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Chamberlain's Ultimate Garage Door Opener

Now when the power goes out, your garage door opener will still work. The Chamberlain® Premium Whisper Drive® Plus with EverCharge® Standby Power System will operate the garage door opener for 40 cycles within a 24-hour period, and recharges automatically when the power comes back on. The safety and security features will continue to operate as well, ensuring your family is protected in a power failure. The opener also features smooth start and smooth stop to reduce the noise of the garage door as it opens and closes – perfect for homes with a room above the garage. Features: 3/4 HPS® DC belt drive system for the ultimate in quiet performance Belt is built like a steel-belted tire, reinforced with flexible steel cords Auto force-sensing technology constantly monitors garage door opener system and adjusts forces to temperature fluctuations, floor height, and door track movement Enclosed gear case provides continuous lubrication and protection for longer life and smoother operation Quick-install rail system provides faster and easier installation – assembles in 60 seconds Delivers 200 watts of light with adjustable light time delay HomeLink® compatible – the in-vehicle remote control system Includes two 3-button remote controls * horsepower strength with same lifting force specifications as 3/4 HP Chamberlain garage door openers Safety & Security Features: The Protector System® safety sensors with Rapid-Snap® brackets project an invisible light beam across the garage door opening and automatically reverse the door if anything interrupts the beam while the door is going down Sensing technology will stop the door from closing if contact is made with a person or object Opener lights turn on automatically when The Protector System's infrared beam is broken Security+® anti-burglary technology assures a new code is sent every time the remote control is used PosiLock® theft protection assures that once the door is closed, it says locked Manual release handle in case of power failure Warranty: Lifetime motor warranty 10-year belt warranty 1-year warranty on EverCharge® Standby Power System Universal Laser Parking Accessory Park in the right spot every time with help from the Universal Laser Parking Accessory. The laser turns on automatically and projects a beam onto your car's dashboard. Once the beam hits a pre-determined spot on your dash, you know you've pulled in far enough, and exactly where to stop. Class 2 laser is safe on the eyes, yet clearly visible Compatible with any brand of garage door opener Mini Multi-Function 3-Button Remote Control Are you always on the go? Our mini 3-button remote control is a miniature version of our multi-function 3-button remote control, and just as powerful. It can open and close 3 garage doors or gates, turn opener lights on/off, and/or turn on lights and small appliances in your home. And the best part is that it can fit almost anywhere – in your purse, your pocket, or even on your keychain. It features Security+® rolling code technology that sends a brand new code every time it is used, keeping you, your family, and your belongings safe and secure. One 5-year 3-volt battery is included. Garage Door Monitor No more getting out of bed and stumbling downstairs to check if the garage door is closed. The Chamberlain® Garage Door Monitor tells you if your garage door is open or closed from any room in your home.  That's convenient, dependable security – and peace-of-mind – for the largest door to your home. Works with any garage door When light flashes red, door is open Remote Light Control Never walk into a dark house again. Turn on – or turn off – lights and small appliances from inside the car with your remote and the Chamberlain® Remote Light Control. It plugs into any wall outlet and automatically "learns" the code(s) your garage door opener remote control transmits. Then you simply push the correct button on your remote, and the lights will turn on or off. Can be used with any lighting fixture that utilizes incandescent light bulbs, up 600 watts maximum Can be used with TVs, radios, fans, and other small appliances Ideal for operating holiday lights and decorations from inside your car or home Surge Protector A little protection now can go a long way later. The Chamberlain® Garage Door Opener Surge Protector can help protect your investment from a sudden power surge, or if lightning strikes. Safely protects the entire garage door opener system, including the AC power line, control panel, and The Protector System® safety sensors Protection light indicator indicates when the unit is working Maximum surge current is 16,000 AMPS Provides a 5-year warranty on your garage door opener from being damaged by power surges and/or nearby lightning strikes For use with Chamberlain garage door openers manufactured from 1994 to present Model: 547445
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Customer Reviews for Chamberlain's Ultimate Garage Door Opener
Review 41 for Chamberlain's Ultimate Garage Door Opener
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Albuquerque, New Mexico
Date:April 14, 2011

The best Garage Door Opener Ever!

" I bought this Garage Door Opener 1 month ago. What I can tell you? I'm impressed. It's fully loaded with great accessories. Here's what I love about it:
- Very Quiet (main reason why I replaced old one)
- Great instructions and very easy to install.
- Love laser Parking accessory (no more tennis ball)
I would recommend this Garage Door Opener to everyone. It's pricey but it worth every penny.
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Review 42 for Chamberlain's Ultimate Garage Door Opener
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Northern VA
Date:July 9, 2010

Great product

Pros: great value with added accessories, quiet, ease of installation
Cons: none i can think of
Model Number: WD962KLD
" Replaced an 11 y/o belt drive with this opener. Installation was straight forward, directions fairly well written. Took about 2-3 hours to install. Old unit was very noisy by comparison, this unit is extremely quiet. A quiet hum of the DC motor and the roller noise is all i hear when activated.
Have yet to install laser unit and surge protector as I'm ordering a second laser unit and plan to install these all three at the same time. Would love to have seen a second laser unit included or offered for sale by Costco.
Did a bit of shopping around prior to purchase. All the included accessories make this a very good value based on individual prices for those items elsewhere. I might not have purchased those accessories if i had to buy the opener from another source, but as they are included - bonus !! "
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Review 43 for Chamberlain's Ultimate Garage Door Opener
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Trumbull, CT
Date:April 12, 2012

Great product and excellent value!

Model Number: Chamberlain's Ultimate Garage Door Opener & Accessory Package with EverCharge® Standby Power System
" Purchased and received in about 5 days. Opened the package and noticed that everything was well organized, clearly labeled and packed together; all accessories with the associated power supply, mounting hardware, installation instructions etc.
My task was harder since I did not have a garage door opener in place, so no wires run, not even electrical. Therefore I needed to run electrical next to the mounting spot, as well as run the safety sensors and wall control wires.
In terms of materials I used, everything that came in the package was satisfactory, but had to buy the following extras:
- bell wire for the wall control (the lenght provided was not enough for my application)
- plastic cable management for the wall control wire (self stick, looks very nice on the wall)
- 2 extra bolts for the safety sensors mounting hardware - I felt like the "grip" system provided would not sustain well an accidental kick and would break the beam allignment. By adding the 1/4" bolts, the hardware is now "solid" and it would take a lot more to move it. Just as a reminder, the sensors are somewhat out of sight and maybe not the first thing to consider when troubleshooting an issue. So, take your time to find the right locations and mount them well.
- sturdier staples for the safety sensor wire run
- extra perforated angled iron to mount the unit; ended up using 2x2' (thicker) pieces for the ceiling support, mounted parallel with the garage door, about 12" apart. Also, bought a couple more of the "thinner" angled iron (similar to the ones provided), so they could bend a little bit when bolting between the ceiling piece and the unit. Did that and the opener is now supported in 4 points and absolutely unmovable! No extra noise or wobling! As for the installation itself, the instructions recommend installing the opener in a downward angle, but I chose to make it horizontal.
- used 2x100W CFL bulbs. Word of advice: the body of the CFL bulbs is thicker than of an incandescent equivalent, and chances are that even if screwed in very well, their position would not allow for the bottom part to touch the socket contact. If the light does not come on, unplug the unit and use a screwdriver to lift the bottom bulb socket contact a few millimeters. That would be enough for a good connection. Remember to unplug the unit before doing that!!!!
Not to finish in a bummer note, but I wish the following were different:
- instead of the device that shows you when the door is opened, have the timer that automatically closes the door for you in case you forget (already deployed through a similar model sold by HD)
- presence sensor opens the light automatically, regardless if it is day or night. Anoying to get in the garage at 10:00AM from the house and have the lights come on every time. Ended up disabling the presence sensor (easy to do through a button on the wall control panel) and only enable if I get in the garage at night. I would consider this a design flaw.
Otherwise, I took my time, read and followed the instructions to the T and had a successful istallation. Unit works great and besides the above observations, I am happy with the money I spent! "
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Review 44 for Chamberlain's Ultimate Garage Door Opener
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Federal Way, WA
Date:July 25, 2011

Best and quitest Garage Door opener ever!!

" I had a lift master which reached it's end of life after so many years of hard work. It was a chain drive and was pretty loud, but this Chamberlain is so quiet that the name whisper is really apt! And also it's powerful enough for the heaviest door. I have a large and a heavy door, which really needs 3/4 hp power. And it has tons of accessories, which is well worth the price. You can never find this anywhere other than Costo for this price! "
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Review 45 for Chamberlain's Ultimate Garage Door Opener
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Chicago Western Suburbs, IL
Date:April 19, 2011

Impressive Garage Door System

Pros: "whisper quiet" door, laser assist parking, open door monitor, remote light switch, backup battery
Cons: pricey but worth it, installation takes a few hours
" I didn't want to buy this system at first because of the price. But then several rain showers, a screaming baby, and a non-responsive garage door later, I gave in, paid the extra bucks, and bought this system. I don't regret it at all.
My husband installed it in about 2 hours with the help of his father. It has so many nifty aspects to it. First of all, it is unbelievably quiet. Even my dogs can't hear the garage door opening. Second it keeps track of temperature in the garage, and you can set it up so you can remotely turn on your house lights before entering your house. Third, it has a monitor you can take with you to let you know if you accidentally left the garage door open. Fifth, it has a battery coverage so that if your electricity goes out, you can still use the garage door a finite number of times. Sixth, it comes with a little parking assist gadget for those of us parking-challenged folks who sometimes park into the wall. LOL. Finally the system comes with the standards - two remotes, wireless keypad, etc. The best part is that this garage door works and does so seamlessly and beautifully. The switch by the door is also nice - it's backlit, gives the garage temp, and looks modern.
Thumbs up! My father in law says that Chamberlain also manufactures Craftsman garage door openers. Based on my research, Chamberlain is one of the best garage door opener manufacturers in the US. "
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Review 46 for Chamberlain's Ultimate Garage Door Opener
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:March 19, 2010

Extremely Quiet Operation

" This is a huge upgrade from my previous opener. It took about 5 hours to install all the options that came with this product. I have had range issues with remote operation, and I contacted the tech support via email and they idenfied that the CFL bulbs I have been using is causing interference with the opener. So, replaced the CFL's with regular bulbs and the range issues are now gone. I can operate from about 400 feet away from the door. "
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Review 47 for Chamberlain's Ultimate Garage Door Opener
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:San Diego, CA
Date:July 25, 2011

Maybe to many bells and whistles

Pros: door is quieter than when we opened it manually
Cons: direct sunlite blinds the sensors
" First issue: the company sent the wrong unit a 1/2 Horse Power unit instead of the 3/4 HP.
Second issue: We have a west facing garage which getting full sun and in turn blinds the sensors. So in the summer between the hours of 1:30 and 6:30 PM the door would not go down.
Third issue: Customer Service, it took over thirty minutes to get a live person on the phone. Ten minutes of that was spent listening to their recorded options which were a repeat of the instruction manual and their website. Then they wanted to charge me another $27.00 for the fix. When I refused they gave it to me at no charge.
Having said all that it's a great unit and works great. I deducted a star because the manufactor should have mentioned the sun issue in the manual (we had to figure out for ourselves that the sun was causing the problem) and because getting through to customer service was time consuming. "
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Review 48 for Chamberlain's Ultimate Garage Door Opener
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Louisville, KY
Date:February 14, 2010

Great, Quiet Garage Door Opener

Pros: incredibly quiet, easy to install, comes with all the accessories
Cons: none so far
" Purchased this item a few weeks ago and was able to install it on my own. It is incredibly quiet. All you can hear is the rollers on the garage door as it opens and closes. It comes with every imaginable accessory which is nice rather than having to pay for them separately. It's so quiet, I wish my second garage door opener would wear out so that i could replace it with one of these!!! "
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Review 49 for Chamberlain's Ultimate Garage Door Opener
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:San Jose, Ca.
Date:April 11, 2010

Quality product, smooth and quiet

Pros: very quiet, battery back up
Model Number: Wisper Drive 547445
" This unit replaced a Chamberlain ½ hp chain drive we purchased over 20 years ago. It worked flawlessly until the nylon gears recently expired. Recent reviews of Chamberlain indicated they still made quality products. I installed in approx. three hours. Attachment points to the header, door and ceiling, and low voltage wire were utilized from the prior opener.
This opener had many improvements from the old Chamberlain.
1.Much quieter, smoother and cleaner-- A belt drive replaces the old chain drive. No grease or lube to add to chain and rail. The only real sounds are the hum of the motor and the door rollers riding in the tracks. It's nearly inaudible in the house. Plenty of power to lift a wood sectional door that is properly balanced.
2.Battery back up-- In case of power failure, a small battery capable of operating the opener for a couple of days is contained within the housing and is replaceable. An indicator led indicates charging status.
3.Safety reversing sensors-- Easy to install and align.
4.Exterior wireless keypad-- Easy to program and to change code (as are the remote controls).
5.Smart control panel-- Replaces the simple one function button normally located in the garage. It is back lit and has the ability to control the opener lights, open and close the door, lock out the remotes, and displays time, temp, and battery or power status after outage.
6.Surge protector-- Protects against voltage spikes.
7.Fob mini remote – Attaches right to your keyring. Since we never leave our remotes in the vehicles, this simplifies matters.
I can't comment on the other item included with this opener because I don't plan to use them at this time. However, I was missing a significant part. I called Chamberlain customer service. The wait was 30 minutes, but the representative was knowledgeable and helpful. The part was delivered to my door 4 days later.
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Review 50 for Chamberlain's Ultimate Garage Door Opener
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:February 13, 2010

good quality purchase

Pros: quality detailed manual
Cons: nothing yet
" We got the 1/2 HP model from the local Costco. I installed it last weekend. The installation instructions are very thorough. I had to spend about $15 at the local hardware for items not covered. The instructions are very clear about what items may be needed for specific circumstances. So far we are vary happy with the opener. "
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