Customer Reviews for Cummins Power Generation RS20A Home Standby Generator with 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch

Cummins Power Generation RS20A Home Standby Generator with 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch

The Cummins Power Generation RS20A ensures that life goes on even when the power goes out. The RS20A runs on Natural Gas or LP Vapor Propane and is manufactured with high-quality commercial-grade materials for safe and reliable performance. This unit comes equipped with a sound insulated, weather protective enclosure for outdoor installation. Quietest generator in its class, producing only 62d(b)a under a full load at 7 meters. Third party tested! This generator is not approved for use outside of the USA.   The Cummins Power Generation RS200 amp service entrance rated automatic transfer switche works hand-in-hand with the RS20A permanently installed, home standby generator. The transfer switch immediately senses when utility power has been interrupted, transferring responsibilities to the generator. When the utility power is restored, the transfer switch automatically transfers back to utility power, shutting down and instantly resetting itself for the next power interruption with no action required by the homeowner. Electrical connections must be made and fuel systems installed by qualified and licensed personnel. Improper installations present hazards, which can result in personal injury or property damage. Please contact a licensed residential electrician and your local Natural Gas or Propane supplier for these services. Questions? Please contact the Cummins Power Generation helpline:   1-800-888-6626 Home Standby Generator Specifications: Equipped with cold weather start kit (includes thermostatically controlled engine and oil heater and alternator dryer to prevent condensation and frost from forming on the alternator) Includes 1' generator to transfer switch wiring harness Service and maintenance information displayed on in home display (remote mounting display unit requires additional wiring harness, not included) Fueled by Natural Gas or  LP   Quietest generator in its class, producing only 62d(b)a under a full load at 7 meters. Third party tested!   Internet remote monitoring and email notification   Automatic load management - The intelligent generator control automatically manages nonessential household loads for maximum utilization of generator power   Cummins Power Generation designed alternator and electronic control   Powerful motor starting - starts and runs a 5 ton A/C1 under full pre-load   120 volt GFCI "Ready"   Self-diagnostic capability   Easy installation with innovative molded polymer installation base - no need for a concrete pad   Electronic governor for precise frequency control   Flexible 12 inch fuel line provided with genset   Generator designed and manufactured in the USA   U.S. EPA and CARB Emissions Certified   UL 2200 Listed   Quality power output, less than 5% THD   Battery Required: 12 volt, 530 CCA, Group 26R or equivalent (not included)   53" x 43" x 34.7" (LxWxH)   5 year, 2000 hour limited warranty   Product not approved for use outside of the USA RS200 Amp Service Entrance Rated Automatic Transfer Switch Specifications: Monitors utility power 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. When utility power becomes unsatisfactory or fails; the genset is signaled to start, then automatically transfers the load. When stable utility voltage returns, the transfer switch will automatically switch electrical load from the generator to the utility. No action is required by the user.   Suitable for standby power systems in residential and light commercial applications.   Mechanically interlocked contactor: Long-life, high pressure, silver alloy contact resists burning and pitting A powerful and economical solenoid drives the mechanism   UL 489 Listed Square D circuit breaker   Solid bus bar connection between circuit breaker and transfer switch   Integrated Battery charger, automatic 2 amp regulated charger, simplifies installations and reduces overall installation costs   Neutral and ground bar: Fully rated, Bonding jumper on neutral and ground Silver plated copper ground and neutral bus   Solder less screw type terminals for external power connections   UL 1008 Listed with UL Type rated cabinets and UL Listed CU-AL terminals.   All switches comply with NEMA ICS 10.   Voltage rating - Transfer switches up to 240 VAC, 50 Hz or 60 Hz.   Amperage rating - Transfer switches rated for 100 and 200 continuous amperes.   Arc interruption - Multiple leaf arc chutes cool and quench the arcs. Barriers prevent interphase flashover.   Neutral bar - A full current-rated neutral bar is standard on enclosed 2-pole transfer switches.   Auxiliary contacts - Two contacts rated at 5A continuous at 100 VAC or 2.5A continuous at 200 VAC (one for each source) are provided for customer use. Wired to terminal block for easy access.   Storage temperature -25 C (-13 F) to 55 C (131 F)   Humidity Up to 90% @ 20C   Altitude Up to 2,000 m (6,561 ft) without derating   Total transfer time (source-to-source) - Will not exceed 100 msecs with normal voltage applied to the actuator.   Manual operation handles  - Transfer switches are equipped with a removable operating handle which allows operation during servicing in order to facilitate troubleshooting with sources of power disconnected   23.3" x 20.2" x 7.9" (HxWxD)    Weight: 59lbs Model: RS14AF
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Customer Reviews for Cummins Power Generation RS20A Home Standby Generator with 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch
Review 1 for Cummins Power Generation RS20A Home Standby Generator with 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Washington State
Date:November 21, 2014

very quiet, and runs great!

Pros: very quiet, totally automatic, whole house, easy to use, fast transfer time
Cons: nothing noticed so far.
Model Number: RS-20A
" Living in the Pacific Northwest, power goes out from wind storms on a regular basis. I needed something that would support the whole house. I did some research, and settled on this unit.
Things you won't get out of the description: 19.5 Kw is the surge rating. It's actually 10 Kw continuous on propane, and 8.4 Kw on natural gas. If you have an efficient house, this is enough to power the entire house to include the heat pump or electric furnace. I found this information talking to the Cummins Distributor. It's also in the Operators Manual that I had to request from Cummins.
My unit came with a dent in the lid. When I contacted Cummins, they took care of me right away.
Operational: It transfers to the generator during a power outage in 8 seconds! This is faster than industry standard for commercial generators. The remote display is inside the house where industry standard is on the generator. Remotes are optional accessories. The wiring harness feeds a trickle charge voltage back to the battery on the generator. Industry standard, this is an additional wiring harness.
For the generator: It's quiet! you can stand next to it, and talk without raising your voice. It can handle a 2 1/2 ton heat pump or electric furnace as well as the rest of the house. It takes the load to about 80% of the 10 Kw limit. The base is heavy duty, and this unit is intended to sit on the ground without a concrete base. There is a knock-out in the bottom so you can route power from underneath. After power is restored, it waits 5 minutes before transferring back to utility power, and then performs a 5 minute cooldown before shutting the generator off.
Cables: There are 2 cables required for installation. 1 from the transfer switch to the generator, a 1 from the remote control panel to the generator. I got the 100' remote control cable, and routed it through the attic barely making it to the generator 25' from the house. There is a third optional cable that is for an Ethernet connection into your internet router that would give you the option of monitoring the system while you're away.
There are several ways to start the generator: Automatically, where it starts and transfers the load itself. Remote Manual, where you start the generator, and transfer the load at the remote panel. Local Start: This is done at the generator itself.
Shifting the load: Automatically, Remote Manual, Local Automatic at the ABT, and Local Manual at the ABT.
The display: You can schedule the test run for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Never. Status when the generator is running displays the power output, and load on each circuit. You can review the history log to see what the system has been doing while you've been away. The faults Log will tell you if there is a problem such as low oil pressure.
The only thing I have to do is stand back and watch it work. "
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Review 2 for Cummins Power Generation RS20A Home Standby Generator with 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Lake Success, NY
Date:August 12, 2013


Pros: the most fuel efficient generator available, a very reasonable price for what it delivers, super quiet, costco is always there to back your purchase, costco piece of mind...priceless!!!!
Cons: none
Model Number: 20KW RS-20A
" I am absolutely amazed what a high-end piece of equipment this device is. It is VERY QUIET, and a very capable whole-house generator. I couldn't be more pleased with the machine. It is VERY fuel efficient, VERY quiet and VERY well made. I wish I knew about the machine before the Sandy storm. My family and I have total faith in the device to power our home no matter what! Go out and buy it!! "
Review 3 for Cummins Power Generation RS20A Home Standby Generator with 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Athens, Texas
Date:February 16, 2013

Improved Documentation Really Helps

Pros: factory support is excellent, the ethernet/web interface makes for easy use, in-home display is simple to use, lp gas setup is simple, fuel efficient, qr code on engine
Cons: oil change frequency - 100 hr. generac is 200 hrs., display does not dim and is bright at night., l1 l2 n generator connectors are #2 awg max, cannot get updated manual online yet.
Model Number: 20GSBB-6714A SPEC A
" I purchased this generator in Nov 2012 and it arrived much sooner than expected.
The Transfer switch arrived with a little damage and I contacted Cummins who got right back to me and said I keep it, which I wanted to do. Cummins confirmed by email that they would warrant the switch even with the minor damage.
The Unit shipped with Issue (revision) 2 of both the Installation and Operator Manuals. Prior to, during and at near completion I found many errors in the Installation manual and a few errors in the Operator manual. I contacted Cummins who promptly updated the manuals and emailed me each new revision as they made the updates.
The current Installation Manual version is Issue 11.
The current Operator Manual version is Issue 4.
I emailed my last recommended changes for both manuals this morning, Feb. 16, 2013; thus I expect another update within a week.
The unit has some nice features for instance the Ethernet/Web interface and the In-Home Control Display.
The original In-Home Control Display that shipped with my generator would only operate for about 45 seconds then half the screen would go out. So in order to do the initial setup of the unit, I had to plug and unplug the connector from the back of the display. Once the initial setup was complete I could use the Ethernet/Web interface for setting up scheduled events such as the weekly exercise.
I contacted Cummins about the In-Home Control Display problem and arranged an exchange at their distribution center in Arlington Texas. It was a very tedious process, but they assured me that the problems I experienced which highlighted several logistical problems when making a warranty exchange would be corrected so future customers wouldn't have to suffer the same experience I had.
Once I got the new display the unit has consistently worked without fault.
One last tidbit of information that you should be aware of, the unit does NOT come with the Remote In-Home Control Display Installation Harnesses, which is required to connect the In-Home Control Display to the generator. If you decide to order the 1 ft pigtail (P/N: A029U306), which I did, it does in fact come with two 1 ft pigtails connectors in order to connect the generator to In-Home Control Display units together. Hence, you do NOT need to order two. Cummins said that they would update their brochures and other marketing materials to show the two pig tails in the picture so people won’t mistakenly or two pigtails based upon the picture and poor description of the product in their brochures and marketing slicks. "
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Review 4 for Cummins Power Generation RS20A Home Standby Generator with 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Philadelphia, PA
Date:October 5, 2012

Some additional info

Pros: quiet operation (62db at 3kw load at 7m), very clean power, 5yr warranty
Cons: while small larger than competitors, more expensive than competitors
" Extremely high quality residential generator at a price that can't be beat. Cummins doesn't mention it anywhere, but this unit is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 613277-1113-B1 engine. That's a Vanguard 610000 series - parts manuals are free on Briggs' site and engine parts are widely available. The oil filter is part number 842921 and runs about $6 online. Mine arrived in just over a week in three boxes with liftgate delivery. The 1 foot wiring harness IS included. "
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Review 5 for Cummins Power Generation RS20A Home Standby Generator with 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Powerless, somewhere in suburban Chicago
Date:September 18, 2012

Powerless In Illinois

Pros: quiet as advertised., quality construction, looks good!
Cons: cummins onan warranty policy is terrible, any problems must go thru cummins' distributor, cummins onan is not consumer-friendly, service parts for engine not readily available, oil filter/air filter should have briggs part #'s, parts manual and service manuals not included
Model Number: RS20A (Cold Weather), RS6869 Transfer Switch
" 1. says 3-4 weeks to ship, ours arrived in under 2 weeks.
2. Unit delivered on wood pallet, wrapped in plastic. It CANNOT be moved by a few men. We rented a track forklift to lift/move/place on stone bed. Shipping weight is approx 570 lbs.
3. Beware that you WILL need to order the 5 wire pigtail to connect the In-Home display in your house! As delivered, the In-Home display would have to get mounted INSIDE the genset in order to complete installation. Unit will NOT run without the display connected (either inside the genset, or in your house).
4. Recommend buying spool of thermostat or multi-strand phone wire at the local home supply to use -- splice onto 9 wire pigtail included that connects genset with transfer switch and the 5 wire pigtail (not included) that is need to connect in-house display to the genset. We used 5 wire thermostat wire (perfect for in-house display) and doubled it up for use with the 9 wire pigtail -- but make sure your installer/electrician DOCUMENTS the wire colors in your install manual for future reference.
5. If you live in a cold weather area, even though Tranfer Switch is NEMA rated for outdoor use, you should mount switch INDOORS -- when I called Onan, they said they would NOT recommend outdoor install because of the cold temperatures (not rated for below zero use and temps do fall below zero in the Midwest). We played it safe and mounted indoors.
6. Be very careful when installing 9 wire harness and connecting the 9 wires to the Wiring Block inside the 6869 Transfer Switch. The 1st six wires (sequence/color/use) are the same at the genset and inside the wiring block of the transfer switch. However, wires 7, 8 and 9 are scrambled in colors/use. Wire 9 at the genset provides information on the Battery + value to the transfer switch -- but is connected at Slot 7 in the wiring block!!!! We encountered a problem where the Battery Charger was not working because it needs to see voltage coming from position 4 and 7 at the wiring block in the transfer switch. However, at the genset, the B- wire (#4, same) and the B+ wire (#9, not same inside, it is #7) are different. Calling Cummins support did NOT help -- but may now -- because they never instructed us to check pins 4 and 7 inside the transfer switch for battery voltage. "
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Review 6 for Cummins Power Generation RS20A Home Standby Generator with 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:northern calif
Date:July 3, 2012

one of my better purchases

" Awsome unit, quiet, well built, quality thru and thru. Much better than the other units on the market. This unit does not put you into a brown out when it switches power like the others. All the options are on this unit as standard. "
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Review 7 for Cummins Power Generation RS20A Home Standby Generator with 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Mendham Township, NJ
Date:March 23, 2012

Outstanding deal

Pros: outstanding quality and an outstanding price
Model Number: RS20A
" After a few weeks of shopping it became obvious that Cummins Onan was the way to go. I almost bought this unit from another well known internet seller. I never expected to find this at Costco, with the cold weather kit AND the transfer switch. This Costco deal is outstanding.
The unit arrived in perfect condition. The shipper put the pallet in my garage which was a big help in storing it until the installation. After getting the required permits the unit was installed by my plumber and electrician. This is NOT a DYI project. Everyone involved was very impressed with the quality of the unit. I did have to buy two extended cables for the hookup but that is the same issue no matter where you buy the unit.
I highly recommend this unit and buying it from Costco.
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Review 8 for Cummins Power Generation RS20A Home Standby Generator with 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Date:November 4, 2011

When It Really Counts Brands Matter

" Installed September 2011 & It Hadn't been asked to Perform Until this last Oct 2011 Nor-Easter that cover the eastern states with snow & ice . Our Power was out for 7 Days & the Cummins Onan Hummed the entire period. We got 2 deliveries of propane & was
good on fuel compared to my old gas generator. The Cummins is a Trusted Band & I needed a backup system that would run days if it had to. So glad I had researched & done my homework before I got another Brand . You'll be Smiling if you have this Generator & I think it's One Of the Best Items I have purchased. Ever !
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Review 9 for Cummins Power Generation RS20A Home Standby Generator with 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Glen Burnie, MD
Date:March 18, 2012

Excellent whole house generator

Pros: well made unit, quiet compare to others, briggs and straton air cooled m
Cons: quality control issues, lack of support, internet software buggy
Model Number: RS20A
" I installed mine in about Oct 2011. Generator arrived on a wood skid by motor freight. Be prepared with a pallet jack to move around or at least five strong men. Delivered in good condition, but mine was missing the two very short wire harness that was included in the bundle. I eventually purchased the optional long wire harmess, but this added about $300.00 to the total cost. Purchasing the optional long wire harness included the needed wire and minimized splicing of wires. Costco had the manufacturer send the short harness (1 foot), within about one week, but it did not matter, since i purchased the long harnesses as an option. I used my natural gas supply, but had to upgrade my gas line to my home. i already had a high pressure supply, but need a larger gas supply line to my home. The gas company does not pay for this on non-essential appliances (generators, pool heaters, fireplaces, etc). My generator was installed by Lincened electrican an gas plumber. This is not a DIY project. I had the unit placed and made a stone base (optional). The Generator had a defective internal wire harness upon start up (poor quality control from the factory). The repair was performed under warranty from the local Cummins dealer in my area, but they did NOT like to service equipment, not sold by them (an independent Cummins dealer). The manufacturer persuaded them to make the repair (pins on harness found defective). Everything now works as it should. The unit excersise once/monthly as it should and testing indicates that everything is working properly. The unit appears to be well made. The front cover is a little difficult to remove, but you wont need to remove except for maintenance, such as oil changes. The battery is not included and you will need to purchase at about $100.00 additional cost. The internet functions work(buggy), and the manufacterer does not support the internet function. You will need IT knowledge or assistance for this function if desired. The load shed works. Support is very very limited, and did not exist in my local area. The manufacturer did provide some very limited support, when troubleshooting my unit. Overall good quality unit, with some quality control issues. This unit will run my entire split foyer home (with some common sense) with electric and natural gas as my main fuels. "
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Review 10 for Cummins Power Generation RS20A Home Standby Generator with 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Richmond, VA
Date:February 10, 2013

**BUYER BEWARE** Poor tech support and warranty

Pros: good unit overall hope it doesn't break
Cons: poor tech support and warranty, not as quiet as advertised no better that generac
Model Number: RS20A
" I bought this unit 3 months ago and had it installed by a local gas and electrical company. 2 months later I had a problem with the in home monitor, the clock would not hold its time. I called tech support and they didn't seem to know anything about my unit at all. They knew bigger deisel generators but nothing about my unit. I called them on other issues and were no help at all. I finally got to the supervisor and she said that I voided the warranty because I didn't have Cummins install the unit. My warranty says "in accordance with Cummins" not "must be installed by". My installer went through every word of the installation manual provided by Cummins and installed properly. She said to get my warranty back I needed Cummins to come out and do an inspection and startup operations. The cost would be about $900 just for the inspection, everything else was done by my electrician/gas technician. I ended up buying the control unit myself and forfeited the warranty claim. The fight for the warranty wasn't worth it. $900 inspection can pay for a lot of repairs. Keep this in mind when purchasing a generator. Wish I would have bought a generator that had a better tech support and warranty. This was the one time I wished I got the tech support from overseas such as India. Check the warranty out before you purchase from this company. "
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