Customer Reviews for D'Artagnan Boneless Jamon Serrano Ham

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D'Artagnan Boneless Jamon Serrano Ham

Spanish Style Prosciutto. 11 lb Minimum Weight
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Customer Reviews for D'Artagnan Boneless Jamon Serrano Ham
Review 41 for D'Artagnan Boneless Jamon Serrano Ham
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:December 17, 2010

Excellent ham

Pros: huge nitrate-free prosciutto-like ham for party
Cons: you'll have plenty left unless your party has 500!
" I love the fact that this ham is cured only with sea salt (no nitrates)! I ordered this for a party where we had champagne, heavy h'ors deuvres and about 100 people. Before the party we got through the fat rind and into the center where the meat was more tender and less bitter. We would occasionally get a bitter, tougher bite of the outside but that's not my taste. The thing is huge! We only ate maybe 2 lbs of the ham at the party. Had numerous compliments. People really liked picking at the cuttings. Only question now: where do I serve the remainder? "
Review 42 for D'Artagnan Boneless Jamon Serrano Ham
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Sunny Isles, FL
Date:April 13, 2011

Buen Jamon

Pros: not salty, not much fat, 5.9 kg my received piece
Cons: needs boneless jamonero
" After 3 years of continuous visits to Spain, I was looking for some Spanish jamon. It was difficult to bring with me more than 3 pounds on every trip. La tienda had jamon serrano but was listed for more than $300. This jamon is not the best as the one from Salamanca region, but its very good, not salty like the other deplorable Canadian jamon sold by Costco. I have the knifes to cut the slices, but will buy a jamenero to grip while I cut, has to be of the boneless press type. Make sure you buy along some Manchego cheese, Vigo squid and some La Rioja wine, all sold by my local Costco. "
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Review 43 for D'Artagnan Boneless Jamon Serrano Ham
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Stanley, ID
Date:May 5, 2011

Buen Jamon!

Pros: authentic serrano from spain, strip plastic keep in cool dry air to mature cure
Cons: since it is sealed in plastic it is quite moist., moisture content makes ham seem immature in curing
" It is great to be able to get genuine Spanish Serrano ham brought right to your door. You of course need a good knife to cut the very thin slices that are the traditional way to serve and enjoy serrano ham. The traditional long, slim, very sharp knife is known as a jamonero in Spain, because it is made for the purpose. Use the closest version of knife that you have of high quality, and keep it sharp. You should be able to see the knife blade through the ham slice if you are cutting it thin enough. Don't worry if your slices are not large in size; thinness is more important than size or regularity (beauty) of slices . Enjoy the unique flavor as you savor every tidbit. My wife, from Spain, has been enjoying the ham daily be it as an appetizer or as an ingredient in a main dish. We bought our first to try it, then promptly ordered two more. "
Review 44 for D'Artagnan Boneless Jamon Serrano Ham
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Los Gatos, CA
Date:December 20, 2010

Things to Consider

Pros: nice flavour, some fat trim good to use as pancetta, nice product depending on your price tolerance.
Cons: not as illustrated very fatty, not as shown in illustration on retailer's site.
" Jamon is a high end gourmand's treat and this ham is made in that style, though it is not Jamon Iberico. A reasonably worthy second runner up.
I received a substantial sized package which revealed a well packed and cool ham in a leg shape.
Unwrapping the ham revealed a large piece enclosed in sturdy plastic vacuum wrap. Inside the wrap was a product not as shown in the image of the product on the retailer site. The ham is enclosed in a thick layer of fat, which is necessary for the long timeframe cure without chemical preservatives.
I trimmed the fat layer and sliced with an electric meat slicer, then repackaged in 1.5 lb FoodSaver (yes, Costco item) vacuum packages.
This ham is good. Some of it, approximately 10% of usable, is a bit tough (gristly).
Yield from a [claimed] 12.15 lb ham was 3 lbs 6 oz fat with 8 lbs 8 oz well marbled edible.
Serving suggestions:
Multi grain cracker spread with cranberry bourbon mustard and a slice of this ham. Quite nice.
Cracker of choice with a slice of this ham, a dollop of soft mild creamy cheese and a drizzle of honey. Lovely.
Bon appétit, Diane
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