Customer Reviews for VIZIO 47" LED Back Lit LCD HDTV VIZIO Internet Apps™

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VIZIO 47" LED Back Lit LCD HDTV VIZIO Internet Apps™

Full HD1080p Built-in WiFi 802.11n Dual-band 2 Year Warranty
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Customer Reviews for VIZIO 47" LED Back Lit LCD HDTV VIZIO Internet Apps™
Review 1 for VIZIO 47" LED Back Lit LCD HDTV VIZIO Internet Apps™
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Seattle, WA
Date:October 1, 2010

Vizio XVT473SV

Pros: nice deep blacks, 801.1n out of the box
Cons: only one network available not true dual band
Model Number: XVT473SV
"After several false starts on getting the product delivered I installed ( very easy ) and connected to my Wi-Fi dual band network.
Quite easy to set up but what Vizio considers dual band and what I consider dual band is a bit different.
The TV sees both the 2.4 and 5.0 GHz connections, but you have to connect to one of the other not both. In addition the TV does not save the password etc.; therefor if I want to change from 2.4 to 5.0 I have to set up the 5.0 from scratch. Quite annoying and tedious if you have a strong password.
For DVD's and HD over cable, the TV performs extremely well.
VUDU wants to connect to standard definition, but that is a Vudu issue not Vizio.
It would be very nice to be able to stream from something other than the apps supplied.
Personally I care not if I have Facebook, Twitter, etc. on the TV
All in all nice unit.
Shipping showed seven business day delivery even after the system was received on day four. Seems like the shipper could supply proper shipping times."
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Review 2 for VIZIO 47" LED Back Lit LCD HDTV VIZIO Internet Apps™
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:January 28, 2011

App 2B a dissapointment

Model Number: VIZIO 47" LED Back Lit LCD HDTV VIZIO Internet Apps
"When we purchased this TV the biggest concern I had was what would happen when the internet Apps updated...Would there be glitches or problems? Sadly after about 30 days there was a lengthly update. Vizio installed numerous Apps on our TV in the update. After that the TV would lock up when scrolling through the settings menu and bounch back and forth between the pages. Worse yet after the update the SRS had to be turned off. With it on the TV scrolls from a scream to a whisper during any program.
What a huge dissappointment as we love the picture and price point and have had a few other Vizio products that we really enjoyed.
The other issue I found was once this happended there does not appear to be a way to delete the internet connection in the menu.
It was a hard choice but we have decided to return this one to Costco and are very happy Costco has a 90 day return policy.
One other tip if you have read the reviews on the Vizio website just be aware that they do not post any negative reviews.
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Review 3 for VIZIO 47" LED Back Lit LCD HDTV VIZIO Internet Apps™
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:October 8, 2010


Pros: great picture quality on hd channels, picture looks great even when the room is bright
Cons: wireless doesn't work, remote doesn't work great with other devices
Model Number: XVT473SV
"I have spent hours in the one week that I have had my Vizio XVT473SV trying to get the wireless feature working. Bottom line, Costco, Vizio, and Comcast have all put in their two cents and the only way to get the apps like Netflix or Pandora working on my TV is to have it wired. Vizio told me to fix my bandwith so I had at least four bars for signal strength. Comcast came to my house and said there is nothing wrong with my bandwidth or signal, all my computers work fine. I even moved my router and modem closer but that did not work either. Yes, I could take it back but it's a major hassle and it does do everything with a wired connection. Costco called Vizio with me on the phone to troubleshoot, Costco knew more than the Vizio tec."
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Review 4 for VIZIO 47" LED Back Lit LCD HDTV VIZIO Internet Apps™
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Temecula, CA
Date:November 18, 2010

Great TV at an unbeatable price

"We purchased this TV about 2 months ago after vascillating for years about replacing our old television. We don't have cable, pretty much use Netflix exclusively (we use an attic mounted antenna to pick up the broadcast channels which display in gorgeous HD on this TV and is free other than the cost of the antenna )and this TV works great for that! The HD Netflix content streams beautifully! The picture is fantastic! It'd be nice if there was a web browser but that's something that could eventually be added. Bear in mind that this is a very new television. In fact, we were not sure if we were going to keep it at first (some freezing and settings problems) but after a firware update about 6 weeks ago we've had no problems with the television (firmware updates get pushed out while your TV is in a "soft-off" state). I wonder if some of the people that have had issues with this TV are simply not recieving the firmware updates. To that end, make sure that you keep the televsion hooked up to a permanently connected internet connection. BTW, the fact that this TV has builtin Wireless N is huge. For those of you that don't understand the different Wireless technologies just suffice it to say that wireless N is going to become an absolute necessity as neighborhoods get saturated with wireless access points in every house. The only reason that I don't give the TV 5 stars is that it doesn't have a general purpose web browser. But for the price you just can't beat this TV."
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Review 5 for VIZIO 47" LED Back Lit LCD HDTV VIZIO Internet Apps™
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:March 11, 2011

Good TV; Apps are wonky

Pros: picture quality, one of the only matte screens currently available, great features / value for the price.
Cons: apps are wonky cause tv to "crash"., no youtube app., sometimes has a fuzzy line along top of sd picture, remote is missing some convenient buttons eg. zoom
Model Number: XVT473SV
"This TV came highly recommended all over the Internet. When comparing features and prices, this TV was an easy choice to make.
I have owned for about 3 months so far, and these are my own empirical observations:
This is what makes this TV shine. The picture quality is very good, even on SD broadcasts, which was important to me because many TV channels (and all my DVDs) are still in standard def. I have no problems with this set whatsoever as a pure TV.
I find the speakers to be adequate for my somewhat-large living room.
The Vizio Apps are clunky and slow. Ok, fine, it's not a computer, I get that.
But the deal-breaker is that they sometimes crash the TV set. When this happens, the TV hangs and nothing works; not even the Power button. Then I have to unplug the TV and wait a minute and then plug it back in and wait for it to "reboot". This is a major inconvenience.
NOTE: It has only happened so far when using the Pandora app. It hasn't happened in more than a month, but I'm always a little apprehensive when I start up Pandora now.
Granted, this is a software problem, not a problem with the TV itself. But since the Vizio VIA apps, or "widgets" are part of what you're buying when you buy this TV, I think it is fair to include them in the review.
Also widget-related is that there is no Youtube app, which is inexcusable. I keep waiting for them to make one, but if I were holding my breath, I'd have turned blue and passed out by now.
In short, software is an area in which Vizio needs to improve, and the sooner the better.
4. THE REMOTE is pretty cool with its slide-out keyboard. This can be a big time-saver if you use the apps with any frequency. I also like how compact it is.
However, I wish there were dedicated buttons for changing Zoom modes and Video Pre-set modes. I don't like having to use the TV's menu for this, because it makes it too slow and the GUI pops up and interrupts the show you're watching. These are changes that can be accomplished with an easy press of a button on most other modern TVs. Leaving 'Zoom' and 'Mode' buttons off this remote was a mistake.
Also, many remotes have "device selection" buttons along the top where you can choose which device you want to control. But not this one. This one tries to do your thinking for you, and while it's a nice idea in theory, it doesn't work out for the better in practice.
For example if you tell it DVI-1 is your cable/DVR, then its buttons control the cable/DVR when you're turned to DVI-1. If DVI-2 is your DVD player, then when you're viewing input from DVI-2, your buttons control the DVD player. Makes sense, right?
Except unfortunately this makes it useless for controlling my stereo. So unlike with my last TV, I now have to keep my stereo remote handy too.
Oh, it would work... IF I turned on the stereo by hand, and ...IF I wanted to ALWAYS use the stereo system as my audio output. But I don't always want my stereo on; I only want it on sometimes. And I want to CONTROL whether it is on or not using my Vizio remote. Which sadly, I can not do.
So while I appreciate Vizio trying to over-engineer this functionality, unfortunately it is not well thought out. I would prefer to go back to the "device selector" buttons at the top of the remote.
I have used this with wireless-g, wireless-n, and cabled ethernet. I had no issues configuring the TV to recognize and utilize any of the above. It's pretty straightforward, once you get used to Vizio's convoluted menu interface.
If I had had a darker living room and a bit more cash, I might have sprung for a Samsung instead. However, I needed a matte screen TV because my room is very bright with a lot of windows. So my choices were limited to a Sony Bravia or a Vizio. Given those options, I would not hesitate to buy Vizio again. It is simply a much better value, even given all my complaints.
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Review 6 for VIZIO 47" LED Back Lit LCD HDTV VIZIO Internet Apps™
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:December 12, 2010

Another winner from Vizio

Pros: picture quality, features, image adjustments, case design, true led (backlit)
Model Number: XVTS47
"I have had a Vizio LCD for about 4 years now and it has been a great TV. Based on the history with my current LCD set, I decided to give the new 47" LED LCD a try.
I was actually leaning towards a Samsung because of all the great things I have heard about them. However, after viewing the Vizio in the Costco store and after reading the CNET review, I decided to go with the Vizio. I am sure the Samsung would have been a great TV, but I could not justify the price difference. Then when you start looking at all the specs of the Vizio, the choice was easy.
To some this may be a small thing, but I just love the fact that the Vizio has a built in WiFi included. Updates to the TV as well as all of the internet connectivity to the installed widgets were a breeze. I have not used all of the internet apps yet, but I do see some of them to be very useful.
Now, on to the picture quality. One word....WOW! This may sound crazy but on some HiDef programs, it actually looks like 3D. The image quality is as good as anything I have seen in any price range. There is a tremendous amount of image adjustments available as well, but I set mine to the "standard" setting which proved to be most ueful across all content.
Blue Rays are just what you would expect - absolutely incredible. I cannot comment about the audio since I have my setup running through an Onkyo switching AV receiver and Boston Accoustic speakers.
All in all, I am very satisfied with this set and am looking forward to many hours of enjoyment."
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Review 7 for VIZIO 47" LED Back Lit LCD HDTV VIZIO Internet Apps™
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Minneapolis, MN
Date:March 2, 2011

Great picture, great value, GREAT TV

Pros: easy out-of-the-box setup, bluetooth remote with qwerty keyboard, stand already attached, great picture great contrast, works well in sunlit rooms, built-in wireless is more than adequate for the vi
Cons: stand already attached if you are looking to wall, quirky 480i display with directv (see note above), could use more via apps, halo effect due to local dimming of leds (see note, "always on" vizio logo
Model Number: XVT 473SV
"We are first-time LCD buyers, upgrading from a 27" HDTV Samsung CRT that was 7 years old. After seeing the online reviews at CNET, PC WORLD and other reviews, this TV appeared to be in a "top tier" position, with 240 Hz refresh rate, full array LED local dimming as opposed to edge lit LED, and built-in wireless features. We opted for purchasing at our local Costco a few weeks ago (two year warranty, no shipping charges), and have been extremely pleased with our purchase.
The setup we opted for was using a VideoSecu Tilt TV Wall Mount with the JVC TH-BA1 Soundbar System with Wireless Subwoofer mounted above with the use of SoundbarSpeaker Mounting Brackets. We opted for the soundbar prior to selecting and trying the TV out, as most reviews suggest--and rightfully so--that the TV speakers on an LCD TV are not great--even with the TruSURROUND. This is true with this TV, but when you are buying a TV, it is more for the picture than the sound.
Opening the box, the TV is attached to its stand already. For our wall mount configuration, this meant that the stand had to be removed by taking out four screws while the TV was laying down on its display (the "quick guide" gives instructions for this included in the box). We wired up all of our cables prior to the wall mount (using the \ Monster CIT MBK-16 Medium Diameter Black Cable-It Wire Management System (16 feet) to bundle the cables). We ran four HDMI cables to fill the slots (one for the DirecTV HD/DVR receiver, one for the BluRay, one for the Wii and one just because for future exapansion), an optical cable to the switch in the A/V closet that ran directly into the soundbar (with switches for the DirecTV and BluRay player), and the power cord through the cable management system. We also ran an optical cable from the TV to the soundbar (we opt to play the audio directly from the DirecTV or the BluRay to the soundbar as opposed to routing through the TV to maintain the 5.1 audio quality as opposed to the "scrubbed" 2.1 audio signal if it was directed through the TV). It took three of us to hang the TV above our fireplace--one spotter and two hangers, but it worked just fine.
Powering up the TV for the first time, it guides you through a straightforward on screen setup, pairing the Bluetooth remote, identifying HDMI inputs, setting up audio (we opted to turn off the TV speakers and utilize just the soundbar) and the wireless internet. The slideout QWERTY keyboard truly aides in the setup. We were up and running in about 10 minutes.
Since then, all I can say is WOW! The picture quality is all that it is cracked up to be and more. We've seen alot of edge lit TV's that have the glow around the inside of the frame. This model has even color and brigntess around the screen, and incredible contrast. Blacks are deep blacks (no blue twinge) and whites are bright (almost too bright) white. Local dimming in high contrast situations (like streetlamps on a dark night) does have a halo effect as others have described (there is not a 1 to 1 ratio of pixels to LEDs or LED zones for that matter, so if a zone is on, it lights up that zone even if there is black in it). The best way to describe the streetlamp on a dark night having a halo is that the TV makes it look like a streetlamp in the fog as opposed to a clear night. Is it a perfect reproduction? No. Is it a reasonable trade-off for the 99% of the time where you won't see it and get great contrast/brightness/color on everything else? I believe so. 240 Hz has made watching NASCAR and hockey feel like you are almost there.
The matte screen does a great job for anti-reflection. We have the TV in a room where there is a lot of direct sunlight, and there is no apparent glare on the screen during the day. While a lot of manufacturers are now going with glass/glossy finish as a means of enhancing contrast, this seems to be a recipe for disaster in a sunlit viewing environment. I would also like to highlight that the off-angle viewing of the TV is great.
There are a couple of quirks regarding the picture that we debugged to the DirecTV receiver. Initially, 1080i/1080p/720p broadcasts looked great, but 480i broadcasts had a line of pixels that were weird/blinking at the top of the screen. By going deep into the DirecTV receiver setup, we configured the receiver to output the broadcast in its original/native format (1080i out as 1080i, 480i out as 480i, etc.). After doing this, everything worked great and the weird/blinking line disappeared.
VIA applications are nice--though more would be desired (e.g. HuluPLUS, iTunes, YouTube, etc.). Netflix on it works great--even through the wireless connection (no buffering stops). I would also like to note that we are able to output audio to our soundbar from VIA applications.
We are extremely pleased with the purchase and the performance of the TV, and look forward to enjoying it for years to come (and enjoying it for football in the fall)! We highly recommend it."
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Review 8 for VIZIO 47" LED Back Lit LCD HDTV VIZIO Internet Apps™
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Redmond, WA
Date:January 2, 2011

XVT473SV vs. SV472XVT

Model Number: XVT473SV and SV472XVT
"I purchased the 473 model at Costco, and liked it so much that I went back to purchase another a few days later. I didn't realize Costco switched their stock from the newer 473 model to the older 472 model since the location on the shelf, packaging and everything looked the same. It wasn't until I tried hanging the TV on the wall that I realized the difference. The 472 is engineered entirely differently. The depth of the TV is much greater, the controls on the back are entirely different, and even the software differs a bit. Most importantly, though, the picture quality of the 472 is of distinctly lower quality than the 473 -- which it should be because the 472 has 72,000 pixels and the 473 has 102,400. I'm disappointed with the 472 and trying to decide whether to bring it back."
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Review 9 for VIZIO 47" LED Back Lit LCD HDTV VIZIO Internet Apps™
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Date:September 24, 2010


Pros: bluetooth keyboard remote, keyboard, price
Cons: no youtube app, heavy and bulking for a flatscreen, bright vizio logo on bezel, feature sticker, reliablity
"Like another reviewer I thought this TV was great... Good value, top of the line specs and features. After 33 days while watching a movie the screen went crazy! It appeared to be inverting every color. It looked like the negative image was coming through. After calls to Costco support and Visio I was told I got a bad LCD. Back to Costco this TV went and home came a Samsung. You get what you pay for. Spend the extra couple hundred dollars and get a Samsung/Sony. Also, I did not like the illuminated Vizio on the face of the TV nor the Features sticker on it."
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Review 10 for VIZIO 47" LED Back Lit LCD HDTV VIZIO Internet Apps™
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:San Francisco, CA
Date:September 27, 2010

Poor reliability

"The TV was great at the beginning. It started to flicker after 5 months.
I called the VIZIO technical support and they arranged the other company (ITI) to have an on site fix. It took 1 week for ITI technicians to come but they could not fix it. It really wasted my time that I had to take one day off to be home.
I kept calling back, then 3 days later VIZIO told me they would replace my broken TV with a re-certified TV. They use another company (Manna distribution)to ship the TV. It has been another 4 days, when I called today, neither Manna or VIZIO could tell me where the replacement TV was. The VIZIO technical support person told me the shipment usually took 10 "working" days, even the warehouse is in southern California and I live in San Francisco.
It really not worth saving several hundred dollars to buy a cheaper brand. Lessons leaned."
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Review 11 for VIZIO 47" LED Back Lit LCD HDTV VIZIO Internet Apps™
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Boston ,Massachusetts
Date:December 12, 2010

vizio XVT473SV 240 hz

Pros: colors are natural with many other adjustments, available size position of screen
Cons: remote is hard to figure out to control devices
Model Number: xvt473sv
"THIS LED LCD tv has all the features I was looking for. no angle viewing issues in a bright lit room, wireless netflex ,low power consumption, 10 million to 1 contrast ratio with a price below 1200.oo.
opened box had set working with netflix in 1/2 hour. dsl wireless G 1.5mbps speed , no problem. tv has a wireless N so I am ready to upgrade to higher speed internet..
remote is the only issue I have with this tv. I have not been successful to operate other equiptment with it.
I have programmed my DTV remote to operate the main tv functons ..
hopefully this will continue to operate with no issues , as some have had , on life of this product.
using 3 different dvd players of various video resolution I was surprised at the picture quality even in 480I ...
1080i was very sharp..
watching on tuner air channels the hd football games, picture was perfect.."
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Review 12 for VIZIO 47" LED Back Lit LCD HDTV VIZIO Internet Apps™
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:December 26, 2010

Great TV at a great price

Pros: built in wifi, great picture, keyboard on the remote
"We got this TV about a week ago. Setup was super easy and it's so convenient to have WiFi built in. The remote opens up to a keyboard to help with searching which is a huge pro. Picture is great. You can't find another TV much less a better TV with a 240Hz refresh rate and built in WiFi."
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Review 13 for VIZIO 47" LED Back Lit LCD HDTV VIZIO Internet Apps™
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Simi Valley, CA
Date:May 20, 2011

Only lasted a week

Pros: costco return policy
Cons: setting up peripherals, screen lasted a week, poor customer service, remote wasn't going to last a month
Model Number: Model XVT473SV
"This was a highly researched purchase, involving all of the aspects of our house, usage, and requirements. Exactly a week after getting it on the wall and setup, the screen started flickering and produced a white ghost image multiple times across the screen. Was not please with the setup necessary for all of the peripherals either, it's 2011 why can't this TV handle plug & play? Each peripheral I plugged in had to be setup via the Vizio TV, time consuming and clunky. Bought a Sony Bravia and couldn't be happier. Save your time and money and avoid Vizio."
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Review 14 for VIZIO 47" LED Back Lit LCD HDTV VIZIO Internet Apps™
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:centralia, wa
Date:September 30, 2010

great tv

"after alot of research we settled on this tv the full array led is the way to go. also this tv was just released. so i dought the other reviewers have the right tv. this tv is the easiet to set up remote for all your equipment it works great. i will repost once we have had it a few months."
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Review 15 for VIZIO 47" LED Back Lit LCD HDTV VIZIO Internet Apps™
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:San Diego, CA
Date:April 26, 2011

Research pays off!

Pros: outstanding picture!, great sound for a tv., easy set-up and menu instructions.
Cons: i'm still trying to think of one. ;-)
Model Number: XVT473SV
"I spent several months researching TVs once I decided that I was ready to buy. After reading reviews and talking with my engineer friends, I decided on this Vizio.
It worked great right out of the box. I'm connected to cable. I also added the Vizio wireless router which gave me access to many great apps.
I've had this TV for 3 months and have enjoyed every minute.
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Review 16 for VIZIO 47" LED Back Lit LCD HDTV VIZIO Internet Apps™
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:So. California
Date:September 29, 2010

Great TV

Pros: easy setup, excellent support from costco
Cons: remote could be a little larger
Model Number: XVT473SV
"I have had this tv about a week and it is working just fine. Some people expect to surf the web with the apps provided and that cannot be done. A couple of the reviews state that they have had this model for four or five months. The XVT473SV just became available the middle of August. The setup was easy and the picture is beautiul. The keys on the remote are smaller than I would like to read, but the remote was able to replicate all the functions of my Cox Cable muti-purpose remote and my Sony Blu-ray player. The setup for wireless connection to the internet took about 3 minutes."
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Review 17 for VIZIO 47" LED Back Lit LCD HDTV VIZIO Internet Apps™
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Date:January 5, 2011

Iffy Purchase

Pros: wide viewing angle, deep blacks
Cons: color/picture not so great in standard definition, looking straight at set picture was not to clear
Model Number: XVT473SV
"I have standard digital cable with Comast so my impressions with picture are limited to non-HD viewing.
My first grip is I could not get the remote to work with the comcast box and they had no answer. I should have called Costco support, but that was the least of my issues.
About three hours after watching, a border appeared on the top of the screen with these silver dashes (it was on every channel). I turned on/off the t.v.and it went away. At one time when viewing the Facebook app it froze on the screen. Popped out the batteries on the remote, tried to use the dial on the t.v. to turn off the t.v. Neither made any difference. Eventually I had to unplug the t.v and replug it back in. The next day found the t.v. had turned itself on and while watching a couple days later it turned off by itself. This all happened within 5 days of owning the set. Suffice it to say I returned the set to Costco.
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Review 18 for VIZIO 47" LED Back Lit LCD HDTV VIZIO Internet Apps™
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Salinas, CA
Date:September 28, 2010

Not worth the trouble

Pros: lots of features for the price
Cons: tv only lasts 4 months before failing
Model Number: XVT473SV
"Lets face it. Buying a new TV is a big deal.
You have a lot of work usually in replacing your TV also... Its usually one of two boats:
a) new receiver as well and re-wire everything
b) fish the tv out of a lake of balled up wire
Once you do this, and borrow a buddies car and finally lug the beast home, your hope is that it lasts a few years. Well if thats you (because it was me) dont buy this TV and probably any other similar Vizio models.
I have a problem with the backlighting and its constantly flickering. This is in one section about 3x10 inches big. Vizio tech support refused to help unless I sent in pictures. Really. Pictures of a flicker. Had to escalate to corporate, but still this is unresolved. No idea if im out of luck or what. Ill have to take this up with Costco now.
Save yourself the headache, buy something tried and true."
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Review 19 for VIZIO 47" LED Back Lit LCD HDTV VIZIO Internet Apps™
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Pinellas County, Fl 33785
Date:July 11, 2011

Good for 5 weeks, now shuts off with 4 diff. probs

Pros: love the internet apps
Cons: shuts off and freezes in 3-5 secs, goes pink and large pixelation errors, large errant boxes black and white, loud noises then shuts off
Model Number: XVT473SV
"TV Shuts off after 3-5 seconds each time. It has severe pixelation problems- boxes with white and black in them and/or on each re-turn on, makes very loud noises then shuts off OR, goes pink and immediately shuts off. It also, freezes without notice, then shuts off. The cable company sent a Senior Engineer who tested the connections, changed the box and cables, then tested his Engineer Issue tv with the new box & determined this is a dud."
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Review 20 for VIZIO 47" LED Back Lit LCD HDTV VIZIO Internet Apps™
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:East bay, CA
Date:March 7, 2011

Failure to launch--both times!

Cons: inferior product, screen freezes, warm up screen fuzzy
Model Number: SV472XVT
"We bought this for a Xmas present! Was excited until we turned it on. It took 5 minutes to "warm up" each time we turned on the TV. The picture was fuzzy. We called Costco concierge technical support (wonderful!!) but they were stumped and got Vizio technical on the phone. After 1 hour, both were still stumped and problem continued. They offered to come to the house...but I would rather have a good TV for many years, rather than one that has problems from the beginning.
Assuming we got a lemon, we returneed it. Cashier mentioned that she was having problems her with Vizio too! We bought another Vizio 47". It was okay for 2 days, and then the screen would freeze. The audio would continue, but the screen was frozen. Happened several times a day for a month. GAVE UP!! Costco return policy! Would NEVER buy Vizio again! Saw lots of other Vizio's sitting in return line! Even saw a guy in the aisle asking one of the Costco people about a problem he was having with Vizio.
Bought a Samsung and enjoying problems! While you think it is great wont be happy long term!
Stay away from Vizio! Costco--you need to drop Vizio and get quality products instead that wont tarnish your brand."
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