Customer Reviews for Dynamic Venice 2-person FAR Infrared Sauna

Dynamic Venice 2-person FAR Infrared Sauna

Golden Designs Saunas is proud to offer an environmentally-friendly, energy efficient FAR infrared sauna at an outstanding value. Constructed with the environment in mind, our saunas are made with reforested Canadian Hemlock planks that surpass industry standards, thus producing a quality sauna that retains heat more efficiently, heats up faster and uses less energy in the process. Features: Carbon tech FAR infrared heating panels are 30% faster than saunas equipped with ceramic tubes and penetrate skin 40% more to maximize therapeutic benefits.   6 Heating Panels: 2 on the rear wall, 1 on each side wall, 1 under the bench and 1 on the floor   Soft touch control panel and LED display shows sauna temperature and time functions   MP3 auxiliary connection with 2 dynamic speakers and pre amp   Lighting: Interior chromotherapy and reading light. Exterior accent lighting   Door: Bronze privacy tempered glass door   Assembles in 30 to 45 minutes Construction & Specifications: Indoor use only   Capacity: 2 person   Wood: Natural reforested Canadian Hemlock wood construction   6mm interior and exterior wood planks with a 1.13 inch inner frame   Heater: 6 carbon tech FAR infrared heating panels    Operates at 140F - ideal operating temperature between 120 F to 130 F Electrical Service: 110V/15amp   Door: Bronze privacy tempered glass door   Clasp together assembly - 45 to 60 minutes with 2 adults   Total Height: 77”    Dimensions: 49" W x 46" D x 77" H, Weight: 340 lbs.   Manufacturer's Warranty : 3-year limited warranty Health Benefits: Lowers Blood Pressure   Detoxification   Weight loss   Alleviate joint pain   Remove body toxins   Increase blood circulation   Ease pain from sore muscles or aching joints   Burn calories   Improve skin tone among other benefits For more information about this product, email or call 888-939-8877 (9am - 5pm PST, M-F). Please also visit our website at Model: DYN-6210-01
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Customer Reviews for Dynamic Venice 2-person FAR Infrared Sauna
Review 1 for Dynamic Venice 2-person FAR Infrared Sauna
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Issaquah, WA
Date:January 25, 2014

Very Dissapointed

Pros: heaters work fine
Cons: outgasses forever; arrived dusty as can be;
"I want to mention something that I can't imagine is unique to my experience, but perhaps unnoticed by most (for whatever reason).
The sauna arrived covered in wood dust that traveled into our garage and house and instantly made our air quality poor. The sauna itself was covered in wood dust and we had to change our plans on placement, since the dust was literally burning our lungs. After a couple months of daily use (without us in it) and wiping with towels, the sauna's wood grit and outgassing calmed down but still was problematic.
We eventually used the sauna and it worked nicely from the heat and comfort standpoint.
However, this is a bout 12 months after we received it, and the outgasing and dust is still noticeable. We stored the massive boxes in our garage, which was a mistake, since our garage now seems to have a permanent wood shop smell.
We will be returning this.
We have used saunas at local hot yoga places, even Cedar ones which I read outgasses 'a lot more than hemlock'. Well, from my experience, the manufacture is more important than the wood choice, and all the ones I've used prior to buying this worked nicely. This one, not so much."
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Review 2 for Dynamic Venice 2-person FAR Infrared Sauna
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:September 6, 2011

Great product

"This review is for the previous model by the same company (Description "Dynamic 2-Person Carbon Hemlock Sauna"). The new unit appears to have a larger off-center door and a more decorative front panel.
My wife and I use this sauna about 3 times per week and love it. It's exactly what we wanted. We use it for 10-25 minutes post-cardio to relax the muscles and keep the heart rate and sweat going.
I ordered the unit about 3 months ago. We live in a slightly hard-to-reach area and the company handled delivery perfectly. I was able to assemble the whole unit by myself, but I would definitely not recommend anyone to do this. There is a tricky part where 2 sides stand unsupported and they are quite heavy. I was very lucky that nothing tipped over. Also, the back panel inside frame was nailed in sloppily, and I couldn't get the panel to buckle until I fixed this myself.
We keep the sauna in a corner of the garage and both our cars still fit easily. The sauna takes about 10 minutes to get to full temperature on a hot day (from 90 to 130 F) and about 20-30 minutes on a cool day (70 to 130 F).
-Quality materials all around
-Speakers are a lot better than expected (we didn't think about this before ordering, but I can't imagine using the sauna without the music on anymore)
-Only needs a 110V outlet
-Good size for 2 average people
-Carbon heating panels are great; they radiate strong heat but won't burn if you accidentally touch them
-Low impact on electric bill
-Came with 2 back supports
-Changing temperature/time on-the-fly can be confusing (setting temperature is easy, but it stores the new setting for the next power-on)
-Slightly difficult to assemble
-Bottom heater can get dirty easily and is hard to clean
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Review 3 for Dynamic Venice 2-person FAR Infrared Sauna
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Monument Colorado
Date:March 15, 2014

Great sauna

Pros: easy and logical assembly
Cons: careful about the glass door issue
Model Number: DYN-6210-01
"We bought this sauna about a month ago and are very pleased with it. We read many of the other sauna owner's reviews before we made our decision on this purchase. Also it helped us plan how we were going to assemble this sauna into our walkout basement.
We had an electrician install a dedicated 20 amp circuit the day before we assembled the sauna. The following day we moved all 6 panels to the basement from the garage without too much difficulty.
Most of the 6 major parts of the sauna were light enough for us to move by ourselves. We read from one review that it might be a good idea to remove the glass door before moving the front sauna panel.
In retrospect, I would not necessarily recommend doing this. The glass door is fitted properly at the factory and by us removing it before moving the front sauna panel to the basement, became troublesome when we tried to reinstall the glass door after the rest of the sauna was assembled. It took some effort to realign this glass door. It you think the front panel is too heavy to move then, I recommend you get some additional help in moving this front panel. Other than that it took me and my wife about 1 hour to assemble this sauna. It snaps together very well and the instructions are fairly straight forward. We didn’t notice any dust or dirt issues. We are pleased with the results of getting a healthy sweat going and feel this will benefit us in the long run.
One more thing, we would like to write was that the delivery service of this sauna kit was excellent. They placed it perfectly in our garage without any trouble and extremely courteous. We couldn’t ask for a better delivery of this product."
Review 4 for Dynamic Venice 2-person FAR Infrared Sauna
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Las Vegas, Nevada
Date:August 30, 2013

Thrilled with my new sauna

Pros: assembled much easier then expected., excellent cratfmanship., excellent customer service., excellent sound system.
Cons: instructions/pictures could be easier to follow.
Model Number: DYN-6210-01
"Company called to schedule delivery much sooner than expected and gave specific instructions on receiving merchandise. We had to refuse first sauna because of damage to the box (not the company's fault.) The very next day the company called and advised they had shipped another sauna. I received it 3 days later and was impressed with the very protective and compact packaging. Customer service was OUTSTANDING.
Assembly took approx. 1.5 hours. Not difficult. Will take 2 people to assemble. Front panel a little heavy and tricky to install. We had to lift the side panels about one inch from the inside to latch the front door on. We carefully used a mallet to adjust back into the bottom floor piece. It all fell into place beautifully. We used the rectangle packaging blocks to hold the top roof while we connected all the electrical cords/wiring to prevent damage.
MP3/sound system is awesome and the lighting adds a nice touch to the unit.
Review 5 for Dynamic Venice 2-person FAR Infrared Sauna
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:February 7, 2014

One Great Sauna

Pros: compact footprint yet accommodates 2 adults
Cons: none yet
"I had the Sauna delivered in less than a week and setup was completed by myself and a friend the same day. About an hour. I have used the sauna nearly everyday since. I located it in the basement which has a temperature of about 65 degrees and it takes about 30 minutes to reach 130 degrees. Locating the iPod shelf on the front wall near the door has kept it from getting overheated. The instructions were fairly good. I had a package of long screws left over that was never called for in the instructions. Overall I really enjoy it. I would definitely recommend it to a friend."
Review 6 for Dynamic Venice 2-person FAR Infrared Sauna
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Sacramento, CA
Date:August 18, 2012

Why three stars?

Model Number: 590018
"I placed my internet order on August 6 and was called the same day to confirm my address and that the sauna was being prepared for shipping (my AMEX card was charged the same day). UPS picked it up in Southern California on August 8 and it was in my driveway in Northern California at Noon on August 10; three very big boxes shrink wrapped together and strapped to a small wooden pallet. Assembly by my wife and I was straightforward (nothing particularly wrong with the instructions), with the only "tricky" step being placement of the quite heavy front panel, which does not clasp to the side walls as does the rear panel but rather is fastened using a pin arrangement. Let's just say that it is unwieldy. All set up, this is one good looking unit and will make your friends and guests perspire with jealousy just standing by it.
The outside dimensions, per the Costco site, are 49" Deep x 46" wide by 77" high (the Golden Design site has it as 50" Deep). My tape measure measurement of the exterior dimensions is 48.5" Deep x 45" Deep x 75" High. Due to the depth including a 4" overhang of the top at the sauna's front (where the exterior lights are), the net footprint on the ground of my sauna is actually 48.5" Wide x 41" Deep. Neither the Costo nor Golden Design sites give the inside dimensions, but I assumed (never! assume) that I would lose about 2" of wall thickness per side. In fact, the interior dimensions of the sauna are 44" Wide x 37" Deep x 68.5" High. I am 6'2", so that whopping reduction of 11" from advertised exterior depth to inside depth is major. Since time in the sauna is spent sitting, the 10.5" reduction in height outside to inside, while aggravating, is not as vital. I may decide to return the sauna to the nearest Costco store, although disassembly and transporting would make that highly inconvenient. The conditions for having UPS pick it up are offputting.
Anyway, on to the rest of the review. An example of the sauna's heat time (it's placed inside the house) is 15 minutes to get from 77 degr to 108 degr and 35 min to reach 124 degr. It takes a proportionally longer time to reach higher temperatures than when it first starts out. It does feel as good inside as others say. I have a wood stool that I can place in front of the bench seat and then I sit on facing the rear wall so that my front can directly catch the rays also.
As another reviewer has noted, I would not put my iPod or anything else like it inside the sauna. However, it is simple to thread the long MP3 cord through the ceiling vent and place its end on a top edge of the unit. I also used a staple gun to partially shoot two staples into the ceiling hold that part of the cord out of the way inside. Now I select my New Age music on the iPod, lay it on top of the sauna and have no fear of heated circuitry.The cord keeps the vent perhaps 1/16 of an inch open, which is immaterial.
The inside light is a 6.5" x 4" rectangle with a lens of translucent plastic. It can emit 10 different colors using a remote, plus a somewhat muted white light. There is no separate high intensity reading light. "Chromotherapy" is a bit of a high falutin' term for the colored lights, which to me don't have the richness or intensity to give much "therapy". But they are pleasant as mood lighting. Once you are perspiring in the box with the red light on it makes the heat seem even more intense. Speaking of "heat", you're best off spending a few bucks extra and buying the 2-pack of backrests. You'll really use them.
The door and side glass is advertised as "clear" and it certainly is not frosted or opaque. But it is in fact clear glass that is bronze tinted, which is very nice. As I said above, this is one good looking sauna.
When I first fired up the sauna I had a heat issue in that while the sauna would reach the desired temperature, the temp would then go down and continue down, instead of cycling down and back up within a 4 degree range. Seems the emitters would simply stopped emitting. I called Golden Design and instead of holding to the return process that the Warranty calls for they immediately UPS-ed a new power unit which I received two days later. Replacing it required using a stepladder to look down on the top front of the unit, undo two wood screws holding the unit in place and then simply switching the wiring and cables one-for-one from the old unit to the new. Fortunately I had not yet screwed down the panel that covers the top of the sauna, or doing this work would have been more tedious.
From my researching of saunas, in my opinion the one year warranty provided by Golden Design is at the low end of the scale. More typically it is one year for the in-sauna radio (if the sauna comes with one) and multiple years for the rest of the sauna.. Thus the Costco-added two additional years of warranty merely brings the total warranty time closer to what one might expect and where it should have been in the first place, in my opinion.
Speaking of the warranty, the last page of the instruction booklet contains the warranty card. On this page is the one and only place you will find the warning that if you do not return the card to Golden Design within 60 days of purchase, the warranty is VOID. A word to the wise.
Lastly, why 3 stars? The dimension issue and the length of warranty."
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Review 7 for Dynamic Venice 2-person FAR Infrared Sauna
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:St. Paul, Minnesota
Date:December 17, 2011

Honestly! Best Purchase EVER!

"I can't say enough about how much my family has benefited from this sauna. We originally purchased it because we heard that Infrared Saunas can be very beneficial for many health reasons, but specifically for helping to fight Lyme Disease, which my husband has. It does wonders for his pain and mobility. The others in the family use it too and we have all noticed how healthy our skin feels. I love it also for the warmth in the wintertime (in Minnesota) and the relaxation it gives me before going to bed at night. It really is the best purchase we ever made. The delivery was flawless and the set up was easy (and I was concerned about that part!) We did have two men putting it together while I read directions (since I am sure they wouldn't have even looked at them!!)."
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Review 8 for Dynamic Venice 2-person FAR Infrared Sauna
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Helena, MT
Date:March 5, 2012

Dynamic 2-person Carbon Sauna

"After doing some research we concluded that the infrared sauna being sold at Costco was a good product at a good price and we were convinced that we would be able to undertake the task of putting it together. The sauna was delivered in a few days as opposed to 2-3 weeks as stated. It is a bulky and heavy product and you must be prepared to receive it literally at the curb! It comes in several boxes so it wasn't too difficult to slide downstairs where we wanted to assemble it. The instructions can be a little vague but with a little common sense in putting the pieces of the puzzle together it isn't too daunting. It took the two of us over an hour to put together but received the reward of basking in the sauna as soon as it was heated. We look forward to getting into it every night. Can't say that we see any huge benefits as yet. We use one of our old iPhones which we set on a washcloth (dry) inside a suction sponge holder we mounted on the inside of the door, that way we don't feel it gets too hot and we can stream a TV episode for about 45 minutes for entertainment. We're boomers...aren't these the things we buy? Love it!"
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Review 9 for Dynamic Venice 2-person FAR Infrared Sauna
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Denver, Colorado
Date:January 23, 2012

good value

Pros: price
Cons: front panel heavy to setup
Model Number: 2 person
"I've only used it a couple times so far, it's very relaxing - slept good the first night and felt unusually well the next day. Takes 35 - 40 minutes to fully heat up to the default 122 Fahrenheit, not the 25 - 30 minutes the instructions say. If you're agile, you can actually lie down with your legs up (sometimes WAY UP :-) against the wall (I'm 6'2" 180lbs so you can imagine...:-) I don't know how the previous reviewers set it up so quickly, I think they're being over optimistic; it really, really does take 2 people but somehow I managed to coax it together by myself but it required some engineering ingenuity with using blocks to keep the back and side walls from moving while I used nearly all of my strength to lift the front panel in place. I'm quite pleased with it so far, seems to be a great value and doesn't take up a lot of room."
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Review 10 for Dynamic Venice 2-person FAR Infrared Sauna
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Pittsburgh, pa
Date:January 16, 2014

Glad we bought it

Pros: does exactly what they say it will...what more can
"Delivered in timely manner. I put it together in under an hour by myself. Instructions could have been a little better but it is so well made it wasn't a big factor. The little features like shelves for bottles, magazine rack and towel rack are great. Speakers sound very good."
Review 11 for Dynamic Venice 2-person FAR Infrared Sauna
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Bethesda, MD
Date:November 26, 2011

Great Value - Beautiful Product

Pros: cheaper than alternatives, nice looking, solidly built
Cons: mp3 jack inside, lower body heat could be higher, needs better assembly instructions
"If you are shopping for one of these things, this is a GREAT value. I was a little wary of it, given how much competing models cost, but now that we have it set up and have used it, I can recommend it without hesitation.
It is very nice looking, and the walls are thick and solid. There is a lot of glass which helps to keep you from feeling claustrophobic. Two relatively small people could use this together, but it is more comfortable for solo use. I am a big tall guy and I would definitely not get one any smaller than this.
Set-up was ultimately not that complicated if you are mechanically inclined. The instructions are terrible but fortunately it isn't that complicated, so even though you have to kind of figure out some stuff yourself it isn't too bad. I did have to get out a hammer and block of wood to get the last panel to latch in and seat properly, but the thing is made to very exact tolerances (gaps that let the heat out would render it useless) and it seems very solid and sound now that it's together.
The unit does an excellent job of getting heat into your upper body...your arms your back your chest muscles really feel that radiated heat deep in them well after you get out. The lower body, legs not quite as strongly. The glass in the front and sides means the heat for your legs only comes from under the bench and up from the floor, nothing hitting like the front of your knees and calves. I was a little wary of the heater under your feet, thinking it might make the sauna uncomfortable, but they have clearly tuned it so there is not that much heat coming up from the floor. You still get a nice sweat up, but not that deep healing heat you get in your shoulders/back.
The MP3 Jack is weird, it is in the ceiling inside the unit, and they give you a long cord and a tray to put your ipod on, inside the unit. I don't really see putting my iPod in there, with temps above 130 degrees. That is probably the biggest design flaw I see.
I do like the dual controls that let you control the sauna from inside as well as outside, and let you see both the temp and how much time you have left."
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Review 12 for Dynamic Venice 2-person FAR Infrared Sauna
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Ephrata, Wa.
Date:September 27, 2011

Dynamic 2-person Carbon Tech Far Inrared Sauna

Model Number: DYN-6210
"What a wonderful product. Easy to put together and fits right where we originally were going to put a sauna when our home was built 12 years ago. I am Finnish and had always used the hot rock steam saunas in the past. This is quicker and much easier to use. I would recommend this to anyone with arthritis or muscle pain. It definately makes you feel better. The controls are easy to use also.."
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Review 13 for Dynamic Venice 2-person FAR Infrared Sauna
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Albuquerque, NM
Date:January 8, 2012

Really is the Best Purchase Ever

Pros: price, detoxification, pain relief, speeds up healing, easier to breath, look and feel years younger, better sleep, excellent customer service
Cons: none
Model Number: DYN6210
"After seeing a FAR infrafed sauna at the fair and doing a lot of research online, we finally settled on this one, purchased it in October, 2011, and have been using it almost daily since. It is truly wonderful and we are so glad we bought it!
Delivery was quick and easy and set up was relatively straight forward with 2 people. We had a little problem with the shut off switch at first (still usable), but the extremely responsive customer service department resolved the problem quickly. We were very impressed!
The price was extremely reasonable considering the competition. This size is adequate for two average size people to sit comfortably. And it didn't require any rewiring. It heats up quickly, produces copious amounts of sweat at a relatively comfortable temperature, and is easy to use.
We've noticed many, many health benefits, primarily pain relief (our number 1 reason for buying it was to help with my husband's severe chronic pain). It does that (which is considerable and worth buying it alone) but it does so much more! Muscles in my husband's back that NEVER loosen up without injections, loosen up in the sauna! We breath easier and congestion just goes away before it can catch hold! My skin has never been better -- people tell me it glows! It is so soft and clear and smooth, I can't believe it when I look in the mirror -- I look years younger. My scalp is no longer dry and itchy (a problem I've had since childhood). No matter how much lotions I use, my legs have always been itchy, red and irritated every winter for as long as I can remember, but NO MORE. And the most surprising of all is my awful spider veins have all but disappeared! I think it has to do with the increased circulation. Going to sleep after a sauna is easier too.
Those are just the noticeable differences. I truly believe that things are going on inside our bodies that we can't so easily see or feel, like detoxification. My husband can taste a slight metalic taste in his mouth, which I think means metals (and I hope other things) are slowly working their way out.
We watch videos on an iPad or on a little notebook computer, which makes the time pass more quickly. We put a frozen ice pack underneath/behind it on a little shelf we rigged up to keep the electronics cooler. I tried reading once, but I felt the heat more and kept looking at the clock.
If you're reading this, just go ahead and buy it. You really won't be disappointed!"
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Review 14 for Dynamic Venice 2-person FAR Infrared Sauna
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Atlanta, GA
Date:January 6, 2014

Excellent Sauna at a competetive price!

Pros: consistent results every time and no tech issues.
Cons: it takes about 15-20 minutes to fully heat.
"My husband and I both have heart issues and were looking for supports to our health. This sauna comes highly recommended and I agree! We've had ours for about a year now and it not only detoxes very well, it is also quite relaxing. Before bedtime it is soothing and better than taking meds. Works every time."
Review 15 for Dynamic Venice 2-person FAR Infrared Sauna
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Hillsborough, NC
Date:January 27, 2012

Did not work for me

Pros: easy to install with two people, good lighting effects inside, mp player capability is good
Cons: wish it clearly stated from the beginning "indoor
Model Number: Dynamic 2-person sauna
"I receive my sauna on time as scheduled. Immediately I saw on each of the large 3 boxes, "INDOOR use only". Truthfully when I was in the process of reading and then ordering, my eyes saw what I suppose I wanted them to see. Excellent exterior wood, interior/exterior controls. What I am saying is that I really wanted to place this sauna on my covered back porch, still open to the elements to a small degree. After reading all that "exterior stuff" I failed to read where it was indoor use only. When I received it I knew the only place I could install it would be in my double bay garage. I will say anyone who can lift and hold the large and heavy panels and do it yourself,,,,,you got some power in ya!
Ladies if you don't have that kind of backup help, know you will have to find it somewhere.
After it was installed I never could get the inside tempature to elevate to where the controls stated. I called tech support from Dynamic and after placing 90 mins and max tempature, it never max out. The inside temp of my garage plays an huge factor in how the unit will heat up. So, it has been boxed back up in the original boxes and taken back to my local Costco where a credit was immediately given on my Amer Exp card.
Really I do belive it would be an awesome sauna inside your house. However that did not work for me. And lastly, I know I have heard it before. If all else fails, READ :)
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Review 16 for Dynamic Venice 2-person FAR Infrared Sauna
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Everett, WA
Date:December 30, 2013

Best Purchase

Pros: great delivery / easy install / great construction
Cons: instructions/pictures could be easier to follow., need improvement on instruction
"Good item, use it the same day. It is good but take 20+ minutes to get to 115deg. I like the reading light, the speakers."
Review 17 for Dynamic Venice 2-person FAR Infrared Sauna
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Overland Park, KS
Date:December 16, 2013

Wonderful buying experience / purchase

Pros: great delivery / easy install / great construction
Cons: install instructions-needed to read between lines
"From the time I ordered this to knowing exactly when it would arrive, to the delivery person placing it inside my garage, this was a wonderful experience. Although I have owned this for a short amount of time, I know it will be wonderful for a very long time, given the life time warranty on the product. Not many will give that type of warranty. At this point, I couldn't be happier with this purchase."
Review 18 for Dynamic Venice 2-person FAR Infrared Sauna
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Albuquerque, NM
Date:December 23, 2012

WoW - This is great

Pros: super fast shipping and heats up fairly quickly, currently no need for dedicated 15 amp circuit
Cons: this sucker is heavy.
Model Number: Venice 2-person
"I read all the reviews before I purchased and was encourage but wary of all the good reviews but they are all true. This sauna is great. 2 people can get in it but they better be good friends. While I cannot lay down I can rest my back against the optional back rests (really recommend those) and my bent knees rest on the other side. I had read that they ship faster than 2-3 weeks but no guarantee, well they shipped the day after I ordered it and it arrived 4 days after that. It is definitely heavy. While I brought most of the pieces upstairs, I did wait on my son to help with the pieces with glass. We had it together in about two hours. Hardest part was the final front piece but that was because it fits so snuggly. I do not look forward to ever taking it apart. I didn't put the top cover on because a reviewer indicated he had an issue with the power supply and had to take it off. I have now had it for about 6 weeks and every thing works great. I have it on out outlet circuit in the bedroom which doesn't have much on it and it works great. So far no need for a dedicated circuit. I can't say if it heats up to 140, but it definitely heated up to 135. I have since started lowering the temperature and found I like it best about 125 degrees. It takes about 15-20 minutes to get to about 110-115 and I get in then and it takes another 15 minutes to get to 125. I read my Kindle for about 15 minutes but by then I am so relaxed I throw it out side and just rest for the next 30 minutes. After that, I get the best sleep I have had in years. It may be lowering my blood pressure but I will have to track that a little longer to confirm. I am so glad I went ahead and bought this. Probably the best gift I have bought myself in a long time."
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Review 19 for Dynamic Venice 2-person FAR Infrared Sauna
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:February 27, 2012

Hot and Happy

"I read all the reviews on this site antd others before purchasing and have done my research on saunas; Sunlighten being the brand I was leaning towards.
The Dynamic was $1000.00 less expensive so we went for it and it comes from Costco with their great return guarantee that we have used with mattresses which gives us a feeling of financial safety.
So far we haven't been let down. We have been using our sauna for two weeks now. The color therapy light is not as fancy as Sunlighten's, but it does give out a nice color and it's not really one of my reasons for buying a sauna anyway; although it is fun to play with.
The sauna went together easily, and my husband who is a contractor was impressed with the way it was built; so that it could be assembled by two people.
The hemlock wood smells wonderful but it is a strong scent for the first couple of days. The temperature can be set to 140 degrees which is the same as the Sunlighten. Although I prefer the temp. no higher than 133, it is nice that it goes that high. I have friends who like their temp at 140. I've seen other brands that only top out at 120 and 130.
The heater under the seat near your calves is rather weak as some of the review have stated, but the floor heater works well as do the ones surrounding the bench.
I've used the Sunlighten Sauna for months now at a local spa and I can see only a few differences, none of which would make me want to spend $1000.00 more for a Sunlighten Sauna. The Dyanamic Sauna gives me the same results, looks just as nice, but the Dyanamic has the Costco return guarantee behind it, so I feel I cannot go wrong.
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Review 20 for Dynamic Venice 2-person FAR Infrared Sauna
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Northern Michigan
Date:December 3, 2011

Excellent product, great value

Pros: ease of installation, quality of workmanship, beautiful design, vendor advance contact
Cons: mp3 jack inside
Model Number: DYN-6210-01
"This sauna is an incredible bargain. It is well-built, and the installation instructions are easy to follow and clearly written (read 'em through before starting). Everything was easy to find, it worked right the first time, with no hitches or confusion.
The sauna itself is beautiful and works splendidly. I have done a lot of shopping, and I can't believe we got it for this price!"
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