Customer Reviews for Buyers' Pick Congo Excursion 2010 Swing Set By Gorilla Playsets

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Buyers' Pick Congo Excursion 2010 Swing Set By Gorilla Playsets

Includes Trapeze Bar, Belt Swing, Glider Swing, Rock Wall With Rope, 8' Slide, & Telescope
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Customer Reviews for Buyers' Pick Congo Excursion 2010 Swing Set By Gorilla Playsets
Review 1 for Buyers' Pick Congo Excursion 2010 Swing Set By Gorilla Playsets
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Seattle, WA
Date:August 25, 2010

Perfect Swing Set

Model Number: Congo Excursion 2010 #526632
" Very impressed! This swing set was the perfect size for our backyard. The quality of the wood is excellent. The swings and slide are all sturdy. Took my husband 3 evenings after work to complete with some help from my younger brother and little cousin. We are missing one piece (bolt of some kind - that we probably lost) that is needed to complete the canopy on top. The manufacturer is sending us a new one. Other than the missing screw, we have no complaints and very pleased with this purchase. Our 4yo daughter, nephews and nieces have been playing on this swingset non-stop since it's been put up. "
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Review 2 for Buyers' Pick Congo Excursion 2010 Swing Set By Gorilla Playsets
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:August 31, 2010

Much better than I plan

Pros: all items accounted for., easier than i planned
Cons: different labels on "same" boards
" After reading reviews, I planned on 2 days of work. I had two buddies come over and we put the entire set up in about 6 hours...with a lunch break! Went much easier than I thought it would. Instructions were very good, just make sure you read the steps, since they have a lot of info that you can’t get from the picture alone. I am very happy with the results. Kids love it!
Some minor issues I had:
-While tightening the bolts, be careful not to tighten too much and pull the “T-Nuts” into the wood.
-The labeling on the boards was confusing at first. I recommend that you sort the boards out before you start. There are boards that seem to be the same, but have different labels. If you check the instructions, you'll see all the different names next to the same picture.
I would also recommend you get a socket adapter for your cordless drill, but tighten by hand due to the “T-Nuts”. I would of given 4 ½ stars, but the review only allows for full stars. If you liked Tinker Toys you’ll love this play set! "
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Review 3 for Buyers' Pick Congo Excursion 2010 Swing Set By Gorilla Playsets
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Ennis, TX
Date:September 3, 2010

Really nice - kids love it!

Pros: good quality wood
Cons: had to modify some of the hardware
Model Number: Gorilla 526635
" It took me about 7 hours by myself to assemble this play set. The only real issue I found was the 3/8” torque washers that were to fit the 3/8” carriage bolts did not fit. Since I had to get the set ready for a birthday party and could not wait for the right stuff to be re-shipped to me, I had to use a bench grinder and reduce the square portion of the carriage bolt to fit the torque washer. Some of the labeling could have been more pronounced so you don’t have to check and re-check yourself so often. In general, I can’t complain about the set. I build things all of the time by myself and would have only saved maybe $100 if I did it all. The time saved by the pre-cut and ready drilled kit far exceeds the $100 I may have been able to save going it alone. Just the right size too. "
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Review 4 for Buyers' Pick Congo Excursion 2010 Swing Set By Gorilla Playsets
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:September 6, 2010

Great Value

Pros: value, solid construction
Cons: missing pieces
Model Number: Excursion 2010
" I shopped around a fair amount before deciding on this playset and felt like I was getting a great value based on that research. Having just finished the assembly, I definitely believe that to be true. Similar units sell for $1100-$1500 elsewhere and the quality of this one seems to be very good.
All that said, the experience was not without challenge:
1) The instructions were (mostly) very well written, but there were a few spots where things were in the wrong order or missing crucial detail (see below)
2) Several pieces of hardware were missing, and one entire set of bolts wouldn't pair with the intended washers (more below)
It took about 18 hours of effort to put the thing together, but at least 7 of this was spent on problems with the grade of my ground. If you are putting it together on flat ground, it'll go much faster. If you read my notes below, you can shave another hour or two.
Following are notes on construction:
1) Check that the 3/8" x 6 1/2" Carriage Bolts fit in the "torque washers" - mine did not. After checking at three different hardware stores, I concluded that this is a manufacturer's error and eventually ended-up buying 7" Carriage Bolts which did fit with the torque washers. The 7" bolts leave more bolt exposed than I liked, so after construction I sawed-off the ends of the bolts and filed off the sharp edges.
2) My glider swing was missing all hardware. Couldn't find the 5/16"x6 1/2" hex bolts that appeared to be needed, so bought (2) 5/16"x7" hex bolts intend and added 6 5/16" washers to the head side of the bolt - this did the trick. Also used 5/16" lock nuts on these with an additional 5/16" washer on the nut side. The swing seems to work fine.
3) Contrary to the instructions, I found it much easier to add the iron ductless to the trapeze arm prior to hanging the trapeze arm. Strongly suggest that you do this. In my instruction book, this meant doing step #22 before step # 19.
4) When attaching the swing beam support (step #19), leave a lot of slack, allowing the beam to move out, away from the corner posts at least 3/4". If you don't, then you'll be unscrewing the beam so that you can later attach the swing beam plate (step #20) and swing beam (step #25). You can ratchet-down the support after leveling (step # 26).
5) The rear center post looks like it could use some support. I haven't yet, but will likely add a bracket support soon.
6) Make sure you level the front center post well. This thing is right in the middle of the playset. If it's not square, it'll be obvious to the eye.
7) It's very difficult to tie the bottom knot on the climbing rope after attaching the stringer to the underside of the climbing wall. To avoid the pain, reverse these steps (#36 & #35). Also, I tied several knots in the middle section of the climbing rope to provide the kids with something to hold on to while climbing.
Hope this saves you some pain. Have fun! "
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