Customer Reviews for 24 Hour Fitness 2-year Adult Membership

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24 Hour Fitness 2-year Adult Membership

Limit Four Per Person Not Valid for Super Sport and Ultra Sport Locations
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Customer Reviews for 24 Hour Fitness 2-year Adult Membership
Review 1 for 24 Hour Fitness 2-year Adult Membership
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Sacramento, CA
Date:July 28, 2009

Awesome Deal

" This is an excellent value, averaging less than $13.00 month. with no 1st & last months fee or initiation (aka paperwork) fee. No credit card required for signup..
I can work out @ any time. There is a club about 5 minutes from my home and another 5 minutes from my work. One has a pool the other doesn't . Though there isn't a tv on the treadmills there are plenty available in view .
Several reviews has mentioned they wish they could purchase two certificates. You can purchase more than one you just can't use more than 1 at a time per person. My advice is to purchase the 2nd then activate it once the 1st one is expired. I've spoken w/staff and was given the green light on this. With America being in a down economy, this is the only way I can afford to work out at a club other than becoming an actual employee of the gym. I'm sure 24 Hr Fitness wold rather have members use a 2nd coupon once the first expires instead of losing membes altogether. A friend of mine is only getst her membership @ $24/mnth because she had to sing up for 4 or 5 years at about $500 down all at once to get the $24/month deal after the 4 yr term. This is still a better cost averaging deal. I work full time and attend college full time. I was able to put a few $ away here and there by reducing other coses like purchasing items from the .99 cents store, rented a room in a duplex which my roommate throws in the internet and cable with Starz & HBO for free, I got a cell phone comp w/$5.unlimited texting and 24/7 free long distance ($55/mo). My last 7 movies within the last 2-3 mos have been for free since I joined a few online movie-radio-and newspaper movie premier clubs, The savings allowed me to purchase the certificate. And I get to use the addl svngs by taking road trips on the weekends to explore more of California with my friends. in addition to pyng back student loans while still in school.
This on a State Employee salary which has been cut 15% "
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Review 2 for 24 Hour Fitness 2-year Adult Membership
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:Scottsdale, AZ
Date:July 8, 2010

Not the Same Anymore

Pros: multiple locations
Cons: lack of maintenance
" I’ve been a member of this gym for about 18 months now (Costco purchase) and although for most of this time I’ve been very satisfied I’ve seen disturbing changes of late. I usually use a location in North Scottsdale, and for several months now I’ve noticed when things break, they don’t get repaired. The cooler on the drinking fountain has been broken for months (not very pleasant in AZ in the summer), one of the recumbent bikes makes a grinding noise and is not usable, and one of the tv’s is broken. All going on multiple months now.
After reporting the drinking fountain and bike on multiple occasions to personnel at the front desk, I finally sent an email to the club on their web site. I got a response from a manager saying “I am waiting on approval” to get the items repaired. What? If you have a broken drinking fountain you call a plumber, and they come out the same day and fix it. The way they fixed the bike was to just remove it- not replace or repair it. This was the exact same thing I saw at Bally before I left. Now they’re closing clubs. The simple truth is, if you’re in the gym business, you’re in the maintenance business.
When I first joined, there was a manager that was almost always in attendance, walked around asking how people were doing, and it was very evident that he was in control. And when something broke, it was fixed immediately. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen anyone who even remotely looks like he/she is running this location. I do hope I am wrong, but from all appearances it appears as though they may be in trouble. One thing for sure- it is not at all the same. "
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Review 3 for 24 Hour Fitness 2-year Adult Membership
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Bellevue, WA
Date:February 6, 2011

Club needs to invest more

" Pros: Convenience (multiple locations and extended operating hours) and cost (with Costco purchase), there is no extra for group exercise classes (personal training sessions take extra)
Cons: Clubs tend to be older and smaller. Or you have to pay extra to gain access to "Super Clubs" or "Ultra Clubs". For example at where I am (the headquarter area of Costco), Kirkland Parkplace (Active) is small and group class is way over crowded (which can be intimidating for new member to try to find a place in class). Bellevue club (sport) is really old (the facility and equipment) that looks like the club has not being putting in any money to upgrade for years: e.g all nearby 24 fitness clubs changed new dumb bells in the last 6 months or so, Bellevue club still has the really old black metal ones. In addition, there is very limited offering of classes (most of the time the group exercise room is empty with no classes), and the instructors are just so so (with a few exceptions such as Saturday Yoga instructor Pam which stands above others). Downtown Bellevue is OK but you have to deal with the traffic jam and 2 hours parking limitation. Issaquah club is newer and nicer, but you have to pay much more to access this "super" club.
It is great that Cosctco offers membership ("limited term membership" in 24 hour fitness club term), which by itself put more Costco members to regular exercises that they would likely not engage otherwise. However I do feel that 24 Fitness should invest more to bring up their offering to Costco standards. "
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Review 4 for 24 Hour Fitness 2-year Adult Membership
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Pacific Northwest
Date:December 20, 2010

Best Deal Around

Pros: great price
Cons: no super sport club access
" To answer the other reviewer, yes you can review this membership but, to get this price, you have to do it by purchasing another 2 years at Costco. 24 Hour Fitness sent me a renewal letter suggesting I do just that.
This is likely the best deal you'll find for a nationwide membership with hundreds of locations. They might try to sell you training, etc. when you go into a club to activate your card, but just tell them you don't want to pay for anything extra. They were relaxed about it with me.
Check on the 24 Hour Fitness website for clubs in your area and note that Super Sport and Ultra clubs are not available under this membership. At least where I live, the last 2 new clubs they've opened are both Super Sports but there are still plenty of others including a really nice Sport club.
The age and condition of 24 Hour Fitness clubs varies widely. Some of their Sport clubs are brand new and great. And some of the older "Active" clubs are rather tired. So if you're not familiar with your closest club(s) you might want to at least stick your head in the door before you buy this.
Finally, while all the big fitness chains have their unhappy customers, in my experience, the worst is Bally's. They have the most complaints filed against them and have the worst customer service. 24 Hour Fitness is vastly better all the way around. "
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Review 5 for 24 Hour Fitness 2-year Adult Membership
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:san Jose, CA
Date:April 9, 2009

great deal with one downside

" This is a superb deal, no doubt. I don't have anything negative about the terms of this membership, per se. But 24 hour fitness won't honor this as any other membership bought from their club, that's what irks me. There's a new Super Soprt club that's opened close to where I live. I agree, with this certificate I am eligible only to use Sport clubs. While they're willing to upgrade a regular sport club membership bought from one of their facilities, for an additional $10 a month , to be able to get a Super Sport club membership, they won't even talk to you if the same membership is bought from Costco. I am willing to pay extra but cannot do so as 24 hour fitness won't upgrade, modify or in any way deal with the membership bought via costco. All said and done , it is a valid and legitimate membership and it's not like it's being sold without their consent. It is definitely a good deal and I am sure they've seen a huge spike in their membership through the costco certificates. I wish they would honor them and be willing to work with folks that are happy to pay a little extra for a super/ultra sport club. I have an 18 month old and it'd be super convenient to use the gym nearby ( super sport) rather than drive 7 miles to the next sport club. they should think about this. "
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Review 6 for 24 Hour Fitness 2-year Adult Membership
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Seattle, WA
Date:September 4, 2009

Great deal, can't be beat

Pros: awesom price! can't be beat.
" I have been wanting to sign up for most of the summer, but most of the promos that 24 Hour has, even at best, are $30/mo with no initiation fee. This means that I will have paid for the membership after 10 months. This is best case, as most of the time the promos include $10-50 initiation fee and monthly dues of $30-$45. Even better, as I learned, this price includes tax, in those states where sales tax is applicable. That means, for me, in Seattle, the actual 2 year membership is $273.64 which comes out to $11.40 per month. Being as there are not really any Super Sport or higher clubs in WA and most of the clubs I would go to are Express along with 1-2 Sport clubs, this is not a big limitation. The sales pitch was not really that bad at the Queen Anne location. The guy there asked me if I wanted some training and I said no, so he moved on to the tour.
Overall, a great experience with Costco and 24 Hour Fitness. I have already used 3 different clubs in the first week I have had the membership. I recommend that everyone get this while the supplies still last! "
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Review 7 for 24 Hour Fitness 2-year Adult Membership
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Torrance, CA
Date:April 2, 2010

What a Great Deal

Pros: great deal, fast & easy enrollment, no hard upsale
" LOL. I'm reading the reviews and people complaining about the "fine print". It is actually not so fine.
The discription on this website, clearly states, in RED type, that this membership does not include Ultra or Super Sport.
If you buy this product at Costco, it is on the cardboard you bring to the Register. It is also clearly printed on the front of the certificate. I know because I was curious about it and there it was, plain as day.
Anyway, all locations are different. I have over 5 within 3 miles of my home. I visit all of them, and yes, some are better then others, but all in all they are clean and well maintained.
If you don't have a lot of locations near you, I too recommend you visit those to be sure you are okay with it.
The sign up process was quick and easy. They offered personal training, I said, no and that was the end of it. The certificate prevents them from upselling most of their products so all they have left is personal training.
I recommend this to all my friends and neighbors interested in begining a work out regimen. "
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Review 8 for 24 Hour Fitness 2-year Adult Membership
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Date:July 14, 2010

Cheap broke-down clubs

" I've read some of the other reviews and I 110% agree with the negative reviews. I was a member in the Seattle/Kirkland area and most of the clubs were HORRIBLE. The one in Kirkland was small, cramped, and machines were ALWAYS broken. In fact that was my primary club for a year and they had those walking/stairstepper machines. All four on the second level were broken for the full year I went there. They just sat there with "do not use" signs. NOTHING ever was repaired. There were treadmills and bikes with the same problem. If something was broke they either left it there or switched it to another spot to make it look like they did a repair. The weight machines were completely outdated and the place was just nasty. The only positive about that club was the aerobics classes, but I'd say 1/3 of the time the instructors would not even show up. The bellevue club on the eastside was just as bad, although the club downtown was decent.
If you decide to purchase, make sure you check out your club nearby.
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Review 9 for 24 Hour Fitness 2-year Adult Membership
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:San Diego, CA
Date:May 22, 2009

One-third the usual price!

Pros: no more excuses
Cons: no more excuses
" I had previously tried 24 Hour Fitness' FREE 7-day Trial membership, which you have to pre-contract for by starting a payment plan on a credit card or bank account. My month-to-month rate was nearly $40, and that was a 1-club-only membership. After only 4 days, I cancelled the trial because I remembered that Costco had this deal. And what a deal. Do the math and you'll see that it's about one-third their usual price, and that gets you into ALL CLUBS NATIONWIDE (except their exclusive lines). When I activated my certificate at the same club, the club manager himself processed my membership and was shocked at the deal; He certainly knew of the Costco deal, but he'd never done the math before. His jaw literally fell open. He gulped and said that he hoped that 24 Hour would have a special deal in 2 years' time to keep all the Costco members' continued business. He offered to sign me up for extras, like personal training, but didn't pressure me. Everyone there is so nice. "
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Review 10 for 24 Hour Fitness 2-year Adult Membership
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Date:August 23, 2010

Best Gym Deal I Have Ever Seen

" This is an amazing deal. I have never had any complaints about 24 hour fitness.
I go to the gym several times per week. I follow one Group Exercise instructor like a lost puppy. She works at several gyms, so I regularly go to several gyms. I have no complaints about these gyms. Moreover, I have used about 10 different locations, and I have nothing bad to say about any of them.
Of course, 24 hour fitness isn't perfect. They have some broken machines, but either I don't use them, or I just use something else. I have never been bothered to the point where I want my money back. Machines break. People abuse the machines, so they don't last forever. I don't have any information as to how long it takes them to repair a machine, but it has never gotten me mad. They have enough equipment for me to use to keep me to be happy.
I will most likely stay with 24 Hour Fitness even after my two years are up. "
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Review 11 for 24 Hour Fitness 2-year Adult Membership
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:Las Vegas and Henderson, NV
Date:July 12, 2010


Pros: cheap
Cons: poorly maintained, dirty, apathetic staff, outdated equipment
" Brad1974, I agree. I live in Vegas and I frequent a number of 24's. I have the same complaint. While the the value of the membership is good, the maintenance is lacking. Take my main gym, the Agassi Sport on Wigwam. Not only do they have maintenance issues with equipment, but the locker rooms, pool area, and steam room are disgusting. I also reported the issues to management, to the website, and the 24 hour Facebook page. While I did get a response each time, action was never taken. Very disappointing.
I am to the point where I am in and out. I get my workout in and leave quickly. I don't spend any extra time there and I won't spent any extra money there. When my membership expires in a few months I will seriously consider other gyms.
If you decide to buy the membership, don't be surprised if you're disappointed. "
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Review 12 for 24 Hour Fitness 2-year Adult Membership
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Altadena, CA
Date:June 3, 2009

Best Value Ever

Pros: value not being bound by one specific club usage
Cons: none
Model Number: 314174
" I ordered 2 certificates online, one for me and one for my 15-year-old son. Received them sooner than anticipated. But the real surprise came in when we went in to activate our memberships at the Magic 24-Hour Fitness in Altadena, CA. I am talking about the facility as a whole, the ease of the activation process and the utmost dutiful attention we got from the club's manager, Mark Anthony. Just by reading a number of reviews, we were prepared to fend off any additional sales pitches for personal trainers, etc. To our real surprise none of it happened . Instead, Mark took his time to show us the facility, all that is included in our membership and all the benefits we get. He even gave some workout advice to my son. I just wish I bought this product sooner. Many thanks go to Mark Anthony, Costco and Magic. "
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Review 13 for 24 Hour Fitness 2-year Adult Membership
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:January 6, 2011

24 Hour Fitness is Horrible at ANY PRICE

Cons: management does not care about customers., employees treat customers disrespectfully., corporate headquarters ignores customers.
" I purchased two of these for my husband and me, and they seemed like a good deal. I was happily using my membership regularly and was seeing results. However, then I had an extremely negative encounter with an employee. I sent letters via email and USPS to both the manager of the location AND to the 24-Hour corporate headquarters more than once but never got any response--and since they already had my money through Costco, there was nothing I could do. It is worth more money to work out at a gym that respects their members and treats them well. I would never give 24-hour another cent. You get what you pay for. Unfortunately, because of my horrible experience and the fact that my multiple complaints went without response I could not continue going there and my "two year" membership was wasted. "
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Review 14 for 24 Hour Fitness 2-year Adult Membership
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Silicon Valley, CA
Date:January 11, 2011

Save your money... not worth it

Pros: cheap
Cons: cheap = cheap service
" The problem with paying 2 years in advance is that you're locked in. If you get injured or something happens that sidelines you for at least a month, 24 won't suspend your membership so that you're not losing time. If you're month-to-month, you can do that (I have). Unless you can predict nothing will happen to you to sideline you, you can potentially be paying the same month to month in the end.
Limited to active/club/sport is probably OK but supersports make it easier to actually be able to workout at the time you want (especially when there are two supersports w/in 10 miles of each other).
Customer support???? non-existent when you're paid up front already for 2 years. They got your money. ZERO MOTIVATION to help the customer. "
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Review 15 for 24 Hour Fitness 2-year Adult Membership
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Van Nuys, CA
Date:March 19, 2010

Check Out Locations First!

" This is a GREAT deal if you check out the location(s) you'll be using first. For example, I'm lucky enough to have two locations within a 3-mile radius.
The first location, in Sherman Oaks, has great facilities and upkeep of the machines.
At the second location, in Panorama City, the staff actually apologized to me for the condition it was in. There are no extra amenities, like a spa or sauna, and a good third of the lockers in the men's room, were busted open. Signs abound not to keep any valuables there.
You know it's bad when the staff is embarrassed to work there.
I've been to several 24-Hour locations by now, and the Panorama location is easily the worst gym I've been to, and I used to be a member of Bally's! "
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Review 16 for 24 Hour Fitness 2-year Adult Membership
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:June 2, 2010

Best Gym Deal

" Saw the deal in the Costco store. I knew there were 3 locations that were very close to my home and needed to get back to the gym after being away for a good 5 years. I checked out the gym and talked to a recruiter who gave me the pros and cons of buying from Costco. I didn't think the fact I could put the membership purchased from 24 Fitness on hold if I needed to was a deal breaker and I could go to 1 of 3 facilities close in my area at this price. So I purchased the Costco membership online which was easy and it arrived within about 5 days. I signed up at the gym in less than a 1/2 hour and am now going daily. It was definitely a great incentive to get back to the gym especially in these financially tight times. "
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Review 17 for 24 Hour Fitness 2-year Adult Membership
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:February 26, 2010

What are you waiting for?

" As you read this you could be saving money for a gym membership. ~12.50 a month vs. 25-50 at most other clubs. I've only ventured to one thus far, but am very pleased with the facilaties and don't regret this purchase one bit. Don't be too concerned about the bad reviews and super sport clubs; look at 24 hour fitness website and you'll see that there are only a few as it is. Just make sure they aren't the ones you want to go to if you decide to purchase. Simple process - took less than 15 mins - viola - done! The only stressful thing about this purchase for me was not loosing my certificate prior to activating it :). You would think that I work at 24 hour fitness or something. Get off your hiney and go get one!! "
Review 18 for 24 Hour Fitness 2-year Adult Membership
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Huntington Beach, CA
Date:September 28, 2009

Greatest Deal on Fitness

Pros: clubs are open longer than others, better workout environment
" This is a wonderful deal, especially in Southern California where there are clubs everywhere.
I was a member at Bally Total Fitness for 21 years and this club is so much better. I wish that I would have switched years ago. You can't beat this price and the clubs are top notch.
I like everything about this place. I never have to wait in line for equipment. They have spray bottles and paper towels on the workout floor so I never have to work out in someone elses sweat again. The music is good and the staff is very friendly. They have long hours and I never have to rush through a workout because the club is about to close.
This was my best purchase in a long time. "
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Review 19 for 24 Hour Fitness 2-year Adult Membership
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Sacramento, CA
Date:April 27, 2011

Great deal for most people

Pros: just follow the instructor
Cons: limited sites
" I have attended as regularly as possible for almost 18 months. I only take a thrice-a-week Senior class BUT, it has very possibly saved my life by allowing me a very reasonable senior fitness level. The classes, along with changes in diet and lifestyle (retired when I activated membership), has enabled me to lose about 30 pounds and firm up (I'm a male). The classes took a while to get used to, but are very comfortable, yet physically challenging right now. I know I need a bit more now, but, when I started, I could barely bend and move properly. Now, I have reasonable balance and strength and a ton of energy. I give kudus of credit to those wonderful instructors! "
Review 20 for 24 Hour Fitness 2-year Adult Membership
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Hillsboro, OR
Date:December 6, 2008

Best Deal on Health Club Membership

Pros: cost per month is phenomenal
Cons: sales reps can do a bit of a hard sell.
" I am amazed at the 2 year deal offered. The upsell was somewhat strong, but since they weren't making much (if any) money on the deal, I fully understood, and just kept saying, "No thanks!"
According to the manager, 24 Hour fitness isn't going to repeat this offer after January. I don't know how much of that was hype, but again, since they're not making much money on the deal, I can't imagine why they'd continue to offer it for long.
I used to belong to this particular gym, but had to cancel it because I couldn't afford the monthly fees -- and this is less than half per month than my previous "promotional deal."
Highly recommended. "
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