Customer Reviews for Snowbear 84" Personal Snowplow Kit

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Snowbear 84" Personal Snowplow Kit

Includes Heavy-duty Skid Shoe Kit, Markers, and Storage Cart Fits Most Trucks and SUVs
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Customer Reviews for Snowbear 84" Personal Snowplow Kit
Review 1 for Snowbear 84" Personal Snowplow Kit
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Conifer, Colorado
Date:January 25, 2011

snowbear 84 plow kit

Pros: price, light weight, ease of on and off, works great
Cons: cheap winch belt, bad winch belt design and mount, hard to mount up/down switch
" this is a light unit designed for home or small business use. we bought it for my fathers place in Conifer Colorado, drive way is long and this plow does amazing job there. There are some design issues as described by other reviewers. The switch is hard to mount, we decided to just leave it hanging in the cab. The winch belt is weak, it has snapped once. It is designed to spin once the blade is up. So that the belt is not stressed... This is accomplished by friction, not a very good design. If it is too tight, it will snap the belt.
some times with hard use, the angle system pops out.
Overall, for the price and ease of on and off, it cant be beat. I would buy again, the minor flaws can be worked around and fixed pretty easily. "
Review 2 for Snowbear 84" Personal Snowplow Kit
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Spokane, WA
Date:January 21, 2011

Buy it if you like

Pros: reasonable pricing
Cons: too many
Model Number: Item # 541747
" Here is my experience.
First, great video instructions on the SnowPlow at; visual learning is the best tool to make the installation seem easy when selling your products. However, your accessories such as: nuts and bolts are neither in order nor same size as described in the manual, at least not in my order. It's like a big puzzle. The job should take less than 30 minutes, turned out for more than two days. Plus, I had to get the right nuts and bolts at the local hardware store to finish the job. Your technical service department doesn’t work in the weekend, and most of us like to set our big projects to do on the weekend. Anyway, you should provide 24hrs customer support. To help with smooth installation, divide your nuts and bolts in small bags and label them. But better yet, I think instead of divide it out; you should put the nuts and bolts where it belongs on the SnowBear and hand tight to secure it. To do that would be a lot easier to install your product.
Second, the vehicle custom brackets are impossible to install with the accessories you provided. I think you would need longer nuts and bolts on one of the slots. Definitely warn people about the danger of install this kit. The installation requires a person to lie on his back to secure the brackets, if one of the brackets fall out definitely would leave some bruises. It didn't happen to me but to my neighbor who helped me during the installation. He spoke French alright.
Third-- electrical-- again and again with your accessories, it was everywhere mixing with other nuts and bolts. A video instruction definitely required for this part. Finally, I have the plow move up and down but had to repeatedly get in and out of the vehicle, trying to get the plow to the same heights with the vehicle brackets in order for proper secure. This problem is poor engineering. Note: Should there be a second switch outside of the vehicle to help the plow move up and down during the mounting and dismounting of the unit? To bring the switch to my dash board, I must drill a hole, a big enough hole to fit the switch through. My other option is to cut the wire in order to drill a smaller hole. I would definitely prefer not to cut the wire. What are my options for flush mount the switch?
Fourth, instruction manual was missing and had to call you. However, I can't because I set my assembly schedule on the weekend, and you're not open.
Fifth, the winch snapped off on the second run when we had our first snow storm. I had to call customer service then waited for two weeks for the new winch to arrive. Meanwhile I had to pay someone else to finish the job.
Sixth, the strap ripped apart. To replace the strap it is impossible. In the instruction manual said there are two screws, but really there is only one.
Seventh, second snowstorm the electrical failed, my 35A12v breaker burned out. I called to the local auto supply stores, no one carry 35A12V. The only have 30A or 40A
Eight, no snowplow lights
I think I say enough, good luck buying. "
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Review 3 for Snowbear 84" Personal Snowplow Kit
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:January 12, 2011

Would not Warrenty!

" Purched this snowplow to upgrade from our 4-wheeler. Had troubles right away. Instead of the 10-14 days delivery we were at 21 days. The mounting bracket did not fit even though we told them exactly what kind of truck we had. The winch stopped working in the middle of a snow storm. We had no choice but to buy a new one. When I called to get the winch warrantied, they told me that because I had put a third party winch on my snowplow that I had voided my warranty on the plow and on the winch that I was calling about. Unbelievable!
We had to have parts welded back together. Basically, the mechanic (who looked at the winch) and the welder, told us they were cheap parts and the welds were done poorly. Don't waste your money or time!
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Review 4 for Snowbear 84" Personal Snowplow Kit
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Western PA
Date:December 14, 2010

Excellent Residential Plowing Solution

Pros: extremely durable quick mount/dismount, great price for a real 7' plow blade
Cons: lift winch is rather noisy, tubing had to be re-painted
" I purchased one of these at Costco in January 2003. I had looked at and passed on every residential plow I had seen. Our driveway is almost 1000' long with a switch-back half way up, and without this plow we would be stranded either at the top or the bottom of this driveway for much of the winter. It is quick (less than 5 min) to mount and dismount, extremely durable (I actually plowed #3 limestone after wash-outs before we got asphalt). "
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Review 5 for Snowbear 84" Personal Snowplow Kit
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:NE WA
Date:November 29, 2010

Nice solution

Pros: great for small office or home, light easy on truck!, easy to remove in the spring, very affordable
Cons: not for big applications, recomment byuling the lighting kit not included
Model Number: Snowbear 84" Personal Snowplow Kit
" Very nice plowing system. Not a lot of work to install, works very well, being able to angle the blade makes a big difference.
We've used the plow for 5 years in a small business parking lot.
This isn't something I'd buy for huge commercial jobs, but if it's a business office parking lot or home application, it's a great solution.
We have broken several parts, and customer service is good at sending items right out. They are excellent. "
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Review 6 for Snowbear 84" Personal Snowplow Kit
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:North Lake Tahoe, CA
Date:November 28, 2010

Super deal

Pros: easy assembly, durable, looks great
" Got this plow for my own driveway, but the winter started out at a record pace and have had to use it non-stop for the past week for work as well. No complaints! Tough, durable and easy to assemble. "