carb yogurts with salad/veggies/fruit.
I was very skeptical about ordering since people were not too pleased about some of the food. I have actually loved this program. I work full time and am a student in the evenings, so this program has been so easy for me. I just grab my food and go. I have lost almost 20 lbs and it has been about 6 weeks (including having a reasonable Thanksgiving!). Not too feels like it's melting off. And also that is with very little exercise; since I am so busy with school these days. Once I get out of school in the next couple weeks and start back at the gym, I imagine the exercise is going to speed things up even more.
I have not felt very hungry at all except a little on the the first day or two. The foods are full of fiber and protein so they keep you pretty satisfied.
With respect to the taste of the foods --let's face it, this is not gourmet. And there have been a couple dishes that I truly disliked. For me the ones with tomato sauces were too sour and there was one beef dish that I just could not eat (or even smell). But you know what -- I called NS and they were so nice. They had me send them back the food I didn't like and even before doing that they sent out replacements I chose for free. I had to pay return shipping, but it wasn't much.
Yes, portion sizes are small. But I found that I got used to that quickly. And actually once you add in your veggies you will see that it's a good size portion, which is reasonable. I don't know about you, but the reason I got big was because of the crazy portion sizes that keep growing and growing. NS keeps it real about portion sizes and how much we really should be eating. Now that I am used to it, I get full so quickly if I try to eat more than that portion size (..happened on Thanksgiving). Put it into perspective -- NS portion's aren't that small, we are just used to HUGE portions that are unhealthy!
I was pleasantly surprised that some of the foods that I thought I wouldn't like (like the dehydrated hamburger you pour boiling water on) turned out to be my favorites. Love that burger with avocado and bun!!! The pizzas are also very good; the sauce was not sour and I add mushrooms/veggies on top to get more out of it. The chocolate bars for desert are SO good. It's like eating a regular candy bar. The cookies and breakfast muffins get a miliion times better after nuking them for a few night and day! Cereals weren't my favorite, but oatmeals are good and the pancakes rock on weekends with a banana and sugar free maple syrup!
Having said all that, I know that some of the reviews have said that the food isn't the best, but I think it is worth it. I am so much happier with having lost this weight. If you are used to eating at top notch restaurants all the time then perhaps this is not for you. But if you are like a hurry and eat a lot of low-cal microwave lunches/dinners or grab fast convenience foods that, let's face it, also don't taste that great, once you think about it, then you can totally do this.
Good luck to you and thanks to Costco for providing a better deal to members like me!!!"
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Review 20 for Nutrisystem® Women's Advanced Program Card
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Denver, CO
Date:March 31, 2010

Excellent Choice to Help You Lose Weight

Pros: tastes good, easy to follow, nutritionally balanced
Cons: somewhat high in sodium
"After trying and failing to lose weight on my own through diet and exercise I finally gave in and bought nutrisystem. The food is not anything fancy, but when you try out all of the options you will easily find many that you really enjoy eating. I love that i get to eat chocolate twice a day and stay on track. You need to realize that the portions are small. They are what a REAL portion size should be, but we as a culture, have completely destroyed standard portion sizes so it seems like they are tiny. Be sure to eat the vegetables and fruit, especially the veggies that you can have unlimited quantities of, it really helps you fill up while adjusting to the change in portion size. Even though I was stalled at the same weight for 6 months i have lost 4.5 pounds in the first 1.5 weeks. This is just the extra boost i needed.
The foods are a little high in sodium, but compared to most grocery store bought pre-packaged foods they are lower.
Through the costco card it will set you up for autodelivery IF you proceed all the way through check-out of the customized meal plan and don't opt out. There is an option to do this so pay attention!"
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