Customer Reviews for Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewing System

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Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewing System

This item may currently be in stock at your local Costco warehouse for immediate purchase at a cash and carry price. Deliciously simple in less than 60 seconds! Everyone's taste in coffee is different. You love dark roast while your spouse prefers light roast. Your best friend drinks decaf, your next-door neighbor drinks tea and the kids want hot cocoa. With over 200 varieties of coffee, tea and hot cocoa to choose from, Keurig® makes it possible for everyone to brew their own perfect cup in less than a minute. Unlike conventional coffee makers, there's no coffee to grind or measure, no coffee pots to clean and no soggy filters to throw away. The gourmet Keurig® Platinum single serve coffee system offers easy one-touch brewing with five brewing sizes, an advanced programmable LCD control center, 24-hour digital clock and removable drip tray. Includes a bonus pack of 60 K-Cup® Packs variety pack plus one My K-Cup®  reusable filter. Each K-Cup® Pack is sealed air-tight for freshness and is available in over 150 varieties of name brand gourmet coffee and teas to meet the most demanding taste profiles. All coffees available are 100% Arabica beans. Includes Variety Bonus Pack: 12 K-Cup® Variety Pack Additional K-Cup® Packs bonus pack includes 4 12-count packs from gourmet roasters: Green Mountain, Tully's, Newman's Own My K-Cup® Packs Reusable Coffee Filter: allows you to use your own ground coffee Features: Color: Silver/Black Quiet Brew Technology™ Patented microprocessor controlled technology Always ready- brews in under 1 minute Programmable Controls: Auto ON and OFF; Adjustable Temperature; Digital Clock; Set your Favorite Cup Size Choice of 5 cup sizes: 4-oz., 6-oz., 8-oz., 10-oz., 12-oz. Removable extra large 72-oz. water reservoir w/ blue light- makes up to 10 cups before refilling Programmable LCD control center w/ blue backlight Chrome handle Drip tray is removable to accommodate taller travel mugs Power: 1500 watts Voltage: 120 VAC/60 HZ UL / c-UL approved for household use only Dimensions: 13" H x 10" W x 13.25" D Weight: 12 lbs. empty; 15 lbs. full 1 year limited warranty Made in China For product related questions please call 1-866-901-2739. Model: K75
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Customer Reviews for Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewing System
Review 1 for Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewing System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Elkridge, MD
Date:July 1, 2010

Know what you are buying and what to expect.

Pros: excellent brewer for simple fast coffee
Cons: more maintenance than expected
Model Number: Keurig B70
" I decided to write this review since it might help people who encountered the same problems that i did. I purchased my first Keurig brewer 7 months ago. Per the instructions, i only used filtered water from my fridge and it worked perfectly for those 3 months. No complaints whatsoever. And then the problems started occurring. The pump didn't quite always work right. I had to reseat it every now and then. The brewing(heating) element didn't always brew. It sometimes sat there trying to brew to no avail unless i tried 2 or 3 times until it finally kicked in (overflowed?) and brewed 2 or 3 cups in one cycle, overflowing whatever recepticle (cup) i had to contain the coffee. You just can't fit 3 cups of coffee in a single cup and the coffee was watered down.
I looked it up and read alot of reviews talking about how the pump was defective, etc, etc. I tried cleaning it as instructed in the manual. Customer support wasn't very helpful and there was no resolution there.
So, i returned it. As soon as i walked up with it, she asked if i had purchased it 3 months ago. That was when they started selling it. I told her yes and she said that she thought they had a defective batch because all the Keurig returns were purchases from that same period. She said that i might want to try Keurig again if it was only that one defective batch and that they hadn't had any returns for the brewer for other periods purchased. So, i bought another Keurig.
Lo and behold, exact same thing happened another 3 months down the road. I was frustrated and ticked off. I was about to return it again and just pick up a cheap 30 dollar brewer. My wife told me to give it another chance so i thought about it and decided to do a really thorough cleaning(my way this time). Bought 3 bottles of vinegar (32oz each). Dumped 32 oz into the tank and flushed out the water and vinegar by brewing. Dumped another bottle in and flushed again. This time i kept the heated vinegar and continued recycling it back through the tank over and over again. I must have brewed it like 2 dozen times. flushed the vinegar down the sink. Took my last bottle and cycled it a couple times. This time i let it sit inside the unit for 6 hours. I then flushed(and later cleaned) everything with filtered water over and over again until there was no more residual vinegar smell. Don't forget to clean the tank and the nozzle that connects the tank to the unit when doing the vinegar thing. I used a medical grade q-tip(very thin). Crossed my fingers and brewed some coffee. Seemed to work fine. A month later, it hasn't failed on me once. Brews like it was new. This brewer works great when it's clean but since it has elements inside that you can't clean manually with your hands, it seems to require a very through cleaning with vinegar every 3 months.
One thing i should mention is that, not once has either of the 2 units i purchased ever shown the "descale" message requiring that i clean it.
I believe "most" of the problems with the brewer is just that users are unaware of the necessity to clean this unit thoroughly. Customer service isn't very good at explaining how thoroughly it needs cleaning. They'll just tell you to follow the instructions in the manual. That just doesn't cut it. My first return could have been avoided entirely if they had better instructions. It is not a simple cleaning and if you are not willing to waste the time cleaning it every 3 months, don't buy it.
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Review 2 for Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewing System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Anaheim Hills, CA
Date:October 11, 2010

Amazing Mornings CAN Be Yours!

Pros: simple to use, zero clean-up- just toss out your used k-cup, tremendous variety, decaf or regular from cup to cup, 5 sizes, iced coffee- just brew over ice, looks great on your counter, quick hot water for oatmeal etc., larger water tank, keurig customer service/warranty
Cons: refilling water tank, scrolling to cup size vs. b60's dedicated buttons, k-cup price
Model Number: Keurig Platinum B70
" Just a zombie in the morning? Ever accidentally squeezed your hair gel onto your toothbrush? THIS PRODUCT IS FOR THOSE MORNINGS!
I've had the Platinum B70 now for a few months, and I have to say it's been great. Not one single issue.
This is the second Keurig brewer I've purchased (other is a B60, which I still have, and still works fine). The biggest reason I "upgraded" was for the larger water reservoir/tank. (Helpful hint- use a lightweight jug with a nice handle to refill the Keurig- its reservoir shape and lack a handle make it a pain work with).
Second major reason was for the 5 cups sizes from the B60's 3, mostly to vary taste.
The 5 cup sizes are great if you like to make iced coffee, or add in any flavorings etc. Also, some people just want a smaller cup, some want a larger one. I just felt like the features were worth having- and the price had come down low enough to where I paid LESS for this B70, than a B60 still costs in most other stores.
For all the issues some people are having, all I can say is that through 2 machines I have not had any negative experiences except for with the older model the B60, which just needed to be descaled.
My parents, my sister, and several friends own Keurig brewers and so far, everyone loves them from what I hear. My sister had one issue where her machine just died- and KEURIG REPLACED IT DESPITE IT BEING OUT OF WARRANTY, once they determined over the phone that it wasn't coming back to life. She's never had a problem with the replacement and it's been over a year.
As for caring for the machine- it's simple. That's why I love the design, clean up- what clean up?! There really isn't any. Maybe once a week when I pop put the K-Cup Holder and throw it in the dishwasher, along with the drip tray- that's it! Pretty simple. The cabinet I just wipe down with a gentle spray cleaner, and on rare occasions I spray some pledge on a cloth and that keeps the unit dust free and looking brand new (by the way, that's my trick for black appliances from showing any dust).
Also, I only use filtered water from my fridge in the Keurig- it's better tasting water, and free from sediment as well, making it the sensible choice for the Keurig to prolong it's life- or ANY coffee maker.
Lastly, I say try different K-Cups- that's the real variable in the coffee produced by this machine- and that's also the point- you can satisfy everyone in your household once you've figured out which K-Cups everyone prefers. Variety Packs are THE key to discovering what you do and don't like.
These are definitely machines you can't neglect like a regular coffee maker. I'm sure you know what I mean- we've all seen them in other people’s homes- the coffee makers that have that glass carafe you can barely see through and black splotches around the warming plate- it's a miracle the machine hasn't spontaneously burst into flames- you know the type! They offer you a cup and you say you just had your teeth bleached!
Bottom line- try the machine- if not, Costco sells an excellent Cuisinart traditional brewer as well! (Yes, I have more coffee makers than I know what to do with!).
PS- Extra Bold is usually two words I look for regardless of flavor. Oh, and Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice K-Cups- fantastic! (Seasonal Only!) "
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Review 3 for Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewing System
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:February 5, 2014

Don't buy this

Pros: good coffee when it works but brewer has issues
Cons: unresloved prime issue for several years on brewer
Model Number: 7800003454455
" Several of our friends have Keurigs and raved about them so we bought this at Costco in December 2013 as Christmas present for ourselves.It was on sale. It worked great the first few weeks then we saw the word prime on the digital display and the brewer WOULD NOT WORK.
We followed the manual's instructions about removing and emptying the water reservoir, cleaning the exit needle in the k cup holder, descaling with white vinegar. And it worked for a week and then another Prime sign would come up and we would have to repeat the above process. I emailed Keurig and they said that prime was a normal thing but it should not be happening that frequently. They said there may be sediment in my filter screen. However, I have never used anything but filtered water in this unit and find it hard to believe sediment could have built up in such a short period of usage.
The problems started happening more frequently so Today I contacted Keurig and since it's under warranty they will replace it. But as other have shared, that may not end the issue. This priming issue seems to be a design flaw of these machines that has existed many years. When I did and internet search, I saw complaints as far back as 2006! In eight years something should have been done to fix this. When it works, it makes a great cup of coffee but there is no warning when the prime will come on. Sometimes we take all of the above steps and have to unplug it to make it work right. It is quite inconvenient to fool with when you are in a rush and making coffee to take on the go in the AM.
Although I got this at a good discount at Costco I could not recommend purchasing this unit here or at any other store. At $129 on sale (regularly $149 at Costco and $179 retail), we should not be having these kind of problems. The machine is not cheap. My MR. Coffee may not be sophisticated but it is reliable. I will not purchase another Keurig brewer or recommend any Keurig brewers unless they do something to resolve this Prine problem, as it appears all Keurig models have similar issues. SAVE YOUR MONEY!
I really think Costco needs to pull these off the shelves too. Perhaps if a big box store were to stop selling them, it would get Keurig's attention and they would either resolve the problems or design a new brewer. "
Review 4 for Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewing System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Houston, TX
Date:October 12, 2011

So Far So Good

Model Number: B70
" I've had this unit for about a month and so I can't speak about the unit's longevity/reliability over a long period of time. However, so far it's been great. I'm still working on the 60 sample K-Cups that came with the brewer, but have already gone ahead and ordered some others from the Keurig website, including Hot Apple Cider and English Breakfast Tea.
I'm one of those people who can drink coffee all day. However, I hate brewing coffee in a traditional coffeemaker because I despise cleaning the filter, dealing with grinds, etc. I found myself constantly re-loading my Starbucks card, and most recently, started drinking Starbucks VIA at home (tastes pretty good, not like regular instant coffees, and no mess).
I considered buying a Nespresso pod-based espresso maker, but decided to buy this Keurig brewer instead, and am very pleased with my choice. Making a quick cup of coffee couldn't be easier, especially when I'm in a rush in the morning. Nothing to clean up and each cup is brewed to perfection. I hate warm/lukewarm coffee, and I found that most traditional coffeemakers have a hard time making and keeping the coffee hot enough. Not Keurig...each cup is the perfect temperature (in fact, the temperature can be adjusted as well). This concept of brewing one cup at a time is also great because I usually drink coffee alone (don't want to have to make a whole pot when it's just me).
The B70 has a ton of features -- temp adjustment, cup size, timers, etc. I usually keep mine off until I'm ready to brew a cup, so I'm not really utilizing the timer feature, but it's there if you need or want it. I do brew different cup sizes depending on whether I'm brewing into a regular mug or a travel mug.
I really like that there are so many varieties of K-Cups, and you can pretty much get them anywhere, including the 160-packs from Costco. In the end, I don't think you can go wrong with this deal. I was a little afraid of the machine breaking down on me based on some of the reviews I read online. However, Costco has an amazing return policy, so I'm really not worried. "
Review 5 for Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewing System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:September 13, 2010

Wake Up to a Keurig!!!

Pros: quality, price, user friendly, programmable, multi-purpose, no mess
Cons: none
Model Number: Platinum B70
" A friend of mine has one and really loves it so I did some (a lot) of research before buying mine and deciding where it was most affordable...where else--COSTCO! I've found that, in general, unhappy consumers are quick to write negative reviews on products they buy whether it's due to operator error or mechanical error and that leads me to believe that the happy consumers are too busy enjoying what they bought to take a few minutes to share their reviews ;). I thought I'd share a few wonderful things about this machine. It blends nicely with your decor and operates very quickly and quietly. It is very user friendly and is so easy to set up and begin using right away. I have mine programmed to brew the same size cup each time and the same temperature so all I have to do is insert my k-cup of choice and press the button when it lights up and I can shut if off after one cup. I had been accustomed to drinking it scalding hot and burning my throat or putting ice in it to cool it down...not anymore, now I get my coffee my way! There's no warming plate to worry about getting burned or scorched and if your mug is too small for the choice you selected don't worry it has a drip tray to collect the overflow (I haven't had that issue.) The water reservoir is clear (with a nice tint) and allows you to see how much water is in it--up to 60 ozs. of water so you won't need to fill it up all the time. You can pick just how many ounces you want in your cup, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12. I like that I can fit my travel mug under it and can take it with me. I'm actually a tea drinker and I bought mine with that in mind...but I've only used it a few times for tea so I guess I'm a coffee drinker too. I love that you get the bonus pack so you can try out different types without buying a box first. There's so many things I love about it and can't think of one thing I don't. I'm very happy with my choice and plan to buy more as gifts. Now go out and buy one already!!! "
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Review 6 for Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewing System
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Matthews, NC
Date:June 6, 2012

Yesterday would have been 5 stars today is a 1 sta

Pros: convenient until you have to replace after 14 mont
Cons: costly to operate, cheaply made, time consuming maintenance, horrible keurig customer service
Model Number: B70
" I bought the Keurig for my wife last Christmas. It has been a good gift and the performance has decreased over the last 6 months. 3 days ago the brewer stopped working.
I called the customer service with Keurig. They suggested the unit needed to be descaled which I have done routinely every three months. We went through some other problem solving issues. I explained to a rep the issues and she said I can get a replacement for $80, but the corporate office may be able to help some more.
I just got off the phone with Keurig corporate and they extended the $80 replacement again. We brew 6-7 Kcups a day, and yes I know that's a lot for one person. I explained that purchasing an $80 coffee maker every 18 months is absurd and prior to the Keurig I had a Mister Coffee for 5 years and never had any issues and was much more cost efficient to operate. Her response was that they only had a 1% return on the brewers. I find that hard to believe since I can count off the top of my head 8 friends and coworkers that have had issues with the Keurig and that accounts for about 40 % of the persons I know that own a Keurig.
I know there are issues with the Keurig out there, so just google it or even read the reviews here on the Costco site. You either love it or hate it. I loved it until I found out that I would have to replace every 1 1/2 years which is unacceptable since I pay about 3x the cost of a cup with the KCup.
Costco recently sent out a mailing explaining the descaling process, which suggest there is an issue with the unit. Since purchasing the unit I have descaled and maintained the unit every 3 months as recommended. The maintenance is time consuming and tasteless until you can eventually get the vinegar flavor out of the water.
So long Green Mountain and Keurig. You will no longer reap the benefit of the recurring expense of a KCup.
I would not purchase a Keurig again. Keurig Corporate was no help at all. "
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Review 7 for Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewing System
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Columbus, OH
Date:October 10, 2011

Great features but unstable

Pros: great coffee choices, single cup
Cons: unreliable, frustrating, algae buildup in reservoir
Model Number: B70
" I have had this model for about 1.5 years. The first unit failed after about 6 months. I exchanged the failed unit for the one that I have now. It seems like everyone of these have the same issues. The pump is intermittent and unreliable.
The first unit that I had I was so excited about all of the features. I set the timer for on time and off time. I even adjusted the cup sizes. After about 3 months I started having to unplug the unit to reset it almost every other day. I gave up on resetting the clock and timers. After about another 3 months it failed completely. It would draw water from the reservoir but not brew a cup. I would open the cup holder and close it to start again and same result. Usually after about 3 tries it would brew a cup or maybe half a cup. Sometimes it would draw too much water in and then start spitting it back into the reservoir. Finally it got to the point of no coffee after several tries.
The next unit(current) took about the same amount of time to start acting up. I never bothered to set the time or on and off times. This one has not failed completely but it is very annoying with the random ritual of 2 to 4 tries before I have coffee and sometimes I receive half a cup and sometimes I receive an overflowing cup. I did not bother to return this unit to Costco because it still soft of works and I researched the issue on line and found that all models from Keurig have the same issue. Even the “Professional” models have the same problem. The only model that seems to be immune is the cheapest one without the display or larger cup size selection.
I have recently started researching the Cuisinart model and it seems like fewer of these have this problem but some do still experience the pump issues.
I love the convenience but I am getting very frustrated with the games just to dispense a cup of coffee in the morning. "
Review 8 for Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewing System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Milwaukee, WI
Date:March 16, 2014

Great replacement for a regular coffee maker

Pros: quick easy clean my k-cup included hot coffee, stronger coffee than traditional coffee maker
Cons: none so far
" I gave this machine 5 stars because I've had it for about 7 months now and it hasn't acted up or broken... yet. Based on all the reviews I had seen before buying it, I was skeptical because I really thought it would break pretty quickly after purchase, but it has held up well, I think.
Pros: taste! I love the taste difference but everyone is different. If you are used to Starbucks expresso this will be too weak for you. I think right off the bat, if you plan on buying this, you will need to try different K-cups, different roasts for My K-cup to match the taste you are looking for. You can also adjust the amount of water that gets used, which will also affect concentration/taste.
I use the My K-cup (the grind-yourself-coffee) that came with my pack and I love it. I calculated per lb, it is a lot cheaper to buy coffee this way that K-cups or Kirkland cups for Keurig. My K-cup coffee if filled to top, makes less strong of a cup than the K-cup but much stronger than the traditional coffee makers.
I have never tried the lattes and teas and hot cocoa K-cups but I have a friend a work who LOVES them.
I use Brita filtered water for my Keurig and have never had issues (yet) with breweing, water getting stuck, etc. I also have not "descaled" mine, instead I wash out the carafe weekly, wash the base and the my K-cup dispenser and dry it out fully before putting into the cup. I haven't noticed any problems.
I am generally very happy with this machine. My settings for what I call "strong but not too strong" coffee is "medium cup" setting with coffee filled to the top on My K-cup dispenser. The coffee I use is the Kirland Kona dark roast.
Let's hope this thing lasts for a whole year (I noticed that's the general time frame when my coffee machine breaks) :(
Review 9 for Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewing System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Bay Area, CA
Date:November 19, 2010

Awesome!! Must have!

Pros: easy to use, clean up is super easy, brews very fast, great for company
Model Number: B70
" My co-worker bought a Keurig for our boss as a gift last year and I've wanted one of my own since. I decided to buy this one for my husband as an early Christmas gift this year. I originally purchased this same model from a different company for more money.. and it did NOT include the 60 K-cups but I cancelled that ordered because it was back ordered for a month. That's when I saw this one from Costco which includes the 60 K-cups and the "My K-cup filter" which is usually $17-20 alone. So that was a great deal. The machine works great and we have not had any problems so far. I know if you do have problems with the unit you just call customer service (Keurig, not Costco customer service) and if they cannot fix it by talking you throught it over the phone or by sending replacement parts they ususally replace the unit at no charge to you... or so I've heard from others. I'm not sure why some people get upset if there is a defect and think they wasted their money... just call the manufacturer and they will fix the problem if there is one. It is a great product.
One thing I really like about it is that you can order all different types/flavors of the K-cups so when you have guests over, or if you and your roomates perfer different types or strengths of coffee everyone can choose what they want. Brews in 90 seconds with no mess and clean up is only a matter is taking a K-cup out, which the used coffee grounds are all still contained in the K-cup.
I absolutely recommend this for any coffee lover, but it also can brew iced tea, hot tea, hot chocolate so it's great for just my husband and I daily or for when we have company over. "
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Review 10 for Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewing System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:North Carolina
Date:October 8, 2010

Two weeks and We Love It

Pros: easy to use, great taste even in the large mug w/ right blend, hot enough for us & we like it hot, can use just "brewed" hot water for tea or cocoa, quiet enough for use in our bed/bath area, nice extras- more sample coffee & self-brew insert
Cons: kcup coffee is expensive look for sales., not crazy about the two cocoas we have tried, so far not happy w/ "use your own coffee" taste.
Model Number: B70
" We purchased this with some misgivings due to negative reviews. We have a couple of friends who have a Keurig and based on their comments, many favorable reviews and our sampling of a few cups while visiting, we bought a Keurig B70.
We have found the coffee to be very hot and when brewed into a travel mug, the coffee stays hot long enough to wake up, turn on the PC and lounge in the hot tub.
Yes, some brands/types of coffee can be weak but we have found that the BOLD flavors can handle the large travel mugs just fine (and we like it fairly strong). We have already zeroed in on four flavors / brands we like and have many yet to try once our large sampler-box is exhausted.
We have also read that it is "loud". We have found this not to be true. We have it in the bathroom connected to our bedroom and do not notice it coming on for the 3-minute preheat in the morning. The blue glow in the bathroom when it comes on is more noticeable than any noise. Once the timer-on preheat has taken place, the sporadic keep-warm cycles are not noticeable. We have good city-provided mountain water here and I suspect that people who have a noise problems probably have hard water or units that are in need of the cleaning process that is recommended in the instruction package.
We love the timer, the convenience, the "look" , the temperature and most important, the taste of several coffee brands we have zeroed in on.
This was the best packed product package we have received in a long time. Your unit should arrive in perfect condition. "
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Review 11 for Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewing System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Littleton, Colorado
Date:December 3, 2010

A possible fix to the "pump, 1/2 cup" issue

Model Number: B70
" I am now on my 3rd B70 as of today. My second one would not pump more than 1/2 cup of coffee, and I was continually cleaning the top puncture pin with a paper clip. I took the second one back to Costco, and brought home my 3rd. (Costco is great to work with). I ran water thru the unit as instructed, put in a K-Cup, closed the handle, pushed the brew button and got a 1/4 cup of coffee! Cleaned grounds out of the tip puncture pin and tried another K-Cup. Same issue. I ran water thru again and it worked fine with quite a few grounds in the water.
Next I placed another K-Cup in the holder and punctured the bottom of the K-Cup, then closed the handle. Pushed the brew button, SUCCESS! Tried the regular method, (not puncturing the bottom of the K-Cup first, just closing the handle) and pushed the brew button, FAILURE again. To validate, I tried another K-Cup, placed it in the machine, punctured the bottom, closed the handle, SUCCESS!
Why??? I did some research online and found one forum where one person had discovered that when he moved to the mountains his B70 started having pump issues.
Altitude! I live at about 5800 feet, and most of my K-Cups have a foil top that is convex, or puffed out and hard from the difference in pressure from where they were made to where I live. I think what is happening is that when I close the handle, the top foil gets punctured 1st before the plastic bottom and the pressure is shooting coffee grounds up into the top puncture pin and clogging it up. "
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Review 12 for Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewing System
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Northern VA
Date:January 6, 2012

Poor Quality - Have returned 3

Pros: k-cups convienience, stylish quiet
Cons: poor construction, works then .... fffttt
Model Number: B70 - Platinum Edition
" First the positive: it's pretty, it's quiet, it's convenient. I like the whole k-cup idea.
Now the negative: it's poorly made. There's a design flaw that you the consumer get to find.
I orininaly purchased one of these things for my daughter 2 Christmases ago, her machine is chugging' along with no complaints. This convinced me to buy one and I have had nothing but problems. In fact I have gone through 3 of these things. I used bottled water, not tap, kept it spotless.
In my experience, each machine worked fine for a few weeks and then the dreaded "prime" error pops up. The "prime" error requires removal and reinsertion of the water resivoir multiple times to get it to brew. The error arises when the pump can't draw water from the resivoir into the internal heating unit. You can hear the pump spinning, and you can hear water moving WHEN it moves - and you can tell when it isn't.
This could be due to cavitation, a crimp in the plumbing, faulty impeller design, bad seal, poor logic in the processor ... Regardless, it is a well documented issue and needs to be fixed by the manufacturer.
The clerk at the return desk acknowledged that Costco has been flooded with returns of these machines.
Will all machines see this problem? Probably not. But Keurig is not reimbursing me for my time and trouble sorting through their rejects.
Ultimately, I bought a Cuisinart k-cup machine. It's a bit more expensive, but so far so good on that device. "
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Review 13 for Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewing System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Canyon Country, California
Date:April 21, 2014

Keurig Brewing System

Pros: quick simple and delicious!
Cons: no cons!
" Wow, I have read so many negative reviews - mainly on "the pump burns out" and I don't agree. I have an older unit over two years old, and I thought my pump went out, but it didn't. Here's what happens. You push the brew botton and the coffee should dispense into your mug, but it might not, IF it is clogged. It made a wierd sound from the pump and would shut off after around 30-40 seconds. I pulled out the plug and hoped that it would re-set itself and start to dispense fresh coffee, but it did not. Here's what I did... Go to the area where you install your K-Cup. The needle that pokes into your K-cup coffee grounds could be clogged. Just do this simple task. Insert a narrow paper clip into the needle and move it around a few times and you'll notice that coffee grounds are on your paper clip - indicating the dispenser needle was clogged. That did it for me! Works perfectly for two and a half years! Also, don't forget to use white vinegar as directed periodically...
I would bet that those people who returned the unit NEVER bothered to read the Cleaning and Maintenance section in their owner's manual. It instructs us exactly what to do.
Evidently, another reviewer that posted here had the same problem. Go back to reviews on January 6, 2014, poster named "newyorker1"... Please read his review also for another opinion before you get upset and return the unit.
I HIGHLY recommend this product! We LOVE it!!! "
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Review 14 for Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewing System
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:San Antonio, Tx
Date:October 19, 2011

poor machine quality, great customer service

Pros: customer service is great
Cons: many mechanical issues
Model Number: B70 platinum
" I bought my first Keurig in Dec 2009. The idea of gourmet coffee at the touch of a button was so appealing! I do love the variety of cofffee's despite the price per cup. It still beats buying a cup of coffee at the corner store and of course, coffee shops. Since Dec 2009 I have gone through 5 keurig brewing systems. I have the B70 platinum version. If it is not a problems with 'short cupping' it is a 'priming' issue or one was just automatically turning off everytime I went to brew a cup.
Each time, I have contacted customer service and they have sent a new brewer with little questions- of course you have to go through some trouble shooting with them. Each of these brewers was courtesy of Keurig, however, I have to wait a week without a working brewer each time the stupid thing brakes.
We brew between 1-3 cups per day and descale with vinegar monthly which is what the Keurig company recommends. We have the additional filter in the brewer as well. I have been assured from the customer service that it has nothing to do with our water (we add filtered only from the fridge) but that these are mechanical issues. Like I have said, the customer service is great. If something happens and I am not provided a courtesy brewer if my brakes again (which it probably will in 6 months) then I will not buy a new one. It is more cost effective to buy expensive coffee and use the old fashioned coffee pot! "
Review 15 for Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewing System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Montpelier, VA
Date:March 8, 2014

love this coffeemaker

Pros: very easy to use, hot fresh coffee or tea anytime
Cons: large size takes up a lot of counter space, k-cups can be weak
Model Number: K75
" We bought this coffee maker when it was on sale Thanksgiving weekend. From all the research I did I decided that we would turn it off after making our coffee and then turn it on as needed. I hope this will keep pressure off the pump and so it will last much longer. I use it all day long and drink more that I used to so that is a good thing. I ordered the Eckobrew refillable cups to use with it and I think they make a better cup as they probably hold more coffee. I also got the Solofill stainless refillable cup and like it the best. The lids on these snap shut so that if you overfill them the grounds cannot get into your coffee cup. I use the Keurig refillable cup for whole leaf tea or tea from bags and they are excellent for that. After I make a cup of tea I put them in a small container in the refrigerator until I am ready for the next cup. I have even used it to soften hardened paint brushes. Our local Costco finally got the Pacific Bold K-cups and I took those home the first day I saw them. They make a great cup, though with the K-cups I think 10 oz. makes a better cup than going all the way up to the 12 oz. size. I haven't had to clean the nozzles yet or had any problems at all. It also makes the exact size it should and I use it all day until I make herb or sleepytime tea at bedtime. "
Review 16 for Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewing System
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:June 22, 2010

Good Product with a caveat

" I love the product and the coffee/tea quality has been exceptional so far. Here is the caveat: The first brewer I purchased worked for 2 months consistently, then began to auto shut off for no reason. This persisted for 2 weeks, becoming progressively worse in spite of all troubleshooting as described in the manual. The unit would power up, make the usual gurgling sounds, make a gear-like grrrr sound, then totally shut off. No brrew action whatsoever. Called Keurig CS and they were extremely professional and polite. I was told that it was an inherent defect in the units made between November 2009-January 2010. Guess who had one of those lemons? A central problem with the pump reboot. Keurig asked me to remove the K-Cup holder and send back (at my expense as POP) and they would send me a brand new unit AND 2 24-cup boxes of my choice of beverages. I did as told and the new unit arrived within 5 days, intact. No problems ever since (it has been almost 2 mo so far). It is important to register the product as instructed and CALL KEURIG ASAP if you encounter the same issues. I keep checking their website for a recall but the have been none. I found that kind of odd. I love the value of the K Cups at CostCo and wish I could find more of those awesome gift certificates! "
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Review 17 for Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewing System
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Date:November 12, 2012

Fine but not great

Pros: variety for a household with different tastes, simple to use
Cons: minimal control over coffee strength, machine-coffee flavor, k cups too small to accommodate larger drink size
" I bought this thinking that the convenience of one cup at a time, individual choice would be a better way to serve my family's coffee habit. I am returning it after a week's trial because:
- a K-cup with a 12-oz size setting makes coffee that is a little watery for my taste (and I like weak coffee!)
- in order to fill my travel carafe, I need to make two 8-oz cups, and use two K-cups; this takes just as long as making it with a one-cup filter, and I have less control over the coffee strength.
- I had hoped for faster access to hot water for tea, or a cup of decaf in the afternoon, but unless you keep the machine on all day, it doesn't warm up any faster than a teakettle (or a cup of water in the microwave), and again you're stuck with the limits of your K-cups for flavor & strength.
The "my K-cup" does get around this, but still doesn't give enough room for more coffee to accommodate a larger drink size. I tried using it for just hot water & my own teabag, but the water has a bit of a scorched taste to it.
All told, for me this was more solution than the problem called for. It is convenient but not enough more convenient than a one-cup filter and hot water to be worth its cost (not to mention the environmental impact of all those K-cups). "
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Review 18 for Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewing System
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Date:February 9, 2012

I love the Costco & Keurig Service

Pros: convenient, great keurig customer serivce, lots of coffee choices
Cons: not very environmental friendly., machine is not very durable. 4th one in 24 months.
Model Number: Keurig Platinum B70
" I originally bought the machine back in Jan of 2010. Had to exchange it twice at Costco due to the Faulty pump. The last exchange I got was back in July 2010. And finally, that has failed to work this week. It started leaking water and did not brew the full cup.
Since it's been almost 18 months since my last exchange, I thought it's not very ethical to return it to Costco. I was going to throw it away and get a new one, but tried calling Keurig and see if they can do anything about it. Didn't expect anything. Really. But guess what? They are sending me a new machine. I told the lady I had the machine for 18+ months and the lady said it was okay.
Anywho. Costco & Keurig services are great, not to mention the product itself. I can't live without it. I have it at my work and at home. Just wishing they come up with more environmental friendly k-cups as the current k-cups are using a lot of plastics. I'm willing to spend another couple of hundred bucks for environmental friendly machine.
The only reason I'm giving 4 stars, instead of 5 stars, is that I've had 3 machines and 1 more coming within the last 24 months. They need to build it more durable. I also have Nespresso Le Cube and never had a problem for the last four years. "
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Review 19 for Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewing System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:October 11, 2013

Love Our Keurig

Pros: convenient
Cons: none
Model Number: Keurig Platinum K 75
" We purchased this model Keurig at Costco and have now had it for 1 year. It has been one of our best decisions. Quick, fresh, hot coffee, tea, hot chocolate, on demand no matter what time we get up!
When Keurig would not prime my son noticed that it really was not seated all the way. He made sure we had enough water in it and then lifted the water container, repositioned it, and put it firmly back into place until the blinking light went out.
We use filtered water from our refrigerator or our Pur Pitcher and have never had to de-scale.
Would not ever give up our Keurig. Kirkland Bold K cups, Caribou Daybreak K cups both from Costco, and Starbucks Verona K cups are great.
If you want to make your own K cup get the EZ Cup and EZ Cup filters from Bed Bath. Cut the plastic bottom 1/4 " from a used K cup. Poke a couple holes in the K cup bottom and insert in the plastic EZ cup then put the filter in the EZ cup. Fill the filter ¾ full with a coarser grind of your favorite coffee and just toss the little perfectly fitted filter when you are finished. Save your K cup plastic bottom to re-use each time with your EZ Cup and fresh filter. Very convenient way to enjoy your favorite coffee one fresh cup at a time! "
Review 20 for Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewing System
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Frigid Phoenix, AZ
Date:September 15, 2013

OK product, Praise Costco

Pros: easy to use great drink options.
Cons: will not last for very long.
Model Number: K75 Platinum
" I do not drink a lot of coffee so this is a great option for me, I don't have to make a whole pot to just to have a cup or two and I can change from coffee to tea in a snap. I love the coffee, tea, cocoa and other drink options available and the simplicity of making beverages in the Keurig. I am on my fifth Keurig now in about three years. The product is a great concept but is really a piece of junk. All said I have gotten only months out of each one BUT, Costco is the best, they will exchange your NEW, worn out Keurig for a NEW, working one. I have had the heating element quit on me and typically the pump just stops. I pitty the folks who drink a lot of coffee as I am the only one who uses the machine in my house and I can wear one out in less than a year. I even called Keuring the first time when the heating element quit and they actually mailed me an entirely new one, so i guess they are okay just filling the landfill with their junk. If you buy one I suggest that you buy it from Costco so you can at least have a hassle free exchange program in place, you will need it. Thank you Costco for being the consumers advocate and pushing poorly made products back to the manufacturers. "
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