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US Stove Forester Wood Pellet Stove

Up to 40,000 BTUs of Output; EPA Certified; Heats Up to 1,600 Sq. Ft.
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Customer Reviews for US Stove Forester Wood Pellet Stove
Review 1 for US Stove Forester Wood Pellet Stove
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:Baltimore, MD.
Date:March 5, 2012

Burns Too Hot - when/if it runs

Pros: burns hot - when its 15 deg
Cons: cheaply manufactured
Model Number: 481250
" If you buy this product, you need a fresh air vent and it better be cold.
It burns so hot that it run through Pellets like crazy, on LOW - and it shuts off every 15 minutes.
Even after bypassing the heat sensor - it cuts off all the time.
Now the auguer is broken, Ugh "
Review 2 for US Stove Forester Wood Pellet Stove
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Bandon, OR
Date:December 11, 2011


Pros: costco has a good refund policy
Cons: not a quality product, self repair, long wait for parts
Model Number: Forester
" We have had the stove for 10 months. At first the stove seemed to work great but didn't light itself half the time and once in a while it would overheat and shut down. I called the stove company customer service waited on hold quite awhile then they had me removing wires and using paperclips to bypass safety sensors to pinpoint the problems. I ended up adjusting the ignitor and it lights most of the time now but we never found the problem with the overheating! They sent me a new power supply to install myself, I spent an hour putting it in and it was defective, dead on arrival! It takes weeks to get parts in the mail from them.
I was at the local stove dealer and heard another person telling them of the same exact situation with their Forester stove they bought through COSTCO.
I am glad Costco has a good return policy, I am returning it to the local store "
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Review 3 for US Stove Forester Wood Pellet Stove
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Lynnfield, MA
Date:October 5, 2011

Definite issues

Pros: good price, lots of heat
Cons: mechanical issues, limited fan speeds and temp control, a bit loud
Model Number: 5294
" You should not buy this stove unless you are mechanically inclined. There is a reason it is so inexpensive. It is limited in that you cannot set a thermostat for consistent temp, and it also only allows 3 rather similar fan speeds. It could use a lower setting quite frankly. It WILL provide more than adequate heat and it is priced right.
All that being said, I've had some problems with it. The first big problem was one of the auger bearings froze. This made the auger creak (like a listing ship). The sound was unbearable. When I called to have them service it under warranty they were nice enough. The problem is they have no service reps anywhere. They offered all parts and up to $35 / hour for labor, but I had to find the person and pay if the labor cost more.
I fixed it myself, but most people wouldn't have a clue or want to do that. But now the stove shuts off every 15 minutes as I have read others mention here. I was told to replace the temp sensor, which I did, and, then, when that didn't work, to also jump the pressure switch, which I also did. Still has the problem, and from what I'm reading here it seems like a motherboard issue. So I'm guessing they imported some china made component that was cheap, but can't cut it.
I'm betting new models have taken care of this issue. The stove is quite servicable, frankly, and I'm comfortable with working on it. But, honestly, pay the extra $1,000 for a better stove if you don't want to go under the hood here.
I bought this from Costco knowing I could return it if it turned out to be a dud. I'll try to service this latest problem, but if it can't be rectified then back it goes.
That being said, I would get another one at this price point, because now I am familiar with it and there is part of me that won't pay $2,500 or $3,000 for something to burn pellets.
So that's the story here and I hope this helps someone. "
Review 4 for US Stove Forester Wood Pellet Stove
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:March 5, 2011

Do not buy

Model Number: Foresteer wood pellet stove
" This stove is poorly made. It is hard to get started and then constantly quits after it starts. We have a quadrafire pellet stove upstairs and it is easy to use and runs when it is suppose to. I would not buy this stove. "
Review 5 for US Stove Forester Wood Pellet Stove
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Hamdn, CT
Date:February 25, 2011

Very well built works nice

Pros: small unit takes up little space, well built quality product
Model Number: 5824
" Very nice stove bought this unit for a four season porch wich had poor insulation. Works unbelievable great heat. Installation was easy. Allthough the unit came defective I would buy again, bad circuit board company standing behind product shipping new board no questions asked. Over all a great product for its size shouldnt have a problem heating 1500 sqft but wouldnt recomend any more. "
Review 6 for US Stove Forester Wood Pellet Stove
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Date:February 12, 2011

Solid build but there are some issues

Pros: really impressive system technology
Cons: needs switch that allows for quick priming, external heating fan is a little noisy
Model Number: 5824
" You can't beat Costco's total package of service and price. I buy with total confidence thru Costco.
Stove would not ignite a fire and stay lit for any length of time until I got pellet feed system primed and the damper set correctly.
I have been working on this stove for a couple of weeks. Initially it would not stay lit. The manual said that it may take a few cycles of start up sequences before the stove would take off and heat area. After several start cycles failed to produce a continual fire and therefore no heat I began to examine and troubleshoot the system.
The stove system is really quite impressive. When the stove is turned on a fan turns on for the purpose of evacuating the burn box of exhaust. Also the pellet feed system (an auger and motor) will begin feeding pellets to the burn pot. A filament heats and begins the process of igniting the pellets. When a fire is ignited the burn box heats for awhile and then an external fan blows air across it and out into your room.
The issues I had and in some points still have are:
Not enough pellets were being delivered to the burn pot to keep the flame alive. On first use you must get the auger primed with pellets before the stove will be able to provide fuel at a consistant rate. It takes a long time to get the pellet feed auger to be fully primed with pellets. The auger screw turns so slowly that my unit took literally hours of start cycles before it could provide enough pellet fuel to keep a flame going. The auger on high has an apprx. duty cycle of 3 sec on and 3 sec off which results in about 1/8" travel of the screw. (There should be a switch that allows the auger motor to run continuously until properly primed) You have to get pellets all the way up the screw before they can be dropped into the burn pot.
The other variable to keeping a fire alive is the damper setting. My unit came with the damper fully open and this exasperated the fuel starvation problem because the fire burned more aggresively than the feed system could keep it fueled.
I called USStove for support and got some pretty poor advice. I informed the rep that my stove couldn't keep enough fuel in the burn pot to keep the fire going. She put me on hold and came back with the solution that I should jumper out the pressure switch that enables or disables the auger motor. I told her that I had already checked with a DVM and confirmed that the auger motor was getting power and therefore the pressure sw was functioning correctly. And that was it....she had no other solution or suggestion and basically cut me loose. Wow! Time to take this back to Costco. So
I called Costco customer service and they advised me to always call them first (I will). Costco called USStove and got a different ext to call and this got me to a better support rep who had the (correct) idea that closing the damper would create a less aggresive fire and therefore not burn itself out. It worked.
When the auger is primed and the damper is set correctly the stove works pretty nicely.
I agree with other reviewers who noted the BTU ratings were not in line with the manuals statements. And this discrepancy occurs at USStove website as well. The manual indicates BTU's of 30K and heating capability of 850 sq ft. vs the advertised 44k BTU and 1500 sq ft.
Bottom line: I think this stove uses a total system technology that makes it very safe and is built solidly. When you gain some awareness of its limitations (auger priming) and adjustments (damper) it works pretty well for a small shop. "
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Review 7 for US Stove Forester Wood Pellet Stove
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:MONTVILLE, NJ 07045
Date:February 3, 2011


Pros: compact great heat output
Cons: long wait for delivery
Review 8 for US Stove Forester Wood Pellet Stove
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:CA Costco Customer.
Date:January 26, 2011

Not a good stove

Pros: heats room and house very well
Cons: sort of loud only three fan speeds.
Model Number: 5824
" I rarely write reviews but thought before anyone else buys this they should consider a few things. I had to return the first one, the auger system was not working correctly and it was squeaking. USSC stove did send me a replacement motor but is was not the issue. I returned it to Costco. Costco did a great job and they returned it with no hassle. I thought i would give a second unit a try since I already had a hole in the wall to match the unit. Now the second unit shuts off every 15 minutes for no reason...the second unit has issues as well. I think there is a quality issue with these stove. I do like the stove when it works. It is loud though and the fan only has 3 does heat the room very well though. "
Review 9 for US Stove Forester Wood Pellet Stove
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Date:January 26, 2011

BTU Not Accurate !!

Pros: competitor sells for $1499., compact size
Cons: btu rating discrepancy
Model Number: 5824
" Our stove arrived quickly - DAMAGED FRONT from shipper. Since I was unable to open the Forrester Operating Manual from the website, I was VERY disappointed to read the BTU rating is MUCH lower than Costco shows on the website. Much like the other reviewer said, don't look for the 44000 BTU. I contacted Costco, who said the Manufacturer must disclose the EPA rating of the unit, but Costco can advertise what the vendor says the unit is CAPABLE of. The unit keeps my 800sq ft basement cozy but I was hoping for a little more. Blue big-box store sells same unit for $1499 so price was good. "
Review 10 for US Stove Forester Wood Pellet Stove
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:January 26, 2011

Dragon in the Living Room

Pros: easy set up small
Cons: shipping was a little rough on it.
" Okay so this little pellet stove, puts out some heat. Costco ad say 44K BTU, manual that comes with it says30K BTU. Anyway you look at it, our living room, kitchen and upstairs are toasty warm now, about 1800 sq ft, and we like it at around 72F to 74F, and about 68F in the upstairs bedrooms. We do have ceiling fans to circulate the heat. "
Review 11 for US Stove Forester Wood Pellet Stove
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Clearwater County, North Central Idaho
Date:December 29, 2010

Good value for the money.

Pros: relatively easy to install., compact; doesn't take up a lot of floor space.
Cons: needs a bigger hopper or maybe a hopper extension
Model Number: Forester Model 5824
" For installation to code, you need to be prepared to spend a couple hundred bucks for the correct venting materials. Not at all difficult to install. BUT... It's too small for my hot rod shop with its 14 foot high walls, 20 foot ceiling peak and 1300 sq. ft. of floor area. The BTU output rating listed by Costco is not the same as the manufacturer; Costco claims 44,000 BTU and up to 1600 square feet. The manufacturer (United States Stove Co.) lists it as 16,673 to a maximum of 40,000 on their website; the manual says 30,000 BTU and 850 square feet. That smaller number seems to be closer to being accurate; it has trouble keeping my R-10 insulated shop much above 45 degrees. The BTU output depends somewhat on the quality of fuel, but I purchased good premium pellets and it still doesn't put out as much heat as I had hoped. Maybe I expected too much from a stove this size. If you have a lot of cubic feet to heat, like I do, you might want to consider a larger unit. "
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Review 12 for US Stove Forester Wood Pellet Stove
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:WA state
Date:December 8, 2010

Nice heat output

Cons: our auto igniter quit working after the first day
" Stove puts out great heat & keeps our 2 story house warm. We usually have to shut it off after about a half hour that's how well it works. Easy to install, but you do have to purchase an install kit and floor pad. "
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