Customer Reviews for Christmas Tree Storage Duffle Bag with Dolly

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Christmas Tree Storage Duffle Bag with Dolly

Holds up to 9-ft x 72" D Artificial Tree
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Customer Reviews for Christmas Tree Storage Duffle Bag with Dolly
Review 1 for Christmas Tree Storage Duffle Bag with Dolly
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:November 26, 2010

Great storage bag

Model Number: Item# 545400
" This storage bag is perfect. It is very well constructed and our tree fits in perfectly without using the additional space available on the top. We have a 7' tree that comes in 3 parts. There are even holders on the inside to use. It made it so much easier this year to get the tree out of storage and bring it back to the house. I was never able to lift the bag we had before by myself, but the wheels on this make it easy for one person to handle it. It was much better than I thought it would be. "
Review 2 for Christmas Tree Storage Duffle Bag with Dolly
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:November 9, 2010

Great Purchase

Pros: easy to use and store
Cons: sharp edges (tree stand) can pierce bag
" I purchased this bag a few years ago and it works great. Our tree comes apart in 3 pieces and fits in the bag without issues. You need to fluff up the branches, but we had to do this with the box we would stuff it in. We store the tree from hooks in our garage! Great space saver! "
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Review 3 for Christmas Tree Storage Duffle Bag with Dolly
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:November 8, 2010

Great Idea!

" Unlike the previous review - I think this storage bag is awesome! I have 7 foot - extremely heavy pre-lit tree and I had no diffculty getting this into the duffle and using the straps to secure the branches. This isn't a new tree - I've had this tree for about 8 years so the branches have been unfolded, fluffed and folded again. "
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Review 4 for Christmas Tree Storage Duffle Bag with Dolly
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:November 8, 2010


" We have the 9 foot pre-lit tree. My husband swore it would not fit inthe bag, but it did- with room to spare! It took us putting the bottom base in both ways to figure it out, but once we did the other pieces fit easily. the cinch straps allowed us to zip it easily and saves us SO much room storing it, not to mention how easy it is not to bring it into the house, as it's very heavy. "
Review 5 for Christmas Tree Storage Duffle Bag with Dolly
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Huntley, Illinois
Date:November 4, 2010

Tree Storage Bag theory vs. reality

Model Number: 545400
" Our new tree is a 7.5" Pre-lit Spruce tree with Easy Shape Technolgy and we bought this bag based on the recommendation of this web site. If your tree is different, you may have different results.
In theory, a fantastic idea. Construction is top notch.
In reality, I personally think you couldn’t stick a 7.5’ tree into this bag that is supposed to fit a 9’ tree height with a 72" width, without first crushing the tree to get it compressed enough girth-wise to fit.
Despite the apparent claim, you still can’t fit a square peg in a round hole of the same size and certainly can’t stick a round object into a square or rectangle of a smaller size!!!
If the tree is compact as when it is initially boxed for delivery, it likely would fit. But, in reality, they probably use a machine to compress the tree when it is manufactured. Once you break the string holding a section together and then spread out the various branches as they need to be, there seems to be no way you are going to get it into that bag, which is about 2" wider and 2" less depth than the original box and about 12" longer. Complicating it, the branches snag on everything as you are trying to literally CRAM the thing in. We could get in the smaller piece and the small top. No way for that bigger piece. Worse, it is just about impossible to cram the whole tree back into the original tree box. The big concerns of storing either way is severe damage to the tree or worse, damage to those LEDs and their wires.We are resigned to storing one section and the top section in the original box and finding another box for the remaining piece.
I called the 4 companies involved with the tree and the bag. No one has ever crammed this tree into that bag that anyone knows of, but haven’t had any comments that they couldn’t either.
A great idea in its likely original design and final construction. But also likely, once the price point comes into play, everything suffers. They probably downsized to a specific length, width and depth for optimum shipping and storage to the detriment of practicality for a customer.
It probably works great for smaller trees, trees of lesser width, perhaps not pre-lit or not LED and certainly not Easy Shape technology trees as this one is.
I’m quite disappointed with this website for explicitly recommending this product as it was apparently untested by them.
A fantastic idea, too bad it isn't practical for us and we are more than a little disappointed we can't make use of it, especially as well constructed as it is. "
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