Customer Reviews for iFIT Live Module

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iFIT Live Module

18 Month Membership Card Controls Your Equipment’s Speed, Incline or Resistance
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Customer Reviews for iFIT Live Module
Review 1 for iFIT Live Module
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Moreno Valley, CA
Date:April 13, 2011

So far can't use it.

Cons: wireless connection
" The Ifit module will not hook up to my home wireless router. Contacted Kyocera and have been going back and forth ever since. Probably will have to return it. "
Review 2 for iFIT Live Module
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Bossier City, LA
Date:March 4, 2011

Waste of time and money

Cons: not reliable, website is very limited, customer service is lacking
" I bought iFit Live along with my Eliptical a little over a year ago when it was still in BETA mode. It works as well now as it did then. (Read hardly works and only when it feels like it)
It took three modules to get one that would finish the set up process. Customer service is not at all helpful. I have never been able to speak to someone on the phone and they only seem to have standard answers for emails. Good luck getting actual personalized help for your specific problem.
Mine only connects to the internet when it feels like it. My wireless modem is in the same room as my eliptical, but the module constantly says there's a low signal and it may be unable to download a workout. When it actually does manage to download a workout, the connection goes in and out causing the workout to stop and the website to register half a dozen workouts for that one session.
Once your stats are screwed up, there's no way to go in and delete all of the extra sessions that it created which renders the calorie balance aspect useless. You also can't update your calories online. We all know a HRM is more accurate than the machine, but there's no way to go in and update the calories to what you actually burned instead of what the program guesses you burned.
The only other feature I tried was map your own workout. You can't edit the route after you save it, so if you want to make any changes, you have re-make the route. You also can't delete any of your own routes.
My subscription is set to expire this month and I don't have any intention to renew it. It was a total waste of money and time trying to get it to work. Given the fact that it has not improved at all in the past year, I am not confident another year will bring about any positive changes. It's a shame really. It has the potential to be a great fitness tool. "
Review 3 for iFIT Live Module
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:February 16, 2011

Don't buy

Model Number: IFit Module
" These units are useless. They have are inconsistent when connecting to the wirless network and the website from IFit feels like it was created by a grade schooler "
Review 4 for iFIT Live Module
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:January 13, 2011

No Jillian, No races. No contests. No Go.

Pros: you can create a map schedule a run and run it., customer service pleasant
Cons: nothing else works or delivers as advertised., days of troubleshooting module, defective modules, customer service takes long to answer, customer service not knowledgeable enough, no jillian michaels workouts available, no races available, no world events available, module was released prematurely for this equipment
Model Number: iFit Live Module for Freemotion Treadmills
" The first iFit live module was defective. The second took days to trouble shoot with Ifit customer support. Finally, over two weeks later, the module is able connect to iFit, but not by pushing the iFit Live button to connect, as should be the case. Here's the real kicker: There are NO trainer workout programs, including Jillian Michaels, available for these treadmills sold by Costco.No advertised feature of IFit live actually is available and functioning other than the ability to create a mapped workout, schedule and download it to your treadmill. iFit Live programmers have confirmed that there are no programs at this time for these machines. There is no ETA yet. So, if you're planning on purchasing the module, WAIT. You'll be nothing but frustrated and disappointed. "
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Review 5 for iFIT Live Module
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Houston, Texas
Date:January 12, 2011

Not entirely convinced

Pros: 18 months from costco vs. 12 elsewhere, downloadable maps races etc., easy to use nice interface
Cons: how much added benefit?, jillian michaels sure can annoy quickly
" I got this for the Free Motion Eliptical Trainer we bought at Costco, thinking it would be a good addition. What I found is that it's not as useful as I had hoped, but this may be because we haven't used it to its full potential.
The eliptical we have has great built-in programs, and I found them so far to be well-designed to get even me (54-year-old with no recent history of exercise/fitness) up and using the machine.
What iFIT Live adds is several things: Michaels' annoying, predictable voice, ability to track workouts (and build up difficulty automatically, I believe), ability to track food intake (through ifit website), ability to download custom maps (Central Park, various mountains, etc.) and more. Since the device is wireless, it's supposed to upload and download info to the ifit website automatically. I find that the connectivity to our wireless router is pretty simple and effective.
But... at least the basic ifit workouts are flat laps around an oval track -- I found this boring and difficult because of the unchanging resistance/pace/elevation. I much more liked the 20-minute beginner workout that the eliptical has built-in *without* ifit, and which varied the resistance, pace, and ramp.
I haven't used the track food on ifit option yet. For me, that would be a real pain; someone who is very serious and likely to keep up with it could use that feature, I'm sure.
Michaels' voice is fairly annoying pretty quickly, and doesn't seem to be tied to how well you're doing (maybe I just haven't used it enough?).. so I consider it annoying, not useful. Maybe if I had some prior emotional connection to her it would be different.
Our eliptical's screen is monochrome only, so you see a graph of the workout, but no graphics other than the block-based ones. If you had a workout machine with a 'real' color LCD screen (perhaps this is next-gen?) it would be really awesome to download workout programs that showed the actual terrain you were running through.
As far as "recommend" -- I'd recommend to some friends, not others, based on what they told me their goals were. But I had to fill in something to post the review. "
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