Customer Reviews for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p 480Hz SPS LED Backlit LCD HDTV

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VIZIO 55" Class 1080p 480Hz SPS LED Backlit LCD HDTV

Full HD 1080p VIZIO Inernet Apps™ 802.11N Dual Band Wireless Networking
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Customer Reviews for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p 480Hz SPS LED Backlit LCD HDTV
Review 21 for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p 480Hz SPS LED Backlit LCD HDTV
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Miami, Fl
Date:January 30, 2011


Pros: picture quality, wi-fi
Cons: none
Model Number: XVT3D554SV
" I purchased this TV yesterday (1/29/11) and after only 10 hours of viewing I am amazed by the picture quality. Prior to purchasing this unit I had done months of research amongst various manufacturers and was always pulled toward this unit. My prior TV was also a Vizio but a 42 inch Plasma which is now in my bedroom. I have read a few negative reviews here and there but have come to the opinion that these negative experiences from some consumers are a result of mass producing any product by any manufacturer. When you produce thousands of identical products there are bound to be a few bad apples in the bunch.
I would venture to say this is the best purchase I have ever made especially due to the fact that I purchased this unit for $600.00 less than the suggested retail price.
For those that say "well I can get another unit bundled with a 3D player and glasses for only a few hundred bucks more from another manufacturer" I say you're cheating yourselves!
The bottom line is purchase this unit, you will never regret it. "
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Review 22 for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p 480Hz SPS LED Backlit LCD HDTV
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Bothell, WA
Date:January 30, 2011

Vizio 3D is NOT compatible with DirecTV

Pros: cost, costco's easy return policy - you will need it
Cons: not compatible with directv, waiting in the return line
" What a disappointment to learn that Vizio 3D is NOT compatible with all DirecTV programming. It is NOT on their list of compatible TV's for 3-D content and well...they are right. We had some channels work for a week and some that never did. The Vizio people couldn't help and the DirecTV people said it wasn't compatible.
That's not all... we have 2 Vizio's (well I should say had because we returned both of them today...THANK YOU COSTCO). On some shows there would be a white wavy line at the top. Vizio said they knew about that but there was no way to avoid it since it was in the DirecTV programming, yet my other two HD tv's do not have the same line.
Back to my 3-D tv... the Netflix never worked from day one while the other apps did. And the power would suddenly go off and was difficult to get back on.
I know it seems like a good value, but how fun do you think it was for me today to spend 2+ hours on the phone with Costco Concierge AND Vizio AND DirecTV all to find we had to unmount both of our TV's gather up the stands, cords, remotes, load them into the car...go to Costco on a SUNDAY, wait in the return line? Well let me tell you...not fun at all. We just bought 2 Samsungs and are calling it a day.
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Review 23 for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p 480Hz SPS LED Backlit LCD HDTV
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:September 15, 2011

Best kept secret

Pros: clarity of picture, even lighting across the whole screen, brightness, deep blacks
Cons: remote control
Model Number: Vizio XT 55 inch 3D
" I have had this TV for over a month now. This TV is the best kept secret in the HD market. First of all it is impossible to find a full array backlight anywhere near this price especially with dimming zones. Side by side it is clearer and more detailed across the screen than others due to the backlighting.
The reviews from professionals are always glowing and the specs on this TV is out of this world. Most people buy more on brand than anything else, and the Sonys and Samsungs have much more press. Not downing these brands since they both have very good pictures, but this vizio is better than both IMHO. I have a Sharp Quattron and Samsung in my home and when I had my Directv installer make a choice it was hands down the Vizio.
Again not downing any of the others- but this particular set has what you look for (full array, 480hz) that you look for at much less the price. You will never have to worry about the light bleeding from the sides or blooming or any other edge light problems that most if all edge lit sets have due to the edge lighting technology.
Don't be misled by the name--this set is different in quality even than the other Vizio sets. Give it an honest assessment and you will not be disappointed once you get it home. "
Review 24 for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p 480Hz SPS LED Backlit LCD HDTV
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Ringgold, Ga
Date:January 1, 2011

99% Perfect - Occasional Ghosting in 3D

Pros: perfect 2d picture, great sound for an lcd, best deal on a 3d tv, great 3d picture when ghosting doesn't occur
Cons: occasional ghosting in 3d
Model Number: XVT3D554SV
" 2D: In my opinion the picture on this screen is the best you can get. I love the menus, very easy to use. I got a Samsung 3D Blu-Ray player and the Blu-Ray picture is 100% perfect. Even the built in sound is good. I decided to leave it on along with my surround sound. Viewing the screen from all angles is even good.
3D: Once in a while there is some ghosting on some of the items in a scene. For instance, I was watching Despicable Me. Some times the zipper on his jacket would be ghosted. Some times just a small thing like a glass or other small item in the scene. In one scene a character came towards the screen, we could tell it was done for the 3D effect, we got no effect. It was kinda blurry. Other than those things, even in 3D, this TV has a great picture and the 3D quality was really good and clear. Just an occasional ghosting.
To try and clear up the ghosting issue, I tried a different cable that I already used the PS3 on, still ghosted. With that cable using the PS3 I played Black Ops. Perfect 3D like the movie, with a touch of ghosting. So, it's not the player, not the movie, not the game and not the PS3. Either it's the quality of their glasses, the TV 3D output or 3D TVs just aren't quite there yet.
Number of times we noticed ghosting in the movie: probably about 15 times, each only for a second or two. "
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Review 25 for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p 480Hz SPS LED Backlit LCD HDTV
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Tacoma, WA
Date:September 9, 2011

These web tvs are SUPPOSED to shut down! & restart

Model Number: VIZIO 55" Class 1080p 480Hz SPS LED Backlit LCD HDTV
" For those of you returning your tv's because they keep shutting off, seemingly randomly. THIS is because these are like a computer... they need to shut down and "reboot" after Visio downloads updates, revisions, fixes, etc. If you have your tv off for over a week, then it will shut down as soon as you turn it on because the update came while you were not watching tv. BE PREPARED to have this happen ROUTINELY once per week. Its not a big deal. Turn the thing on, let it "reboot", and then, just like your computer, it runs just fine. My Cell phone gets occasional updates, and guess what? My phone has to "reboot" after the updates are downloaded. I thought MY tv was broken too, and I called the VISIO customer help, they were VERY nice and helpful, and they informed me that the reboot is supposed to only be once per month (or week, I can't remember now), but they had a bug for a while that was causing it to do that daily... So, for those of you who returned it, that's a bummer. For those of you who are considering buying this tv, trust me, once you understand what it is DOING, it is not a big deal at all. The TV is WORTH it! (and so is your computer and android too, right?)
I DO have one problem w/ this tv however, ... there is a horrible high pitched noise when it is supposedly powered off. So loud, that I have to unplug it to sleep. Or use earplugs. I've seen other reviews w/ this same issue. While other reviews dont' mention it at all. I'm too lazy to have the tv replaced and go thru all that, so I just unplug it and/or will wear earplugs. "
Review 26 for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p 480Hz SPS LED Backlit LCD HDTV
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:September 19, 2011

Still amazed at quality and value!

Pros: picture, sound
Cons: none
Best purchase I have made in a long time. Worth more than I spent and I even got in during the free 3D glasses promo. Haven't even used that feature yet as I was only looking for a 2D originally until I found this set which was a better price and had more features than any 2D in its class. With the free glasses, it actually ended up costing me less than the 2D would have.
Nothing out there compares! I searched for weeks and found that this had the the options I wanted plus many more at the best price. I went to multiple merchants and looked at dozens of options. This one had the best picture by far. I was concerned that it would not be as great at home as it was on display but it was better than I expected. I also knew that if for some reason, I did not love it as much as I do, Costco would take it back. Sorry Costco.... you can't have this one back.
I still find myself sitting and looking at it in awe "smile".
- Great sound and picture as is:
No special sound system added. No special HD cables added and still an - AMAZING picture and sound quality.
The backlighting makes the TV a bit thicker but I would not trade it for an edge lit thin TV for anything. There is no comparison. The depth, clarity and speed of movement are incredible with the 480Hz and backlit technology.
- Don't get stuck on brand names when it comes to this TV:
I love the high end brand names but Vizio has them beat hands down on quality and value when it comes to this set.
LOVE THIS TV! Thanks Costco for an amazing TV, just as amazing of a price, and for making me Super Mom and Super Wife! "
Review 27 for VIZIO 55" Class 1080p 480Hz SPS LED Backlit LCD HDTV
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:BAY POINT, CA
Date:June 29, 2011
Pros: value cost sharp images excellent 3d
Cons: no you-tube but no big deal
Model Number: XVT3D554SV
" Best Purchase Ever for Value & Cost. Got it earlier this month & I use it everyday. 3D is excellent but keep in mind when you play a 3D Blu-ray DVD once you press Play it will ask you to choose 2D or 3D on your DVD Blu-ray player. Choose 3D then put on your 3D Passive Glasses which I prefer than the VIZIO Active Shutter glasses & you're ready to go & enjoy feeling like you're being in the movie as well, but do not ever press the 3D on your VIZIO TV menu or you will end up seeing blur images or double images which was my initial mistake. I guess that's only use for the 3D shows available on your cable or dish. VIZIO Tech for 3D issue was so helpful in guiding me & said also you can use either passive or active shutter 3D glasses on this unit. I was disappointed on the VIZIO 3D shutter glasses so I will be returning those & will keep the four PASSIVE 3D Glasses that came for Free with My Bloody Valentine-3D DVD I bought coz PASSIVE worked Best than the Vizio active shutter when I was trying both + on Passive 3D Glasses=No headaches, No Flickering & No ghosting at all even when you choose 2D. It's like you're looking thru a window or have a feel of being there. Images on Blu-ray & all my other DVD's & 1080P HD or SD TV shows & movies are sharp, rich color, perfect, clear & vivid action. Sound is good. I do not have any problem with the volume going up & down like what I read on other user reviews. All I hope is that it will last at least 10 years like my other TV's that still works presently = Yr 1990 20" Sony with great stereo sound, Yr 1983 20" Mitsubishi made of wood with great stereo sound, & 2005 Maxent 1080I great stereo sound from cost-co coz I heard the new TV's now does not last as long as they use to be but I'm hoping it won't be in this case. In addition this unit is 480 Hz=really Blur-Free when I watched sports & action shows. I get to use Facebook-A plus for me. It may not have You-Tube but I have the You-Tube on my Sony Blu-ray so that's ok, I will do another review after 3yrs & let you guys know how this unit still is This is my first VIZIO purchase. "
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