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MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Cycle Trainer

The MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Fitness Cycle is the bike of choice designed for beginners as well as the most physically fit riders. This space-saving exercise bike delivers an intense and concentrated workout session with the convenience of indoor cycling. The MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Fitness Cycle is durable, tough, and designed with a heavy duty elliptical-tube frame for endurance riding with a streamline ergonomic design. Eight adjustable gears of tension allows the user to burn calories and increase muscle tone simultaneously while its strong platform offers a club-quality workout and a real bike feel. In addition, the MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Fitness Cycle features a multiple position seat that can be easily removed or changed to the biker’s own bike seat if preferred. The MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Fitness Cycle will deliver a rigorous and sound riding experience sure to thrill beginners as well as enthusiasts. 44.1 lb. Laser Precision Balanced Chrome Plated Flywheel 44.1 lb. Laser Precision Balanced Chrome Plated Flywheel creates sustained momentum while supporting pedal movement and motion 2.0 MM Elliptic Steel Tubing Structure Elliptic Steel Tubing Structure is strong, durable, and rigid with style and comfort all built right in Commercial Grade Dual Fixed Wheel and 5PK Belt Drive System Commercial Grade Dual Fixed Wheel and 5PK Belt Drive System delivers a smooth and comfortable ride Heat Treated Axle Assembly Heat Treated Axle Assembly provides strength for long-time use and performance 8 Speed Sport Shift for Tension Gear Control 8 Speed Sport Shift for Tension Gear Control gives a range and feel of terrain changes from uphill and downhill to a level and steady road Ergonomically Correct Design for Optimal Riding Performance Ergonomically Correct Design is designed to maximize comfort for all riding positions Dual Sided Pedals with SPD and Clips Dual Sided Pedals with SPD and Clips give the rider a choice of riding with an SPD cleat or riding with regular shoes Aerodynamic Multi-Positioning Handlebar Design Our Aerodynamic Multi-Position Handlebar Design will help the rider find the right position suitable for his/her workout with Tension Release for adjustable front/rear/up/down positional settings Handle Bar with Elbow Foam Support Pads and Multi-Position Settings The Elbow Foam Support Pads allow you to lean forward on the Handle Bar during your workout and adjust to different positions to minimize fatigue Chrome Plated Handlebar Post and Saddle Post Beautiful chromed post come with full and half positional settings giving you the ease of positioning both the handlebar and saddle to positions that are right for your body type 18” Front Cross Bar and 25” Rear Floor Cross Bar 18” Front Cross Bar comes with a built in handle and the 25” Rear Floor Cross Bar is equipped with wheels for convenient mobility, allowing you to easily move your Fitness cycle from room to room Adjustable Designed Saddle with Tension Release Adjusting the seat position forward, backward, up, or down can have a tremendous effect on your riding experience and will help personalize your workout to fit your particular anatomy Interchangeable Saddle The Pro SPK-21 Fitness Cycle gives you the option of equipping your bike with your own saddle from your personal racing bike Water Bottle Carrier Standard Water Bottle Carrier gives the rider the freedom of having a water bottle within reach for non-stop hydration Specifications Weight limit: 285 lbs   Lifetime Frame   Assembled Dimensions: 63" L x 25.6" W x 50.4" H   Assembled Weight: 132.3 lbs.   Warranty: 1 Year Parts Model: MAXXUS SPK-21
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Customer Reviews for MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Cycle Trainer
Review 1 for MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Cycle Trainer
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Stockton Ca
Date:November 5, 2012

Great with room for improvement

Model Number: MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Cycle Trainer
" easy assembly, very easy to adjust resistance, having great time exercising for last two weeks.
I would have liked a timer on bike. Otherwise overall great machine and would recommend it.
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Review 2 for MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Cycle Trainer
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Date:October 18, 2012

Not really a mainstream spin bike

Pros: great build quality, excellent packaging
Cons: q-factor too wide, unique design and parts, somewhat unstable feeling
Model Number: maxxus SPK-21
" While the build quality is very good on this bike, and the packaging was excellent, the design leave something to be desired. The biggest problem is the q-factor (the distance between the pedals). It is enormous! Very uncomfortable and actually began to bother my knees. If that issue did not exist I could live with the bike, but it was just too uncomfortable.
The other issues include the handlebars which have holes drilled right where you place your hands in order to accomodate elbow pads for using the bike in an aero position. Another is the front stabilizer bar which is too short side to side. It causes the bike to sway a bit while pedaling, unlike other spin bikes in this price range.
The gears/resistance are bad out of the box, but can be adjusted. Not much fine tuning between them though. That is a personal call though. Finally, it appear much of the bike is designed specifically for this model, such as the brake pads. They are angled and replacing them seems impossible since they are not a standard design and the company making these seems to have discontinued this model. The belt is an issue too. While very smooth, it began to make some noises as time went on, and it too may not be a standard component easily available. Chain drives are much better long term, even if they make noise like a regular road bike. "
Review 3 for MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Cycle Trainer
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:July 19, 2012

Good machine

Pros: good price built really solidly.
Cons: water bottle placement, brake arrives way too tight
" I'm impressed with the machine thus far. Like the other reviews I read, the machine showed up with the brake way too tight, leaving only about 4 speeds useable. However, a few minutes with a wrench and screwdriver and the problem was solved. I really like that you can use your own saddle and pedals. Only dislike is the placement of the water bottle. Forget it! Just keep it on a little table beside the bike. "
Review 4 for MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Cycle Trainer
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Tampa, FL
Date:July 1, 2012

Not Worth It

Pros: aesthetically pleasing
Cons: everything else
Model Number: MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Fitness Cycle
" The seat is unbearable after 15 minutes, the gear range is terrible, the bike does not have neutral (meaning you simply cannot stop pedaling) and the handle bars could be designed better. I returned the bike to my local club. I think this product should be removed from Costco as it does not have the Costco quality / value that we all expect. "
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Review 5 for MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Cycle Trainer
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Salem, MA
Date:March 1, 2012

Exceeded my expectations!!!

Pros: well packaged durable quiet adjustable
Cons: nothing
Model Number: MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21
" The Maxxus Pro spinner arrived last week, three days after my order was placed. Packaging was better than expected and survived the cross country journey with no damage to the contents. The double box concept improved the durability of container.
Within 30 minutes the spinner was assembled and tested. I discovered the same issue as the other reviewers in that there was a huge jump between the 4th and 5th setting. I found that the friction devise is based on a V-Brake concept. Using a hex wrench and an adjustable end wrench I loosened the retaining nut on the spring assembly all the way out to the end of the adjustment screw and slowly adjusted it back until all the settings were useable. Over time or as I get back in shape, I can slowly tighten the spring adjustment nut to maintain or increase the drag for all settings.
All I can say is this spinner does a great job of simulating a bike experience. The components are above average quality and I expect this unit to last a very long time.
Note that I did a lot of research and looked and rode multiple spinners. For the money the Maxxus Pro rivals the spinners that cost twice as much. Oh, and forget about the computer. Turn on the TV and when a commercial comes on, crank up the tension, get off the seat and get a great workout. Cheers! "
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Review 6 for MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Cycle Trainer
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Redwood City, CA
Date:February 24, 2012

one serious problem

" I tested this bike out in the wherehouse today. It has one serious problem with the resistance control. This control has 8 settings which is rather weak. Worse yet, a setting of 2 is too easy, a setting of 3 is decent and a setting of 4 was too hard. So, in effect, it has one or two settings. IMO, this alone is enough for everyone to avoid this product. "
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Review 7 for MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Cycle Trainer
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:February 21, 2012

Absolutely Love It!

Pros: fun and effective, true to life feel
Model Number: Maxxus Pro SPK-21
" I've been a avid cyclist my entire life; but have never owned a exercise (or fitness) cycle. I kinda thought they were stupid because they didn't duplicate the riding experience enough to bother with. I rode my road bike in terrible weather to get my miles in; but I'm getting older(a month away from turning 60-ouch!) and decided to do some research into spinning exercise bikes. I saw this one in a mailer we recieved and liked the way it looked and the fact that I could duplicate the geometry of my road bike. I replaced the seat with one more like the one I have on my bike and put Shimano PD-R600 SPD pedals on and bought SIDI shoes with velcro straps for easy on,easy off. I use a heart rate monitor(chest strap w/ wrist display). I really like the ability to shift so quickly; but I did have to tweak the resistance abit. I'm enjoying it very much; but might be getting a little soft because I'm inside more;-) "
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Review 8 for MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Cycle Trainer
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Douglas, GA
Date:February 8, 2012

Outstanding Purchase

Pros: looks great solid construction; very stable
Cons: comes with uncomfortable seat
" I did quite a bit of research prior to making this purchase. I was able to aquire quite a bit of excellent information on this product on another web site which offered an up-graded version of this Fitness Cycle along with a very large increase in price. The reviews on that web site echoed the same concerns as those on this Costco site. However, They also gave solutions as to adjusting the gears in order to make all the gear settings usable.
Out of the box, I too found the gears 1 thru 4 were the only ones I could use in a seated position. I first tried adjusting the spring tension on the pads which helped but still was not what I wanted above gear 4. So I tried solution number two. I took a can of SILICONE LUBRICANT and sprayed it on the chrome of the wheel. Put the bike in gear 4 and took it for a spin. This caused the pads to clean the excess silicone off the wheel and dry on the pads. I then readjusted the tension of the spring and I currently have use of all the gears 1 - 8 in smooth and gradual steps.
My indoor bike now works as well and is as smooth thru the gears as my outdoor bike. And since I too changed the seat, it is also just as comfortable. "
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Review 9 for MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Cycle Trainer
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Bend, Oregon
Date:February 4, 2012

Very Pleased

Pros: solid good fit and finish., very adjustable., quiet
Cons: included seat and pedals low quality.
" I am an avid mountain biker in the Cascade mountains. One half of the year these mountains are covered with snow. So in the off season I want to maintain cycling fitness.
I decided to give the MAXXUS Pro SPK-21 Fitness Cycle a try. Ordered it online on a Monday and it arrived the following Thursday.
Assembly is very easy. Four bolts and the wrench is included.
I am using the cycle on a slate floor and find it rock solid. Very easy to move to any part of the home with the roller wheels. Since I am not a triathlete I did not install the aero bar pads and instead just covered their screw holes with handlebar tape. The included seat is a very hard plastic shell small, painful. I used it for 40 minutes and replaced it with a nice gel model. Also installed some Shimano SPD 520 pedals as those are similar to what I use on my mountain bike. Very easy to adjust the bike geometry with the ratchet levers.
I am finding the cycle to provide an excellent work out. Like other reviewers I am using tension 1 - 4 as 5 and up is just to much tension to keep an adequate cadence. I am typically sitting for two minutes than standing for one with more tension. "
Review 10 for MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Cycle Trainer
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Arroyo Grande,Ca
Date:November 18, 2011

some good..some OK..some bad

Pros: easy to assemble-smooth-good material overall
Cons: friction index is unusable for most, not as solid as i expected
Model Number: SPK21
" This unit is very heavy and that would be fine only it is not rock solid on the floor..and I am talking about on top of a first rate pad which is on top of concrete level floor. The saddle was decent for an exercise bike but I had my own. It is smooth and was quiet until I tried to adjust the friction(brake) pads so that all of the indexed resistance settings would be usable. From the box you can go to 4 and the rest are unusable because the resistance is too high. I had heard about the issue but was confident that it could be adjusted properly...just like brakes on a road bike. So far that is not true. Customer service at the distributor sent me an email on how to adjust the friction but it would not work because there was not enough room to adjust the friction down. I am going to work on it with my son and if this cannot be resolved I am going to return it. I am basically happy with everything else but being able to adjust resistance is absolutely critical. I am going to make another call and then I am through with it..sadly. "
Review 11 for MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Cycle Trainer
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:little rock, ar
Date:November 7, 2011

Nice bike - but tricky to get on/off

Pros: nice ride lots of adjustments to customize fit, price and service
Cons: may be difficult to get on/off bike.
Model Number: MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Fitness Cycle
" I like the bike for the most part, but it is a little difficult to get on/off due to the design. You step into the pedal and swing the other leg over the seat. If your mobility is limited, there are better choices. Of course if your mobility is limited, you'll never be able to move this 140 pound bike around.
I was hoping that the bike was made in the USA given the price, but it is made in Taiwan ROC. The quality and ride are nice. The bike has a lot of adjustments to make it easy to customize the bike fit (handlebars, height of handle, seat height and position, etc.) "
Review 12 for MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Cycle Trainer
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Bay Area, CA
Date:September 22, 2011

GREAT purchase!

Cons: mat may be needed to even surface.
Model Number: 566392
" A little leery about purchasing online, however after viewing the product in the store (and giving it a test ride) I started dropping hints to my husband..;-) I like to consider myself a "rider" because I really enjoy myself. The bike overall is very durable and great accomodation for me and my hubsband. I am 5' and he is 5'11. "
Review 13 for MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Cycle Trainer
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:New Jersey
Date:September 21, 2011

Best Spinning Bike

Pros: sturdy stable quiet
Cons: i removed pedal cages for an easier on/off.
Model Number: SPK-21
" I researched many many exercise bikes & wound up purchasing a spinning bike. What a GREAT decision. This bike is fabulous. I actually feel like I'm riding outside because it is so stable when seated or standing. Setup was easy, but I admit I didn't realize how heavy this bike actually is. Its now on the 1st floor of my home instead of an upstairs bedroom. The bike was delivered much sooner than the original date quote & I ride it every morning before going to work. You won't be sorry if you purchase this product. "
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Review 14 for MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Cycle Trainer
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:August 31, 2011

Great Home Spin Bike

" Overall: Terrific home option for spin workout. Highly recommended for both beginner and experienced spinners alike.
- Assembly: Relatively easy. May require assistance due to weight of device. Recommend placing bike on exercise mats or pad to ensure stable foundation. Stability has never been a problem for us. Found bottle holder to be of little value/use.
- Gearing: Individual settings are a great way to manage bike's resistance and evaluate your performance. As mentioned, there is a big jump from settings 4 to 5, but not a big deal. Probably means I need to get in better shape!
- Ride: Extremely smooth & quiet.
- Frame Quality: Very good. Feels solid. We've owned it for about 3 mos. and there's been no degradation in performance after consistent use. Took some trial & error but multiple adjustment options allowed us to find a seat-handlebar-post configuration to comfortably meet both our riding positions.
- Seat: Minimal padding may require the addition of a padded cover (we purchased one). You can utilize your own seat as well.
- Pedals: Good quality. We use the toe clips with no problem.
- Bottom Line: We've been extremely happy with this bike ever since we purchased it from I'm a beginner and believe this bike provides me with a challenging workout. My wife is a pro and she loves this bike as well. She views it as comparable to spin bikes at the gym. We believe the cost of this bike was justified by its value and the quality workout it provides at home.
Good luck and enjoy your workout! "
Review 15 for MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Cycle Trainer
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:July 5, 2011

solid & smooth

Pros: strong quality smooth quiet.
Cons: have to play with balance and stability
Model Number: pro spk 21
" avid spinner at the gym which provides the spinner nxt (top of the line spinner bike).
my reviews had nowhere to go but down, yet I am very surprised of the quality of this bike, its quiet, and very challenging. as a prior review 4 to 5 is a big jump and anything above 5 you probably want to be standing and doing a mountain climb.
my only complaint is the sturdiness, the bottom foundation is hard plastic rather than rubber, being in my garage i put a few towels below legs and also the two front legs I pulled out and put upside down to make it a flat and smoother grounding, rather than it balancing on its circular hard plastic. It's perfectly great sitting down and cycling just balance was off when standing putting watts into it. Yet its fixable and something you might have to play with. Only had it 4 days and put over 5 hours into it and love it overall, just focusing on the negative stability which is easily fixed by tweaking it.
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Review 16 for MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Cycle Trainer
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Northern California
Date:June 25, 2011

Pretty nice machine for indoor training

Pros: solid machine, great price, ability to use your own pedals
Cons: limited gearing options
Model Number: MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21
" This replaces our road bike that we use on a wind-trainer and it feels very solid. The gears all seem to feel the same at #1-4 then there is a huge jump to #5. I don't know if anyone else has noticed this or not. We will probably keep this machine as everything else about we like. Another reviewer mentioned the seat as being uncomfortable; it is a road bike type seat and you can replace it with your own but neither my husband or myself found it particularly uncomfortable. "
Review 17 for MAXXUS® Pro SPK-21 Cycle Trainer
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:June 14, 2011

Nice Bike

" So far, this bike is much better than I expected. It is nearly as solid as a bike in the gym and the spin is really smooth. I live in Seattle and use it in my basement when I don't have time to get out or the weather is bad. I think I will get my ROI on this bike. If I log 100+ hours on the bike without any malfunctions than I will consider it a worthwhile investment. I have only ridden 5 hours but I think it will make 100. If it doesn't, I will take it back to Costco.
The speed control is a 8 leveled break pad so if you are looking for something easier to operate, I would suggest getting an electronic scaled bike. That said, the low gears move really nicely. The seat is rock hard so plan on getting a different seat for the bike.
Assembly is quick and easy. The designer put love into how easy it is to assemble. I am super critical of this type of thing and was impressed.
The pads for the aero bars could have been designed better. They are not bad, but they are not great either. They work and I might get them modified slightly if I keep the bike and use for a long time. "
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