Customer Reviews for ImageBox ™ Stand-alone 9 Megapixel Film Scanner

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ImageBox ™ Stand-alone 9 Megapixel Film Scanner

Very user friendly; no computer is required. Product Features: The ImageBox Standalone is a very easy-to-use product providing 3-in-1 scanning feature.   User can scan photos, negative films and slides with just one lick without connecting with his/her computer or with very simple connection with his/her computer via regular USB cable.   It scans photos from passport size all the way to size 4” x 6” with superior image quality.   Ability to select a particular slide and save the image.    The 2.7” LCD screen and SD memory card slot allow the user to preview the scanned image and store the digital files right away.   The very unique TV out feature also allows users to share their beautiful memories with friends and families on the big screen.   Magic Touch Technology improves the image quality: The ImageBox Standalone with Magic Touch technology improves the image quality by removing dust and scratches. It’s the Built-in hardware solution without software touch-up. Imagine the image quality improvement by eliminating the scratches and dust from the scanned images of slides and photo films that have been stored in the closet for years. Product Highlights: Easy to Use: As simple as taking a digital picture   Super Fast: Turn your stacks of 35 mm film, slides & 4x6 prints into digital format in no time   Great Image Quality: Proprietary color technology ensure no over-saturation or under exposure   Auto-switching Mode: Auto switching between film, slide and photo scanning   Image Resolution: 2400 dpi for 35 mm film and slides; 560 dpi for 4x6 photo prints   MagicTouch Technology: Dust and Scratch removal    Specifications: Scanning Media: 35 mm film strip and mounted slides (Positive or negative, color or monochrome Photo prints up to 4 x 6 )   Image Sensor: 9 mega pixels CMOS sensor equals to 2,400 dpi for 35mm film / slides; 560 dpi for 4 x 6 photo prints   Output File Size: 12 MB in TIFF format; 24-bit color channel; File size in JPEG format is subject to compression setting   Interface: USB 2.0 only (USB 1.1 not supported)   Light Source: LED Back Light   Power: 5 V   Dimensions: 7.02" H x 8.93" W x 9.55" L; Weight: 3.97 lbs.   Package Contents: ImageBox Stand Alone Scanner Unit Printed Quick Installation Guide   USB 2.0 cable   Media Holders 1 for film strip, 1- for mounted slides, 1 for photo prints   Minimum System Requirements ( If you choose to use the product with computer ) Windows: OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win 7, 32-bit or 64-bit, USB 2.0 port    CPU: Pentium 4 2.0 GHz, Intel Mobile 1.5 GHz, AMD 2.0 GHz or higher processor   RAM: 1 GB   Hard Disk free space: 5 GB or greater   Color monitor with 16-bit, Mac millions of colors   Color video card 1,024 x 768 monitor resolution   Microsoft DirectX 9 compatible display driver   MAC: Mac OS X (10.4 and up), INTEL based Processor, PowerPC NOT SUPPORTED, USB 2.0 port    CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo, Speed 1.8 GHz   Memory/RAM -1 GB, 667 MHz, DDR2 SDRAM   Display 1024 x 768 min. monitor resolution, Millions of Colors   CD ROM Drive   Question about the product? Please visit us at Model: Imagebox 9MPST
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Customer Reviews for ImageBox ™ Stand-alone 9 Megapixel Film Scanner
Review 1 for ImageBox ™ Stand-alone 9 Megapixel Film Scanner
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Glen Allen, VA, USA
Date:April 1, 2011

The Best Film/Slide/Print Scanner out there

Pros: excellent resolution color contrast and focus., customer service is outstanding.
Cons: output is jpeg only, the device is a bit bulky
Model Number: Imagebox 9MP
"I have reviewed many standalone scanners from 5MP to 9MP, and this is clearly the winner. I am an advanced amateur photographer with slides and negatives since 1980, and the quality of the scanned images are truly 9MP (3296 pixels x 2144 pixels with 180 dpi resolution and 24 bit color depth).
For those of you who gave 1 star, I have this to say: The Product Specification clearly states that an SD card is needed to store the images. If you didn't know that, its like saying "I didn't know that cameras needed a film/SD card to take pictures". And for those of you who said the color quality or exposure were not right, please read the manual and learn to operate the device properly. The controls are easy and you can simply fix the exposures. If the negative was out of focus/under or overexposed, there is really not much you can do anyways. I do not use the Magic-Touch option to remove dust (which takes 45 seconds). Instead, I use and air-brush to remove dust from originals and a pair of clean cloth gloves to handle the film/slides in a static-free environment. Besides, I always run the Adobe Photoshop's auto program to do batch processing to remove any dust and scratches, and also to make minor gamma corrections.
The quality (resolution, color, contrast, focus, etc) of the images were exceptional compared to other similar scanners. This is truly a keeper."
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Review 2 for ImageBox ™ Stand-alone 9 Megapixel Film Scanner
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:February 12, 2011

Not worth it

Pros: compact
Cons: poor image quality, expensive for what you get
"I purchasesd this unit to convert literally thousands of family slides to digital files. I tried a number of samples which have been carefully stored and have no visible deterioration. The resulting scans all have a strong bluish cast. The preview screen is a joke. It's only good to see if the slide is in the scan area. There is no provision for color correction and I don't want to Photoshop every image separately. The unit cannot be used to scan while connected to a computer. Thanks to Costco for their return policy! I'll buy a flatbed scanner for the same cost and the ability to gang scan."
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Review 3 for ImageBox ™ Stand-alone 9 Megapixel Film Scanner
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:San Diego
Date:November 28, 2012

Consider if the weak points are important!

Pros: low price to scan useable image files
Cons: inprecise and cumbersome to scannegatives.
Model Number: Imagebox Plus
"It worked out of the box. You would most likely not need any instructions to operate this. (Have not read them to opine.)
The film holder and the process crops the full image on the negative, that can be a problem if important parts of the image are close to a border. there is little leeway to adjust.
I was scanning old negatives and the color corrections are useless, just use your customary editing program.
The film holder holds 6 negatives, if you have uncut rolls of negatives, you will need to cut them into maximum 12 exposure strips and scan 6 upside down, since you are not able to lead with the overhanging images.
The loading process of strip film is less than ideal and the alignment is inprecise,
Do not have the idea that the scanned images will be of commercial value, they will preserve mementos in a digital format to casually observe and share, printing from them will not give you crisp photos, even with high quality negatives.
Higher resolution and larger files would be nice, but for the money ...
The maximum 3 7/8 x 5 3/4 print scanner is also a limiting obstacle if you don't have the negatives.
This is NOT a precision machine the parts are plastic of reasonable quality.
If you have thousands of negatives to scan you get quicker set-up with another filmholder that can be ordered.
For the time effort and quality you can take the negs to Costco's photo department, they do a better job at a fair price.
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Review 4 for ImageBox ™ Stand-alone 9 Megapixel Film Scanner
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Tacoma, WA
Date:December 13, 2011

Best of a bad lot for the price

Pros: acceptable reproduction editing features
Cons: finicky negative carrier dust accumulator
Model Number: Stand Alone 9 megapixel
"Color and resolution fine considering it dealt with slides and negatives that are five to sixty years old.
My big complaint is the 35mm negative carrier, which is hugely finicky to load if your negatives are at all concave laterally; the edges pop out of the track when the carrier is closed, and you must go through the entire alignment process again.
I stuck with this unit despite the above because of bad experiences with the like-priced units of other manufacturers that either had poor color reproduction, lousy dust protection (though I still had to vacuum the scanning glass on the ImageBox at least once per roll of film), and image clipping.
I returned the unit (with absolutely no problem) after it began leaving a fuzzy white disc (about 1/8-inch on a 4x6 print) on each scan. I could not visually locate any material on the optics that might cause this, and guessed that something went bad on the sensor.
I plan to order another ImageBox because its features suit me better than any other unit I've tried in this price range."
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Review 5 for ImageBox ™ Stand-alone 9 Megapixel Film Scanner
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:oakland, ca
Date:March 19, 2011

quirky but useful for some

Pros: very quick scans, decent quality
Cons: manual is terrible, impossible to keep the glass clean
Model Number: 9MP standalone
"I unpacked the unit a few hours ago. I’ve only used it for 20 scans. Here is my preliminary report.
- in general I like the scans. (I haven’t done negatives yet, but slides and photos look good - except for the issues noted below)
- processing it is very quick (only a few seconds) - if you don‘t use Magic Touch .
- the 3x5 photo scan cut off a little bit of the photo‘s edges.
- the slide carrier has click stops, but they don’t line the slides up with the viewer (so you spend too much time fidgeting with the carrier to line up the slide)
- Magic Touch processing (dust removal) takes 45 seconds per scan (which works very well, at times)
- Magic Touch only works for slides and negatives. (why not for pictures?)
- should have an on/off switch
- should have a carrying handle
- impossible to keep the glass clean (difficult to get dust-free picture scans. Remember no Magic Touch for pictures.)
- I’m curious why they call this a 9-meg scanner. I set it on Super Fine and 12 meg but can’t get more than 2 meg files
- files get a timestamp of 1/1/2009 which is misleading (there is no clock)
- manual needs to be beefed up or include a disc version of a larger more useful document. (e.g., no instructions on what the “setup” options are.)
- manual says put slide carrier in with arrows up. (I don’t see any arrows on the slide carrier)
- the menu disappeared when I pressed the wrong keys. (had to unplug to reset the menu)
- needs (at a minimum) on-line tech support.
- not sure if I’m going to keep this unit. (I’ve got 89 days to figure it out.)"
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Review 6 for ImageBox ™ Stand-alone 9 Megapixel Film Scanner
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:April 5, 2012

Best purchase ever!

"I was skeptical about buying this product ,because,of some bad reviews. I was happily surprised! It was a little difficult to figure out,but,once I started scanning I could not stop. So fast and easy. I cleared out a closet of old photos...and what great gifts a disk of old photos makes. I put 950 photos on one disk for $2.99! I cannot say enough good things...Buy it!!"
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Review 7 for ImageBox ™ Stand-alone 9 Megapixel Film Scanner
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Apple Valley, CA
Date:November 14, 2011

Good Choice for Slides & Film

Pros: price, ease of use
Cons: must have a memory card to start
"The unit is designed as a standalone scanner. Plug it into the wall, put your memory card in and start scanning your 35mm film negatives, or those family slides that have been in the box for years.
The monitor screen is small, but enough to judge the brightness of the scan, and to make adjustments (lighten or darken before scanning). The controls are limited, but you will want to use post production software to make changes to the image anyway.
The carriages for the slides or film are moved through the machine manually not automatically, but you get used to it fairly fast.
Overall it works well. We scanned over 600 slides in a weekend. Now, who are all these people?
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Review 8 for ImageBox ™ Stand-alone 9 Megapixel Film Scanner
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:February 13, 2012

Memory maker

Pros: high quality results
Cons: time consumming to use
"I bought this scanner to digitize the 2000+ plus slides from my childhood. It is easy to use but time consuming. Using the feature that removes scratches and dirt adds significantly more time with little benefit. Scanning 100 slides without enhancing takes about 30 minutes (if you don't stop to reminisce!)
The quality of the digital image is very good. Some cropping of the picture occurs but can be managed by rotating the slide to select the part of the image desired before scanning. Photo editing software can be used to rotate the photo and make other adjustments after uploading to your computer.
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Review 9 for ImageBox ™ Stand-alone 9 Megapixel Film Scanner
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Portland, OR
Date:July 3, 2012

Imagebox 9MP

Pros: fast and produces a quality file.
Cons: directions could use a lot of help.
Model Number: Imagebox 9MP
"Having read some bad reviews, I was a bit skeptical. I now think that some people just don't take the time to read everything, or don't have patience or mechanical skills. It took me some time experimenting with settings to get the best results. I was very impressed with the output from old 35 mm slides that I thought were unusable. The slides and class area should be clean because every spec of dust will show up. I used Dust-off, which gets most of the loose stuff. The hardest part is getting the slide in the proper orientation (similar to loading a projector) but once loaded, a 4 slide carrier takes about 7 or 8 seconds per slide. The file created is a JPG so it is compressed, and even a high quality file is under 2 Mb. All in all, once I figured out what quality, size and lighting I wanted, I was very impressed with the quality and speed of operation. I did not use the software to remove flaws because I use programs like PhotoShop to work up a file if I decide to use it. The directions are meager, not too easy to follow, and didn't answer all of my questions. Most people with some photo and computer skills should be able to master this device fairly easily."
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Review 10 for ImageBox ™ Stand-alone 9 Megapixel Film Scanner
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Los Angeles
Date:March 16, 2011

An amateur's toy, at best

Pros: relatively inexpensive
Cons: needs an sd card (not included) to function at all, images need adjusting with software not included, other annoying system quirks mentioned in review
Model Number: ImageBox 9MP Standalone
"I didn't have high expectations for this product and that seems justified.
First, the Product Details on Costco's web site are inaccurate and incomplete. There was no software disc included in the package. Worse, the system requires an SD memory card to function at all -- not mentioned and not included. I borrowed one from my cell phone for testing purposes. Looking at another $20 or so if I decide to keep it.
The system has some annoying quirks: There is no power switch. Connecting the USB port turns off the display. So does connecting the TV cable. The menu system goes back to image display if left untouched for five seconds. The display, whether connected to the TV or just used on its own, is relatively low resolution and images look awful -- not suitable for slide shows.
The User Manual is scanty. It tells you how to get into slide show mode, but not how to get out of it. The on-line specifications say the images can be scanned to TIFF or JPEG formats, but neither the manual nor the menu make mention of this. Default is JPEG. Don't know if TIFF even exists.
Color balance on slides seems weighted toward reds while whites are very bright and contrasty. Scanned photos have to be adjusted with image manipulation software (not included) to be nearly acceptable. Selecting B&W for film gives you a negative image that, again, has to be reversed by your own image manipulation software to be of any use.
If you have your own image manipulation software, are familiar with its use and are willing to put in the time to adjust each image, the system may be adequate for scanning photos to be displayed on the Internet, but this is, at best, an amateur's toy. Alas, the professional systems cost in the $1200 range, so, for many, it will be this or nothing.
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Review 11 for ImageBox ™ Stand-alone 9 Megapixel Film Scanner
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:April 8, 2011

Solid Product - Ideal for its Intended Purpose

Pros: fast, simple to use, excellent results
Cons: magic touch feature slow, no uncompressed format
Model Number: ImageBox ™ Stand-alone 9 Megapixel Film Scanner
"Pacific Image got this one right. It delivers on its promise to quickly convert your old photos, slides and negatives into digital images.
You will need digital imaging software for the best results, but that's true with any scanner or digital imaging device. No software is included, but most prospective users likely already have a favorite package and skipping it helps to keep the cost down.
Saving the images to a SD card is ideal and lets you take use the ImageBox anywhere. Again, no card is included, but why pay for something you already have? How many digital cameras come with a SD card that's of a useful size?
I wish the ImageBox 9MP had the ability to save files in TIFF or another uncompressed format, but when set to 12M and Superfine, the JPGs are of good quality and allow for quicker image capture. I found that setting the exposure to -1 yielded better results and upgraded firmware is available from the manufacturer's web site.
Image quality is vastly better than what I can get from my flatbed HP 8290, and the ease and speed with which I can digitize photos makes it much more likely I will. I was able to scan more than 900 negatives over the course of a couple of weekend afternoons.
MagicTouch slows the process greatly and I found more satisfactory results by capturing the images and copying them to the computer for viewing and editing.
If you have a good original, you'll end up with a good digital image using the ImageBox 9MP."
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Review 12 for ImageBox ™ Stand-alone 9 Megapixel Film Scanner
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:LA, CA
Date:December 1, 2012

POC as a slide scanner

Pros: sets up easy
Cons: it does not do a good job.
Model Number: Imagebox plus
"If you are planning on scanning slides or negatives do not buy this. I did not try it on prints. The slide holder is difficult to slide. Also the image quantity is poor. I am going to try some other film scanners as I have 1000's of slides to scan and I do not want to waste my time on something that does not do a good job. I am returning this film scanner."
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Review 13 for ImageBox ™ Stand-alone 9 Megapixel Film Scanner
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:February 17, 2012

Pleased As Punch

Pros: quick transfer good quality
"I am retired and have had over 800 slides that I have wanted to put on DVD/SD but didn't want to be tied to my computer all day. This product worked very well and allowed me to watch TV while I transferred the slides to an SD card. Now all the photos of our house building, daughter's birth and son's birth can be shared with everyone. The slides had been packed away and had been unseen since the '80s. Product worked just liked I hoped it would."
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Review 14 for ImageBox ™ Stand-alone 9 Megapixel Film Scanner
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Danapoint, CA
Date:March 14, 2011

Good buy !!

Pros: very easy to use. good image quality.
Cons: the sd memory card is not included.
"My daughter is collecting some old pictures for her school project. We found some old slides in the basement and could not figure out how to digitize these slides and upload them to the computer.
This product helps us a lot. It's very easy to use and very fast. The coolest feature of this product is the TV out feature. We use it to share all the old slides with other family members. I will get another one for the class.
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Review 15 for ImageBox ™ Stand-alone 9 Megapixel Film Scanner
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:Ellicott City, MD
Date:April 13, 2011


"I was so looking forward to this product. Got a ton of old films that I need to digitize. I am a sophisticated technology user, but this device beat me.
The biggest issue: It kept white-screening (akin to windows blue-screening) on me.
After spending close to 4 hours, I was able to scan one negative. Once I got one, I thought I had it down. So I spent another hour or so running through half a dozen strips. Then I got the SD card out to look at the results. What do I find? Just that one successful scan from earlier.
What a waste of weekend! I even tried to see if I could update the firmware to fix this issue, but no luck.
Sadly, even if the device worked as designed, it's not as easy to use as you would like it to be."
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Review 16 for ImageBox ™ Stand-alone 9 Megapixel Film Scanner
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:July 8, 2012

Why do others complain?

Pros: easy to use., needs no instructions
Cons: need other film carriers as options, needs larger image format
"I received this product a day before I was expecting it and before the day was out I had already scanned over 100 pictures. I put in an SD card I had laying around, it needed no formatting, no setup, NOTHING. After three days I have nearly 1000 prints scanned and arranged on my computer hard drive.
What I am doing is moving the images to my computer hard drive from the SD drive where I edit and put meaningful labels on them. I will then transfer them to DVD disks for permanent storage and make copies for each of my grown children.
I cannot understand others complaining about this little box as it works perfect for me. I have nearly 10000 photos covering the last 50 years that I will be scanning into electronic media.
Some people claimed instructions were incomplete. This process is so simple you do not need instructions. Once the SD card is inserted the process in intuitive.
I would suggest you arrange your images by date and subject first then use your computer hard drive to manipulate them and place them in files.
I see COSTCO has sold out of this product. I am glad I got mine before they did and hope they get more in so I can recommend one to my friends and relatives."
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Review 17 for ImageBox ™ Stand-alone 9 Megapixel Film Scanner
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:San Jose, CA
Date:January 19, 2011

excellent & convenient piece of equipment

Pros: quick and easy, no hassle setting up the unit at all
Cons: could be a smaller box if possible
Model Number: ImageBox 9MP
"Bought this during the CyberMonday sales. The box works the magic of converting prints and film into digital files in no times(though I don't have any slides to scan) . Now, I can share the old memories with all my family and friends."
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Review 18 for ImageBox ™ Stand-alone 9 Megapixel Film Scanner
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:S.E. Michigan
Date:August 19, 2012

Figure it out and your and throw away manual

Pros: easy once you figure everything out
Cons: lousy manual but typical of translated manuals
Model Number: LCD 9
"great product. Instruction manual leaves a lot to be desired....slide/film strips require some effort to insert and move... nervous first time...afraid to force it. Manual no help.
Once you figure it all out(on your own)the operation is simple with great results. Easy to transfer to SD card and then import to computer
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Review 19 for ImageBox ™ Stand-alone 9 Megapixel Film Scanner
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Fairfax, VA
Date:March 16, 2012

Good but Some Problems

Pros: flexible, easy to use
Cons: does not easily connect to an imac, better with color than b&w, slowish
"If it is time to digitize a huge set of fading 35 mm slides, the ImageBox is a reasonable solution. Takes about a minute per slide but gives a reasonably good digital image (said to be 9mp but in practice closer to 2 for a standard Kodachrome slide). A good photo editing program is necessary to clean-up images before printing or on screen use. The built in software eliminates many but far from all flaws (dust, scratches, etc.). As with many scanners, it seems to work better with color than b&w, and b&w negatives often give unacceptable results."
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Review 20 for ImageBox ™ Stand-alone 9 Megapixel Film Scanner
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:December 5, 2011

Excellent for old photos

Pros: fast and easy
"I purchased this to scan old sepia and black & white photos to digital format. Some of my prints were poor quality due to age, but the scanner produced accurate copies even when the prints had faded. It is very easy to use for photos - plug it in, insert the SD card, put the photo under the lid, and push the scan button - and extremely fast. I would never get this project done using my laptop and scanner. Editing, including cropping for size, needs to be done via computer later."
3 of 3 people found this review helpful.
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