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EPIC View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill

20" x 60" Treadbelt 3.25 Continuous Duty HP Motor iFit® Workout Card Technology
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Customer Reviews for EPIC View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill
Review 1 for EPIC View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Date:August 17, 2010

An Exercise in Futility

Model Number: EPIC View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill
" I ordered the treadmill on 6/21/10. UPS called on 6/25 and set up delivery for 6/29. UPS wheeled the box into my garage. Great service. I live in a state where there is a local Icon Fitness dealer so your delivery may take longer, I don't know.
The box measures 83 3/4" x 38" x 15" and weighs 311 lbs. It fit nicely in my garage on its side for 2 weeks while we rounded up people to move it into the house.
A strap with a cinch is very helpful and will hold the arms down if you take it out of the box for moving as we did. It took two fit men to move it but we had 3 just in case. It was put in the basement so only 2 people could fit down the stairs. One end is much heavier than the other so you might have to have a coin toss to see who gets which end.
Two weeks later we finally set up the treadmill. You need to SAVE one of the cardboard pieces that comes in the packaging as it is required for the set up, or you will need to find something like it to hold up the heavy end. You'll see in the instructions.
Set up was very similar to what other people have posted and I really appreciate those comments.
On August 2nd I took my first walk on the treadmill. It was squeaking like a little mouse at first and then like a larger mouse so I stopped at one mile. I called Icon Fitness. The customer service lady said the belt was too tight (which is how it came) and was instructing me on how to loosen the belt. She said you have to be able to lift the belt with your fingers 3" without force or it's too tight, thus the squeaking. She began instructing me on how to loosen the belt. I noticed a greasy, diagonal impression across the belt, about 4" wide and thought something was wrong with the belt. She hesitated a bit and then finally said she would send another belt and that it would arrive at the end of the week, so approximately August 6th.
The serviceman contracted to install the new belt called on August 3rd to say he was ready to install and to let him know when the belt arrived.
On August 12th I called Icon Fitness regarding the belt. The c.s. gentleman said the belt was in work order status and that it would be arriving at their company any day now and then they would send it which was odd as the first lady indicated it was in stock and would be sent immediately.
I looked up customer reviews for Icon Fitness and was not pleased with them, taking into account that you will always have some people who may not be exactly fair in their comments.
In any case, I decided from the reviews and from my experience that I did not want to risk further issues with Icon Fitness. An especially iteresting review is from one of the contractors who was working for Icon and has not been paid. I started to wonder about the company with that review in and off itself.
I returned the treadmill to Costo today. They were absolutely great about the return. If and when the belt arrives I will ship it back to Icon but being promised the product on August 6th and still not having it on August 17th is not a good sign.
Finally, for what it's worth I was not impressed with the plastic finishes on the console of the treadmill and the TV seemed quite tiny but I really can't comment further on the overall quality of the treadmill as I only trekked a mile on it. Good luck. Hope this review helps. "
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Review 2 for EPIC View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:August 25, 2010

Bad choice

" I purchased the treadmill it was a very fast delivery, heads up very very heavy. So where do I start we got it all set up day one the treadmill came on a permanent incline so called EPIC customer service and very nice people we order the part and great they came and put it together and it was fixed. So when I get to use the treadmill for like 30 min into the work out when I have my TV, and fan going the Tv just kept shutting of. So here we go again calling the EPIC customer care service this time not as pleasant service any longer one I had to keep reapeating myself over explaining to her that something was not right. Well when she finally got to understanding what was going on she said she will order the parts and that I should be recieving within 10 days, so there I ask so do I get a tech to insatll the new part she said this was an easy process and I could do it myself. When i replied that I didnt feel comfortable doing this she took the liberty to express that if I put the treadmill together I should be fine changing the part. Well I finally got upset and I replied that when I paid for this product it was new and without flaws I didnt pay for a used discounted product so I wanted a machine that was reliable and not breaking and having falty parts from day one. I was not a mechanic and wasnt going to settle for nothing less than full service. So finally she gave some numbers and I got a tech to the house to fix this TV cable that was supoosively the problem. Well the nightmare doesnt end there. The technician arrived to the house and figured out that this was not the problem the problem was the console well I am glad I argued to get a tech. Well now a few months into the ordering this item is still not working properly.
Nothing against Costco I love it however they should not sell this item. This item seems likes it been seating in a warehouse for years and all the wiring is horribly BAD! I am literally getting this treadmill rebuilt piece by piece what a hassle but its even worse trying to return this heavy monster.
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Review 3 for EPIC View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:May 19, 2010

Some Pluses and Minuses so far

" First the pluses:
I ordered this treadmill on Friday, May 7th and it shipped on Monday, May 10th. I received a call on Wednesday from UPS freight to schedule a delivery and it was delivered on Friday, May 14th. All in all an extremely good ordering/shipping experience, especially when Costco's website says it could take 2-3 weeks for delivery.
The treadmill seemed to be packed well and didnt come damaged (as far as i could tell) as some other reviews have stated. It is as HEAVY as everyone else has stated, I had to get a dolly to transport it from my garage to my backyard. Hopefully heavy translates into durable and high quality
Now the minuses:
I went to assemble it on Sunday and the first steps are to put the Uprights (the two pieces that hold the Console) into place. After this it tells you to bolt the console on. Well i could not make the holes in the uprights and console line up for the life of me. I tried loosening the bolts holding the uprights in place in an attempt to get some "wiggle" room but this didnt work either. I also made sure i had the right and left uprights (they are labeled) in the correct place. I finally gave up frustrated. I disassembled what i had done and laid the uprights on top of one another to see if they were symmetrical (as suggested to me by the Epic customer service guy) and the Right Upright appears to be poorly made.
So now Epic is going to send me new Upright(s) and i'll have to try this process over again. Another positive thing is that so far the Epic customer service people have been very friendly and seem accommodating (unlike some other reviews have stated).
I'll post an update when i get the parts but i've given it 4 stars so far just based on the hope that they come in fast and work and the treadmill works as well as it looks. "
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Review 4 for EPIC View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:San Diego, CA
Date:May 23, 2010

Can't believe the last review

" I had an identical experience with getting the console to attach to the two support columns as the previous post.
The delivery was very fast, it was heavy, but workable. It certainly did not take 4 hours to put together as I had read. It would have taken well under an hour including taking it out of the box and moving it if it had not been for the console not fitting to the two support posts.
There are only four main pieces, so it is easy to put together if they fit.
As I said, I could not initially get the console to connect to the support with the four screws provided; however, I tried again the next morning (after thinking about it all night and figuring I would have to lug it back to Costco). This time I took the console completely off and tried putting the supports on the console before it was on the main track (just laying it on the couch). Sure enough it fit together, so I knew in theory it should fit together once on the track.
This time when I put the two support posts on the track I barely screwed in the bottom four screws. Viola, it did come together and my kids have been using it all day long.
So far so good, I will try and post again in a few weeks/months to update.
As I thought, to make the TV work you need a cable outlet and of course where I placed it there is no cable so I guess I will use the screen to show DVDs through the AV connection. "
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Review 5 for EPIC View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:March 2, 2010

Nice features-Solid machine

Model Number: EPIC View 550 SD trainer treadmill
" This treadmill is solid and very well contructed. It took about an hour to put together and took 2 people. It is very heavy so we made sure to place it where it can stay forever. It stays in place unlike some wimpy treadmills that move across the room with you. The last one I had years ago had to be pushed back 2-3 feet after every workout. This machine doesn't shimmy even at a run and the display is bright and easy to read. I didn't buy it for the TV--that's just a cherry on top--but I wanted something that would last, was sturdy with a longer walking surface. It makes me want to get on it every morning and makes working out a pleasure. I'm still learning all the features, but even if you don't use the ifit card or one of the programs, just get on it and press START. I originally considered purchasing a different machine that was $400 dollars less, but after researching reviews on the web, I decided to shell out the extra cash and I know I made the right decision. I highly recommend this treadmill for anyone who wants to get in shape. Walking is the best exercise and I don't have to deal with the extreme elements that keep me from exercising outdoors and I don't have to hoof it over to the Health Club and wait for a machine to come available. I just walk down the hall, get on, and go! "
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Review 6 for EPIC View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Date:June 6, 2010

Works. . .sort of

Model Number: EPTL99609.0
" When I ordered this product, I knew that it would be heavy, but I guess I was unprepared for how large the box and double-palette would be. It now occupies half of my garage.
Not mentioned in other reviews is the width of the treadmill. It will not fit through normal-width doors and the track portion must be moved through on its side before assembly. Be sure to rent furniture dollies (the flat things with four wheels), this will save your back!
Now for the 3-stars: When first used, we noticed that the speed was jumping up and down by .4 mph. At 1-2 mph the treadmill would actually stop sometimes. Other times the treadmill won't start.
We did all the troubleshooting and called service, who ran through some tests and said we must have a bad console. We are still waiting for the replacement console.
Another problem is the erratic remote for the television. It seems to work only when it feels like it, especially when you want to change channels. This could be a tuner problem, because some of the channels that are available on our regular television are scrambled on the treadmill TV. The fan produces static noise on the television, mostly on high speed.
We will see how much of this will be resolved when we receive the new console. "
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Review 7 for EPIC View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Bend, OR
Date:February 15, 2011

Doesn't stand up to daily use

Model Number: Epic View 550
" I purchased this treadmill from Costco after reading many positive reviews but was disappointed after only 3 months of using the treadmill on a daily basis. Initially the treadmill began making a loud clunking noise while I was running. The noise would lessen if I started to walk. I rechecked the treadmill, per the instructions, but everything was adjusted properly. Then after about 4 months the belt on the deck began to slip while running. I started to read the online reviews and all of these problems seemed to be pretty common failures of this unit. Most people don't use home treadmills very frequently once they purchase them and it seems this one was designed with that premise in mind. I called the support company for Epic but they were unable to get a technician out to where I live so I ended up returning the treadmill to Costco and ended up purchasing a refurbished professional treadmill for more money. Structure-wise, this seemed like a decent unit, but the components were very cheap and the treadmill is just not designed for daily use by one or more individuals. "
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Review 8 for EPIC View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Northridge, CA
Date:September 30, 2010

Excellent Treadmill

Pros: smooth running, easy to use, super heavy = strong, has tv and aux plug in
Cons: pulse sensor inaccurate, cannot enter weight
Model Number: Model EPTL99609
" Excellent machine. Commercial length and commercial strong. Has an over 3HP motor. Super heavy, 300 lbs. You need 4 people to move it down a hallway and at least 2 people to build it. It took me about 2.5 hours to build. Not difficult but heavy moving around. Very smooth for incline running. Buttons are one-click easy. One click for incline and one click for speed. Love the green instrument panel lights. Soothing on the eye. I haven't used the TV and speakers just yet. I've been using it for only 4 days. So far so good.
Two problems. Pulse sensor jumps all over the place. Not very accurate for a $1000 machine. But, I don't care about that much. If you want to really have an accurate pulse reading, get a wrist watch pulse sensor thing. I would have liked to have the option of enter my weight so I can have an accurate number of calories burnt. I weight 225 lb. and I get a similar reading of calories burnt that my wife gets, and she's 115lb. Again for $1000 I should of gotten that.
Overall, I love the product. It's great where it matters to me. "
Review 9 for EPIC View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:March 27, 2011

Solid Buy, but..

Pros: overall sturdiness of major parts
Cons: tv has issues
" Let me start out by sayiing, I've had this treadmill for about a year and a half. I've put around 500-1000 miles on it (no exaggeration). It works great. I should also mention that I'm 260lbs. I work that thing over. But, it's handled it like a champ.
When I first got it, I DID have a little problem with the belt getting loose over time. There are set screws in the rear to tighten the belt. You are supposed to have to tighten it from time to time. But, it was loosening after like 2 runs for me. It COULD have been my weight. I added some lock washers on the bolts that tighten the rear roller (and therefore the belt). It's been great ever since.
Last thing is that the TV gets some interferance sometimes with my dvd player. If I stop the belt, the lines stop. So, the treadmill itself is causing this. No big deal. I don't use the T.V. that much anyway. It still works though.
All in all, good bones but the features can be flimsy.
I'd buy it again though. No question.
You'll want help assembling it. I did it myself.. but it's a pain. "
Review 10 for EPIC View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Littleton, CO
Date:November 3, 2010


Pros: great delivery, thank god it is from costco and i can return it
Cons: unreliable treadmill manufacturer, poor product, poor customer service
Model Number: EPTL99609-1
" Received the treadmill, with the boxing in good shape. Easy to assembly. Treadmill motor did not work, at all. Called up the manufacturer and they ran me through a diagnostic test and determined that the motor did not work, probably a faulty wiring. BTW, apparently the indepth service manual with schematics and diagnostic info is placed inside the main unit (where all the buttons are located). They then said they would contact someone to fix the treadmill and that company would respond in two days. Over a week went by and I did not receive a call. Called back the manufacturer and they were very rude with me. They did, however, give me the name of the repair company in my area. After 4 more days, I decided to call the repair company. The line had been disconnected. At that point, I lost faith in the product and the company that should stand behind their treadmill. Called up, explained what happened and they are sending out a truck to my house to pick up the treadmill. "
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Review 11 for EPIC View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Turlock, CA
Date:March 13, 2010

Exactly what I needed!!

Pros: nice looking treadmill will not disappoint.
Cons: small screw that holds the rubber foot peg.
Model Number: EPIC View 550 SD
" I was very surprised to see this thing in its box. It is large and very sturdy. Setting up was not bad at all. Approx 45min with me and my son who is 14yrs old. I believe that I spent more time trying to figure where to place it, than assembling it. The Item came in approx 9 days after ordering it, thus Excellent delivery time and service. The Delivery guy placed in my garage, where we had plenty of space to assemble it. I have now been jogging/running on it for approx 3-4 weeks where I place approx 5 miles per day and my son approx another 5. So far no flaws. The only one problem that I had with it had to do with the small rubber foot peg that holds the treadmill from sliding around. It broke off, due to what i believe is a pretty small metal screw and from our indecisiveness of moving it around. I retapped the hole with larger stronger metal screw using same rubber footing, now perfect. "
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Review 12 for EPIC View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Date:March 29, 2010


Cons: required to unplug after use., must register within 30 days or you are fined.
Model Number: EPTL 99609.0
" I like the treadmill in many ways, however after about 5 weeks, the speed fluctuated up and down erratically so bad I called in for support. Excessively long phone wait time. Lady chastised me since she had not received my registration info which I had sent "on time". A threat of $25 fee had me ready to send it back to Costco. Next she ran me thru a diagnostic which re-calibrated the settings for incline and speed. Worked on second try. Then the clincher, she said I needed to not only turn off the machine when I'm thru using it, but to turn off the treadmill circuit breaker and to unplug it as well. When I protested, I got no satisfaction. She says power strips are unacceptable. I don't have to unplug TVs or computers, why is this necessary for a treadmill. Surely a machine this expensive could have been designed better. I'm still considering returning it. "
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Review 13 for EPIC View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Date:June 29, 2010

Might be nice, if it arrive intact

Pros: has potential to be a good sturdy treadmill., other sites offer this model for $1900, nice offered features
Cons: poor shipping, apparently unreliable build quality
Model Number: EPIC 550
" I ordered the treadmill and received a call that it was ready to be delivered within 2 weeks. The box arrived looking as if it had been through a shredder --- multiple holes and footprints on it. After unpacking it, I was very disappointed to discover that the base had 2 large cracks in it. I have called the customer service, who informed me that the pieces were out of stock, and I would need to wait until they were replenished. Nicely, the Icon customer support offered to have a technician perform the replacement work, and they have called me in advance to schedule the work, although the parts remain absent. As it stands, I still have yet to evaluate the other parts to determine if I have any additional landmines awaiting me. If the product didn't weigh over 300 lbs, I most likely would have returned it by now. "
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Review 14 for EPIC View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Nuevo, CA
Date:March 25, 2011

Valuable Purchase

Pros: great features, ease of controls
Cons: heavy
Model Number: EPTL99609.1
" Prior to purchase we shopped around and checked all the reviews on This seemed the best value for the price. We received our treadmill earlier than expected, which was great. As so many others and Costco suggest we inspected the box upon arrival. No real damage noted. As expected it was heavy, but I was able to get it into the house by myself and assemble by myself. It went together without a hitch. We have been using it almost daily for almost a month now with no problems at all. We have tried all the buttons and the music player. All work great. The only other things I would suggest: register on line with the company. It's easy! And get a mat for underneath it. The only thing we have not tested is the television. It works but we haven't hooked it up yet.
Great Value!
Great Price!
Thanks Costco! "
Review 15 for EPIC View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:Antioch, CA
Date:March 14, 2011

EPIC terrible customer service

" Purchased this treadmill online and it was delivered to my home. There was no exterior damage to the box, however the product was riddled with defects. First the belt had what look like oil stains all over it and the "EPIC" stamp was blurry. The posts were bent and the predrilled holes did not line up; so much so that, when it's fully assembled it doesn't fold up. Contacted EPIC and they would not assist, replace, or send other parts and wanted us to return this awkward 311 lb product ourselves back to Costco. Fortunately, Costco has great customer service and took care of the situation. A 2nd treadmill was sent to replace the defective pieces, and a truck came to return the defective unit . Ultimately the product seems to be a good sturdy unit but getting it to this point was a hassle. "
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Review 16 for EPIC View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Milwaukee, WI
Date:May 17, 2010

Great treadmill, VERY heavy

Pros: good price, tv is excellent, great sound, easy programming
Cons: heavy
" We were suprised and pleased that the treadmill shipped the next day after we ordered it! It was delivered a short one week after placing the order.
The treadmill is VERY heavy. My husband and I were barely able to get it up the stairs. I would recommend having two burly guys move the treadmill. The Old Dominion Delivery man was kind enough to push the box up our driveway to the garage - but even taking the treadmill in piece by piece is still horrible. The deck comes preassembled and probably weighs 300 pounds.
After getting it inside, assembly was easy! It connected via coaxial cable to our dish box, and the tv looks and sounds great.
The treadmill is nicely constructed and has many options, easy buttons, and great programs. "
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Review 17 for EPIC View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Date:January 22, 2011

Love the options - not reliable long term...

Pros: size belt tv!! love the fans and features.
Cons: reliability.
" I've had this treadmill for almost 10 months. Love the TV, the fans, the size, the sturdiness of it all. I didn't use it for a few months. Suddenly the audio didn't work, speakers, nor the headset jack. I called customer service - no call, no show 2 weeks later. Suddenly the treadmill circuite board is a complete mess. The belt speeds up, inaccurate speed reading, slows down - there are serious electronic circuit board issues. I called again for a technician to come out and no response again for the past 4 days.
Sadly I think this is going back to Costco. Love Costco's return guarantee. Just sad -none of the their other treadmills have the same features for the same price. I guess you get what you pay for! "
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Review 18 for EPIC View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Boston, MA
Date:January 27, 2010

Great Product, Great value

Pros: sturdy; solid motor w/good hp; comfortable deck, mp3 hookup; good sound; tv w/cable & dvd hookup
Cons: very heavy especially when putting in a basement, pulse reader is not always accurate
Model Number: View 550
" I searched a number of internet stores for treadmills that had good ratings, solid motors & amenities like a TV or MP3 player hookup. While these exist, they generally are 2500+. I read good reviews on the View 550 so I decided to take a chance. I can't be happier.
The treadmill is well built, is comfortable to run on and has great features. I was very surprised at the quality of the sound system given that it is built into a treadmill.
I plan on adding a wireless extender to my cable box that will give me full cable on the TV. Once I do that, I have all the A/V I need to keep me entertained on the long runs.
Overall, a great product & a great bargain! "
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Review 19 for EPIC View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:April 4, 2010

Quality product with lots of features.

Pros: good tv2 fansipod adapteramazing sound., heavy bang for your buck.
Cons: extremely heavy.pulse sensors are useless.
Model Number: Epic view 550
" I bought this treadmill 03/15/2010 and received it after 17 days. treadmill is extremely heavy. its a pain to get it to the basement from your drive way. took around 1hour to assemble it. its easy to assemble. the best thing about the treadmill is its features.(best bang for your buck).TV is amazing and sound output is also good. i use ifit cards on this treadmill and they work flawlessly. i got my treadmill scratched while bringing it to the basement because it is super heavy. this is a quality product and one should consider buying it as the built is tough considering it a home use treadmill. pulse sensors are worthless. "
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Review 20 for EPIC View 550 SD Trainer Treadmill
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:January 19, 2010

Really great buy

Pros: built like a tank
Model Number: Epic View 550 treadmill
" I was fortunate to find as I've been looking for a "club" design for some time and thought and planned on spending about 2 grand. I hadn't seen one with a TV in it, especially for the price. I have had it for about a week now and no problems. You can watch TV or hook up a DVD player/satellite receiver, cable or MP3 and look at or listen to anything you have. It is extremely heavy and requires some pretty stout backs to put it where you want it. It will never be moved. I did a lot of research and it was the only one that if the TV conked out, the rest of the readout still works. I am extremely pleased with the purchase. "
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