Customer Reviews for eZip Trailz Men's Electric Bicycle

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eZip Trailz Men's Electric Bicycle

Speed up to 15 mph Patented Currie Electro-Drive™ System
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Customer Reviews for eZip Trailz Men's Electric Bicycle
Review 1 for eZip Trailz Men's Electric Bicycle
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Santa Clara, CA
Date:September 7, 2010

Good fun very useful; let's hope it lasts!

Pros: faster average speed, easier commute, fun
Cons: heavy
" I've been riding this bike now numerous times a day since I got it a few weeks ago..
It does not disappoint, the battery is strong goes very far and it's extremely fun to ride.
Imagine riding a normal bicycle down residential streets with no stops, and line graph your speed.. it goes up and down like an oscilloscope.. With the eZip Electric bicycle that line never goes below 15 MPH, it caps your minimum speed. You go further, easier, faster. You choose the amount of difficulty to put into pedaling, and for someone who does plenty of other leg workouts that's very nice. A great choice for commuting!
The Saddle bags are very useful, but difficult to strap on in a way that does not interfere with the rear tire spokes. Still, I've managed, and it's been incredibly useful so far.
There's only one big downside I have to the bike so far: It's very heavy. VERY heavy.. Pedaling without the motor is doable enough but it'll make you work hard for every mile!
The noise from the motor is minimal, and does not attract much attention. It's not even as loud as an RC car.
My primary concern for the future is two things.. First, the battery life..It's impossible to guage how well a battery will last on the first few weeks of use..So, keeping my fingers crossed!
Second, the tires. The very heavy load puts a lot of stress on them, and bumpy roads cause me some concern. So far, so good though!
Finally, Costco's return policy is what has given me the confidence to purchase this bike. There was too many unknowns and risks with a bicycle like this, but knowing that if it was horrible I could return it was a great comfort, and now I'm beyond satisfied with my purchase that I wouldn't have made otherwise! "
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Review 2 for eZip Trailz Men's Electric Bicycle
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:September 9, 2010

Quite Practical

" Have owned for a week prior to this review.
Seems well made. The weight of the battery riding high on the back of the bike can make it difficult to manipulate the bike by hand (i.e. putting it away) but does not interfere with handling whilst riding.
I weigh about 250lb and this bike achieves 17-19 mph easily, with a fully charged battery. My 150lb son rode the bike (on flat terrain, 100+ degree heat, with a freshly charged battery) at full speed and very little peddling for 13.7 miles before the battery was exhausted. One very nice aspect of this bike is that it is an easy and somewhat efficient bike to ride even without motor assistance. This means getting home with a dead battery is no problem.
The seven speed gearing means simple shifting as there is a single twist control to shift through all seven gears.
The included bike rack is very sturdy (has to be to hold the batteries).
Overall, I recommend this bike, it is fun, practical, on the lower end of the price scale for an electric bike and made by a company who should be around for a while (Currie).
4 stars because of the lead acid batteries. Heavy, limited capacity (ride time), limited life (300 charge cycles typical before replacement). Other battery options are out there but they easily double the cost of the bike. "
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Review 3 for eZip Trailz Men's Electric Bicycle
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Date:January 24, 2011

Trailz Rider

Pros: motorcolorsturdinesstechnology
Cons: battery life weight of the battery
Model Number: E-Trailz Mens
" I ordered this bike so that I could get some excersise adn still be able to get around. This bike does EXACTALLY that!! I weigh about 160lbs and this bike zips up and around like nothing. The motor is very quite and everywhere I go there is someone stopping me to ask questions or compliment the bike. It was very easy to figure out. I went on a 17 mile trip and still had juice left to keep going. This bike is a awesome deal for the buck and the saddle bag just makes it that much cooler. I called the company (Currie Technologies) to register my bike and to ask about battery life ect. and they informed me that there is a Lithium Ion battery upgrade avail. where the battery will last minimum of 3yrs!!! As well as it is only 5lbs when the original battery pack is 18lbs. Thats great considering that the battery that comes with the bike (Sealed Lead Acid) will only last about 1 1/2 years or so... I am highly happy with this bike and would buy it again and again.. "
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