Customer Reviews for SEBO FELIX 1 Premium Upright Vacuum

SEBO FELIX 1 Premium Upright Vacuum

The stylish FELIX offers all the flexibility of a canister vacuum in an upright configuration!  It has a "flex" neck with amazing 180 steering ability, an ultra-modern filtration system, a detachable suction unit that becomes a hand-held vacuum, and an instant-use suction hose.  The power head deep cleans carpets, or its spinning brush roller can be shut off to clean delicate rugs and hard floors with straight suction. It also has easy brush roller removal, and an orange warning light illuminates when brush height is set too high for optimal cleaning, the bristles are worn, or automatic shut-off occurs due to a brush obstruction. The FELIX also has a parquet brush, which is perfectly designed for cleaning hard floors.      Includes:    Felix 1 Premium Vacuum   Power Head   Hand-held Turbo Brush   8 Filter Bags   Crevice Tool   Upholstery Nozzle    Parquet Brush     Dusting Brush   9 ft. Extension hose   20 in. Extension wand   Features:   Designed and Manufactured in Germany - Legendary quality, reliability and performance make SEBO vacuums the choice of cleaning professionals and household users throughout the world.   SEBO's Last for Years and Extend Carpet Life! - If properly maintained, SEBO vacuums save ordinary residential users hundreds of dollars by providing excellent performance for ten to fifteen years or more, and their deep-cleaning power-brush technology extends the life of carpets. Typical vacuums perform poorly, even when new, and usually do not last beyond two years. So six or seven “disposable vacuums” must be purchased during the average life expectancy of just one SEBO machine.   Five-year Warranty Coverage - All SEBO models include a five-year warranty on the motor and all non-wear parts and a five-year warranty on labor charges.   Effective Pet Hair Removal - All SEBO vacuums easily remove pet hair! Remarkably Quiet Operation – Intelligent design and high-quality motors combine to provide amazingly quiet vacuums.   Protective Rubber-coated Wheels – SEBO's wheels protect all floor surfaces and provide smooth maneuverability. Changing Bags is Easy and Clean – SEBO bags take just a few seconds to change, and a cap keeps dust sealed inside.   SEBO Microfilters Ensure Continuously Strong Suction Performance – They are also long lasting, inexpensive and easy to change in seconds.   Effective Filtration Requires a Tightly Sealed Vacuum – Dirty air, which flows through a vacuum, can only be filtered completely if it does not escape into the room through seams or seals in the machine. This is why all SEBO vacuums have tight seals throughout. Many vacuum companies with high-filtration claims are actually quoting specifications made by the manufacturer of the filter material, as measured in the laboratory, not the filtration effectiveness of the vacuum itself while operating. Whether or not dirty air can escape through leaks in the body of the machine is not considered. The filtration effectiveness of SEBO vacuums is tested while they operate.   S-class filters come standard on SEBO vacuums.  These filters remove more than 99.9% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size and 100% of particles of one micron and above. For comparison, 100 microns is the diameter of a human hair.   Excellent for Users With Allergies or Asthma - The British Allergy Foundation recommends SEBO filters.   Variable Suction Control   Bare Floor Cleaning   Cord Length: 31 ft.   Onboard Hose Length: 6 ft.    Total Hose Length: 15 ft. Including Extension 4 Brush-height Settings   Suction Motor: 1300 Watts   Height Adjustment: Manual   Weight: 15.4 lbs.   UL Listed Model: Felix 1 / 11649749
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Customer Reviews for SEBO FELIX 1 Premium Upright Vacuum
Review 1 for SEBO FELIX 1 Premium Upright Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:San Luis Obispo area, California
Date:October 1, 2015

Excellent Vacuum

Pros: versatile cleans efficiently well built
Cons: none
Model Number: Felix 1 Premium Upright
" SEBO Felix Model. Well designed and very easy to use. Cleans well on carpets and floors and even floor tiles. Versatile. I can't find negatives. It's the best vacuum I have ever used. Only one thing I don't like is that the heat dissipated from the motor sometimes blows upwards and you feel it on your face. Otherwise, it's worth the price. Because of the high quality of the manufacture of this vacuum, I expect it to last many years. 5-year Warranty is testimony to it's quality. "
Review 2 for SEBO FELIX 1 Premium Upright Vacuum
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Anchorage, AK
Date:August 2, 2015


Pros: great suction
Cons: heavy., hard to push., tips over easily., powerhead switch failed twice., expensive.
" I really wanted to love this machine, but after the power head switch failed for the second time, I returned it to Costco. And, there is a major design flaw that makes it very easy to tip this vacuum over. "
Review 3 for SEBO FELIX 1 Premium Upright Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Modesto, CA
Date:April 27, 2015

Very Good Vacuum Cleaner

Pros: great for pet hair!
Cons: i don't have any cons.
Model Number: Sebo Felix 1
" This machine is easy to use, picks up all pet hair, has very strong suction, has great upholstery attachments, and seems to be made very well! "
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Review 4 for SEBO FELIX 1 Premium Upright Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Frederick, MD
Date:December 20, 2014

Absolute Perfection!

Pros: perfectly engineered
Cons: expensive but worth it.
Model Number: SEBO FELIX 1
" I used to hate vacuuming, but after buying this vacuum I almost enjoy it now. Everything on this vaccum is perfect. It is lightweight yet powerful. The beater bar is powererd by its own electric motor which keeps the noise down and at a lower frequency so it doesn't bother me as much. Now I can easily listen to music or the TV while I vacuum without cranking it to rock concert levels.
It does a great job of getting the edges of walls and table legs so now I rarely move the furnituire to vacuum.
The price is four times more than any of my previous vacuums but it is certainly worth it. A vacuum is a tool and a quailty tool like this allows you to do a better job in half the time without the noise and aggravation of a cheap tool. "
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Review 5 for SEBO FELIX 1 Premium Upright Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Macomb, MI
Date:December 3, 2014

Great Vacuum

Pros: easy to use, extra attachments no extra charge, extra 9' hose no extra charge, swivels around and under things, lays flat without front coming up, power head vacs carpet or bare floors, very well built, also came with 8 extra bags no extra charge, can choose preferred color
Cons: runs hot, have to hold onto vac while using attached hose, attachment holder kinda flimsy
Model Number: Sebo Felix 1 Premium Upright
" Just received this vac yesterday and vacuumed my whole house to try it out and I must say I am very impressed. The suction is great, it's built very well, I know it will last for years and it's very easy to use. There is always good and bad with everything, but overall it's a keeper for me! With all the attachments Costco gives you that would not normally come with it, it makes it so nice to go through the whole house cleaning floors and ceiling vents, fans etc., without having to stop to get another vacuum for different functions. I love that! You do have to hold on to the vacuum handle while using the attached hose to keep it from falling over, but I just added the extra 9' hose which gave me a farther reach and didn't have to worry about it. When I think about the pros and cons of this vac, I can certainly live with the cons, to enjoy the pros!! All in all a great vacuum that I will have for years to come. Thank you Costco for bringing it to us. "
Review 6 for SEBO FELIX 1 Premium Upright Vacuum
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Los Altos CA
Date:September 2, 2014

nice lightweight vacuum

Pros: relatively quiet, lightweight;good maneuvering around/undr & stairs, good head design 4 under tight spaces and swivels, has a bag!-who would want a bagless?cough..., came with extra hw floor head pet hair head, extra long stretchy pipe. but too many can't carry, why not extra wand?
Cons: price, onboard attachments is flimsy allows only 2 tools, topples over sometimes kind of wobbly, onboard attachment clumsytools fall off, need 2 wandscan't carry it around while vacuuming, cord wrap around is clumsy and makes it unbalanced
Model Number: white color
" Relatively low noise and easy to maneuver and suction is very good. though expensive, 3x a hoover wind tunnel which is what I used to have and love it but the beater brush always broke down after a year or so. I've had to buy 3-4 hoovers over the last 10 years so if Sebo lasts 10 years then we're ahead. "
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Review 7 for SEBO FELIX 1 Premium Upright Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:June 20, 2014

Great Vacuum

Pros: doesn't release dust & dirt back into the air, light & easy to use, works great on pet hair
Cons: expensive, should come with two wand extensions
Model Number: Sebo Felix 1 / 11649749
" I recommend the Sebo Felix to folks who have respiratory/sinus/allergy problems that are aggravated by the dust that most vacuums put back into the air. This vacuum lives up to its claims for keeping the dirt inside. It does an excellent job on pet hair and surface dirt and debris, but it doesn't seem to pick up as much deep dirt as our Rainbow vacuum. The hose is very convenient to detach for running around table legs and into corners where the vacuum won't go, however, there is only one wand with the vacuum. It needs two for getting to high places or to do a bare floor. The bags are a joy to change out. They have a cap that closes over the top before you remove the bag from the vacuum so no dust escapes when replacing the bag. There's a handy bag-full gauge on top of the canister so you know when you need to change it out. The vacuum is light and very easy to move over the carpet. Just be sure that you have the height adjustment set correctly. If you have it set too low for your carpet, it will be hard to push. Set it as high as possible without the yellow light coming on. The yellow light tells you that you don't have a good suction because the vacuum is set too high. Some reviewers have complained of the vacuum tipping over. If you have that problem, try moving the handle around until you hear a click. That sound tells you that you have it in the upright and locked position. I've never had it fall over once I click it into place. Overall, this is a great vacuum that seems to live up to its claims. It appears to be sturdy and very well made. Yes, it is expensive, but so are doctors' visits and medication to treat the health problems caused by dust and dirt in the air. A worthwhile trade off, in my opinion. "
Review 8 for SEBO FELIX 1 Premium Upright Vacuum
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Date:April 17, 2014

Nice vacuum, stinky bags

Pros: suction, brush roll
Cons: smells no light loud
" Not great bags on this vacuum, and no better available. I used to have an electrolux canister that took clinique bags. Nothing got through those. This one on the very first use the doggy smell gets through. Not happy :(. Other than that- great vacuum. Lays flat and fits under the bed. Attachments are nice. Great suction. "
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Review 9 for SEBO FELIX 1 Premium Upright Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:snohomish county
Date:April 5, 2014

Picks up husky dog hair with ease.

Pros: picks up dog hair with ease., hose is easy to operate for tight spaces
Cons: no light on vac to show whats ahead.
" I have had this vacuum for over 1 year now. It still is working wonderfully. I have 2 very large husky mix dogs that shed twice a year. This is the only vacuum that can handle the hair. My old vacuum, I would change the bag maybe every 6 months. My Sebo vacuum is so efficient. I have full bags about every 1 1/2 months with weekly/daily vacuuming. Thank you Sebo! "
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Review 10 for SEBO FELIX 1 Premium Upright Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Elkton, MD
Date:February 15, 2014

Solid Product

Pros: construction design
Cons: power head could be wider
Model Number: Felix Premium
" Just used my Sebo Felix for the first time. Previously I have purchased "top rated" domestic vacuums and they lasted a few years. The Sebo brand attracted me because of the reviews and the fact it is designed and constructed in Germany. Now that I have used the Sebo I am not dissapointed in the solid design of the product. For those who own a German made automobile I would compare it to that solid "clunk" you hear when you close a German made auto door. Only time will tell if the Sebo wil last 10+ years as the manufacturer suggests but with a five year initial warranty there is limited risk. The vacuum does produce some heat as described by others, but until I am told there is a safety hazard I am not concerned. "
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Review 11 for SEBO FELIX 1 Premium Upright Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:January 13, 2014

Good for dog hair

Pros: great suction, 5 yr warrenty, filtration system
Model Number: Felix1
" I have four dogs so I bought this because of the research my husband did on line for all of the major brands. I have had a Dyson Animal (Not Ball) for several years and really like it but do not like the ball. I really like this vacuum especially that you can change the suction and the brush roller can be cleaned easily. "
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Review 12 for SEBO FELIX 1 Premium Upright Vacuum
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Milwaukee, WI
Date:August 27, 2013

Just OK, not worth the price

Pros: solid well built, looks nice, easy to access hose for spot cleaning
Cons: very heavy hard to push around, isn't worth the premium price
" This vacuum is okay. It seems well built. It's heavier than other vacuums and does not glide very easily across carpet or hard floors. I got this to replace a Dyson that broke.
I wouldn't buy this again. It's a $250 vacuum with a $500+ price tag. I might return this, I might not, but either way I'm not really happy with it. "
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Review 13 for SEBO FELIX 1 Premium Upright Vacuum
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Chandler, AZ
Date:August 19, 2013

Near Perfect

Pros: solid and well build machine, vacuum carpet and tiles floor very well, carpet feels puff and soft after vacuuming, easy to push, it fits under the cabinet, speed slide control is a plus, the bag lasts for two months, i don't need to wear a mask when i vacuum
Cons: it is heavy for me, the bag has smell after 1.5 month, expensive
Model Number: Felix 1 / 11649749
" It is a near perfect vacuum for me. The bag can hold a lot and last for two months. I vacuum the whole house about every two weeks and vacuum the small areas whenever they are dirty. It is also a problem because it has smell after 1.5 month. It is amazing how it can fit so much garbage into that little bag. I have to empty the cup for 3-5 times after I vacuum the whole house with the Electrolux bagless Nimble vacuum. "
Review 14 for SEBO FELIX 1 Premium Upright Vacuum
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Date:July 27, 2013

not worth the money

Pros: small nice color
Cons: you need muscles to drag the vacuum., it is not worth the price you pay for this vacuum
" Even with adjustable controls, I still had to drag the vacuum around. My carpet still felt very dirty after vacuuming. "
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Review 15 for SEBO FELIX 1 Premium Upright Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Washington State
Date:April 11, 2013

I can breathe! Highly recommended.

Pros: easy to use in every way., allergen filters work amazingly well.
Cons: pricey.
Model Number: Sebo Felix Premium 1
" You get what you pay for is usually a true statement. I didn't want to pay this much but certain things shouldn't be skimped on, if you can help it.
I literally threw a Hoover out of my house. I have tried 3 styles of Dyson. The Shark and the list goes on.
This vacuum was designed beautifully. I don't feel like I have a cat in my throat and need to blow my nose while I'm vacuuming. The allergen filters work tremendously well. Very, very pleased. The tools that Costco send with it are perfect for all uses. Maneuvers well, dusts easily w/brush, pet hair is gone and it edges well. Set up is easy. The motor adjusts from low to high for suction control, it's like having a little jet powered sports car!
Overall a great deal considering this costs about the same as the horrible Dyson that I had to buy extra attachments for and now have nowhere to use them. "
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Review 16 for SEBO FELIX 1 Premium Upright Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Mercer Island, WA
Date:March 23, 2013

Wow what a difference!

Pros: quiet lightweight highly maneuveable well-built
Cons: none
Model Number: Felix 1
" This vacuum replaced a Hoover Wind Tunnel that was heavy, noisy, poorly maneuverable and had cheap plastic parts that broke. You can't take as gospel Consumer Report reviews. This is an excellent value from Costco. "
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Review 17 for SEBO FELIX 1 Premium Upright Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Scottsdale, AZ
Date:March 8, 2013

Love my Felix!

Pros: well made, great suction
Cons: pricey, a little heavy
" Our last vacuum was a Sharp upright and has served us well for over 15 years. I''d been searching for a replacement for a long time and just couldn't bring myself to try the bagless units. Like other reviewers I initially had Sebo sticker shock. I found the Costco package pricing could not be beat anywhere. After reading the glowing reviews and knowing Costco's no risk policies and the included 5 year warranty, I decided to give the Felix a try. So glad I did!
I ordered the red model on-line and rec'd in less than 1 week. For the first time ever, I read a manual and other included instructions. This unit has some interesting and unfamiliar features so I recommend doing the same before plunging into the work of vacuuming. Had some problems keeping the brush button engaged on the head. I called US customer service and spoke with a very helpful tech. He determined there was a problem and promptly sent a replacement which I rec'd in 2 days. Once I rec'd a working head, Felix has worked like a charm ever since.
I like the swivel action that allows a lot of flexibility in cleaning under and around things. The parquet attachment is fabulous for tile floors, works close to the edge and does a terrific job removing cat hair. The power cord is extra long and winds up nicely for storage. I haven't had to replace a bag yet but the Costco deal included 8 bags so it will be awhile before I have to buy them. This is a quality product thoughtfully engineered. I love the red color and know I'm going to enjoy my Felix for a long time to come. "
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Review 18 for SEBO FELIX 1 Premium Upright Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:February 15, 2013

excellent choice

Pros: variable suction power is nice to have
Cons: pricey
Model Number: Sebo Felix 1
" Whenever an article is available through Costco, I assume it is superior in its class, and that assumption is usually confirmed by research and experience. I did a lot of research and showroom shopping before this purchase. Our Dyson needed to be replaced; I had always liked it and never thought I'd go back to a bag vaccuum, but my husband never liked the Dyson. Now I see why - the Sebo Felix does an amazing job, far superior to anything I've ever used before. I wanted to buy from a local dealer, but no one could match the Costco bundled deal, and it's great to have the accessories - especially the turbo brush for stairs and upholstery. The parquet brush cleans the hard surface flooring infinitely better than the previous vaccuum. The portability of the machine is awesome. "
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Review 19 for SEBO FELIX 1 Premium Upright Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Mesa, AZ
Date:September 24, 2012


Pros: bag is easy and dust/dirt free to change., not as loud as other vacuums., enjoy using this vacuum!
Cons: canister gets warm.
Model Number: Felix 1 Premium
" This vacuum replaced a 25 year old Electrolux canister that was terrific. And I also have a Royal upright that I used for quick vacuuming. I have not used the Royal since I purchased the SEBO in August 2011. "
Review 20 for SEBO FELIX 1 Premium Upright Vacuum
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:CA, USA
Date:August 14, 2012

Finally: a vacuum to keep

Pros: suction, efficiency, clears away hair, attachments, petite size
Cons: cost, runs hot
Model Number: Sebo Felix
" I've tried out nearly every vacuum out there. And I mean every--including many models within each. Bag-less "lifetime" filters require too much filter cleaning. Plus, bag-less vacuums are not so clean to empty (the air around gets dusty with all those floor germs). Anyway, this vacuum rocks. Not only does the bag hold a tremendous amount of dirt (etc), it functions as tho the bag is empty until the bag is completely full. There's no "near the end of the bag" loss of suction. Once the bag is full, you'll know it immediately. But until then, this vacuum does a GREAT job. It is a hefty investment ($$$$$), but if you are the type that buys a vacuum every time the current one lets you down, this one will last! "
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