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GoECOlife™ 20-Sheet Under-Desk Micro-Cut Shredder

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Customer Reviews for GoECOlife™ 20-Sheet Under-Desk Micro-Cut Shredder
Review 1 for GoECOlife™ 20-Sheet Under-Desk Micro-Cut Shredder
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Portland, OR
Date:January 31, 2012

Outstanding Shredder

Pros: extremely high security in shredding documents
Cons: emptying a full bin is a bit tricky
"This is simply an outstanding shredder. After my Fellowes cross-cut shredder gave up the ghost I found the GoECOlifeTM 20-Sheet Under-Desk Micro-Cut Shredder - Item# 565467 at The reviews were uniformly more than positive ... everyone raved about their purchase. It happened to be on sale at the time, and tired of spending $90 or so on shredders of lesser quality, I plunged ahead and bought one. While the price was way more than I'd previously spent on a shredder, this baby was well worth it!
The shipping packaging is outstanding, is easy to open, remove and recycle, and it does a super job of protecting the product while in transit. One of the best Costco unboxing experiences I've had, given that Costco tends to "over package" most things.
With a commercial-grade motor, this shredder easily handles 20 sheets of 20# bond paper, light cardboard, and the like. I'm amazed at how quiet it is .... as compared to the fairly noisy Fellowes unit it replaced. It's only marginally larger, and with the feed slot on the end vice the top, it's way more convenient to use while sitting at your desk.
OK, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so how does this thing "really" work? Let's put it this way, there ain't no way in Hades anyone's gonna reassemble anything you shred with this thing. This baby turns a solid sheet of paper into veritable "dust." The particles are tiny and this easily qualifies this shredder as a Level 4 security shredder.
Another nice feature of having such small shredding particles is you don't have to empty the bin as often. On the other hand, emptying the bin is a bit of a hassle due to it's size, volume and shape. You won't be able to just dump it into a paper grocery bag for recycling (which is what I typically do). You'll have to be extra careful not to dump the bin's contents on the floor. If you goof and that happens, get your vacuum cleaner out 'cause you're not gonna be picking up these tiny bits by hand.
Since this shredder is turning solid sheets of paper into veritable paper "dust," it runs a bit slower than a typical cross-cut or strip shredder. It's not terriblely slow, but it is slower because it's doing more. The trade-off for this is that it will easily handle up to 20 pages at a time, whereas most cross-cut and strip shredders are limited to 6-10 pages max capacity.
This gets us to run time. Most strip and cross-cut shredders with consumer motors will run for about 10 minutes continuously before overheating and shutting down. This GoECOLife shredder will run for around 20 minutes continuously before it starts to get overly warm. I've yet to experience a problem shredding several hundred pages at a time. The commercial-grade motor makes all the difference, and that equates to a longer useful life.
Overall I rate this shredder as outstanding, I'm very happy with my purchase, and it's highly unlikely I'll be needing to buy another shredder again. If you're on the fence about the relatively "high" price of this shredder, my experience suggests it's worth every penny. Once you've tried it you'll know first-hand why everyone rates it so highly. Plus, you'll feel confident that once you shred something .... it's securely gone for good."
Review 2 for GoECOlife™ 20-Sheet Under-Desk Micro-Cut Shredder
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:January 11, 2012

This is a great shredder but.....

Pros: powerful, quiet, easy to work with company, large capacity, adjustment of price, intelligent, cleaning sheets included
Cons: manufacturer defect, missed on quality control
Model Number: GMC205Pi
"We recently purchased this shredder before the holidays. This was shipped directly from the manufacture in CA. did a great job of moving this order along. When the shredder arrived it was solidly packed with some heavy duty very thick card board. I got it all setup and plugged in. Once I turned in on I noticed it said "door open". That must mean the basket is not seated correctly. I removed the basket and reseated. Still the same message. I know this must be a safety I looked closer and on the left inside of the basket there was a molded vertical piece that slid into a notch that should trip a switch. I tested the switch with a firm straight edge...heard a click then the LCD read "AUTO". At that point I called GoECOlife and explained what I found. They concluded with me that the molded plastic piece was too short to trip the switch and would send me out a NEW basket....hopefully that works! In the meantime I constructed a mechanism that when the basket is closed the switch would be tripped. This should buy some time to wait on the new basket from CA, Then after the holidays I noticed this was fifty dollars lower so I called customer service and explained what happened. With no questions asked they provided a credit. So I give the shredder 5 stars because it is powerful & quiet hungry paper eater. Not sure how this got past quality control but customer service AFTER the sale is MOST IMPORTANT. I give 5 stars for taking care of their valued customers."
Review 3 for GoECOlife™ 20-Sheet Under-Desk Micro-Cut Shredder
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Northern California
Date:June 1, 2012

Sweeeet Shredder!!! : D

Pros: micro-cuts, quiet, easy to use, well designed
"First I have to say that I have only had this shredder a few weeks, and only used it briefly. BUT..... it is totally awesome!! We own our own business and decided to reduce the footprint that storing our papers required. We wanted a true micro-cut shredder that could handle multiple papers at one time and actually cut small enough that the discarded scrapes could not be reassembles (for privacy and security reasons.) I research products extensively before I purchase them, and I expect the products to live up to their 'advertising'. I am very pleased with my choice!
It arrived quickly and was extremely well packed to protect it. It comes with a cloth cover as well, which is nice since I do not currently have an under-desk space to house it. The cuts are clean and small, the basket has ample space and is easy to manage. It is very quiet - which is important to me! There is a master on/off switch on the back as well as the controls on the front. The wheels roll freely and the storage on the top is a perfect place to keep the lubricant sheets.
I am pairing this with a fabulous Fujitsu scanner and a back-up drive. Used with my computer these make a great set of products to convert my paper storage to an electronic format.
Bottom line..... I couldn't be happier!!! ; )
I will try to update this review after I have spent more time using this sweet machine!!
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Review 4 for GoECOlife™ 20-Sheet Under-Desk Micro-Cut Shredder
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:August 20, 2011

Really great shredder

Pros: shreds longer than many other shredders, micro-cut shreds credit cards cds & dvds, front slot
Model Number: GoECOlife™ 20-Sheet Under-Desk Micro-Cut Shredder
"The first impressive thing about this shredder was the attention to detail - starting with the packaging. The best shipping container I have ever seen for a consumer good. It really protected the shredder, but was easy to remove.
The build quality of the shredder is excellent - again attention to detail. Waste receptacle is easy to handle and has nice notches to hold shredder bag in place. Covered storage area on top to hold the manual, lub sheets, etc.
The unit is quiet - certainly as quiet as other less capable shredders I have owned. One great feature is that it will micro-cut shred CD/DVD or credit cards (one at a time) into the same small particles it shreds paper. Other shredders I have had used a different slot for these items and only sliced them into strips.
Have only had a week - but have shredded enough to have emptied bin twice. It has worked flawlessly without the usual "time out" for over heating I encountered in the lower cost units I have had in past. (Manual says it can run for 20 min of continuous shredding. I seldom have that much stuff to shred.)
Customer service at manufacturer was great on pre-sales support. I wanted to read the full manual before spending this much on a shredder for home - they emailed it to me at once.
All in all one of the best products I have purchased recently."
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Review 5 for GoECOlife™ 20-Sheet Under-Desk Micro-Cut Shredder
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Redding, CA
Date:February 15, 2012

Very nice shredder

Pros: shreds into tiny balls of paper, reasonably quiet, takes stacks of paper with ease, bin uses standard kitchen garbage bags
"We had a large fellowes 20 sheet shredder before this that was designed stupidly. The whole thing was heavy duty *except* the teeth inside that cleaned the paper off the shredding blades. They were plastic, and once they broke, Fellowes wouldn't sell you replacements. We had to throw away an otherwise perfectly fine $400 shredder. Stupid.
This shredder is already a noticible step up from our Fellowes. The lubrication is not messy oil bottles, but sheets you feed in when it tells you (at least that's what the book says, the shredder hasn't asked yet). The shredding itself is much more thorough with this one. It spits out what look like tiny spitballs of paper. Much smaller than our old shredder.
It seems to handle stacks of paper fine, but it really slows down on 10 sheets and up so we try to feed it less. It says it will run for 20 minutes continuously, but when we first got it we were backed up with paper to shred and it ran for well over 30 minutes without complaining as it ate up our backlog.
The bin is nicely made to handle a standard tall kitchen garbage bag easily, unlike the fellowes, which wanted custom bags.
Nice shredder. Only had it about three weeks so far, but impressed."
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Review 6 for GoECOlife™ 20-Sheet Under-Desk Micro-Cut Shredder
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:September 19, 2011

Had Some Surprises

Model Number: GMC205Pi (CM2000?)
"1. The model I received was not the model listed. I received Model GMC205Pi. The specs, however, seem to be the same, so I don't know how this is different from the CM2000 listed.
2. The shipping weight is significantly more than the unit weight listed. The shipping weight is 67.5 pounds. The packaging uses a lot of high-density cardboard, which is completely recyclable, but adds a lot of weight.
3. While setting it up, I was surprised to find the shredder kind of wobbly. I examined the casters, and found that one of them had a piece broken in half causing the caster to sag. I called customer service for the company, and was amazed there was no annoying "phone tree" and within 5 minutes was talking to an actual person. They were very helpful, and although it took a week, they did ship me a no-cost replacement caster, which I have now installed.
4. The shredder function is working very well so far - very secure with the micro-cut feature. The paper feeding does seem to be a little slower compared to a cross-cut shredder.
Review 7 for GoECOlife™ 20-Sheet Under-Desk Micro-Cut Shredder
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Austin, TX
Date:June 1, 2014

Started out with a hiccup

Pros: powerful shredder, excellent customer service, very fine shreds that ensure security, quiet
Cons: first unit defective and had to be replaced, power saver function slows you down a little
Model Number: CM2000
"When the shredder arrived at my house, I was very excited, as my old one had been dead for a week and a half, and I had a lot of stuff that needed to be shredded. Unfortunately, the unit that arrived at my house was DOA. I called the 800 number included with the shredded, and they did a good job of trouble shooting the problem, then agreed to replace the shredder. Unfortunately, it was on backorder, and so I didn't get it for another two weeks.
Now that I've finished with that, this seems to be a very good shredder. It can take a lot of paper, and the particles it puts out are so fine and tiny, I can't believe it. I feel very secure knowing that no one could ever reassemble these papers again.
I actually don't like the power saving feature. Not because I want to waste power, but because it is not "instant on." When I push the power button, it takes a few seconds for the unit to "boot up" and to then be ready to accept paper. This means I have to stand there for a moment."
Review 8 for GoECOlife™ 20-Sheet Under-Desk Micro-Cut Shredder
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:January 25, 2012

Not Quite Commercial

Pros: very powerful, energy efficient, nearly dustless
Cons: shreds clean paper only.
Model Number: GMC205Pi
"At first, disappointing.
Original unit received was a different model number than the one in the Costco catalog. Replacement unit was also.
Also, original unit had many shreds as long as 4".
Its own literature warns about staples and munliple paperclips.
Its feed rate is slow, which is made up by handling so many sheets at once. Its motor is very powerful and doesn't lug down when used as directed.
It came with a nice dust cover, but I don't know when I would ever use it..
The company's customer service is top notch. They replaced my original unit quickly, professionally, and paid for return shipment . Replacement unit works the way it was designed to.
Basket has lip on back of it that restricts emptying it. Although not advised, the basket will accomodate kitchen trash bag so emptying it is neat, clean, and complete.
This unit is not as industrial as the one I replaced with it, but it is everything I need.
I hope it lasts for the rest of my life.
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Review 9 for GoECOlife™ 20-Sheet Under-Desk Micro-Cut Shredder
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:NY NY
Date:January 17, 2014


"So far, so good. Micro shards means you can shred forever without having to empty bin. Way better than even a cross-cut. Energy-saving features great. Eats wads of paper like crazy. A little slower feed than cross-cut but worth it for the results without, for me anyway, any actual downside. Storage at top a wonderful convenience. Overall attractive and thoughtful design. I called c.s. with some questions and was answered with respect, patience and real intelligence, which is once of the reasons I'm taking the time to write this; seems like a company worth praising. I'd never heard of them before but they've won me over. For my home office and home I'd never used a machine of this calibre before. I think the diff is totally worth it and I look forward to shredding, if you can believe it; it's fun! This machine is an incentive to clean out those paper files b/c this part of that process is so much less tedious than with lesser machines."
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Review 10 for GoECOlife™ 20-Sheet Under-Desk Micro-Cut Shredder
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:October 13, 2011

Best Purchase

Pros: very quiet, very fast, smooth process
Cons: only one. can't shred paper clips. dvd cc are fin
Model Number: GoECOlife™ 20-Sheet Under-Desk Micro-Cut Shredder
"I always wanted a good shredder for many years. I thought I could live with one of the cheap ones up to $100. I ended up using only few months maybe a year. There was always additional work with the old shredder. It accumulated more thrash then the document that were shredded. And the noise it made, It made me feel like I was doing something wrong and should hurry up and finish fast.
This shredder, I will use it for long long time. When it shreds it not only shreds but kind of compresses like a garbage truck does. So the actual shredded papers are about 40% of the document shredded compared to 120% to other ones. And the noise, OH Wow! I wouldn't even wake a baby up in the same room.
This is one of the best purchase of my life and the smartest thing I have done.
I also purchased a Fujitsu high speed scanner. Now I have scanned every documents that I don't need to keep a actual original docs."
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Review 11 for GoECOlife™ 20-Sheet Under-Desk Micro-Cut Shredder
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Cleveland, OH
Date:April 23, 2011

Best Shredder I've Ever Purchased

Model Number: GMC205Pi
"Have gotten various shredders over the years for our small business and so far this one is vastly superior to all the others. For the money, it is a superior value. Have only used this shredder for a short time, but it works flawlessly, runs quitely, doesn't jam, etc. The micro-cross cut is great -- virtually anything you shred will be unreadable and identity theft proof. Love feeding the paper on the front side of the shredder instead of on the top. Also, it has a very handly storage bin on the top of the shredder to store the manual etc. - nice feature. I can't find anything negative to say about the shredder. Even the shipping package was put together ingeniously. The unit is heavy but the packing was done in a modular way so you don't even have to lift it out of the packing -- it more or less peels away. Hope this shredder works in the "long" haul but right now I couldn't be happier."
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Review 12 for GoECOlife™ 20-Sheet Under-Desk Micro-Cut Shredder
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Southern California
Date:October 23, 2013

Excellent with a quirk or two

Pros: quiet and sturdy.
Cons: auto-reverse feature interrupts work flow.
Model Number: 20-sheet under-desk Micro-cut
"I agree with all the positive reviews of this shredder. It's a very well-built piece of equipment and does its job quietly. It has a couple of quirks: first, the large bin is easy to remove and re-insert but not so easy to empty. There aren't any convenient hand-holds to grasp the bin while inverting it. The rear panel of the bin has an opening in it and the tiny paper shreds tend to spill out of that opening onto the floor. I assume the opening is functional, so I don't want to cover it up. Second, about three seconds after you finish feeding in a handful of papers the unit automatically runs in reverse for about 5 seconds to prevent a jam. So if you start inserting the next handful of paper at that moment you'll have to wait until the reverse cycle stops. Very annoying--slows you down but isn't a serious issue. They ought to allow more time before the reverse action starts."
Review 13 for GoECOlife™ 20-Sheet Under-Desk Micro-Cut Shredder
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:June 19, 2013

Two different experiences

Pros: teeny tiny shred.
"We bought 2 of these - one for home use and one for office use. The office one - which gets way more use - has been going strong for months. Have to say it is comforting seeing those tiny little bits of paper in the bin - no one is taping these things together! The home one which get occasional started showing the "overheated" display after maybe 50 pages which seemed odd. After 6 months the "overheated" display came on and stayed on. The good news is I called the customer service number on the unit. They are sending me a new unit. I just pack the old one in the box and send it back. Have to say I am very impressed with that level of customer service! Since the one at the office has worked great I am hopeful that the new one will too. If not, I can return it. Because of the great customer service I am giving them another try. What do I have to lose?"
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Review 14 for GoECOlife™ 20-Sheet Under-Desk Micro-Cut Shredder
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Spring, TX
Date:March 29, 2012

Worked for 5 minutes then died

Model Number: GMC205Pi
"We fed the GMC205Pi about 5 sheets at a time for 5 minutes and then checked the basket. The shredder was quiet, and the paper was well-shredded. But, after reinstalling the basket, the motor is apparently frozen up and it reports "Overload" on all subsequent attempts to insert a single sheet of paper. The cutting blade doesn't move at all when the Forward or Reverse button is pressed. Power cycled, and allowed to cool down for a few hours, but it didn't help.
Costco is picking up this defective unit, no problem. But I can't help but wonder how much it would cost me for return shipment if I had to send it to the manufacturer for in-warranty repair (it was a 74-pound shipment).
I was also hoping this unit would accept standard kitchen garbage bags but it doesn't (the bin's circumference is too large)."
Review 15 for GoECOlife™ 20-Sheet Under-Desk Micro-Cut Shredder
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:San Francisco
Date:December 27, 2011

GoEcoLife 20 Sheet Shredder

Model Number: GoECOlife 20 sheet shredder
"When my previous shredder which was purchased from Costco about fourteen years ago ceased to function properly, I immediately shopped the local wearhouse for a new replacement. None which met my needs was in stock so I went on line and purchased the above titled model.
The first one that arrived over night by UPS was defective. So it was taken to the local wearhouse and returned for a full refund. Costco took five minutes to complete the transaction.
I then ordered a new one which arrived again over night by UPS. Well this new shredder is the best one that I ever had. It is very safe to use and is completely automatic. It is quiet and it grinds all paper into confetti.
Don't hestitate; you only get what you pay for in this world and you cannot beat the price at Costco."
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Review 16 for GoECOlife™ 20-Sheet Under-Desk Micro-Cut Shredder
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Suburban Chicago
Date:November 9, 2011

Great quality shredder - Very quiet

Pros: -really heavy duty, -very quiet, -shreds cd/dvd discs and credit cards
Cons: -somewhat slow
Model Number: GMC205PI
"Got this for shredding of documents, CD/DVD data discs and credit cards based on other reviews. It handles just about everything I throw at it, and it does it effortlessly! One odd item is when shredding CD/DVD's, about the first 1/2 inch of the disc goes through as a single piece. The rest of it is shredded into really small pieces. I ended up having to pass a piece of paper in first to start the process, then inserted the disc. This caused the whole disc to be munched up. This is by far the best shredder I have ever used, bar none. It is pricey somewhat, but considering shipping weight is 67 lbs and shipping is free, it came out to be not so bad. Highly recommended if you need a commercial grade shredder! Thanks Costco, for the deal!"
Review 17 for GoECOlife™ 20-Sheet Under-Desk Micro-Cut Shredder
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:February 21, 2012


Pros: shreds quickly and thoroughly, front load is convenient from sitting at desk, storage area on top of machine, fast shreds entire files in minutes, power saver mode, easy to reach buttons for no hassle operation, fits under desk, easy to empty basket
Cons: depth but means basket is bigger
"The front feed design is very convenient. Having it beside my desk I'm able to shred documents immediately instead of letting them pile up to do later. When there is a pile of documents to shred this machine does it quickly, conveniently and thoroughly. I like the lubricant sheets so much better than having to add oil.
There was a very minor problem with my online order, but I got IMMEDIATE response from and then this manufacture contacted me personally and went over and beyond my expectations correcting the order, I was very impressed with the personalized response and follow up!!!! I will not hesitate to do business with GoECOlife again, they have made me a loyal customer with their product and with their service :D"
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Review 18 for GoECOlife™ 20-Sheet Under-Desk Micro-Cut Shredder
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Morro Bay, CA
Date:January 24, 2012

Works but a little noisy and slow

Pros: handles a lot of papers and does a great job
Cons: noise smell and a little slow.
"Saw this one in the on line ad and decided to give it a try. It shipped very fast and was involved to unpack two boxes and finally the shredder out of the inner box. Plugging in and put to work, the shredder slaved on with no issues but a bit smelly after running intermittently for a few mins so that will ned to be watched. It does a very good job and is easy to empty but will drop some of the shredded material through a bag hole on the back so you'll need to be careful you don't make a mess when emptying the container. The only issues are its slow operation and it is slightly noisy though not real bad. For light office work, fine but not sure I'd be confident with continuous operation. So far so good."
Review 19 for GoECOlife™ 20-Sheet Under-Desk Micro-Cut Shredder
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Kansas City, KS
Date:January 25, 2012

impressive shredder

Pros: powerful!, quiet
Cons: expensive
Model Number: OMC205Pl
"I read a lot of reviews of several shredder before settling on this one. It was more expensive than I wanted to put out just to turn documents into confetti, but I also have gone through too many "cheaper" shredders to want to do it again. So far, (I've had it less than a month) it has more than lived up to its reputation. It has ground its way thru an entire bin of old investment statements, each one at least 20 pages thick, w/o so much as a hiccup. If it continues to function as well as it started out, it will have been well worth the (extra) money. And based on other reviewers of this product, it seems likely to do so. If not... well there's always that incredible Costco guarantee... :)"
Review 20 for GoECOlife™ 20-Sheet Under-Desk Micro-Cut Shredder
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Orange, CA
Date:April 6, 2011

Excellent shredder

"I've only had it unpacked for an hour, so this review is obviously based on limited experience. I decided to christen the shredder with a bunch of old bills I had stashed away. It effortlessly chewed through everything I threw at it, even old bank statements that included the returned checks. The shreds are quite small. No way anyone is ever putting them back together or even pulling any numbers off them.
The shredder is reasonably quiet during operation. I ran it for at least 20 minutes pretty much non-stop and had no trouble. The small shreds pack neatly in the basket, so the full capacity is usable. A simple shake of the basket levels the contents.
So far I'm very happy with it."
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