Customer Reviews for HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless Color Inkjet Multifunction Printer

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HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless Color Inkjet Multifunction Printer

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Customer Reviews for HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless Color Inkjet Multifunction Printer
Review 61 for HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless Color Inkjet Multifunction Printer
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Jacksonville, OR
Date:January 30, 2010

It's an HP.

Model Number: Officejet Pro 8500
" Ok, After reading the reviews here and on Consumer Reports I was scepticle. I have found good luck in heading reviews.
I had to replace my 7310xi HP due to an alignment gear stripping as I was deep in printing need. I rushed off to Costco after doing my research with the Photosmart Premium in my sights. (Highest rated Multi-function on CR).
When I talked with the salesman and he recommended the 8500 for my needs I informed him of my research. He was literally astonished and said they have sold a ton of the 8500 and have had no complaints. The price was $70 off and I was in a rush so I folded my ego and went for the 8500. Once I got home the setup took a little over an hour and the wireless and all functions worked perfectly. I even setup fax and email from my laptop through the HP software. I have print 150 pages so far with nary a glitch. I am very happy with my purchase. I must comment on the downsides of this unit though. It is a tad noisier then my 7310 was but I like the energy saving feature. There are the extra print heads that I am not sure were a part of the extra cartridges I picked up? I will see when they need replacing.
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Review 62 for HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless Color Inkjet Multifunction Printer
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Chicago, Il
Date:December 21, 2009


Pros: not to difficult to set up.
Cons: didn't work.
Model Number: HP Officejet Pro 8500
" I read the reviews prior to purchasing this product. Have to admit I was pre-warned. I have SEVERAL HP printers. I like HP! At least did. I purchased this product on Saturday. Set it up on Sunday. Not as difficullt to do as I read some of the other people who wrote reviews indicated. Everything worked until I tried to fax from the document feeder. Called customer support (in India). Had difficulty understanding the person on the other end. Explained the problem. It seemed he was reading from a script or monitored responses. I had to explain several times that the printer did not recognize that I had loaded paper in the auto-doc-feeder. After a very long time on the phone he finally admitted that he could not repair it. He offered to send me a refurbished unit. My response to him was I feel that I didn't buy a refurbished unit. I hadn't had it 24 hours yet, and I didn't feel that was the course I wanted to take. Tomorrow I am going to return it to COSTCO. I will purchase a different brand from COSTCO because of the way they stand behind the items they sell. I had to hunt on line to find HP's support phone number. I feel the have gotten like DELL computors when it comes to customer support. "
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Review 63 for HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless Color Inkjet Multifunction Printer
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Date:October 28, 2009

do NOT buy this printer.

Pros: when it does work it works well.
Cons: just about everything., won't fax when out of ink., won't scan when out of ink., won't fax when printhead fails., no functions work when out of ink / printhead fail, won't wake up from sleep mode
Model Number: Officejet Pro 8500
" This review is mostly negative so I will start with the good..
When it does work, it does a good job.
Now the reality..
Set aside at least 1.5 hours to install this printer (FAR more time than any other printer I have ever installed).
1. this unit will NOT wake up from sleep mode. If you use the energy saver mode, you will find yourself unplugging the unit from the outlet and then waiting for it to recycle to on again.
2. If you run out of ink, NONE of the other functions work. You cannot fax, or scan, or print with the colors that are still available, for instance if you are out of yellow, you Cannot print black documents.
3. if you have a printhead failure, (and you will) the unit will not function. You cannot fax, or scan or print, period.
This unit is not a multi-function print solution for anyone who needs foolproof and/or failsafe print/fax/scanning. If you do buy this printer, make sure you have supplies, such as extra printheads, as they are NOT readily available in stores, and you will be waiting to use it until they are shipped to you.
They are scheduled to fail within 15,000 pages, and usually they fail way before that, costing almost 100 dollars each (2).
Don't be fooled by the "promise" of what this printer can do, because it rarely does.
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Review 64 for HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless Color Inkjet Multifunction Printer
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:October 20, 2009

HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless Color MFP

" Never again. With all it's bells and whistles, I couldn't say no to the first HP Multi-function machine. It was awful. It went through ink cartridges like they were candy. When the time to replace it, we fell in love with the 7410ix. Another huge cluster! At least I had the presence of mind to buy a 3 year warranty. To their credit, they ultimately replaced the entire machine with a refurbished unit.
Pros: Makes great copies - even color photo glossies are outstanding.
Cons: Two paper trays means the machine changes it's mind regularly between which tray it wants to use vs. which tray it's programmed to use. Ultimately it spits out about a half dozen clean sheets. It's a never ending game of taking all the paper out of one tray to get it to print from the other. Also has the nifty habit of drawing several sheets at once.
Machine doesn't recognize any of the networked computers when it scans so we had to get an independent scanner. It also doesn't save images from a card to a particular computer. Easily the worst machine I've ever had. Bar None! I hate that I've wasted so much money on paper and ink for this thing. When the opportunity to buy the Brother HL-2170W for $75 came along, I snagged it. It doesn't collate, it doesn't have fancy bells and whistles and it doesn't have any problems. I love it. I hate the HP and will not buy another HP product other than their paper. Avoid like the plague!
Review 65 for HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless Color Inkjet Multifunction Printer
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Date:July 27, 2010

Do I risk buying this again?

Pros: wireless convenience was great!, good print quality
Cons: quite loud, only worked with one computer printer to computer, slow to fax, complete shut down with one ink missing, didn't last much more than a yr, cant use ink refill options
" I have had this product for one year and 61 days. I was 61 days out of warranty when the printer stopped functioning due to an unresolvable ink error message. One of the ink cartridge colors went empty. When it was replaced the printer would not recognize that is was now full. Unfortunately no functions of the machine are operable when one ink cartridge is out. So you cannot scan or fax out without the ink replaced. You cannot print in black without all three colors full. This is obviously a common issue as there was plenty of info on how to resolve it. However, none of the solutions resolved it at all. HP offered me a discount on a refurbished printer but said it could not refurbish mine.
Apparently the sensors are fragile and don't last long. Also of note due to these sensors HP has installed you cannot not use the recycling ink refill places as they are designed for one time use and only HP products can be placed due to the sensors. This apparently will be resolved soon my the ink refill companies in the next few months. Up until now I have LOVED this printer. The convenience of the wireless was such a great relief. However we are a household of two computers and the machine only recognized the initial computer when trying to communicate from the machine to other computer. Both computers were loaded on the printer but only one worked effectively. No problems from computer to machine.
No I am need of a new printer this week and can't decide whether to risk this one again or not as no printer is complaint free.
Review 66 for HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless Color Inkjet Multifunction Printer
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:San Jose
Date:February 26, 2010

IT professional, Photographer, Business use

Pros: fast clear clean copy, scan to disk, duplex
Cons: takes a long time to set up, does not allow on the fly email address f scans
Model Number: HP Pro 8500
" I wanted a wireless printer, with longer cartridge life than my Canon MX310. It maybe printed 300 sheets before the ink ran out.
I looked at the 6500 and 8500 and chose on the cartridge life expectancy. We will see.
I have a Dlink 1GB wired and a/b/g/n wireless with SAN, Media Servers, and VoIP, using Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS X.
The setup was quick, but complex with printheads and ink. Need to find out about that as HP always had print heads in the cartridges.
The printer is noisy, but now hissing noise on mine, but it is fast so I don't expect silence. I like to hear it work in the other room or downstairs from my roving laptops.
The dual side printing worked, copying worked (though colors were a tad off) and I loved the scanning to SAN (Network) folders and email.
Incoming faxes worked well and most faxes won't work with splitters. I did not check to see if there was a phone jack on the back as my phone is VoIP and I use a land line just for fax and DSL.
The software takes a long time to load, I like the fact I can setup via desktop versus the little screen and I have gigantic fingers and the screen works fine for me. The overall functionality of the software is fine, but I mostly just use it for setup. Worked great on Macs.
The printer did not feed business card stock well. I have had this problem with HP before since it does not use a straight paper path but a U shaped path.
Very fast, feeder worked great on a 35 to 40 page document, and the dual sided printing was clean. The high cap cartridges are 68 dollars at Costco, seems a good deal for the print out .
I would recommend this for business use. "
Review 67 for HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless Color Inkjet Multifunction Printer
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Sunnyvale, CA
Date:July 26, 2010

Very Nice, but Allow 4 Hours for Setup

Model Number: A909g
" Since I saw so many negative reviews, I am mainly covering what to do to avoid these problems. I successfully installed the software on Vista 32, Win 7 x86, and Win 7 x64.
Be sure to install the software before connecting the printer. Use an account with administrator privilege. Temporarily disable the PC's antivirus, but leave the PC's firewall enabled. All of this is covered in the 2 included hardcopy manuals and in various HP web forums.
I recommend using the printer's touchscreen display to set a static IP address on its wireless interface. You can typically reserve this address in your wireless router, or just use an address below or at the top of the DHCP range defined in the router setup. If the printer is within physical range of your wireless router, there is no need to use the wired Ethernet network connection at all. Computers that have a wired Ethernet network connection to your wireless router can still use the wireless printer. In this case I still installed the printer software on these PCs as "use a wireless connection to the printer".
Paper-handling problems can be avoided with two procedures:
1) Don't use too many sheet of paper or push them too far into the printer. There is a line in the paper tray which shows you where to position the paper stack. Don't try to push it in a half inch further.
2) Update the printer firmware. Note that the update process on the printer continues long after the Windows-based firmware update application seems to indicate that the update is complete.
I had the most problems with the fax setup. I have COMCAST VOIP phone service, and my previous HP all-in-one worked fine with it. But with the 8500 I immediately ran into a situation where my phone line was always made busy by the 8500. The solution is to only use the 10 foot round cross section phone cables of the type included with the 8500, and to connect the cables as follows:
1) Connect a cable from the VOIP cable modem to the 1-Line connector on the 8500, and
2) Connect a cable from the 2-ext cable to your telephone.
Also it may help to set the 8500's fax speed to the slowest setting (9600 baud), using its touchscreen or web server.
The installation of the 2 print heads and 4 ink cartridges is not difficult, but again takes time and should be done very carefully and in good lighting conditions. Make sure these items are fully seated before continuing.
If you allow enough time for the installation, plan carefully, and read the directions first, I hope you will enjoy this printer as much as I am. It certainly has many excellent features that my previous OfficeJet G85 lacked. "
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Review 68 for HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless Color Inkjet Multifunction Printer
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Northern Virginia
Date:October 23, 2009

Great Printer - Wireless an issue

Pros: loaded with features
Cons: wireless may be difficult to setup, long setup time but worth it
Model Number: HP Officejet Pro 8500
" First the Bad - I had planned to use this printer's wireless feature however it did not find my LinkSys WRT610N router which is less than 10 feet away. Fortunately I was able to connect to the printer using a wired connection. I had read other reviews with people having issues with the wireless and thought that perhaps they were not experienced users which is why they had issues. I have been doing consulting with networking and application development for 12+ years so if I have issues then it is not due to inexperience. If I needed to, I am sure I could get the wireless to work. (I also have a LinkSys WRT54G and the printer was able to connect to that router.)
I had also read some reviews complaining about the setup time for this printer and recalling that I can not believe it would take that much time. Guess what they were right. My result was that it took longer than other stated but that was only because I created my own problems which are not the fault of this product. Do plan at least one and half hours to get this printer setup though.
Now, On with the Good Stuff - I can say that the time spent setting up this printer was worth it. I have been impressed with the features that this printer offers. I did not read the user manual before purchasing it so I was pleasantly surprised by the features that the specs page does not mention or that I ignored believing that it was just marketing hype.
One of the first things I was impressed with was the quality and functions available on the Embedded Web Server. This was the first thing I took a look at once I got the printer unpacked, connected, and waiting for the software to install. (This is were I caused my own problems by changing the IP Address to static address after the setup program found the printer at the DHCP assigned address.)
While stepping through the Embedded Web Server pages, I found some capabilities of the printer that I did not expect.
- HP Digital Fax: This allows faxes to be sent to a shared folder on my network
- Scan and email documents without using the computer
- An E-mail Address Book to support the scan and email function
- Scan to a shared folder on my network
- Backup & Restore Settings to a shared folder on my network
- Usage Tracking
There were other options which were impressive but I do not plan to use.
- Junk Fax Blocker
- Fax Forwarding
I was also impressed that the software provided a twain driver which works over the network to scan documents to my computer. I ran a test with PaintShop Pro X2 and it was able to wake the printer up and scan a document. I feared that I would need to use USB to scan directly from my software but thankfully that was not the case.
All in all I am really happy with the printer. I did just receive the printer yesterday so it is still the Honeymoon phase. FYI my previous printer was a HP OfficeJet 6110xi which I had for 7 years. "
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Review 69 for HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless Color Inkjet Multifunction Printer
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:South Pasadena, CA
Date:February 17, 2010

This is my 5th Unit!

Pros: fast print speed, reasonably priced
Cons: poor quality control, network problems, ink very expensive
Model Number: Officejet Pro 8500
" I work in the IT field and consider myself an expert when it comes to computers and printers. While all inkjet printers will eventually have problems, the HP 8500 has a number of software/firmware problems but worst of all, there is a general lack of quality control. Let me explain.
First off, I currently have 2 of these units running on a wired 100 Base-T network but I had to return 3 units due to problems.
2 units I had to return because out of the box, each had a relatively loud hissing sound that came out where the power cable plugged into the printer. It is a very persistent hissing sound and is present whether the printer is printing or not. It is even present when the printer is in the sleep mode.
1 unit was returned because I was not able to make copies (or fax) using the input feeding tray. The rollers somehow were misaligned and prevented the feeding mechanism from working.
So of the 2 units that I currently have, both of them somehow disconnected from my network and could not obtain a new IP address from my router. I tried everything, including setting network settings back to its factory default and power the unit off and on repeatedly. Finally the ONLY way I could get the printers onto the network was to manually enter a static IP address into each of the printers! Sounds stupid but that was the only way the printers would get back onto the network.
The software and driver that came on the CD is pathetic. It is extremely large (takes up a lot of memory) and is buggy. To be fair, HP never had reliable printer sofware for ANY of their printers and this was no exception.
So assuming you get to where I am now, the printer is pretty fast and the quality quite good. However, be prepared to pay out of your nose for the ink cartridges! Under normal printing across a typical color gamit, the cyan and yellow cartridges will go pretty fast, follow by the black and then the magenta. The 940 ink cartridges cannot at this point be refilled by a 3rd party source so be prepared to spend $90 for a set of 4. Ounce for ounce, you will pay 8 times more for this ink than some of the best red wines of the world. I have had some of the best wine in the world so I know what I am talking about.
So you would think that given these problems, I would have given up on HP. Having used other brands of inkjet printers, I assure you that each brand have their share of problems too. Given the relatively low cost of this printer, when it does work correctly, the print quality is virtually flawless and the print speed excellent.
So if you are a patient person and willing to spend some time working through some of the pitfalls of this printer, I would say go ahead and buy one and you will probably not be disappointed. Just be prepared to go through multiple units in order to get one that has the least problems. I have written a letter to HP expressing my concern of their lack of quality control for this printer line.
And good luck. You WILL most LIKELY need it! "
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