Customer Reviews for BT2D Midland Bluetooth Intercom System for Motorcycles 2-pack

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BT2D Midland Bluetooth Intercom System for Motorcycles 2-pack

Includes Mounting Hardware, Microphones, AC Dual Charger, DC Charger and Stereo Cable
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Customer Reviews for BT2D Midland Bluetooth Intercom System for Motorcycles 2-pack
Review 1 for BT2D Midland Bluetooth Intercom System for Motorcycles 2-pack
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Snohomish, WA
Date:May 23, 2011

excellent value

" We bought this set about a year ago so this report will have a good deal of time using the headsets.
I like several things. Excellent value for the price. Units set up easily. We have modular helmets, and it was relatively easy to install the small microphones behind the lining by the ears and route the wire for the wired mouth microphone from the lining of the helmet down the side by your temple (leaving a little slack in the wire to account for the flipping up of the chin piece) and adhere the small mic to the helmet just off to the side of your mouth. This is a far better option than the boom mic in my opinion. Took about 45 minutes total for the two helmets and everything has stayed put for a year now with no signs of needing adjustment. Very unnoticable and does not interfere at all with putting on/off the helmet or carrying it around.
We only use the helmets when riding together on the same bike, so can't speak about distance for usage. As far as setting up to sync the units, that was easy as well as setting up the bluetooth for my cell phone. The only thing about the bluetooth feature on the headsets, there is a slight qwerk. If I have the bluetooth feature in use between my cell phone and my headset, the constant on intercom feature (which I prefer over the voice activated intercom) will not activate from my headset and we have to activate it from my wife's headset. Not a big deal, but kind of had to stumble on this solution. The voice activated intercom feature works fine though when initiated from either headset, but you have to talk kind of loudly to first activate it and I have the feature set on its most sensitive setting (5).
So bottom line is, I would recommend these as excellent overall values especially if the primary reason for use is bluetooth sync with a cell phone and/or the intercom feature between same bike users. I have not and probably will not use for mp3 play or hooking up to a radar receiver or gps, so no comment on those applications. "
Review 2 for BT2D Midland Bluetooth Intercom System for Motorcycles 2-pack
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Sacramento, Ca
Date:March 18, 2011

Good Product for the Price

Pros: cost easy to use
Cons: volume control between functions
" The system is very easy to setup and works as described. It installed into my helmet with no issues and is easy to control while riding. Expect middle of the road headphone quality sound. Phone calls are easy to make. People on the other end of the phone are surprised when they findout i'm riding while calling because they can't hear any excess noise. (I do ride with a full face helmet using the included adhesive backed mic mounted inside the helmet)
When switching between music and a phone call, volume usually needs to be adjusted which is a little inconvenient but very tolerable for the price of this unit. I would highly recommend this product to the rider that doesn't need the best but wants a decent quality unit for a reasonable price.
Review 3 for BT2D Midland Bluetooth Intercom System for Motorcycles 2-pack
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:February 13, 2011

Works great

Pros: pairs easily., works well.
Cons: constant background noise
Model Number: BT 2
" Product works great. Pairs easily with each other and with phones. I use it with my Droid X cell phone, and I can play music through the bluetooth, and when a call comes through, will stop music and ring. When I hang up call, music plays again. Also, have motospeak, and will read me my text messages as they come in. Intercom system works well also. I can communicate easily with my wife, as we ride separate bikes. Starts getting staticy though as we increase distance from each other, starting at around 100- 200 yards. I have also noticed a constant background buzz or noise, but not noticeable after a while. I have even used it on my snow skiing helmet with the mic boom, and it works great. I listen to music on it, take calls, and text messages are read to me while I'm skiing or on the lift. Will even take voice commands well, and can tell it which playlist I want to hear, or tell it to call a contact on my phone. Buttons on device can be used to skip to next song, pause, play prior songs, initiate voice command, and volume controls. Battery will last all day, at least 6 to 8 hours. "
Review 4 for BT2D Midland Bluetooth Intercom System for Motorcycles 2-pack
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Date:November 9, 2010

Product to be returned

Model Number: BT2-D
" After charging the two units as recommended I found that the units did not communicate and needed to be synchronized. Following protocol the units still did not communicate, called "tech support" who looked up and then read the same instructions to me that I had just completed. After two tries, they were finally synchronized.
The connection with a cell phone was not a problem. However the problem is the constant crackling and popping static in intercom mode that grows steadily worse with use, to the point of making it necessary to turn off the unit, which makes the BT2-D useless.
Am considering trying another set to see if this set is defective or whether it is a design flaw. This set will be returned to Costco.
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Review 5 for BT2D Midland Bluetooth Intercom System for Motorcycles 2-pack
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Chicago, IL
Date:August 12, 2010

Great Overall Bluetooth and More

Model Number: Midland BT2D
" This BT2-D was exactly what I was looking for and more! My main goal was to be able to talk on the cell phone or intercom when I need to and not to have it be a risky event. I have a Goldwing that has built in radio and intercom but I would have to spend over $300 for cell phone integration but I would still have to be tethered to the bike's wired system to use it. For less $ than that, I got a piece of technology that doesn't tether me to the bike or shut off when I shut off the bike and walk into the house while I finish up the song I was listening to. I will also use it for snowmobiling this winter.
The BT2 provides me with great integration with my Blackberry 9630 Tour. Answering and making cell calls are flawless with voice commands. It's amazing actually how well it works. The Bluetooth reliably connects every time I turn the BT2 on. If I have the phone's media player active (playing or on pause), it will begin playing the music immediately after connecting. Voice quality is awesome on both ends for cell calls and the intercom. The person on the other end of the cell call doesn't even know I am on a motorcycle doing 60mph. Streaming audio is also really good. When playing music from the phone, it's best to keep the volume on the BT2 on one setting and use the phone's up/down volume. There is great flexibility with the small but very good sounding speakers (of course don't expect tons of low end). The sound is better the closer the speaker units are to your ears. The units can get really loud. If you wear earplugs while riding, you will be able to hear the BT2 just fine. It was easy to install as Velcro is on the back of the speakers and boom-mic mounting areas. I thought wearing gloves would be a problem trying to hit the buttons while riding. With the lighter gloves I've been wearing it has not been a problem.
I haven't pushed the battery life too much to test claims of the 8 hours talk-time. I have ran them for 2 hours with no problems. As far as the distance range of the bike to bike feature, I get about 90-100 yards max with no obstacles between the units. That's good enough for my needs. The literature boasts a maximum range of 220 yards.
The only downside for me is the short pop/click sound it makes when switching the unit on/off, changing inputs or intercom, turning its volume up or down, changing songs, or when it goes from music to phone and back. The pop/click occurs just before the normal confirmation tones it is supposed to make. The pop/click is normal as confirmed with Midland. Not a big deal considering the other benefits of the unit. Also note that the AGC (supposed to turn the volume louder as the outside environment gets louder) only seems to work on the wired input and not the Bluetooth connected devices. To change the volume on the wired connection with the connected device you must use the connected device...not the BT2. No biggie, just use the phone's volume buttons or if on a call, reach up and push the appropriate BT2 volume buttons. "
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