Customer Reviews for Samsung SDE-4001 8 Channel / 6 Camera Surveillance System

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Samsung SDE-4001 8 Channel / 6 Camera Surveillance System

Easy Installation Anytime Anywhere Viewing Automatic Alerts
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Customer Reviews for Samsung SDE-4001 8 Channel / 6 Camera Surveillance System
Review 1 for Samsung SDE-4001 8 Channel / 6 Camera Surveillance System
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:October 10, 2011

Samsung SDE-4001 8 Channel

" Very nice system for the $$$. I can use my 3G iPhone and iPad at home or away. To setup the iphone iPolis app for use while at home, simply create an "at home" profile and enter the proper ip address from your home network router.
I have 2 "profiles" (home and away) on my ipad and iphone. And they works correctly.
Hope this helps.
Review 2 for Samsung SDE-4001 8 Channel / 6 Camera Surveillance System
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:San Diego, CA
Date:May 24, 2011

Good product

Model Number: Samsung SDE-4001
" Easy to install and very friendly environment
Picture is not too clear but good enough for the price.
Samsung technical support is good in general. Some are good such as Erric (the senior). Some may give you wrong answer and mislead you.
In general, I am happy with the product and the support.
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Review 3 for Samsung SDE-4001 8 Channel / 6 Camera Surveillance System
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Oakland, CA
Date:May 29, 2011

Mostly works, with the exception of remote viewing

Pros: good quality system
Cons: not everything works as advertised
Model Number: SDE-4001
" Camera's mount easily and easily connect to the DVR with standard CAT-5e ethernet cable. The length of cable supplied for each camera is generous. Start up of the DVR with the camera's plugged in is automatic and flawless. You really should have a VGA monitor plugged in for this step (borrow from a computer or just buy a cheap one for permanent use).
Programming the DVR is simple and intuitive. Connecting the DVR to your router and then accessing it and the cameras locally is also fairly straightforward. You can use either a web browser or Samsung's Smartview software. Both options are very functional, albeit the Smartview software is a better choice in my opinion.
The system allows several image quality settings and frame rates. I find the highest settings acceptable, and one can see good detail within 10 ft of the camera in the daylight. Seeing 40 ft away also is ok, but you won't be able to make out facial features or a license plate. The night capability is ok, but really should be supplimented with lights if possible.
My issue with the system is that neither we nor Samsung support can view the camera feeds remotely (e.g. from work or anywhere else outside our home local network). All the various router settings (port forwarding) that "should work" haven't. Even will all the passwords for my home network, Samsung couldn't get it going. Samsung customer support has been aggressive at trying to work the problem, but they gave up and sent the problem to their engineers. They are also sending us a new DVR to see if swaping it out fixes it -- I doubt it.
Also, while it was advertised that one can view the camera feeds via a smart phone, that's not quite true. This smart phone viewing facility only works with an iPhone. Android smartphones (even a Samsung model) won't work with it yet, although tech support says that it's coming.
Also, our iPad nor iPod (with the ipolis app) will not work with the system because, according the Samsung support, this facility only works with 3G and not WiFi -- very dissappointing. If I can view the camera's on my computer when in my house, seems like any WiFi computer/iPad/iPod should have the same capability.
Would give 5 stars if the remote viewing and smartphone feature worked. "
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Review 4 for Samsung SDE-4001 8 Channel / 6 Camera Surveillance System
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:Fremont, CA
Date:August 12, 2011

good looking but poor quality

Pros: attractive. easy to set up.
Cons: poor quality of video.
Model Number: Samsung SDE-4001 8 Channel / 6 Camera Surveillance System
" Purchased this Samsung SDE-4001 8 Channel / 6 Camera Surveillance System . Looks very attractive. But recording is very poor quality. It is good for less then 6 feet viewing. Beyond that even grass looks like a cement floor. "
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Review 5 for Samsung SDE-4001 8 Channel / 6 Camera Surveillance System
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:August 7, 2013

Poor Service from Samsung/Good Costco support

Pros: the cameras that work are fine
Cons: poor support from samsung, don't expect follow-up
Model Number: SDS-P5101 Kit Model
" I purchased this security system in May 2013 and had it installed in June by a security tech. I chose it over a Lorex system that was cheaper because of the Samsung name and reputation for quality. At first I had a problem linking the software for remote access to the system, but the Costco Concierge service spent two hours on the phone with me to find the problem which was my router. Once I rebooted it, the remote has worked find ever since. The second problem was that the night vision on three cameras did not work. The cameras should automatically switch to night vision. After working with both the Costco Concierge and Samsung on a number of solutions (e.g., trying to shine a flashlight into the aperture at night), the Samsung tech told me to return the three cameras to Samsung. I had two spare cameras that I installed and they worked fine. So the problem was with 3 of the 10 cameras. The non-functioning cameras were sent and arrived on July 5th. Since that time I have had no direct support from Samsung about the cameras. I called their service number. I was told the tech working on my cameras was off, and was given her number and ext to call back which I did. Left a message, never heard from her. For the last two weeks I have been working with Costco concierge to get some resolution to the case. Costco concierge has been fine, but I am fed up with Samsung and on that basis I cannot recommend this security system. What good is a warranty if there is not system of communication? "
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Review 6 for Samsung SDE-4001 8 Channel / 6 Camera Surveillance System
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Northern California
Date:July 26, 2013

Samsung Security has issues

Pros: very good design..sleek and good looking.
Cons: very hard if not impossible to configure to use.
Model Number: Samsung 16 Channel D1 Security System
" I have everything Samsung and this the first product that was not easy to install. I have their TVs/ Blu Ray/Phone and thought love it secucrity...wrong sadly. Even the Costo people could not configure the system through my internet connection and wanted to blame it on comcast. Well sorry my Ooma set up just fine and all my others work fine too. Sad as I really need this system. "
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