Customer Reviews for Xbox 360® 250GB Console

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Xbox 360® 250GB Console

Xbox 360® has Blockbuster Games, HD Movies and Fun for Everyone.
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Customer Reviews for Xbox 360® 250GB Console
Review 1 for Xbox 360® 250GB Console
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:September 7, 2010

The Best XBOX yet

Pros: best console on the market
Cons: does not come with any hd cables?
" Love this Xbox! It solves a lot of the issues that plagued the original design. Super Silent, smaller power brick, huge HDD, sleek design, built in wi-fi, etc. There is little to complain about, but I would say that this machine is not necessarily worth running out and upgrading too. Its sweet but does not really do anything different than the 360 you already have in your home. If you get the red rings of death, make the switch...thats what I did "
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Review 2 for Xbox 360® 250GB Console
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Atlanta, GA
Date:August 31, 2010

Good upgrade but....

Pros: sleek adn suave
Cons: eventually gets noisey
" So I had to return my old Xbox cause of networking problems. I did all that was required resetting everything. What better time to upgrade at the warehouses just as the new Xbox's arrived. All seemed great in the beginning right out of the box. I've had mine now for 2 months. Now the noise like with the old ones is here. Not all the time but it does get noisy. So don't expect the Xbox to be quite for long. Other wise it's cool I love that you barely have to touch the on/off button as well as the eject button. The internal wireless is also a better feature rather than the wireless adapter you had to buy for the old one's. If you can connect your Xbox straight to the router you will be better off as a direct line is better than wireless regardless.
I'll update if anything else comes up.
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Review 3 for Xbox 360® 250GB Console
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Bay Area California
Date:August 26, 2010

Good Value + Good Upgrade

Pros: fast wireless adapter, hard drive capacity, quiet disc operation
Cons: finish attracts dust and finger prints, wish that it was sold in costco locations
Model Number: Xbox 360® 250GB Console
" Previous reviews were comparing PS3 vs the Xbox...not going to do that
-Significantly smaller than previous models
-Larger and more vents to keep unit running hours at a time
-Smooth and quiet running of the disc
-Power & eject button are touch sensitive (not buttons)
The biggest advancement and value (IMO) has to be the lightning fast internal wireless adapter and the massive hard drive
Bottom line: if you are looking to upgrade your unit, this is definitely an upgraded module and will not disappoint. I did not want any compatibility issues when I plug my Natal in November "
Review 4 for Xbox 360® 250GB Console
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:San Clemente, CA
Date:July 8, 2010

Great System

Pros: size, low noise
Cons: sometimes starts up in a grey mode (then restart)
" New to Xbox but my son loves it. He's been completely addicted since it came in the mail. The system is very quiet and the graphics are incredible. "
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Review 5 for Xbox 360® 250GB Console
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Kansas City, KS
Date:July 7, 2010

System is Great, worth every cent

Pros: new slick system new slick controller bigger hd!, built in wifi (n)! no lag at all!, nice touch sensitive power and eject buttons., quiet you dont even notice its on., get lot less hot and is very well ventilated., hdmi is the best thing to use!
Cons: just took a while to arrive
Model Number: XBOX 360 SLIM
" Everythings worth it, I Like costco as there warranty is like Lifetime, I returned a XBOX 360 Elite after 3 Years due to red lights, and they returned every penny.
I bought this soon as it went online on but They didnt get it in stock or ship till 2 weeks after.
But they are good about keeping there customers happy, and gave me a little credit due to the delay in shipment/product. "
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Review 6 for Xbox 360® 250GB Console
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Pullman, WA
Date:July 6, 2010

Great buy

Pros: design quiet wifi
Cons: should have come out in 2005
" Great buy. People who have compared xbox live to PS3 online being free forget the vital reason why xbox live costs money. Xbox online play is far more reliable and alot more competitive than PS3. It would have been nice to see a bluray player but who really buys blurays? Especially with netflix and such around. Wireless capability is awesome no more wires. I sold my eilte to get this box so HD capability wasn't an issue for me. "
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Review 7 for Xbox 360® 250GB Console
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Los Angeles
Date:June 29, 2010

Great upgrade

Pros: price look and wifi
Cons: fingerprint magnet
" i bought this because i wanted to have wifi integrated and man does it deliver. Great wifi connection throughout the house and it is very quiet.
To the reviewer about PS3's free online service, yes it is good but for certain games it is not. Xbox has exclusive online maps/downloads for certain games. Id rather pay to play but that is just me. "
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Review 8 for Xbox 360® 250GB Console
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:June 19, 2010

Great but could be better

" The new slimmer Xbox 360 system is great!
There are many new features like:
- Massive 250 GB Hard Drive
- Built in (N) Wi-Fi
- Touch activated power and eject button
- More Vents to prevent overheating
- Plays games quietly
- Sleek and glossy black color
All that for the same price as what the Xbox 360 Elite used to go for. That is a great price!
Even though this system is great, I still think the PS3 Slim is a better value because it has more features for the same price.
Advantages of PS3 Slim:
- Already had Wi-Fi built in
- Play online games for free
- Go on internet browser for free
- Watch bluray movies
Advantages of Xbox 360 Slim:
- Bigger Hard Drive for the same price
- Touch activated buttons
- Will have ESPN service soon
- Even though you pay for online service, it is a lot more fun to play on Xbox.
So you have to decide, do I want to have more fun online? Then buy this.
But if you want more value for your buck, then buy the PS3 slim because you get way more than just a game system. It is a combination of a game system, bluray system, and laptop.
Side Note: PS3 will soon give you an option to pay for a premium online gaming subscription which will include cross game chat (Xbox already had this great feature) and ability to download full games, etc. Remember this is just an option as you can still play games online for free if you don't update. "
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