Customer Reviews for Burlington 12' x 8' Wood Storage Shed

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Burlington 12' x 8' Wood Storage Shed

At this time orders for this item can not be delivered to Florida addresses BEFORE ORDERING – Be sure to check your local building and zoning codes and ensure that all appropriate permits have been acquired. Always check with your local building authority and homeowners association for restrictions/requirements before finalizing your purchase. The Burlington ready-to-assemble wood storage shed by Yardline combines traditional styling, superior strength, enhanced durability and outstanding functionality. The Burlington’s 7’ tall walls provide ample space for long-handled tools, ladders, skis and now feature 2" x 4" lumber framing. The extra wide 64” double doors offer easy access for bicycles, lawn tractors and ATVs. New floor design and locking T handle provide safety and security second to none. The operable window delivers needed light and ventilation. The Burlington includes two 8’ shelves along the back wall as well as a 32 sq. ft. storage loft…perfect for storing holiday decorations, totes, coolers and more. This exceptional storage building will look great in any backyard and offers an affordable solution for all of your storage needs For questions regarding this item, please call Yardline at 1-800-844-9273   Everything is pre-cut…nothing to saw!   Includes the most solid floor system in its class. Constructed of treated 2" x 4" framing with 16” joist spacing. OSB decking is an engineered wood product designed for strength, durability and consistency, 5/8” sheets cover the floor frame providing years of safe and dependable storage   7’ tall walls are constructed of solid 2" x 4" lumber and provide 17% more storage capacity compared to standard 6’ high walls.   Storage loft provides 32 Sq. Ft. of overhead storage space   Includes two 8’ long by 11" wide shelves   Factory primed wood siding is treated to resist decay and termites   Features pre-assembled, 2 pre-hung 32” wide double doors (oversized 64” opening)   Doors operate on strong piano hinges with continuous contact to door frame   Includes locking T handle and assembly hardware   Operable aluminum window with tempered glass and removable insect screen   Includes 2 wall vents   Paint and shingle to match your home or suit your taste (paint & shingles not included)   768 cubic feet storage   Floor size: 12’ W x 8’ D   Side wall height: 7’ (nominal)   Peak height: 9’ (nominal)   Package dimensions: 96” L x 48” W x 19.5” H   Total weight: approximately 1,350 lbs.   15-year limited warranty Assembly Required: All parts are pre-cut and ready for assembly. Assembly requires intermediate carpentry skills and will require 2 people 2 days to complete: 1 day to assemble the shed and 1 day to paint, caulk and shingle the shed, paint and shingles not included.   Furnished by homeowner: Approx 2 gallons of exterior latex paint for siding   Approx 1 quart of exterior latex paint for trim   Approx 1 quart of exterior latex paint for doors   5 bundles of roofing shingles and appropriate nails/fasteners Tools needed: Hammer   Phillips screwdriver   Tape measure   Level   Ladder   Cordless drill   Painting tools   Safety Glasses   Model:  461049 / 454153
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Customer Reviews for Burlington 12' x 8' Wood Storage Shed
Review 1 for Burlington 12' x 8' Wood Storage Shed
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Ferndale, WA
Date:November 7, 2011
Pros: great sized shed with lots of storage, love the size of the loft, window lets in some light
Cons: recommend screws in some places rather than nails
"I hired an individual to build my shed and it took about 3 days. It required two people to lift the walls and put them in place; otherwise, it was a one-person job. I would highly agree with the other reviews and recommend adding 2x4’s every 12” instead of 24”to the floor frame to make it more stable. Due to a tree being in the way, I had the window and door swapped and it turned out great.
I had the following extras added to the finished product:
•I had gutters added to avoid dripping from the roof onto the pressed boards.
•Due to living in a windy area at times, I had metal prongs cemented in place and attached to the sides of the shed.
•I painted primer on the floor and glued down a sheet of 8x12 piece of linoleum. Not only does it provide protection to the floor but it is also easier to clean.
•I picked up an extra sheet of pressed board and had additional shelves and a second loft built.
•Since the shed was elevated, I had a ramp installed.
•Hint: When cutting out the wood for the vents, hold onto the parts that are cut out so you can use these to cover up the vents during cold weather.
I am really pleased with the finished product and it is painted to match my house."
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Review 2 for Burlington 12' x 8' Wood Storage Shed
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:May 1, 2010

Excellent Product

Pros: very spacious
Cons: shutters are flimsy but do the job
Model Number: Burlington 12' x 8' Storage Shed
"Very fast delivery. The kit was in my driveway 7 days after ordered. Built it by myself over the course of a week. A little each day after work and the entire weekend. Could have used an extra hand with the roof, raising the walls and squaring everything. Pretty well labled with the exception of plywood for the roof and floor were miss-labled. Take your time and READ the directions!!! no cutting meant NO CUTTING. Wood was straight with very few knots. Decided to use screws instead of the nails given and added 6 extra 2X4s in the floor. Total additional costs were: Shingles $150.00, rain ice barrier $50.00, flashing $15, screws $60.00, extra 2X4s $25. Seven foot walls=GREAT, loft and shelves were a bonus, VERY STURDY once complete!!! Even with the extra costs, WELL below the cost of other sheds. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!"
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Review 3 for Burlington 12' x 8' Wood Storage Shed
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Coppell, TX
Date:April 14, 2011

Great value shed!!!!!!!!

Pros: great value, easy to follow instructions, well designed, great size, extra loft storage, shelves
Cons: had to get a city permit
"I originally bought this shed to keep our two Honda Rebel motorcycles stored for the winter. I figured the shed would pay for itself versus a retail storage space. I got additional space which was a big bonus. I was amazed at how great a value this shed is. Everything is pretty well cut and ready to put up. The most important thing is to get the floor level before you build the shed. It was easy to assemble."
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Review 4 for Burlington 12' x 8' Wood Storage Shed
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Twin Cities, MN
Date:March 6, 2010

Great shed for the money!

Pros: easy to assemble, good use of space nice shelves, window included
Model Number: Yardline Burlington 12' x 8' Storage Shed - Item# 454153
"Delivery: We purchased this same shed in early Nov. 2009. Ordering was easy. Received confirmation within 5 days and received the kit 7 days later.
Oveview: I would recommend reading the instruction manual prior to your purchase. You have the option to re-inforce the floor and, depending on what you will use for the shed base, the "furnished by homeowner" is a bare minimum. I live in a northern climate so I added six footings that go below the frost line. I estimate I spent about $300-350 additional to my purchase price and spent about 30-40 hrs to complete over three weekends. The quality of the wood is average but if you follow the instructions you won't notice any of the knots from the inside. The walls are 1" X 3" constuction instead of 2" X 4" but still very sturdy once assembled. The end walls are flimsy when assembling due to the "frame" not being complete until you attach to the front and back wall.
Assembly: While unpacking the kit all parts were easily identified and pre-cut. The instruction are pretty clear and concise. I was able to assemble the floor and sidewalls by myself but did need a second hand when it came to raising the walls and assembling the roof.
Overall we are very happy with this shed and we saved several hundred dollars doing it myself. If I had one complaint it would be the door height as it is only about 6 ft high, but this is the layout that worked for our backyard design."
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Review 5 for Burlington 12' x 8' Wood Storage Shed
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Spokane, WA
Date:October 25, 2009

12x8 Storage Shed

Model Number: Yardline Burlington 12' x 8' Storage Shed
"The order process was easy. The manuf. called a few after the order and told me the process. A local person would call & schedule delivery. The local delivery called about 10 days later & showed up the same day. The driver did deliver & put the shed in my garage even after the manuf. said they cannot step on your propeerty. It was nice surprize they did. Overall the shed is nice; however, I think you need some level of expertise to construct it.
The instructions could have been more clear on installing the end rafters and included some written instructions along with the pictures. The side walls are somewhat flimsy. The shelves & loft are a nice feature. Overall it is nice looking shed.
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Review 6 for Burlington 12' x 8' Wood Storage Shed
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:March 17, 2010

A really great storage shed!

Pros: sturdy construction, great value
Model Number: 461049
"We purchased this shed for my in-laws and they absolutely love it. Maybe in part because my husband and a friend installed it for them but also because the overall quality, fit and finish are top notch. The 2x3 framing materials are surprisingly strong and the end result is a shed that will last for years! My father in-law couldn't wait to park his riding lawn mower inside! Thanks again for bring a great product to market! PS Don't forget to carefully read the instructions. If you take the time to read the shed goes together right the first time!"
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Review 7 for Burlington 12' x 8' Wood Storage Shed
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Gig Harbor, WA
Date:June 25, 2011

5 stars because of the price

Pros: price can't be beat, easy to build
Model Number: Burlington
"I read all the reviews before buyung the Burlington Shed. So...I knew what I was getting myself into. Thus...I have no complaints! :)
I built the shed on (3) 4"x4"x12' treated timbers set on Pier Blocks with adjustible brackets. As suggested by other reviewers here....I used 2x4x12's in place of the included 2x4x8's and 2x4x4's. These were also treated as were the additional 2x4x8's I added to the floor so that my joists were 12" on center. This provided a very strong base for the shed.
I also beefed up the side walls as they are built of 2x3's and are not framed in. The 2x3's are held in place by nailing the siding to the 2x3's.
One more thing...use 3" screws instead of the nails provided. You will get a much stronger product.
I also added a 2nd loft for added storeage.
I spent around $500 for the platform, roofing materials and extra lumber and screws.
My son and I spent a total of 15 hours building the platform & shed and roofing it. Not bad at all.
For the price and ease of will not find a better price anywhere."
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Review 8 for Burlington 12' x 8' Wood Storage Shed
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Pittsburgh, PA
Date:October 11, 2010

Good Shed, Great Value

Pros: many pieces were already primered, build was fast, almost no pieces needed to be cut again to fit, instructions were adequate
Cons: shipping, some boards were not straight, some boards had mold, all 12' lengths were made by 8' and 4' pieces
Model Number: Yardline Burlington
"The shed is a good value, shipping was not as good but Costco made it right. It's solid, looks fine, and has lots of storage.
Building tips:
1) add a ridge vent to the roof. The floor vents just aren't enough to cool above the window. A ridge vent cools the upper half and prolongs the life of your shingles
2) Buy the extra floor joists as mentioned in the instructions.
3) Primer and paint the exterior roof line 2x4s before installing. Once they are up it's really hard to get paint onto every exposed surface
4) Check the floor and roof sheathing carefully for mold if the packaging looks like it's ever been wet
5) Buy/rent a nail gun. There are some 2000+ nails and it saved me a lot of time and pain to pull a trigger.
6) If you live in the northeast you will probably need a building permit or a certificate of occupancy.
7) For a foundation, I leveled 12 4"x8"x16" concrete blocks and built the floor onto 3 12'x4"x4" treated timbers.
8) plan to buy and install a drip edge. It looks nicer, is inexpensive, and protects the shed.
9) landscape around the bottom. water runoff from the roof will splash back up onto the walls and make them muddy.
10) remember it is your shed. If you don't like overhead storage don't put it in. If you think something isn't strong enough add another board or replace it with a thicker one.
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Review 9 for Burlington 12' x 8' Wood Storage Shed
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Guerneville, CA
Date:October 25, 2009


Pros: truthfully represented
Cons: instructions slightly difficult
"Quick delivery. Assembled with the help of my Son and Son-inlaw this weekend. Good looking, very sturdy, lots of storage space. Represented as "no cutting required" - they got that right! I kept expecting to have to trim or cut some component but all parts fit on the money. Used three 4"X6"X12' pressure treated as foundation.
Highly recommended..."
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Review 10 for Burlington 12' x 8' Wood Storage Shed
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Pittsburgh PA
Date:January 7, 2011

Very Nice

Pros: no cutting
Cons: use screws instead of nails for a better result
Model Number: Item# 461049
"We ordered this on 10/31/10 and received it about 3 weeks later. The boards were free of mold and pretty much straight (with a couple of slight exceptions.) Before we built this I read and re-read all these reviews to get ideas. I hope my review helps others (and maybe you will have an even easier time!)
1. Used 2 inch or 3 inch screws instead of nails which made everything a lot stronger and also made it easier to make changes. We bought 2 large boxes of 2 inch and 1 large box of 3 inch screws.
2. Prepainted everything with a "porch and floor" paint. Ended up using 8 gallons which included 7 gallons for the basics and 1 gallon of white for the trim and door. The wood and press board really soaked up the paint and this was, by far, the most time consuming and uninteresting part of the project. Plus, it was about 20 degrees outside so we had to spread everything out in the garage to get it painted. If we had chosen to paint in the summer I am sure I would have enjoyed it a bit more! However, I highly recommend prepainting everything because it makes it so much easier in the end.
3. Purchased two 12 foot 2 x 4s for the sides of the floor and 6 2 x 4s for the floor. It made the floor a lot more stable to have 2 x 4s every 12 inches (instead of every 24 inches.)
4. Assembled the floor in our garage. Unfortunately it turned out a bit bowed because we have a drain in the middle of the garage floor. We didn't realize the bow until we put up the walls and then it seemed too late to bother fixing it.
5. We leveled four stacks of concrete blocks in the corners for the foundation. Later we decided to dig three holes to attach 6 x 6s to the foundation and anchor them in the ground. It would have been easier to level everything if we had used the 6 x 6s for the corners. However, it was below freezing for over a month and the digging was pretty tough. Again, we should have waited until summer.
6. The back wall was a bit tricky to assemble. The manual says to lay out the materials with 7/16" gaps and then put the wall board on top. How is a person suppose to put a large board on top of a bunch of boards without anything moving? Likewise, how are you suppose to figure out where the boards are to screw everything together? It's a mystery to me, but somehow we made it work.
7. We needed 3 people to attach the walls but it wasn't too hard. It was a challenge to keep the walls level without the bowing outwards before attaching the ceiling joints.
8. Used roofing felt and drip edge on the roof. It turned out great.
9. We bought a 8x12 piece of linoleum to put on top of the plywood flooring.
10. The site we chose used to have a hot tub on it so we were fortunate to have electricity nearby. My dad was able to wire up a motion detecting light on the outside, ceiling light and outlet on the inside. Very worthwhile!
Overall, we probably spent $500 or more on additional materials. We took about 3 weeks to complete the shed, but that was because we were working on it in the evenings and weekends.
The final product is great and gives us a lot more space in our garage. The instructions were very clear and complete and we had never done anything like this before."
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Review 11 for Burlington 12' x 8' Wood Storage Shed
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Date:June 25, 2012

not bad but misleading

"Product description says "solid 2X4 framing" but the front and back walls are 2X3 and the side walls are essentially unframed. (caveat: I bought mine 5/2011 so materials may have been improved).
What else you need to know:
sill plates are not included, so you'll want to add those or some other appropriate barrier.
Definitely plan to add 6 2X4s to the floor.
The exterior material (roof and walls) is very thin.
If your kit is like mine, there will be a few pieces that are warped enough that you'll want to replace them.
BUT the finished product is very functional and attractive. I was just very disappointed with the material quality."
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Review 12 for Burlington 12' x 8' Wood Storage Shed
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:October 6, 2011

from old to new

Model Number: [Model 461049 / 454153
"Wish I could add a pic. We are very busy people with all the tools we needed to put this thing together. To prevent rust we used stainless nails with a siding nailer very expensive nails but we had some left over from another project, raised the shed up on a slope onto a pier footing, lattice around the bottom. Also used nail gun with nails of other sizes close to the packaged sizes. And Added Screws where we thought would add strength .painted moss blue (behr Paint) siding and bright white trim. beautiful!!!!! goes great with our large detached garage and country style home. We live in the county on an average lot but this in between our house and garage looks great. To top it off we put a cupola with a weathervane. This took us all of probably a few days but actually the whole package lay on our deck for nearly a summer under tarp. Oh ya, we left handed the door as well because the hill we built it on would have had a tree in front of it. So If We were to do it again I would buy this one. The people who don't like the product should go spend more money. Yes there are bent boards, yes there are more materials you need to buy, But it was well worth it. And My Boss (WIFE) Loves the finished results. When I Say We it means the two of us.Now as for her, She says she won't do it again.It's A Long Story."
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Review 13 for Burlington 12' x 8' Wood Storage Shed
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Marlboro, NJ
Date:November 8, 2010

Great shed

Pros: 7' height, shelves including one large overhead storage.
Cons: exposed screws because of storm door
Model Number: Yardline Burlington 12' x 8' Storage Shed - Item# 454153
"The shed was ordered on 10/6/2010 and delivered on 10/20/2010.
Even though it took me several trips to the hardware/lumber store, the shed was worth my time and effort.
Well-designed, solid construction and lots of storage space. The cuts that were necessary were for the vents.
Following instruction in every detail is the key to construct the shed right, especially those who do not have proper skill set.
Using deck screws instead of included nail made the shed stronger and helped me correcting mistakes.
I had spend 3 weekends to construct the shed including ridge vent. My wife and I are still debating on the colors to paint.
Assistance was needed to raise walls and rafters, and installing doors as one of the reviewers pointed out.
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Review 14 for Burlington 12' x 8' Wood Storage Shed
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Charlotte, NC
Date:August 22, 2011

Great Shed

Model Number: 461049 / 454153
"All materials provided were very good quality. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. It took 2 of us several weekends to build, working 4 or 5 hours a day. We pre-painted everything, which I would definitely recommend. We bought a 5 gallon bucket of white exterior to paint the interior (makes it much brighter inside) and trim. We use 2 gallons of tinted paint on the outside. We used 1 gallon of deck and floor paint to paint the floor and outer floor foundation. It is a great addition to our back yard!"
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Review 15 for Burlington 12' x 8' Wood Storage Shed
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:San Diego, Ca.
Date:July 29, 2012

Think Before Purchasing

Pros: looks great when done., solid construction and sturdy.
Cons: really bad wood. warped and unusable.
Model Number: 16774
"If you buy this product, the first order of business in to throw out the manual! Many mistakes and misprints. Download and print the instructions from the website! You will find subtle differences that make a big difference later on during construction. Many pieces warped badly enough you cannot use. Measure multiple times prior to nailing! Illustrations and written directions vary! Looks great when done, but takes many hours to ensure proper construction. DOES NOT TAKE ONE DAY TO BUILD!"
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Review 16 for Burlington 12' x 8' Wood Storage Shed
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Nampa, ID
Date:August 9, 2012

Very Nice Shed

Pros: pre-cut 2x4 construction, 7' wall height, sturdy construction, quality of materials
Cons: no 12' lumber lengths, not a 2 day job
Model Number: Burlington 8 X 12
"Just finish constructing this shed. It came as described, all 2x4 construction. It is a very nice solid shed. Compares very well, just as nice if not better, to the professionally built shed I ordered for my previous home. Both were 8x12 and very similar in design. I found the instructions to be very helpful and accurate in the construction. There were only 1 or 2 slightly confusing places. I suggest following the instructions as written, I did not which created one small problem that had to be corrected before I could move on. I, as many have commented, found a few warped 2x4's, however, if you have ever looked through the stacks of 2x4's at the lumber yard you know that many of them are warped. This was not a big deal and did not affect the construction much.
My biggest complaint was that it was not a 2 day job. I, with help, have worked on it for 8 days now at 4 to 7 hrs a day and have not completely finished it, just the vents left. 2 very experienced people could maybe complete it in 2 days, but not if they use all the materials and instructions provided.
Bottom line is it is a 5 star shed and even though it took a week I enjoyed building it."
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Review 17 for Burlington 12' x 8' Wood Storage Shed
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Boise, ID
Date:June 11, 2011

Scrap lumber? Better as firewood

Cons: quality
Model Number: Burlington 12' x 8' shed
"Recieved the shed and was very excited. I laid out all items and took inventory. Was missing a total of 4 items and 1 box of nails. Grabbed the first pieces for the foundation of the shed. Made it level and everything went together perfectly.
However, the foundation is the only piece of solid wood in this entire kit. The rest of the pieces are absolute junk, some had such warp in them that we could not get the walls level with any amount of adjustments. The 2 end cap walls were absolutely useless by the time we assembled them.
Do yourself a favor and purchase a shed from a local supplier that will stand behind their products.
Thanks goodness for Costco's return policy they can come collect this P.O.S."
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Review 18 for Burlington 12' x 8' Wood Storage Shed
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Lancaster, California
Date:July 9, 2012

Happy Shed Owner

Pros: space for items, looks great in yard, sturdy, easy to purchase & fast delivery & construction
Model Number: Burlington 12X8
"We are very pleased with our new shed. We have the 12X8 Burlington constructed by one of the Yardline's men. It turned out very nice & the construction seems very strong & sturdy. We had a bend in one of the door hinges & they were here in no time to fix it. The shed looks nice in our yard & we will be able to stuff it with all kinds of stuff!! All Yardline or Costco employee's we came into contact with either on the phone or in person have been great, always helpful & polite. I think the shed has a good warranty on material & labor. I must go now I have painting to do..."
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Review 19 for Burlington 12' x 8' Wood Storage Shed
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Date:May 16, 2011

Easy to build, but not very sturdy....

Model Number: 461049
"This is a decent shed, but not sturdy... Expect to spend an additional $200-300 for foundation/support beams, roofing felt, drip edge, shingles, etc.
Pros: The instruction book is very good, and the pieces are cut within reasonable tolerances. The exterior and interior appearance is good.
Cons: This is not a very sturdy shed... The driver suggested adding additional 2x4 floor joists and place on two 4x4 beams/skids. I added more 2x4 floor joists and a third beam/skid to support the floor. Although the front and back walls are "framed" 2x3 lumber, the side walls are not traditional framing and held in place largely by nailing through the exterior sheating....weak in my view. I'm going to add some 2x4 lumber to support at least one of the side walls."
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Review 20 for Burlington 12' x 8' Wood Storage Shed
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Houston, TX
Date:November 17, 2010

Outstanding Deal for the $

Pros: really good packaging and delivery, cost was a fraction of competitng sheds, excellent instructions
Cons: pre-cut the vents since every thing else is
"I purchased this shed after reading a number of reviews and I have to say, I have zero regrets after purchasing it. The packaging was superb and extremely compact. The directions were clear, concise and very understandable. Ok, it took me a solid 5-6 days to get this baby done right but the result looks more like a shed that costs thousands more!
I took the time to inventory everything, read and reread the instructions and I opted for strengthening the floor, adding a ridge vent, and a nice ramp to make access easy.
Neighbors who have checked it out thought I paid 3-5 times more for it than what it really cost and I can honestly say, this was an incredible bargain for the money.
If you have any building sense and aren't afraid of a little hard work, you won't be dissatisfied. I would recommend this shed in a NY minute to friends and family.
Totally and completely outstanding!!"
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