Customer Reviews for REVO 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8 Audio Capable High Res Cameras

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REVO 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8 Audio Capable High Res Cameras

18.5" LCD Monitor
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Customer Reviews for REVO 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8 Audio Capable High Res Cameras
Review 1 for REVO 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8 Audio Capable High Res Cameras
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Dallas, TX
Date:August 12, 2009

Geat Value for Security System

Model Number: r16dsystem
"I am not a very technical person so I was looking for an easy to use networkable DVR surveillance system with high quality cameras. I have a business with an office and a warehouse and this system allows me to monitor the inside and perimeter of my business.
I was impressed at how easy the REVO security system is to use. It has an auto set-up wizard and very simple camera connections. All I had to do is plug in the DVR and connect the cameras with one simple cable to the back of the DVR. It was just like plugging in phone jack and there was no need to connect a separate power cord to the cameras as the connection cables have all video, data and power on one cable. The auto set-up wizard made DVR programming a breeze and I was up and running in minutes after the cable was run to the to the cameras. The remote viewing was a little tricky to get set up but the customer service department walked me right through it. Now I can view, change setting and clip video/images from my business at night right from my couch at home. Bottom line is the Revo system is a terrific value exceeding my expectations!"
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Review 2 for REVO 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8 Audio Capable High Res Cameras
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:June 30, 2010

Great DVR at good price

Model Number: REVO 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8 Cameras
"I have owned this unit for about 2 weeks now and have been very impressed with it. The customer support is the best I have ever dealt with. The unit comes with a 500 gig hd but is very easy to upgrade to 2T (uses standard SATA drives). Four of the cameras are indoor only and work well in that environment. The remaining four cameras are indoor/outdoor with IR illuminators. The problem with IR illuminators that are built into the camera is that at night bugs, rain and flying particles are very visible and will keep the motion detector busy. You can save yourself some money for long cable runs if you build up the cables yourself. Just get some RJ12 modular plugs (about 10 cents each), RJ 12 crimpers and network cable ( you only use 6 of the eight wires). I had runs of 200 feet and the CAT5E worked great. This unit has 8 RJ12 camera inputs (for the REVO cameras and 8 BNC camera inputs (which I used for my older cameras). Video captured on DVR is easily searched and can be off loaded to a flash drive. Only negative that I have: The mounting screws are very, very cheap and should be replaced with good quality screws of same size."
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Review 3 for REVO 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8 Audio Capable High Res Cameras
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:December 7, 2009

System has Best Cameras but needs HD

Pros: good cameras 520 lines, also offers domed camera units, you can upgrade hd in system easily., value
Cons: must upgrade hd
Model Number: Revo 16CH w/8 cameras 520lines
"Talked with my Alarm Installer about getting this system BEFORE I bought in to it. He says systems needs 1 TB drive before I could utilize it just as Nighttime only & weekend system. Checked with Revo ; they said they would upgrade it for 170. for 1TB drive unit. [Max upgrade is to a 2 TB unit.]
Comparing this to other systems which come with less then 500lines cameras is comparing apples to oranges. What are you going to do with other bundles? Throw the cameras out after you purchase them new? Get good cameras from the word go.
ALL these systems require good comers & High Capacity HD's to operate. They are just like a Tivo, a continuously looping HD ,
Installer had never heard of this brand but was encouraged by the fact that Customer Service is located in USA and Costco trust them enough to carry their products.
Seems as though after you purchase ANY of these bundled systems you must upgrade them some kind of way.
This one seems to have its built in flaw too making you come back to the Revo company for an additional purchase.
Have seen this same unit for $500 more though at retail.
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Review 4 for REVO 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8 Audio Capable High Res Cameras
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Date:September 5, 2010

Well Rounded System - Easy Setup

Pros: easy setup, high resolution recording, upgradeable/expandable, iphone app, solid quality, remote view
Cons: over-sized dvr, not so quiet fan
Model Number: REVO 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8 Audio Capable High Res Cameras
"We've had this system for many months now and it just keeps getting better. First, the initial setup was very easy. The network setup took a little more time, but we were also able to get it working within a few days. Second, the iPhone app added additional value by allowing us to watch our home via our cell phone. Third, it's upgradeable. We put in a Hitachi deskstar 2tb hard drive for continuous recording. The system came with firmware 1.0 and standard RAS Plus software. We recently visited the website to see what had changed, downloaded the new firmware and PC software and now we have a few more features than before, like h.264 recording. All of this makes me feel like this is a solid product. The only reason this system gets 4 stars is because their customer support really lacks. Limited hours and don't return phone calls or emails."
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Review 5 for REVO 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8 Audio Capable High Res Cameras
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Oakland, CA
Date:September 30, 2009

R16Dsystem 16 channel

Model Number: R16D System
"Excellent product. Easy to install and software easy too. I did have to call tech support at Revo and they helped me set up the network connection. These guys know what they are doing. I am also able to access my cameras while away. I have att dsl and my ip address changes but Revo provides a permanent name and secure access on the www. Wow.....
The connection is RJ12 on 8 channels and is a breeze. I may expand on the other 8 channels but the bnc connectors are annoying as they need power supplies. This is the only con that I have. It would be impressive to have all 16 channels RJ12.
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Review 6 for REVO 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8 Audio Capable High Res Cameras
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:April 6, 2010

Put wheels on that DVR and drive it!

Pros: nice cameras
Cons: huge dvr
Model Number: 16 channel 8 camera set-up
"I have tried 4 systems being a 4 camera Acronis, an 8 camera Qsee, a 16 camera Lorex and the REVO and by far the REVO seems to be the best. I bought 2 Lorex cameras with audio(must have audio) for $150.00 from a seperate retailer to have with my systems and the cameras inclued in the REVO system beat the Lorex for picture quality and the audio is just as good. I thought i would take a chance and get the Lorex 16 camera set-up for the better value option and that didnt work out too well. Yes i took them back after about 2 day's. A previous comment mentioned the scant 160gb hard drive but alas it has been upgraded in the system to a 500gb. The only negatives in the package are the larger than life DVR which i can tolerate and the mpeg-4 verses what should be H.264 compression that does make a difference in conserving hard drive space. The REVO cameras hook up with 1 cable(RJ-12) which runs to the DVR and the power is supplied along with audio/video through said cable so no need to use seperate power supplies as with most other systems and that is a huge plus. >>So this DVR has 8 channels dedicated RJ-12 for the supplied cameras and 8 more for the older somewhat clunky 2 wire deal my oh so great Lorex cameras use. I will be honest in the fact i tried to save a buck more than once but when the dust cleared i have found a keeper in this 16 channel REVO package. It is a nice system and i would buy it again."
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Review 7 for REVO 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8 Audio Capable High Res Cameras
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:October 24, 2009
Model Number: Revo 16 Channel 8 Camera DVR
"When I first got the system, the monitor was bad. I returned it back to Revo and they promptly sent me a new one. Overall the system is good, except for a few drawbacks (see below).
Ease of use (excellent)
This system is very easy to setup and install. The all-in-one power, audio and video single cable makes it easy. Like a phone line, just plug into the DVR and you are done. Of course, the difficult part is running the cables from all the cameras to the DVR.
Audio & Video (very good)
The audio quality is very good. I can hear recognizable noises across the street. The video quality is good. Within 12 feet I can see the object clearly. From 12-24 feet, I can recognize the object but details get distorted. After 24 feet, I can still recognize the object but I wouldn’t be able to tell for example what kind of dog breed it is. I can only tell that is it a small or a big dog.
Cameras - Dome & Bullet (excellent)
These cameras are small and discreet. They are easily adjusted to aim any angles that I needed them to aim. The audio and video quality are very good.
Monitor (very good, but…)
This 19 inch monitor is very clear and offers good resolution. However beware do not press the “auto” button on the back of the monitor or select the “reset” on the menu option. My monitor behaved strangely after I accidentally press the “auto” button on the back of the monitor. After pressing the button, I was unable to resize the vertical image on the screen, causing the image to shift one inch below the monitor, rendering a portion of the image not viewable. I had to send it back to Revo for a replacement.
160 GB Hard drive (insufficient – too small)
The DVR comes with 160 GB hard drive. For the price of about $1,200, this system should have come with at least 320 GB hard drive.
Cable – VGA & Audio (too short)
The VGA and audio cables are way too short. They are less than 3 feet long, meaning that you have to place the monitor next to the DVR. The point of having a surveillance system is so that you can monitor the activities and at the same time keep the DVR in a secure place where the bad guy can’t get access to. That means that the monitor and the DVR are not in the same room. Although the video can be viewed remotely over the internet, it is better to view directly from the DVR. Internet viewing is best when you are not in the office. Expect to spend another $100-$200 for VGA 60 ft extension cable. For the price of about $1,200, this system should have come with 60 foot long VGA cable and Audio cable.
DVR – (beware: affects the garage door opener)
This DVR system interferes with my garage door opener, rendering it non-operational. I believe the DVR is transmitting RF frequency that interferes with the garage door opener. Now I am unable to open my garage with the remote garage door opener. If I disconnect the DVR, then everything is back to normal. The solution is to place the DVR in a different room.
WebGuard & RASplus software (ok – but many of the repetitive tasks are not thought out)
The system comes with 2 types of applications that allow you to monitor over the interenet. WebGuard is primitive, but sufficient for the job. RASplus, on the other hand, is more advanced and has several features that are attractive. However, one of the most repetitive tasks that I perform is annoying me. Here’s what I mean. If I view in 2x2 screen (showing camera 1, 2, 3 & 4), then if I select camera 4 to view in full screen mode and then go back to 2x2 screen, I don’t get the original first 4 cameras. Instead I get camera 4, 5, 6 & 7 on a 2x2 screen. In other word, if whatever camera I select to view in full screen mode, that camera becomes the first block on the 2x2 screen or 3x3 screen; and the rest of the blocks are fill in the sequential order from the first block. This is very annoying. The other annoying task in RASplus is the inability to switch between viewing live video and search mode. You have to drag and drop the camera into the view screen and select search option. It would have been easier to simply click on a search button that activates all cameras in search mode just like in WebGuard.
Final thought
Anyway…my biggest complaint is the 160 GB hard drive being too small and the VGA & Audio cable being too short. Other than that, I can live with. I would recommend this system despite a few drawbacks. Note I have used this system less then 3 months. I don’t know how reliable this system will be in the long run, but so far so good.
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Review 8 for REVO 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8 Audio Capable High Res Cameras
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:January 3, 2010

Great Purchase

Model Number: REVO 16 channel 8 camera
"System plugged and played for us with no problems. Pictures, recording and internet monitoring came right up. Did not have to call technical support. I am going to order a second one for my second store."
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Review 9 for REVO 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8 Audio Capable High Res Cameras
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Date:August 18, 2010

Not Mac Compatable.

Cons: not mac compatable
"Only networks over the internet using Microsoft's Internet Explorer which hasn't been updated for Macs since 2005. Other browsers such as Firefox and Safari won't work. The last version of IE for mac is too outdated to work. Basically you can't use a Mac in any way with this product. Tech support says buy an Emulator Program then buy Windows to view over net... Sounds like they just need to update their software."
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Review 10 for REVO 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8 Audio Capable High Res Cameras
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:June 12, 2010

Reliable and a good value

Pros: no problems during setup, reliable system, good software
Cons: noisy fan, grainy picture from cameras
Model Number: RH16DSYSTEM-500
"The Revo DVR I received had a build date that was two years old and listed the hard drive as 160Gb even though the system reported that a 500Gb drive was installed. The DVR is a fairly large unit and the system board and hard drive take up very little space--there's a lot of extra room inside the case. The fan is noisy but the case is well ventilated and I never noticed any warm air coming from the fan. A quieter fan would be nice. The DVR operating system is simple and well thought out. Everything worked as it should and there weren't any surprises during setup.
The monitor and mouse are no-frills but work reliably.
The dome cameras are for indoor use while the bullet cameras are indoor-outdoor. The bullet cameras are weather-resistant, not weatherproof, and shouldn't be used outside unless shielded from rain, snow, sand, etc. This is common at this price but Revo does sell outdoor enclosures for the cameras. Night-vision on the bullet cameras works very well although the range is limited. The glow from the infra-red LEDs can be seen in the dark.
The picture quality from the cameras is adequate, but...520 lines of resolution? It doesn't look like it to me. Still, they do the job and having only one cable to install for each camera is convenient. The cables are 60 feet long and can be daisy-chained. If the cameras are installed in an open environment or with a false ceiling, installation should be quick and easy. If they have to be installed in a house with cables run through an attic or basement, it could take a while if you want it to look good. Only one hole needs to be drilled for camera installation and the cable is totally hidden after installation.
The included RASplus application works very well for monitoring and can be used for remote access to the DVR for configuration changes. A web browser can be used to remotely monitor the cameras and although Internet Explorer is the only web browser that will allegedly work, Firefox can be used as long as the "IE Tab 2" add-on is installed in Firefox.
The DVR can send e-mail alerts, which is a nice feature, but it doesn't send picture snapshots from the cameras--only a simple text message.
Overall, the system works very well and is a `good value. The software is solid and the hardware seems reliable. Eight of the sixteen DVR channels use BNC connectors so connecting a PTZ or other brand of camera should be very easy, although Revo does sell a BNC converter cable for use with the RJ connectors.
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Review 11 for REVO 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8 Audio Capable High Res Cameras
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:February 13, 2010

Great System

"We have a lot different security systems for our location, but this is the best out of all of them. Recommend over Lorex"
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Review 12 for REVO 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8 Audio Capable High Res Cameras
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:Southern California
Date:December 30, 2010

Bullet cameras don't revert to color on their own

Pros: all-in-one cable
Cons: bad bullets!
Model Number: REVO 16CH DVR w/8 high resolution cameras
"We purchased this system for our business in September 2010 but didn't install it until six weeks later. Installation was straightforward. Everything was fine...THE FIRST NIGHT...we turned off the lights, locked up...and left. I viewed the cameras remotely that evening and the domes were dark, as should be...the bullets are infrared to illuminate in the dark...and they did. However, when opening the business next morning {i.e...turning on the lights}...the bullets stayed in black & white. I could get them to revert to color only by unplugging/re-plugging their connectors on the back of the monitor. This is not a feasible solution because the connectors are so tightly lined up, it's difficult to do and eventually a tab or something is going to snap off. Revo made me return the cameras to them for testing. They concluded there was nothing wrong with the cameras, they've seen this problem before, and it is caused by not having enough lighting in the area they are installed. . WTH???? That's nonsense...two of them were in rooms with numerous fluorescent fixtures...bright per health code as it's a commercial really can't get any brighter than it is unless I installed flood lights for pete's sake! They sent me, for my brand new cameras... replacement cameras...refurbished and two years old with kinks in the cables! I did complain and got 4 supposedly brand new ones...but the same problem exists. I have solved it by shining a flashlight into them for a few seconds...but that's absurd to have to do that every morning. There is absolutely NOTHING in their manuals about troubleshooting this particular...apparently known... problem. Had I been aware of it, I would have purchased a different system. I probably should have returned the entire system to Costco, but it took too long to run the 100s of feet of cable through the ceilings so I have decided to be stuck with it"
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Review 13 for REVO 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8 Audio Capable High Res Cameras
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:October 2, 2010

REVP 16H 500GB

Pros: easy setup, clear picture, reliable
Cons: expensive
Model Number: 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8
"I had purchased the 8CH model previously and returned it when I realized I needed more cameras. The setup was easy; event thought it was not necessarily intuitive. Some of the things that should not have required the help of tech support did – just because of the way you are required to enter the information. The other problem I had was with one of the cables, which made one camera view appear dull. Tech support sent me a new cable and I was good to go. I have had the system for 4 months now and it works like a charm. Pictures are clear, playback is great."
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Review 14 for REVO 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8 Audio Capable High Res Cameras
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:February 18, 2011

Great system ...

Pros: expert tech support, over the phone /computer set-up assistance .
Cons: the rj12 setup only limeted to 8 cameras.
Model Number: 8 cameras /16 channel / DVR3
"Great surveillance system,Performance better than any other brand. The unique features it's the cameras with mic, other brands only have only one way and 1 position mic entry.
Camera monitoring over internet ,for best performance ,cable internet will be the best option (DSL no so good).Image quality also,can be changed on set-up(look for all the settings and adjust as need) but the changes affects the recording length and quality of internet broadcast.
Cameras night vision mode,only have one problem, if you run cable longer than 100 Feet,The night vision get stuck and camera don't shift to color during day light. and only have 8 entry cameras with RJ12 ,you can make yourself longer cable using cat3 (3 pairs)and RJ12 connectors. Original cable only has 4 wires ,but... make sure the wiring positions are correct, if you cut one to make it shorter.
All my stores are current using Revo system,and no problems so far.
The additional cameras (8) uses BNC cable and separate power and limited to about 300 feet,because of the power loss and image signal starts top get very grainy.(cable signal loss).
Review 15 for REVO 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8 Audio Capable High Res Cameras
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:San Diego, CA
Date:September 3, 2010

Great value

"Purchased for my business. I did have a friend wire it, but there were no problems with the set up....very easy to use.
Both types of included cameras, bullet and dome, have great quality. I have installed both types indoors so I don't have any feedback about how they work outdoors.
I definitely recommend this system."
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Review 16 for REVO 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8 Audio Capable High Res Cameras
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:San Francisco, CA
Date:March 15, 2010

Awesome system!

* Very easy to install
* Everything you need in the box, including some pretty long cables
* Video, sound & power go through the need for additional ones
* Customer service excellent
* Wide angle lenses
* Cameras can not be focused...they are a set distance (30 feet, I think) focus.
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Review 17 for REVO 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8 Audio Capable High Res Cameras
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:December 15, 2010

Awesome system, excellent tech support

Pros: tech support, operating system, easy to setup, online viewing
Cons: the picture quality could be better, wish all 16 channels could power the camers
Model Number: Revo 16 channel
"Hi guys
Well I just finished my reveiw of the Q-see 8ch system that I returned and now its time to reveiw this as which was its replacement
FIrst of I have had this system for 3 months now working absolutly flawless in the Michigan weather, we have been in the single digits at night and it is running like a champ. I have 9 cameras up and running all corners of my house and 2 cams in my basement viewing my doors, also even have 2 cameras run out to my polebarn viewing inside and outfront of it.
ok so what can I say about this system, well its 16 channels is perfect for ever expanding, remember though the half of the channels are quick easy plug in for the cameras ( dvr powers the camera ) the other 8 channels have the bnc connector witch means that the camera has to have a seperat power plug for each cam. Its not a big deal cause when you run the cord from channels 8-16 back to the dvr, you need to just use the supplied power cord
( power to run camera) and bnc converter also supplied with the Revo cameras to make the cameras work. So basically channels 1-8 you simply just plug into the dvr box and the dvr powers the camera, channels 8-16 the cameras need power seperate to run them.
Setup was super easy just run wires and plug in dvr, and hook up supplied lcd screen. THe lcd display is very nice and works very well . The dvr fan is a little bit loud , not that big of deal, I actually just have the dvr right next to my bed and it doesnt bother me at all, but it may some ppl. THe operating system works great , it is very easy to search recorded events and find events. The recording is very easy to setup for each camera, I have to say the only downfall to recording I have is when the sun shines it will record all shadows in each camera view, or if its raining or snowing hard it will record all that constantly, no big deal I just quicky fastforward to what is important to see when vewing the recordings. I have already recorded tons of coons, deer and even a coyote trotting along the house at 2am in the morning. THankfully no suspicious ppl or no breakins.
The picture quality is actually prob the only downfall I have noticed so far, and actually it isnt bad, but it doesnt seem to be 520 or whatever they claim, I think that if you were to up grade cams this would be alot better but for my use around my house it works plenty good enough to see whats going on at night and to keep a eye out of my property
Online viewing is awesome, there is some lag between real time and that is expected, it was very easy to connect to my router for wireless signal, I caleld tech support and withing about 15 mintues they had me up and running and I was viewing online all my cameras. The even have mobile veiwing , I currently have a android phone and they are suppose to have a app for that shortly at the time of this review, they currently have one for blackberry and IPhones I believe out already .
Tech support was really helpfull and I emailed REVO several times and always with a few hrs I would receive a email back .
Overall as you can tell I am very happy about this purchase, it is a nice peice of mind to be laying in bed at night and to glance over at my screen and see all around my house and to know that all is good. I would deffenatly recomend this to a anyone looking for a good all around security system."
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Review 18 for REVO 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8 Audio Capable High Res Cameras
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Date:October 20, 2009

Great item even better customer service

Model Number: Item # 439794
"The toll free number rocks and these guys can walk you through anything. I bet they could land a 747 from their offices. They unit is high quality and is very "plug and play". installation is a snap and if you're network challenged like myself, don't be afraid. Donna, AD and Jeronimo at Revo were the nicest customer service people I have ever experienced. AD even stayed well past his quitting time to help me through the process."
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Review 19 for REVO 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8 Audio Capable High Res Cameras
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:Eugene, Or
Date:November 20, 2010

Not as great as reviews

"The picture quality is no better than either my Q-See or Lorex. I was disappointed and would have returned it for a 16 camera Q-See for a lower price but I was open in a high theft area and could not bring back my tech guy to reset up the camera system. I am really ready for a better picture."
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Review 20 for REVO 16CH 500GB DVR w/ 8 Audio Capable High Res Cameras
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:July 6, 2010

Great system

"I would give this system 5 stars in every aspect, I like it so much that I bought 2 systems one for home and one for office.
picture quality is outstanding, runs smmothly with no hickups, web watch and mobile watch work great with no problems, I highly recommend this product.
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