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Silk'n BellaLite™ Hair Removal System

Includes 1 - Pre-Installed Lamp Cartridge and 2 - Replacement Cartridges
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Customer Reviews for Silk'n BellaLite™ Hair Removal System
Review 1 for Silk'n BellaLite™ Hair Removal System
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:October 24, 2011

Not perfect, but working for me

Pros: reduces need to shave - hallelujah!, works for some people
Cons: may not work for everyone, kinda costly compared to just shaving
"I have fair skin and dark hair, and this (technically, the SensEpil earlier model) is working for me pretty well. It's not perfect, but I'm also not using it very regularly (going months without a treatment, then finally getting around to it), so maybe my results would be better had I stuck to a routine.
Anyway, my leg hair below the knee is nearly gone. Some faint hairs grow back, but I can generally go in public without shaving them and feel confident.
It says not to use it on one's face as it could make the hair grow *more* (as happened to at least one reviewer, I noticed) but I tried once or twice to no affect at all - no more, no less hair.
My underarms were doing pretty well, half the hair s *gone* but the other half (lower half, on both left and right side, for some reason) still grows a lot of hair. Still working on it, though.
I have not gotten into bikini area or above the knee - I have a feeling it won't work well on my thighs since the thigh hair is so much lighter/finer.
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Review 2 for Silk'n BellaLite™ Hair Removal System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Nashville, TN
Date:March 15, 2011

This works!

Pros: works great
Cons: time consuming
"I have had laser hair removal professionally, and this truly works just as well. It takes a lot longer than the professional treatment since the light probe is much smaller. But it's so much more convenient to be able to do at home and so much less expensive. The hair on my arms and legs is almost completely gone after 5 treatments. I have always used the highest setting and it is not too painful, but I do notice the light probe gets hot quickly, so if you are able to let it cool down for 5-10 minutes after about 10 minutes of use it does not hurt as much. It can also be more painful to do on pigmented skin, so it is best to do the treatments when your skin is not tanned. The Sensepil has a protective shut off mechanism that will not allow you to treat areas of skin that are too dark, although in reading some of the other reviews, it sounds like some people have been burned. My advice is to start on a lower setting if you have any pigment in your skin. I am light skinned with some freckles, and I have not been burned. However, the first time I used it on my legs they were tanned, and it was much more painful. The cartridges lasted me about 2 treatments of both upper and lower legs (I am 5'7", 125 pounds). I am so thankful to have found this fabulous product and to be almost hair free!"
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Review 3 for Silk'n BellaLite™ Hair Removal System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:November 25, 2011

It's working after only three uses

Pros: great quality item at a great price, it works, can be used at a painfree setting, you can purchase additional lights
Cons: do not accidentaly press and allow light to damage, pay attention to placement of light to get full co, need to stick to a regular schedule to get results
Model Number: AS101500A
"I was unsure if this type of item would work, but trusting Costco and knowing I could return it.
It consists of a base with control panel and a handheld light pulse connected to the base by a cord. The design is fine - BUT I keep getting confused by the "International symbol" button labels and have to shuffle back and forth between the two booklets to understand it each time I use it. The button labels are on one page and instructions are spread out over others. I wish they had just used word on the buttons.
This is NOT a gimmicky item. The unit feels well made and is powerful. In fact you have to be very careful when you turn it on not to accidental press the button and flash the light into your eyes!
I marked the calender so I could stay on the schedule they recommend. It has to do with hair dormancy and growth timing - and the need to hit those follicles at the right time.
Well I am very pleased that after three uses, I am seeing definite results. No it's not complete yet, but I would say a good 33% of my hair is gone. And what is left is much softer and less dense.
The instructions say the more pale you are the better, and that darker shaded people should not use it Apparently it needs to be able to pass thru light skin and find the dark hairs to "kill" the roots. Well. I am as pale as they get. I also have dark hair which is the perfect combination for success.
I was not sure if this would work on the course hair of the bikini area, becuase it mentioned using it on the arms, under arms and legs. I have been using it on my underarms and bikini area only. My underarm hair has started growing much slower and I have less to shave now. The bikini area had whole patches that are now smooth as a baby's bottom. I think I will have to pay closer attention and press harder like they say so that it will leave a square boundary showing where you just used it so that you won"t miss any strips as you position it for the next zap.
As far as comfort, there are 5 light levels. I started off right away on level 3. There is a safety feature where it will not let you go over level 2 without putting in a bypass code. I used it right away and felt almost nothing in some areas and a "snap" in others. This last time I tried level 4 - but it did start to go into the uncomfortable range for me - but it was very quick and the feeling went away right away. Since I have had such good results - I am very excited to keep using it. I was hoping this would be an alternative to going in for laser hair removal. I do not know what that procedure feels like - maybe this is a weaker system, but you have to keep going in for them and they are not permanent results - so I think anyone considering putting that much money down should definitely try this first. It may take me longer to get full results "down there" but with what I have seen - I believe others with pale skin could also eventually see good results - and I am expecting to use this longer there than recommended for arms and legs. There is a char in the book showing that course hair takes longer - they just don;t mention the bikini are perhaps becuase it does not work for as many people?
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Review 4 for Silk'n BellaLite™ Hair Removal System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:January 18, 2011

Works great but you need to be very careful!

Pros: works well, good price
Cons: need to keep out of sun for awhile
"I LOVE this product! I've always wanted to try laser hair removal but the price tag was too high for something that I wasn't sure would work for me. The BellaLite gave me a risk-free way to try it at an affordable price. So far I've had it for 6 weeks and it seems to be working on the hair on my stomach. It has definitely reduced the amount that's there to almost nothing, just a few stragglers that should be taken care of soon. Yay!
WARNING for those of you who are impatient: Don't be!!! I thought I could speed things up by jumping up from level 1 straight to level 3 after just a few weeks. The pulses at level 3 felt WAYYY more sore than level 1 and I should have stopped at this point, but I kept going for a few more pulses. Two days later I ended up with some ugly rectangle-shaped burns. Luckily, the burns have healed about 95%, but if they didn't, I would have ended up with something wayyy more noticeable and ugly than the hair I was trying to get rid of. Please understand that I do not blame the product and take full responsibility for what happened. I just wanted to let everyone know that you should not take the warnings that come with this product lightly and that you should listen to your body. If something is really painful you should stop! Err on the side of caution to avoid harming yourself.
One other thing to note is that you are not supposed to treat an area if it has been exposed to sun or will be exposed to sun for about 4 weeks. So essentially 8 weeks at minimum (4 before, 4 after), but possibly a lot more if you do more than 1 treatment. That's a long time, esp if you are outdoors a lot!"
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Review 5 for Silk'n BellaLite™ Hair Removal System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:November 21, 2010

BellaLite Worked Great for Me

Pros: less expensive than professional treatments, i can do my treatments at home whenever i want, i can modify the treatment level myself
Cons: only works with certain skin types
"I am a woman with very light olive skin and dark to black body hair. As I've grown more "mature" :-) it seems like I'm growing more hair on my stomach, arms, and chin. The hairs on the chin area have become coarse and numerous. So much so that I've been shaving my chin for the last 3 years. I've also started to shave the hairs on my arms and stomach too. What a pain!
Over the last 5 years, I've had professional laser treatment at my doctor's office to the tune of $800 but didn't get good results. The doctor's office told me it would take about 6-10 treatments to get rid of the hair on my arms and I just decided it wasn't worth it to continue to spend that kind of money on something that didn't seem to work.
So, I was a bit wary about buying the BellaLite laser system since it's a bit expensive (although much less expensive than the professional treatments that I had). But since Costco has a great return policy, I thought I would give the BellaLite system a try and if it didn't work, I would return it to Costco.
So, a couple of months ago I bought the system and immediately began using it. I've been treating my chin, arms, and stomach.
After 2 treatments to to my arms, the hair begain to grow back slower and much finer. After treating my arms one more time, the hair is completely gone.
I've done 4 treatments to my chin (where the coarsest hairs are) and have begun to see that the number of hairs have greatly decreased. I'll keep working on my chin area until all of the hair is gone.
The hairs on my stomach were fine but dark and I got results on that area after 4 treatments.
I plan on treating both legs after I've gotten rid of all the hair on my upper body.
Since this is a laser product, it's VERY important to heed the precautions and follow the instructions carefully. BellaLite only works for certain skin types so be sure to read the information before you make the purchase.
I hope it works for you as well as it's working for me."
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Review 6 for Silk'n BellaLite™ Hair Removal System
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Orange, CA
Date:September 30, 2010
Pros: can use in the privacy of your home., comes with a dvd for ease of use., great customer service support line, easy to return policy.
Cons: not good for sensitive skin, can not use on dark skin, not to be used on the face
"I bought this product as I thought it would be great to get rid of unwanted hair in the comfort of my own home. Since Costco has a great return policy I thought why not. After 4 sessions of using this product I decided to return it. I do feel the product does work but you need to be consistent in using it. I do feel you get quicker results from a professional. I returned the product because I tried it on my legs at the highest setting I could tolerate. The end result was my legs felt sunburned and I had red blotches all over which took several months to heal. I do have olive skin so there is a warning about not using on dark skin. In areas where the hair was thicker I do notice the growth of hair to be slower to none. Be caution this is not to be used on the facial area as there are warnings that your hair follicles could have the opposite effect to treatment. This product should be used to get rid of body hair not facial."
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Review 7 for Silk'n BellaLite™ Hair Removal System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Phila 'burbs, PA
Date:April 17, 2011

3 hairless & happy sisters!

Pros: share to lower cost, costco great return policy not needed, works
Model Number: Silk'n
"We bought the Silk'n from Costco last year to share and it worked for all three of us. We each have our own bulb, the 750 pulses are counted in the bulb, not the machine. We quickly went to level 5 power, no pain at all, none. First hair to disappear for me was the bikini area, the underarms results were next, the chin last. One bulb did those 3 areas for me. I had a tan so did not do my chin until that faded & then started my lip, lower legs to follow before I tan again. One sister did legs plus bikini, chin & underarms & another one of us started chin right away along with underarms. All three of us have medium to medium-light skin with dark to light brown hair. Worked great for all three!! Split the cost of machine, each get your own bulbs makes it even more affordable. I can't remember the last time I shaved or waxed.... how great is that!!!!"
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Review 8 for Silk'n BellaLite™ Hair Removal System
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:November 13, 2010

After 10 Months - Realistic Review

Pros: none
Cons: poor results
Model Number: Silk'n
"Let me start by saying that I am an excellent candidate for this, as I have fair skin and almost black hair.
I used this product over 10 months - even purchasing two extra cartridges to give it plenty of time to work. Initially it seemed to be working because some of the hair got shocked into the "resting phase" (telogen). BUT don't be fooled the hair does come back after awhile.
Since my cartridges were running out I decided to focus on the small area above the lips and on the chin and neck. I felt this would give me a clear idea whether the product was working and how long (and how many cartridges) it would take to become hair free. Keeping an every two week schedule for almost ten months on a very focused area still did not provide hair free results. So there were over 20 treatments and the net results were a little less hair on the upper lip and no noticeable change on the chin and neck areas.
I initially did four full treatments on the arms, legs, and underarms. After I stopped the treatments I had very patchy hair growth (even though I was very careful in the application process) and over the last several months most of the hair has grown back.
Remember that professional places use much stronger light pulses and they say it will take 18-24 months (because of hair growth cycles) to kill all the hairs. This home unit is not going to make you magically hairless with the couple of included cartridges in a couple of months.
Don't be fooled into buying this product. It does not give good long term results The 60 day return policy will not cover you finding out that all that hair will grow back in a few months. I was only willing to try it because I knew Costco would let me return it if their claims did not prove to be true after the company's return period.
After 10 months I returned everything and told the manager Costco should stop selling the product because the results were so poor."
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Review 9 for Silk'n BellaLite™ Hair Removal System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:October 4, 2010

It works!!!

Pros: works and is affordable, can use at home
Model Number: Silk’n SensEpil
"Bought the SensEpil model about 2 months ago. I had professional laser hair removal a few years ago and use this to touch up areas previously treated and treat new areas. I have done 4 treatments on my underarms (new area) and the hair loss is significant. MUCH less painful than the laser. Plus the professional cost was too expensive for touch ups to my legs so this gets the job done at a price I can afford. The unit can get hot if you do a large area. I just turn it off for 1-2 min, let it cool and then continue."
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Review 10 for Silk'n BellaLite™ Hair Removal System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:July 14, 2011

Shocked to say it works!

"I have a ridiculous amount of hair on my chin (or I guess I should say "had"). I have spent thousands on laser hair removal over a period of 5 years (3 different places and series of treatments) only to have the hair come back each time when I stopped each of the series of treatments.
I bought this hoping for the best about 3 months ago. At first I tried it on level one and followed the instructions to shave the area between treatments. I did zap my chin more often then suggested. I went to level 4 pretty quickly. After a month I wasn't seeing any results so, I plucked the hairs (takes forever!) A week later quite a few were back but I kept up the zapping and then I plucked those too. Well, a couple of weeks later, hardly any had come back at all. Now, it has been about a month. I still zap the area and am plucking an occasional hair but, I am not seeing the tell tail tiny black dots that I used to see before the hair was long enough to pluck. They are just not coming back! I will keep zapping for a while and hope for the best!"
Review 11 for Silk'n BellaLite™ Hair Removal System
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Southern California
Date:June 13, 2011

Overall Satisfied with Purchase

Pros: easy to use, i no longer have to shave my legs!!!!!!
Cons: the skin sensor is a bit tempermental
"I am mixed race with light olive skin and brown to dark brown hair. 2 weeks after treatment 5 I no longer have to shave my legs. I did a touch up on a few hairs that I apparently missed during treatment five, 3 or 4 zaps per leg only. I have noticed no difference in my arm pit area, however, my hair there is not as dark and I just may not get the same results as my legs, but I will try for a few more treatments. I have not had as much success with the bikini line, which kinda baffles me, as the hair is dark brown and thicker than the hair on my legs. I am hoping to get better results in the bikini line after a few more treatments at level 5. I am beginning to have trouble with the sensor. It worked fine the first 4 treaments, but the last two treatments the skin sensor has been locking the machine up for no apparent reason. If this continues to be a problem I will exchange for another unit but it hasn't gotten quite annoying enough yet to do anything about it. With a little bit of patience I have been able to complete the last two treatments. I have been treating my lower legs, bikini line, arm pits, and lower face and 1 lamp lasts for 2.5 treatments. I rated 4 stars because the skin sensor is starting to act up. Results wise I rate 5 for lower legs and 4 for bikini line."
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Review 12 for Silk'n BellaLite™ Hair Removal System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:June 8, 2011

Surprising Success

Pros: convenient, easy to adjust light level
Cons: a little difficult to tell where you just treated
"I paid for professional hair removal six years ago and knew even before the sessions were finished that it wasn't going to work. Perhaps technology has come a long way because my experience with this product has been the opposite -- and I can use it in the comfort of my home. I just finished round four of treatment and now can wait a week in between shaving my legs (and arms... yes, I do) and waxing my face (though I cannot wax with the product and must shave). My armpits are taking longer to respond the same way, but the hair growth is far slower than it used to be.
I would advise you to not go crazy like I did and try to do all of your hair at once -- it is not a quick process that way. You could alternate weeks with different areas or wait until you've got one area managed and move to another."
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Review 13 for Silk'n BellaLite™ Hair Removal System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Birmingham, MI
Date:March 31, 2011

Works on olive skin tones too

"Bought this thinking that it wouldn't work on my skin tone as I have a deep olive tone and would have to return it. To my surprise it worked. Don't plan to use this during the summer months when my skin gets much darker but plan to resume in fall when my skin tone starts lightening up from the lack of sunlight.
I had spent several hundreds of dollars for 5 months on laser hair removal with no observable change to hair growth patterns on my face and legs. All I can say about this product is WOW! After the second time using this on my upper lips, 50% of the hair had gone. After one treatment on my legs, hair was growing back on patches. Tried once for the hair on my fingers and hands and even that had less that 50% regrowth (didn't get hands done before).
Love the product but because I get so much darker during summer, I don't plan on using it then to prevent damage to my skin.
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Review 14 for Silk'n BellaLite™ Hair Removal System
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:May 3, 2011

Great Product

"I used this product weekly instead of every two weeks. My first two weeks were at level 1, the third week at level 2, and weeks four and five at level 3. The hair under my arms and in my bikini area are almost completely gone. I am sure with a few more weeks, probably at level 3, I wont have any hair. Anyone who says this product does not work did not give it a chance to do what it needed to do. They are impatient. I have never had hair removal treatments at a salon so I dont have a comparison to that. But for my own experience, if you give it time and are patient you will see dramatic results within two months. Once I get these two areas under control I will start on my legs and work with those. This is a great product, well worth the money. No more shaving!! woo hoo!!!"
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Review 15 for Silk'n BellaLite™ Hair Removal System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:November 30, 2010

Best Purchase Ever!

"I would buy this again and again! Wish I could have bought it years ago! I have noticed a difference after only 1 try . Once in a while you will get a zap feeling when using it, but for the most part no pain at all."
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Review 16 for Silk'n BellaLite™ Hair Removal System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Saratoga, Ca
Date:October 6, 2010

It Works!!!

Pros: cost less than professionals, no appointment required, in comfort of own home
Cons: small window takes a while to cover larger areas, takes longer than prefessionals
"I was skeptical that this would work. I do have fair skin and I did you the product more frequently than the instructions. I was able to do my bikini area 1x each week and had great results. Hardly any hair after 4 treatments. Under my arms is proving more difficult to remove. I had to go to the 1x per week treatment and it has helped. You do have to be consistent while the hair is still growing a fair amount."
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Review 17 for Silk'n BellaLite™ Hair Removal System
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:July 26, 2011

Too low powered for permanent results

Cons: too low powered to work long-term, hair will always come back, no clinical trails showing results past 6 months
"I had a feeling the Silk'n wouldn't work, but I so wanted it to so I gave it a chance. Thank you Costco for having a great return policy. This device, even on the highest setting delivers a maximum of 5 Joules/cm2 of energy. The technical term for this is "fluence". Professional medical laser devices deliver 30-60+ Joules/cm2 for usual hair removal treatments. There is NO way a device that is so low powered can remove/reduce hair permanently. This is why the clinical trials for Silk'n do not go past 6 months post treatment. I have had several professional treatments on my back and the hair has been significantly reduced for over 4 years. Save your money and find a good laser center in your area if you want real results. The Silk'n is just another in a long line of failed home hair removal products."
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Review 18 for Silk'n BellaLite™ Hair Removal System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:November 11, 2010

BellaLite Hair Removal System Works!

Pros: painless, less expensive than pro laser centers, can be used in the privacy of my own home
Cons: takes a month or so before seeing results
"I have light olive skin and dark, dense hair on my arms, chin, nape of neck, and stomach.
I've tried laser hair removal at a couple of dermatologist offices in the past but found it to be very expensive, inconvenient, and downright painful.
When I received the BellaLite from Costco, I carefully read the instructions. I knew that if I followed the instructions exactly, it would be safe and I'd have my best chance at seeing good results.
BellaLite worked on all the areas that I treated. While using BellaLite, my body hair first grew back lighter and finer. After a few months, much of my hair is gone.
I do want to stress that it's very important to read and exactly follow the instructions. I followed the instructions and did not experience any burns or other bad side effects.
I hope BellaLite works for you too."
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Review 19 for Silk'n BellaLite™ Hair Removal System
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:napa, ca
Date:February 1, 2011

great alternative to laser

Pros: effective, relatively pain free, good value
Cons: takes more time to do legs than claimed, difficult to track where you are/have finished, small light area
"It takes a little patience and getting used to the 'zap' but once you've done it a few times, it's reasonably quick. I'm a medium size female (5'6" 145 lbs) and use a little more than one cartridge on underarms, bikini and full legs. I didn't notice a great difference until about the 3rd month of consistent treatments. Six months later, 50% decrease in hair - enough so that if I didn't shave, it was barely noticeable to the touch, and was quite soft. 9 months later, i'm still using it monthly and have seen a 75% reduction in hair. hopefully it'll last and be even less, soon."
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Review 20 for Silk'n BellaLite™ Hair Removal System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Walnut Creek, CA
Date:June 24, 2011

Worth Every Penny!

Pros: use in comfort of own home, dramatic results on dark hair, very easy to use
Cons: doesn't work on light hair or white hair, have to order replacement lamps
Model Number: Silk'n BellaLite™ Hair Removal System
"I hesitated for a minute because of the price. But it is worth every penny! I am using the product as directed and after 4 treatments I see dramatic results! I am fair-medium skin tone with dark brown hair. I have used every hair removal product on the market. I've paid a lot of money for electrolysis, laser and waxing. Although I did have some success, it doesn't compare with the success of the Silk'n BellaLite™ Hair Removal System! My underarms only have a few straggler hairs; my bikini line is almost hair free; the few dark facial hairs are gone; with only a few touch-up spots for hair that is much less coarse. My leg hair is almost gone, but needs touch up, and did take longer, but with legs there is much more area to cover! Being 58 years old, I now have some white hair coming in and unfortunately this device does not work on white hair. I do not have to shave every day though! Once a week, only until all the hair is gone. I'm saving money on razors, razor refills, shaving cream and time! I hope to not have to shave on my vacation in Maui coming up! If you are hesitating, hesitate no more. It is worth the price. I'm now using my last lamp. My results are as expected. After treatment, the hairs may take up to 10 days to fall out, but they will. A little tug (as a test) on the hairs and they fall out, but there's no need to tug or pluck the hairs out, they will disappear on their own. It may take more time to see hair free results. Be patient! It works!!!"
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