Customer Reviews for TomTom VIA 1530TM 5" LCD Portable Automotive GPS

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TomTom VIA 1530TM 5" LCD Portable Automotive GPS

Lifetime Traffic Updates Lifetime Map Updates Includes Case
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Customer Reviews for TomTom VIA 1530TM 5" LCD Portable Automotive GPS
Review 1 for TomTom VIA 1530TM 5" LCD Portable Automotive GPS
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Denver CO
Date:October 5, 2011


Model Number: VIA 1530TM 5"
"I feel I'm a gps expert. I drive all day long making about 6-10 stops per day for work.
My GPS's last about 2 years. Thru my company we own 17 Tom Toms.
I have been unhappy with the last version of their mount. You manhandle the gps onto a mount that is about 2" round and it snaps into place.
This one, you hold a suction against the windshield, then turn a dial. It's a two handed operation.
The thing falls off constantly. You can't glue the mount to the windshield like prior models. The mount and GPS are one solid piece. You can't tear the mount off and use a 3rd party product either unless your prepared to break out some tools and really work on it.
Oh yes, the new software ideas, which I didnt really care about, didnt work.
The screen is very unresponsive. You want to goto Main St? You press "M" and wait for the M to be selected, then goto "A" etc. There is no quick way to press "M-A-I-N".
First time in 10 years, bought a Garmin."
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Review 2 for TomTom VIA 1530TM 5" LCD Portable Automotive GPS
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Northern VA
Date:August 19, 2011

DON'T BUY - Full of Frustration and Disappointment

Pros: lifetime maps, life time traffic, voice control, speed and safety camera alerts, large screen
Cons: map updates don't work, extremely slow to pick up signal, gave wrong directions on multiple occasions, not worth the time and frustration
Model Number: VIA 1530TM
"After reading the reviews on this and other sites, I was under the impression that TomTom had fixed map update problems. I bought this unit on August 13 and could not update the free map. When I called TT customer service they asked me to upgrade the MyTomTom software, switched to different web browsers (Chrome, Firefox) and even switched to a Mac computer to see if it will work. After 8+hour over a 3 day period still no map updates.
In addition to not having the latest maps, the unit is slow to pick up satellite signals. I was in San Diego for a week and it took me 20 minutes each time I started up the unit for it to pick up a satellite signal. To make matter worse, on several occasions it directed me to the wrong locations. On my way to the airport, I programmed for the Avis car rental center. It took me to a location 3 miles away that had nothing to do with Avis.
I've used numerous GPS devices so I am familiar with what they can do. I have to say I am incredibly disappointed with TT and this particular model. I'm surprise that Costco still carry it given all the complaints and returns.
I've returned the unit and replaced it with a Garmin."
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Review 3 for TomTom VIA 1530TM 5" LCD Portable Automotive GPS
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Atlanta, GA
Date:July 16, 2011

not bad at all

Pros: more accurate maps than garmin
Cons: voice recognition not working well
Model Number: Tomtom 1530TM
"I read some bad reviews about this product but still bought it because it got a lot of useful features (Bluetooth, voice recognition, 5 inch display, etc). As a gps , it works better than my older Garmin, which always failed to locate my office address correctly. The suggested route from my home to office is exactly what I take everyday, whereas Garmin suggests a different and more time-consuming route. The traffic display is more useful than that of Garmin's. I haven't tried the bluetooth so couldn't comment on that.
I think Tomtom might have updated the software on this line of product. I didn't experience anything reported by other users. The map is already up to date so there is no need for update (it took my Garmin more than 2 hours to update its map).
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Review 4 for TomTom VIA 1530TM 5" LCD Portable Automotive GPS
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Denver, Colorado
Date:July 24, 2011

Bluetooth won't reconnect

Cons: see above
Model Number: Costco TomTom 1530TM VIA
"It brings me to the wrong location often.
The bluetooth connected to my phone once and it worked great but now I can't get it to connect again.
The volume is too low.
When it wakes up it always brings me back home. Other GPS units remember the last programmed location which is what makes sense.
Only 1 of the included voices can be used with spoken directions.
I wish the cables fit in the case and I wish I could use a simple USB plug for home and car but it comes with a huge plug. I need something that's easier to travel with.
I haven't had it long enough to evaluate the traffic.
It took a few hours to download the map update.
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Review 5 for TomTom VIA 1530TM 5" LCD Portable Automotive GPS
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Germantown, TN
Date:December 6, 2011

Problematic GPS, Software problems

Pros: nice screen good maps
Cons: unfriendly user software
Model Number: VIA 1530TM
"I purchased a Via 1530TM at Costco less than two weeks ago. (I also own an earlier TomTom 335LM GPS without Bluetooth), The new one navigated OK but it would not install new maps nor would it Bluetooth pair with my Verizon cell phone. Newer TomTom GPS devices use MyTomTom software, which installs a driver, rather than using TomTom Home. All that went fine including registration and downloading updates and maps, but all attempts at installation after download failed with a message "There is Something Wrong with Your Navigation System. Contact TomTom Support", I did, but they were absolutely no help. I think they were using a prepared script. So, convinced it had an internal failure, I returned the unit for another, The second one would not allow me to register or update unless I created a new account. Apparently, My TomTom software allows only one GPS unit per e-mail address. I couldn't delete the first installation and couldn't proceed. Their software is cryptic. This is a ridiculous policy and I have no intention of establishing another account just to please TomTom.
I returned the second one and bought a more expensive Garmin 2460LMT which woks beautifully. The maps downloaded and installed and it instantly paired with my phone. It was well thought out and I am very well impressed with it and I would rate it at five stars. And guess what? I don't need to establish another account if I add another Garmin GPS device!
TomTom needs to get a better handle on their technology and software before rushing products to market."
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Review 6 for TomTom VIA 1530TM 5" LCD Portable Automotive GPS
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Long Island, NY
Date:November 27, 2011

Best Tom Tom

Pros: accuracy, time saving, quick, value
Cons: none
Model Number: VIA 1530TM
"I have never written a review but I have to write in, I bought my third Tom Tom yesterday, the VIA 1530 and not only was the price the best value, but it recommended the best trip plan I have taken in 30 years from Long Island, to Mass.
On the way home, the traffic feature saved me from countless stops in traffic and saved me at least 45-60 minutes sitting in traffic, I am in love with this devise :-)
I had thought after my second Tom Tim.. I may need to switch to a Garmin, but after trying one...I just had to try a third and BOY AM I GLAD I DID. No re-calculating for me (I cannot stand that Garmin feature).
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Review 7 for TomTom VIA 1530TM 5" LCD Portable Automotive GPS
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Date:October 13, 2011

Took it back

Pros: voice commands worked well
Cons: the map and directions were just ok.
Model Number: 1530TM 5" LCD
"The map and directions were just OK. The traffic delay warning was not consistent, sometimes it said there was a delay and there wasn’t or would show no delays while I was sitting stopped in a construction zone. The map was not current. I attempted to upgrade the map and was told my map was current (It wasn’t). The voice commands I used did work and were simple to use.
If you leave the map screen it is difficult to get back to and if you are not careful, it will cancel your directions. The display for your next turn is difficult to see, especially if there is any sun. The dimmer for nighttime use makes it hard to read the screen. Stayed with the daytime screen, which can be a little to bright at night. Searching for points of interested is not easy to use.
I could only faintly hear the phone using the Bluetooth. Persons I talked to using the unit could hear me fine. When making a call the unit displayed all the phone numbers on my phone. This made making a call confusing at times. The unit called the wrong person on a couple of occasions and twice the unit dialed 911 for me without my knowledge. For a basic unit it will work OK, if you need to use the unit often, as I do, it did not work out very well.
I was disappointed.
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Review 8 for TomTom VIA 1530TM 5" LCD Portable Automotive GPS
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:October 17, 2011

Cumbersome, wrong, and practically useless

"I'll start by saying this is my first GPS, so not everything I'm saying is likely unique to this model.
But what is convincing me to return the unit is it's inability to select the fastest route even though it is set for "fastest route." The unit, when asked to calculate an alternative route will find a faster one.
For example a restaurant in a city about 2 hours away - the first route given was 140 miles and 2 hours and 17 minutes. When asked to calculate an alternative, it found a route 105 miles and 2 hours 3 minutes. We just went on a week long trip through mid-Atlantic states and it did this repeatedly. At first I thought traffic had something to do with it, but even in the middle of the night it did this.
The other thing is that if you turn it off and move - like take a flight or a train or even a short drive - it takes forever to get a gps signal again. 10 minutes or more. And there's no way that I can find to just tell it where you are.
And then there's the maps that are supposedly updated. Except roads that have been planned for a decade and finished for almost a year are still not there.
And the interface is not good. Pressing the power button doesn't always work. Pressing the magnifying glass doesn't always pop up the zoom bar. And touching a POI indicator doesn't always tell you the name of the place.
The restaurants are not categorized according to cuisine. And the search by name must be exact, even slight misspellings will produce a no POI found.
The menu system is an absolute maze. If, for example you need to change the brightness you must the button in the button in the bottom right, then hit change route (even though you don't want to change it) then hit back, then go into settings, then brightness."
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Review 9 for TomTom VIA 1530TM 5" LCD Portable Automotive GPS
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:December 8, 2011

Lousey "free" map updates process

Pros: looks nice.
Cons: map update does not work, faulty software
Model Number: TomTom VIA 1530TM
"Software update does not work. Tried many times. If you like to watch little icons spinning around on your computer this might be for you!
But as others have said, the software is faulty, (TOMTOM acknowledges issues, but is not fixed) and you do NOT get what you pay for: Updates.
Wasted a LOT of tome finding this out. Save your time and do not buy one."
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Review 10 for TomTom VIA 1530TM 5" LCD Portable Automotive GPS
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:December 5, 2011

Do not buy...

Model Number: TomTom VIA 1530TM
"Downloading the map update corrupted the unit. No map can be seen. The customer service was not helpful. Plan to return back to Costco after only one week."
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Review 11 for TomTom VIA 1530TM 5" LCD Portable Automotive GPS
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Sothern Oregon
Date:September 29, 2011

Seems very good

Pros: voice control
Cons: low phone volume
Model Number: Tomtom Via 1530 TM
"I am not a big city driver so when I had to go to Portland Oregon for medical reasons I needed help. I had older gps units but the new maps were close to the cost of a new unit. I picked up the 1530 from the costco store, took it home and plugged it into the computer to update. It took about three hours to update, I then had a day to play with it before the trip.
It took me right where I wanted it to, told me traffic hangups and got me out of the city with no hair pulling. I even programed in a couple of side trips, again worked great. The only complaint was with the blue tooth hookup with my cell phone, the unit needs more volume. It's hard to hear the other person, it does work just low volume.
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Review 12 for TomTom VIA 1530TM 5" LCD Portable Automotive GPS
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Los Angeles
Date:September 28, 2011

Excellent, except

Model Number: 1530
"If the idea of a GPS is to get you from here to there, this one does it. I find the routing much better than with the Garmin I previously used. Of about 25 trips I have done so far, 23 have been accurate. The other two involved a bit of extra driving.
But there are problems. The first is that it would seem the software was never tested on human beings. The errors noted in other reviews would have been easy to fix but they weren't and the result is sometimes maddening. If you want to change destinations in the middle of a trip it is very hard to reset the device, for example. On other fronts, the voice activation is not ready for use. It is so inaccurate as to be almost pointless. The screen is excellent except when the sun is shining on it, at which time you can't see the image at all. The suction cup that sticks to the window is excellent but I am certain that its lifespan is limited. The plastic will dry in the sun. Are there replacement parts? Another problem noted elsewhere is that it takes a long time to lock in the GPS signal. Why that is I don't know because other GPS devices don't have that problem.
Downloading the update was not easy. This could also be fixed easily.
In short, the basic function of this device is carried out very well, but the carelessness of TomTom in releasing this without working out the kinks is as maddening for us as it is shortsighted on their part.
All in all, now that I have gotten used to the device I love it. Getting used to it is not easy, though and TomTom will loose a lot of customers as a result."
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Review 13 for TomTom VIA 1530TM 5" LCD Portable Automotive GPS
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Atlanta, GA
Date:September 20, 2011


Pros: fantastic in traffic, accurate, best unit so far
Cons: slow updating
Model Number: VIA 1530TM
"Some mixed reviews by others...the cons are do to operator error. Ask me how I know.... :( Not taking the time to set it up or read the instruction manual will have negative results. This unit is the best GPS that I have used so far. Very accurate. Traffic update is a life saver. Those that use it in high traffic areas will appreciate it. Well worth the money. Don't even bother looking at another GPS."
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Review 14 for TomTom VIA 1530TM 5" LCD Portable Automotive GPS
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:South central Washington state
Date:April 2, 2012

Poor Updating

Pros: text input better than voice input
Cons: poor updating, voice input recognition poor
Model Number: TomTom 1350
"I bought one of these at the Costco store last July. We tried it locally to start with. The updating was non-existent. In one case, as an example, a major road had been renamed 20 years ago, but was in the TomTom database with the old name. In another case, the post office had been relocated 30 years ago, but TomTom didn't know it. Supposedly you could update. The updates never took. There were numerous cases of similar issues.
Voice recognition, while a neat feature, was extremely difficult to deal with. Text worked better
Fortunately, Costco took the unit back and I got a Garmin 1450LMT, which I am tremendously happy with...particularly the traffic feature with alternate routing.
In regard to the TomTom .. if you can't trust a GPS where you live, how can you expect to trust it when you are on a trip?"
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Review 15 for TomTom VIA 1530TM 5" LCD Portable Automotive GPS
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:San Diego, CA
Date:November 11, 2011

Barely useable

"Larger screen and presence of all minor, including forest roads, ability to automatically re-route depending on traffic info are defenitely advantages.
However, the "intelligent routing" feature frequently does not guide you along the fastest way. It is not aware that some of the suggested roads are private and closed to general traffic. The traffic updates are at least 15 to 20 min late, so it can re-route you when there is no jam, or lead you straight into one that formed recently.
It drops you at an entrance of mall parking lots, instead of bringing to the store address you entered.
It gives incessant and very annoying warnings of NOT exiting the highway every time you drive by an exit.
It is late with the directions, and when lanes / exits should be changed one after another in short sequence (happens frequently in CA), it just becomes useless.
FInally, its flash memory is prone to fail, so I had to delete and re-install software already two times because the device fails to navigate to the address (but navigation to a favorite works).
Other than that...."
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Review 16 for TomTom VIA 1530TM 5" LCD Portable Automotive GPS
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Mesa, AZ
Date:December 1, 2011

Keeps me on the correct path

Pros: good map updates improvements on ever map update
Cons: sometimes very stubburn in guiding does not adapt, does not have a nice trip planning with interim, stopovers
Model Number: Via 1530
"I am using this GPS for the last few months, after returning the Magellan GPS, which did not give a satisfactory performance.
So far I got two map updates and am sastisfied with the updates. The GPS also gives me an alternate route if there is a traffic jam or road is blocked.
The updates show improvement in the way guidance is presented.
Sometimes, the GPS asks me to take a U-turn or tries to get me to the way it has planned the route though I know the route I have taken is faster.
I would like this GPS to assess the route I take for regular commute and present me with a faster alternative.
I also would like Tom Tom to provide functions for local customer inputs (like Waze) which would help to know local traffic info, etc.
Generally I am very satisfied with the performance of the GPS so far."
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Review 17 for TomTom VIA 1530TM 5" LCD Portable Automotive GPS
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:San Diego
Date:October 27, 2011

Close but no bannana

Model Number: TomTom VIA 1530TM
"After 2 weeks the bluetoothe stopped cooperating. Painfully slow satellite aquisition.
Poor mounting design. Returned to Costco, a plus.
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Review 18 for TomTom VIA 1530TM 5" LCD Portable Automotive GPS
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Gold Canyon,AZ
Date:August 25, 2011

No point in this as it does not work as intended

Pros: nice screen
Cons: everything else
"Just bought a TomTom Via 1530 and am practicing on my commute which has two logical routes. However the routes suggested by this unit are completely ridiculous. One of them would detour me first in the exact opposite direction and use all surface streets for a trip over twice the mileage and three times the time. The other starts out by directing me through a subdivision with several turns and stop signs in order to get onto the freeway when all I need to do is drive up one major road and make a right and the mileage to the same point is identical but the time is twice as long. After 8 miles on the freeway it is directing me to turn off and take a myriad of surface streets instead of simply continuing on the freeway for another 24 miles and then turning South on a major road for the remaining 6.
I have tried to update the maps but without success, but I don't see how an update can avoid this situation. Also my home town of Gold Canyon, AZ is incorrectly named Gold Camp even though there is no such town or subdivision of that name, although the map location itself is correct.
I cannot believe how bad this thing is and is certainly not something I would want to rely on in strange and new territory, so there is absolutely no point to it. Fortunately I bought it at Costco so I can return it without a problem. I cannot understand how some others have rated it highly but it is possible that I have a defective unit.
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Review 19 for TomTom VIA 1530TM 5" LCD Portable Automotive GPS
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Newcastle, WA
Date:October 6, 2011

Nice GPS. Slow Map updates.

Pros: quick pick of gps signal, nice and easy to use interface, quick and acqurate routes suggested, free maps and traffice updates, creates various routes: e.g. walking and bicycling
Cons: slow map upgrades, short battery life
Model Number: TomTom VIA 1530TM
"Last week I purchased TomTom VIA 1530TM at local COSTCO location for $166.14 (after 9.5% sales tax and $20 manufacturer’s discount).
Out of the box the GPS is working great!
Including the voice control and traffic updates. For the traffic updates I manually entered the frequency of one of the FM radio stations in my area.
Nice options are available to create customized menu.
I read some of the low-score reviews and few people were complaining for the Map Updates. I had no problems upgrading the device (as of 9/29/2011) but I do agree that the upgrade took too long: close to four hours!
Here are the details.
The device came with the following software version:
App 10.156.662284.84 (0) (2019, 3/25/2011), OS 645329
GPS 2.16.201 88313, Boot 642776
Map: 'USA_Canada_and_Mexico' v865.3296
Language: English US
I used 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium + Service Pack 1 with Internet Explorer 9 to download TomTom updates.
After I created an account with TomTom and logged in there were 3 updates available. Here is the list:
Navcore v10.613 Size: 59.9MB
USA, CANADA & MEXICO Map v875.3656 Size: 2750.7 MB
Speed Cameras United States & Canada. Version: 13627 Size: 90.3 KB
It took about 1:40 hours to download these 3 updates on ADSL 7Mbps internet connection.
The actual software update was then done over the USB connection between TomTom and the computer. It is presented as another local network connection, created off TomTom's USB connection, the transfer speed is 425Mbps.
It took another 90 minutes to transfer and complete these 3 GPS updates.
It took close to 4 hours while having the GPS device connected to my computer to perform these updates (download and upgrade)!
After the upgrade, the versioning is as follows:
App 10.501.739168.84 (0) (2042, 8/9/2011), OS 714611
GPS 2.16.201 88313, Boot 642776
Map: 'USA_Canada_and_Mexico' v875.3656, Release date: 7/2011
The TOMTOM VIA 1530TM replaced an older Magellan RoadMate 3000T (T was for paid traffic updates!)
The map upgrades were slow. Thus my rating is 3 stars."
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Review 20 for TomTom VIA 1530TM 5" LCD Portable Automotive GPS
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:April 10, 2012

Very poor product

"While I am writting the review, the TomTom has been returned. Didn't want to make a big deal, but asks for a review, so here it is.
We bought two Megarmingalle, but both of them got stuck somewhere at I-287 and couldn't get out there, no matter how did we change our location and turned them off, etc. We also have two Garmin. I like mine, but my wife didn't like hers, so we got this TomTom for a change. It is a very poor product.
The touch screen was not very sensitive. The unit response time to the touch command was very long. While you were using it, the signal got lost very frequently. The product was not designed use-friendly, and the interface was poorly designed and hard to use.
Thanks Costco for allowing me to have it returned. Costco really shouldn't have carried such a poor product. I don't want to buy it again and I don't want to recommend to anyone else, friend or not friend.
Honestly, I am a little surprise to find that TomTom was such a poor product. It has been on the Market for sometime. How is that possible it is so badly designed and survived for so long?"
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