Customer Reviews for Ridgeway by Kelty Tundra Dome Tent

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Ridgeway by Kelty Tundra Dome Tent

Sleeps up to 3 People
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Customer Reviews for Ridgeway by Kelty Tundra Dome Tent
Review 1 for Ridgeway by Kelty Tundra Dome Tent
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Date:August 1, 2011

Roomy tent for a great price!

Pros: roomy
Cons: heavy
" I must admit that I am surprised that this is not actually a Kelty product.
However, I am perfectly happy with my purchase. Living in So Cal, the tent appears to be a good 3-season tent-- it has held up to sand, heat, & condensation. I have not used this tent to camp in rain or snow.
When I backpack, I use a tent specifically designed for backpacking. It only makes sense.You should too.
THIS tent was clearly designed for car camping. Look at the picture! It clearly takes a bit longer to setup but a single patient person can easily put it together.
I've been able to easily fit 3 people (including tall guys) in this tent with extra-large sleep pads & room to spare! I would prefer a rectangular floor but my friends & I have been able to make do. All in all, it's definitely well worth the price for me. "
Review 2 for Ridgeway by Kelty Tundra Dome Tent
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Portland, Oregon
Date:July 14, 2011

Durable and Great Space

" I bought a pair of these tents last year. I've taken them to a dozen events.
Note: Yes, I did set them up and waterproof them before taking them out. It's a standard thing to do when you live in the great northwet.
These are very easy to set up. Six poles = a great amount of space with extra space outside to place muddy shoes. I like the poled rain fly especially as it allows the rain to stay off the main tent.
It's me and a three year old and our gear. A queen size futon, four bags, and lots of crayons. It's perfect.
No problems with anything but the mesh catching in the zippers on the windows.
My only down fall the quick snaps on the rain fly great to set up but I've alreay had one come off. How do I replace it?
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Review 3 for Ridgeway by Kelty Tundra Dome Tent
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:June 17, 2011

Poor Quality

Pros: costco's return policy
Cons: quality
" I bought this tent at the store because of its great name brand. Unfortunately, I should have looked here first to find out that it is only a Wenzel, licensed as a Kelty. I did this after getting a text from my husband, who is camping tonight with our son's boy scout patrol. He says that the floor is made out of the same thin material as the sides, for starters. There are 8 different-sized poles for this tiny little tent, when bigger tents can make do with 5. The pop-out windows are cute, but the fly doesn't cover them. Overall, he calls it "flimsy." It is also really too small for a grown man to sleep in with another person in the tent, despite the claim of it being 9' long. I'm not sure where those dimensions are coming from, but it isn't the length. I'm sure there will be more complaints, especially if it rains tonight, as it is expected to. I'm afraid I'll be returning this to the store tomorrow. Good thing Costco has a good return policy. "
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Review 4 for Ridgeway by Kelty Tundra Dome Tent
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Date:May 26, 2011

Must have 2 people to set up - NOT a backpack tent

Pros: inside height price
Cons: difficult 2-man setup
Model Number: 465362
" Don't even THINK about backpacking this tent more than a few hundred yards!
The tent is almost impossible for one person to set up, as it has several very long poles that must be arched - you put in one end, then try to get around to the other end and the first end will pop out of the grommet. Full disclosure - the manual does say to have a second person help, but I wanted to try it alone, as that's usually how our camping goes. Even with two it's not a snap. There are too many poles to insert and arch.
Once erected, it's OK for height, but its oval floor does limit mattress position. It has a few useful features, including a couple of zippers to the outside for putting stuff inside without opening everything up.
I did not camp in this tent, so I can't comment on ventilation, etc.
There aren't many medium sized tents for this price. I had to look around for an alternative, which I ultimately found. "
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Review 5 for Ridgeway by Kelty Tundra Dome Tent
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Date:May 16, 2011

came up short

" At first I liked the idea of this tent. It has side windows where others do not, it looks good, and is easy to set up. However, after setting this up in my backyard to test it out with my two sons, I found that it has a few short comings that I could not get over, First of all, the beveled corners of the tent reduce the interior space such that a twin sized air mattress could not fit front to back unless it was right in front of the door. I needed to fit in two mattresses, so this was a deal breaker. In addition, the door zipper was awkwardly placed so that virtually the entire door needed to be unzipped to exit. It took a lot of unzipping, and would be inconvenient for quick in and out travel at night or to quickly retrieve some during the day.
Fortunately for Costco's return policy, I returned with no problem and bought elsewhere.
and ended up returning it to Costco. "
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Review 6 for Ridgeway by Kelty Tundra Dome Tent
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Ashland, OR
Date:May 11, 2011

Not for short folks

" I purchased this tent for the 2010 camping season. The bathtub floor does not go across the door opening - I need a bathtub floor in Oregon. We are two under 5' tall people and had to sleep on an angle to fit - a third person would not have fit in tent. The hanging shelves were great but not worth the lost floor space. I took it back to Costco after one use and am now looking for a tent for 2011. "
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Review 7 for Ridgeway by Kelty Tundra Dome Tent
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Seal Beach, CA
Date:April 26, 2011

Love this tent!

" For some reason there weren't any directions inside the tent bag so it did take this solo camper time to figure out and put together but once it was up I was indeed a 'happy camper'. I like plenty of room and this was perfect for just myself and gear.
Read the other reviewers comment and was surprised to find out it wasn't a Kelty. Could that be a bit of misleading advertising? Still, liked the performance during a drizzly, sunny, windy mix for 5 day camp trip to Catalina Island.
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Review 8 for Ridgeway by Kelty Tundra Dome Tent
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Date:November 18, 2010

Not what it appears

" The first thing to understand is the this is NOT a Kelty tent. Wenzel licensed the name in order to sell their line, which they call "Ridgeway by Kelty". You can't get spare parts from Kelty for this tent.
Wenzel also no longer sells this tent, so that's why Costco can offer it at this price - it's been discontinued.
All that said, this is an average dome tent. The rain fly is fine for keeping a light rain out if it's falling straight down, but a driving rain could overwhelm the seal around the door, causing water to seep through.
I'm not fond of the window arches needing guy lines to keep them taut; that's a faceplant waiting to happen in the middle of the night.
It's a good price for a tent that you intend to take on a weekend campout with the Scouts if you know the weather's going to co-operate and you're not a total novice pitching a tent; it takes teamwork to get dome tents like this together.
I would recommend this for a Scout troop to carry just in case one of their boys forgot his tent. Serious campers interested in quality gear may need to look around a little more. "
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