Customer Reviews for Ooma Telo VoIP Phone System

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Ooma Telo VoIP Phone System

2 Months Premier Service $50 Int'l Calling Credit Free US Calling: No Monthly Fees
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Customer Reviews for Ooma Telo VoIP Phone System
Review 261 for Ooma Telo VoIP Phone System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Omaha, NE
Date:July 26, 2009

Tech Support Example

Model Number: Ooma
" It took about 3 hrs to setup, because of some difficulties with my DSL provider firewall. Voice quality seems equivalent to home service. (this well documented in other reviews)
The notable element here was the tech support. The technician was knowledgeable, had access to the tech aspects of my account, and had the authority/autonomy to enact changes/modifications to overcome the problems uncovered. Most unusually, we were cut off early in the troubleshooting steps, and he called me back before I could redial the numbers and menus. I've spent some time on hold before (for many different products/companies) but getting called back by the tech was a new one for me.
I would recommend this to others, based on initial performance and observed support.
Review 262 for Ooma Telo VoIP Phone System
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:June 27, 2010

Very Unreliable

Pros: international call rates
Cons: unreliable connections
" Many calls do not connect - they start to ring, but then nothing. Ooma support calls it "dead air". The fact that they have a name for it says I wasn't the first one to contact them with that type of problem. Sometimes after a few tries to the same number the call will go through. But not always. One of the numbers that experienced this problem was a doctor's office; it ended up I had to use a cell phone. I contacted Ooma customer service several times. They were helpful, but unable to fix the problem. I finally gave up and cancelled my Ooma service because I had to have another phone all the time in case a call, especially an important call like to the doctor, didn't go through. If Ooma ever gets their service problems solved I would give it another chance. "
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Review 263 for Ooma Telo VoIP Phone System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Meridian, Idaho
Date:March 20, 2010

No more phone bills

Pros: nice retro compact unit., clear sound., it can send a call/message alert to your mobile., no fee for calls anywhere within u.s., no fee for call-waiting/caller-id
Model Number: Item # 467682
" I recently purchased this product, and it was as easy to set up as outlined within the description. This is a VOIP system, the same system that is used be some cable/phone providers, but they charge $30.00 to $50.00 per month for the same service, so it only makes sense to purchase this and eliminate your current provider.
You do have to remember that in order for you to have your existing number ported, you have to keep you current service until Ooma ports your number.
I have had a couple of dropped calls while I have been on hold, but this may be due to my internet connection speed. I am not concerned with this unit because I only have the initial cost invested that I paid for it, and if there are any issues I will return it and go with a local provider. "
Review 264 for Ooma Telo VoIP Phone System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:San Francisco, CA
Date:December 4, 2009

Have tried the others but like this the best

Pros: excellent sound quality, easy to set up, no hidden fees or fine-print, no computer needed to run it
Cons: pricey up-front cost of unit
" I have had my Ooma for 3 weeks now and I'm extremely happy with it. It is the best VoIP I've used to-date. And I've tried several others:
- Vonage: pricey, by comparison over time,
- Skype phone adapter: dialing was too awkward for the rest of the family to get used to,
- MagicJack: annoying popup software that made my PC unusable for anything other than running MagicJack,
My Ooma installed in less than 15 minutes and the quality is excellent. The only noticeable difference between this service and landline service is the dial-tone when you first pick up the handset -- it plays a 1/2 second tune to let you know that you're using Ooma.
I would highly recommend Ooma, based on my experience so far. Despite the $200 up-front cost, it can pay for itself in 6-7 months. "
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Review 265 for Ooma Telo VoIP Phone System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Tri Cities, WA
Date:January 1, 2010

OOMA - How cool is this device?!

Model Number: OOMA
" I'm always a bit wary of something that seems to good to be true. After recently evaluating how much we were giving away to Charter communications we decided to ditch them for all services except high speed internet. Went and got the OOMA and hook up was literally 10 minutes including reading the set up booklet to make sure I had it all correct. Set it up fired up my modem and presto! OOMA was up and running. Call clarity is excellent, no one comments about echo's, crackling or dropouts. No computer has to be on as well - I've recommended this system to numerous friends and relatives as this can't be beat! So long phone company and I finally feel like I'm getting better use out of my over-priced high speed cable internet! Buy this product, you won't be disappointed! "
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Review 266 for Ooma Telo VoIP Phone System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Fife, WA
Date:June 21, 2010

What a Great Purchase

Pros: call quality, ease of setup, no more cable phone provider
Cons: no iphone app currently
" I have had OOMA for over a month now and just love it. It felt great being able to boot my Cable phone provider. The call quality is great and I love the ability to block telemarketers and the many features from OOMA premiere.
I did by the annual purchase of OOMA Premiere which included the phone number port. With everything said and done I will have my investment back in about 7 months. That is with the year of premiere and the purchase of the system.
The porting of my phone number went very smooth. I was kept up to date on the progress and it did take about 3 weeks to finish the porting.
I can't wait for the iPhone App as I am not able to check the messages from my work computer and OOMA uses Flash on their website and apple and Adobe are not playing nice with each other. "
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Review 267 for Ooma Telo VoIP Phone System
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Tempe, AZ
Date:December 11, 2009

Going to save me lots of moolah!

Pros: going to save me lots of moolah!, easy to use
Cons: installation instructions not very detailed
Model Number: Ooma Hub
" I purchased my Ooma Hub early December 2009 and after using it for a few days, I am pleased with the service, call quality, and features. I have a Multifunction printer/copier/fax connected to my Ooma Hub in addition to my cordless phone. Regarding the fax capability, I have faxed numerous documents, all with ease and never any trouble. Faxes arrive promptly and legible. Regarding the calling service, I have called local people, out of state family and Canada, all with excellent call quality and never a problem. So far, my Ooma Hub system is working as advertised and I am happy. The installation instructions were not very detailed for connecting a phone and a Multifunction printer/copier/fax, but after 20 minutes, I figured it out and it has been working perfectly as advertised. "
Review 268 for Ooma Telo VoIP Phone System
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Whittier, CA
Date:November 13, 2010

$79.99 Account Cancellation Fee

Pros: easy to setup
Cons: makes your network unstable, $79.99 cancellation fee
Model Number: 528825
" There are only two ways to setup the unit, so you would think that this would be a good buy. The problems start after you register and setup:
1. There seems to be a delay between registering the device and making your first call. I couldn't get anything out of the system for the first two hours.
2. Once working the next day, it randomly went into a mode where it was trying to connect to your voice mail account, it took me an hour to get it out of that mode.
3. The day after that, the Ooma telo worked fine, but none of the computers on my network could connect to the Internet. After an hour of that problem, I decided it was time to take the unit back for a refund.
Ooma support indicates that there is a $79.99 fee to reactivate the unit once it has been registered to someone else. "
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Review 269 for Ooma Telo VoIP Phone System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:BEDFORD, NH
Date:February 15, 2010


Pros: cheap, works
Cons: directions in box are horrible. but its simple
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Review 270 for Ooma Telo VoIP Phone System
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:November 15, 2010

Staticky Calls and Unable to Fax

" I purchased this a couple months back and found calls to be staticky for the person I was calling. I could hear fine but everyone said the signal was staticky. I had my wife call me at work and I noticed the same. Caller ID won't even work when calling certain people. It just tells them UNKNOWN CALLER. I figured I could live with that but now I tried my FAX machine and all the faxes fail to send.
I'd return it but I already paid the fee for porting my number and went through that hassle. Not sure what to do now. What a mess. Not worth the risk or hassle to save $20 a month. Even at that rate, it takes nearly a year just to break even.
Don't buy it. Not worth the risk or the hassle. "You get what you pay for". Remember that. And this is coming from a "techy person" who loves gadgets, "
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Review 271 for Ooma Telo VoIP Phone System
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Van Nuys, CA
Date:December 24, 2009


Pros: nice idea
Cons: doesn't work
Model Number: Telo
" Installed Telo. Devices blue logo flashes as it is attempting to update software. Instructions say this should take 5-10 minutes. This is not true. Talked to their support three times. During these calls they said this would take 4 or more hours. I waited more than 25 hours and the ooma logo did not turn from flashing blue to solid blue indicating the update had completed. Support asked me to shut off my router firewall which would leave me without its protection. They also asked me to connect the Telo to one of the routers four ports instead of between it and my modem as the instructions said to. The instructed in between so as to allow the telo to prioritize incoming calls. Their directions would defeat this. During the 25 hours I could not access the internet or print. Returning to Costco. "
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Review 272 for Ooma Telo VoIP Phone System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Chicago, IL
Date:February 5, 2010

Really great system

Model Number: TELO
" I have been a long time VoIP customer so when I heard about Ooma I had to try it. Product came promptly and installed flawlessly out of the box. Placed my first phone call a few minutes later. Quality was very good, possibly better than my current provider, but thats a little subjective. I use ADSL by the way. I just initiated phone number transfer. The TELO hub is also an answering machine. I knew Ooma would let me check vmail on the web and via email, but did not know that if you just press the red arrow on the TELO it just plays your messages back right then and there. Excellent. Cannot comment on customer service, no need to call them, only called my current provider once in 5 years. If service works well in your location, not likely you will ever need to call them. Thats the beauty of VoIP. "
Review 273 for Ooma Telo VoIP Phone System
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Atlanta, GA
Date:September 24, 2009


Cons: support is very limited.
" I had high hopes for ditching AT&T. Probably I had a defective unit. Voice quality on home end was horrible - a constant hissing sound that is not present on my phone line normally. Several calls (to somewhere in Indonesia) and cable modem tests later, we all agreed it was an upstream speed problem. Ooma folks said to talk to Comcast about it. Sure. Turns out, that it was Ooma creating the problem. I have great upstreaming without Ooma attached as directed. As there was no solution for this on their telephone script, Ooma folks couldn't help. I returned it. Possibly the unit was defective. If so, the Ooma folks were unwilling to admit that chance. I was very disappointed. To those who keep Ooma, you'll find better support on Ooma forums than from customer service, since forums aren't limited to the script! "
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Review 274 for Ooma Telo VoIP Phone System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Phoenix AZ
Date:February 22, 2010

2 Months with it and working nice

Pros: no monthly bills
Model Number: Ooma Telo
" I ordered this on december before christmas, after a while trying to cut my telephone bill I used magicjack but I had to leave my computer running all the time and continuously monitoring it, then I discovered Ooma and caught my attention, after install it I requested my number to be ported (a little expensive) everything was Ok with the porting and I have my number running with Ooma on Jan/04, Everything has been working pretty good since that just minor things like when it was raining hard I tried to call my house and couldnt connect the call but that hasnt happened again, I connected the line to a wall jacket and I have dial tone in all the jackets of my house. So up today I'm very satisfied with Ooma I would highly recommend it. VOIP is the future and this is one of the best products without monthly bills. "
Review 275 for Ooma Telo VoIP Phone System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Oceanside, CA
Date:April 2, 2010

Ooma Telo works well

Pros: great call quality, great features, easy setup, great value
Model Number: Telo
" This review is for the base Teleo, and not the handset. I am very pleased with the purchase. Easy to setup. I have a fast cable connection, and call quality is excellent. No problems with the telephone number port which took about 2 weeks to complete. My teleo is connected after my router, which is the less recommended since the teleo can not prioritize bandwidth, but I have had no comprise i call quality, even when downloading large files. Before purchase I checked my connection for VOIP call quality using the visualware voip test. Just search google to find the link. What I found that is cool is if you have an interenet connection issue, the calls go to voicemail, which you can retrieve later. You can also setup a forward number if you like and calls can be routed to an alt number so you do not miss important calls. "
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Review 276 for Ooma Telo VoIP Phone System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:September 13, 2009

OOMA is just Awsome!!

Pros: easy to use, small footprint, great sound quality, great features included in purchase price, optional premier service enhances experience
Cons: wish i would have bought it sooner!
Model Number: Ooma
" We have been using our system for about 1 1/2 months and have nothing but great things to say about it. Installation was a breeze and the service is just like using my phone service with Charter but without the HIGH monthly costs! I have had ZERO issues with my Wifi network because all of my phones are 5.8ghz. Ooma does not interfere with the WIFI because it has no wireless radio in it. Other users here have their info incorrect. They need to replace their 2.4ghz phones because their are the true problems not Ooma. That is why they have made 5.8 and 6.0 cordless phones. If your looking to eliminate your phone bill all together, this is the system to use! No need for a computer to be left on, just plugs into your router and your set! I have even faxed with Ooma and hooked my home security system to it without any issues! "
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Review 277 for Ooma Telo VoIP Phone System
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Gilbert, AZ
Date:June 17, 2009

Read instructions? Me? Ha! Oops!

Pros: free calls forever
Cons: issues with house alarms
" This product is great on most aspects. The call quality is excellent. Having a second line local to any area in the USA is great for others calling you for free.
The installation did not go as smooth as I would have liked, mostly due to me not reading and following the instructions to the letter.
The one big problem I have is finding out after I have the entire installation complete with my landline ported over........ my alarm system cannot work with a VOIP phone. But I do have an alternative. I can have my alarm company install a radio communication device for $125.
I'm not sure yet, but I'll bet my DirecTv boxes are not going to work without installing a scout on each of them.
So overall this device is terrific. Free phone calls forever, and my son has free calling to me now also with my second line local to him. "
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Review 278 for Ooma Telo VoIP Phone System
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Phoenix, AZ
Date:April 14, 2009

90 days living with Ooma

" Here we are 90 days after our Ooma purchase and I am getting ready to box it up and return it to Costco.
The call quality is good to great. I feel that voice is better than my land line. I went all in and canceled my land line and use Ooma only.
The Ooma system often goes down and there is no warning why... I use a DSL service and have plenty of bandwidth too. I try to get to Ooma support and they blame the internet service, or have no solution. Often in the past 2 weeks I will pick up to dial and there will be no sound for up to 20 seconds. I will try to call home from my office and it will go straight to voice mail.
Lastly, if you are considering buying this product, keep you land line! Use the Ooma to make "free long distance calls" but don't rely on it to be up and running 100% of the time... heaven forbid you need to dial 911! "
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Review 279 for Ooma Telo VoIP Phone System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:May 6, 2010

Good Product!

" I have been using the Ooma for about five months now. It was fairly easy to set up. The sound quality is good. I switched over to cable internet from DSL and quit my landline telephone service - This thing pays for itself in no time. Also, I can now afford to call a friend of mine who is working in South Korea as the international rates are affordable (By the way, if you are overseas and have high speed internet, an Ooma would let you call the U.S. for free!).
I guess that there is an answering system available through Ooma ... but I just plugged my combination cordless telephone/answering machine into the Ooma and use that ... just like I always did. That is what is nice about the Ooma ... the phone system is just like it always was ... but without the phone bill. Caller I.D. is good, and it is nice to have a "call log" on "My Ooma". "
Review 280 for Ooma Telo VoIP Phone System
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Philadelphia, PA
Date:March 26, 2009

Great Product/Customer Service needs work

Pros: inexpensive over the long term
Cons: hub & scout base units do not have wall mounts
Model Number: Ooma Premier (6 mos.) starter package
" BEWARE if you are porting numbers...expect 4-5 weeks of waiting. This product is selling well, it seems. Product works great but getting it set up and working can be complicated and full of various delays (some expected, some not) especially if you are porting existing landline telephone numbers from your current carrier to Ooma. Ooma customer support can take days to get back to you, if at all, with sensible and reasonable answers. They could do a better job of managing expectations upfront. For me, it took a well documented complaint to Costco in order to get to my situation escalated to Ooma's Director of Operations for resolution. By their own admission, they are understaffed for their new found sales success. If you have problems, then be a squeaky'll get oil sooner. Overall, be patient while Ooma works thru its growing pains. "
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