Customer Reviews for HP Pavilion p6367c-b Desktop Q8300 2.5GHz

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HP Pavilion p6367c-b Desktop Q8300 2.5GHz

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Customer Reviews for HP Pavilion p6367c-b Desktop Q8300 2.5GHz
Review 1 for HP Pavilion p6367c-b Desktop Q8300 2.5GHz
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Fresno, CA
Date:February 28, 2010

A high-end machine

Pros: 25-inch montor widescreen lcd (full 1080p hd), quad-core processor, 8 gb ram, beautiful
Cons: integrated graphics, weak power supply, no wireless card
Model Number: HP Pavilion p6367 c-b
" I recently purchased this computer and I am very satisfied my purchase.
I will start with the things I am most impressed by. This computer is fast! Core 2 Quad processor and 8 GB of memory definitely do the job. In addition, the 25-inch widescreen LCD is stunning. With HDMI, DVI, and VGA there are multiple connection options for the monitor (unfortunately, no HDMI port on tower). In addition, the built in 2-watt speakers are adequate and provide a clutter free work area. Further, there are enough ports (USB2, 15 format memory card reader, ethernet, mic & headphone) on front and back of tower to keep most users happy. There are MANY good things about this computer, too many to list. And of course it looks good... which is a good thing.
On the other hand, there are also some features I would rank as substandard. Mainly, the Intel GMA X4500 integrated graphics is decent at best. For those who have not had premium video cards or do not play PC games, this will not be an issue as the graphics are 'good'. But in relation to the other parts of this bundle, the graphics are certainly the weak leak. In addition, the power supply is only 300W. This is a problem for those who plan to put in a video card, as most require at least 400W. Lastly, there is no wireless card, which is a big miss by HP.
In closing, I HIGHLY recommend this computer and would suggest that for the current price ($899), along with Costco's excellent concierge services, you can not find a better deal.
If you add a video card (approx $75) and power supply (aprox $50) the HP p6367 c-b is comparable to $1500 computers being sold by overpriced name brand companies.
On the other hand, If you simply open the box and use it for email, word processing, and Internet purposes... that will work as well.
In closing, if you buy this computer you will not be disappointed! Regardless of your needs, you will love the HP p6367 c-b. "
Review 2 for HP Pavilion p6367c-b Desktop Q8300 2.5GHz
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Denver, CO
Date:February 20, 2010

Best Purchase Ever

Pros: great computer
Cons: none
Model Number: HP Pavilion p6367c-b
" I purchased this hp p6367c-b at my local Costco warehouse around the past holiday season. I had done a lot of research on-line and found this PC to be my first choice. We presently have two other HP Desktops that have been working just fine for about 5 years.
I love every thing about this computer as well as Windows 7 and the HP 2509m-25 inch monitor.
Thank you, Costco!!! for the fine products you carry as well as the excellent service!
Review 3 for HP Pavilion p6367c-b Desktop Q8300 2.5GHz
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Date:February 16, 2010


Pros: face it-it's way better than your current computer
Cons: free hp games are great but soon become not free.
" I got this computer from the costco warehouse just before the holidays, and it has been a super buy. I would agree with the review that says it would benefit from an internal wireless adaptor, but in further research, not many desktops come with this unless custom built.
I'd also agree that the 25" monitor is crisp and stunning. It makes the computer experience for every application that much better. Google earth runs smoothly and is so much fun on this computer, not just because of the huge monitor, but because of the great graphics. This is not supposed to be a gaming computer, but I have found it to run Madden and other EA games on their highest settings with no issues.
This is my first HP, and I love it, so I just hope it lasts a long time because so far so good. If you spend days researching computers like I did, you will likely come to the conclusion that Costco's price and warranty can't be beat. "
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Review 4 for HP Pavilion p6367c-b Desktop Q8300 2.5GHz
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Los Angeles
Date:February 11, 2010

Good Value

Model Number: p6367c
" HP should indicate graphics card resolutions, so that you can see if the monitor you want to use, can be used with this CPU.
You can NOT use a DVI-D dual-link monitor with this DVI-D single-link CPU (unless you install another graphics card).
The included graphics card is built into the mother board. "
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Review 5 for HP Pavilion p6367c-b Desktop Q8300 2.5GHz
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:February 10, 2010

No Internal Wireless Card

Model Number: P6367c-b
" Great Box. No internal wireless card. Have to go and purchase something to get on my network "
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Review 6 for HP Pavilion p6367c-b Desktop Q8300 2.5GHz
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Plano, TX
Date:February 8, 2010

Great desktop

Pros: bright 25-inch display, windows 7 is great and stable, computer is fast and quiet, costco 2-year warranty, good price
Cons: no hp printer driver for my hp1012 !
Model Number: hp6367c
" I bought this hp6367cin December 2009 after my 5-year old hp began having problems. I wanted to use it for a while before reviewing it. This new machine is great with an Intel quad core processor and 8G RAM, and the Windows 7 (64-bit) is a huge improvement over Windows XP. It is extremely stable and has many new and useful features (for some video previews go to For internet security and virus protection, I downloaded the free Microsoft Security Essentials. I really like the hp 25-inch LCD display and it easily displays two documents side by side for improved productivity. I actually get excited everytime I awaken the machine and see the big display! Another plus is the computer is extremely quiet. My only complaint is that there is no hp printer driver for my hp1012 printer and Win-7. Be sure to check the hp website for Win-7 (64-bit) driver support. "
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