Customer Reviews for Everton 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed

Everton 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed

BEFORE ORDERING – Be sure to check your local building and zoning codes and ensure that all appropriate permits have been acquired. Always check with your local building authority and homeowners association for restrictions/requirements before finalizing your purchase. At this time orders for this item cannot be delivered to Florida addresses For questions regarding these items, please call Yardline at 1-800-844-9273 Paint and shingle to match your home or suit your taste (paint & shingles shown, but are not included) It is recommended that all seams be sealed with caulking prior to painting Assembly Required:  All parts are pre-cut and ready for assembly.  Assembly requires intermediate carpentry skills and will require 2 people 2 days to complete: 1 day to assemble the shed and 1 day to paint, caulk and shingle the shed.
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Customer Reviews for Everton 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed
Review 1 for Everton 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:West Texas
Date:September 19, 2014

Worth the time and money

Pros: well pleased with the finished product.
Cons: warped and twisted lumber in critial applications., shipping was slow on this product.
Model Number: Everton 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed
"I have had this shed up for 13 months now and it is solid and rain proof. And it still looks like new.
I anchored a 4X4 ground contact pressure treated base and built the reinforced floor.
I highly suggest purchasing four 2 X 4 X 12 boards to substitute for the top and bottom boards used for the sides.
Also, purchase a few good 2 X 4 X 8 boards to replace some of the warped pieces you will get.
The roof used two fewer packages of shingles than recommended and it took two gallons of paint for two coats, which was well worth doing.
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Review 2 for Everton 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Front Royal, VA
Date:September 15, 2014

A good buy, but...

Pros: price, looks good
Cons: some part alighment problems, the "loft" is just a higher shelf., some warped wood parts
Model Number: #596417
"This shed is a very good value for the money. But, as others have noted, it takes WAY longer than two days to construct. It tool a full day just to do the leveling and floor setup. I also ran into problems with things not lining up properly. Sometimes that was due to warped studs (we ended up "sistering" a couple to solve the problem), but I and my helper found it impossible to get the roof rafters to meet properly and uniformly. And we seriously questioned the order in which the instructions had us doing things. But, the shed is up, is attractive, and is weather tight for a price and size that I couldn't find a match for anywhere else. I REALLY wish I had known that I could have had it built through Costco/Yardline. I ended up paying my helper over double what I originally offered/thought. Definitely add the extra floor joists suggested in instructions (bought separately) for additional strength."
Review 3 for Everton 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Tahoe City, CA
Date:September 6, 2014

Look no further, buy this shed :)

Pros: professional assembly available
Model Number: Costco: 596417 Yardline:19241-8
"If you're shopping for a shed, stop looking and buy this one, we couldn't beat the quality and cost for the size we got!
The original idea: my friend agreed to build the shed with my boyfriends help. When the pallet arrived on May 23rd, our friend freaked out and told us he wasn't interested in the project. We ran the project by a few other uninterested friends and came away with no takers......and a pallet still in the driveway.
I called Costco customer service the second week of June to ask about returning the kit, and was shocked that there was NO CHARGE to pick up the unopened kit. What was key in the conversation was when the clerk asked why I was returning the shed. When I told him my building crew fell apart, he told me we could pay someone to build the shed.....NO WAY!!! It was one price to build the shed, a bit more to include roofing. I opted for roofing inclusion, paid over the phone and was told the folks at the closest Yardline facility would call to schedule our build.
At the end of June, we got a call from Yardline with a July 25th appointment. My boyfriend marked and leveled off the build site so when John arrived on the 25th it was ready to go. This one guy banged out the shed in a day; I guess when you don't have to read the directions you can go super fast! We painted it to match our house the next weekend.
The shed is AWESOME, all of our neighbors were wowed, we're very happy with the size, quality and overall experience of having the shed built - it only tool about 2 months!
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Review 4 for Everton 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:August 16, 2014

Happy with this solid shed

Pros: all pre-cut, solid, looks great.
Cons: door a little flimsy, takes way more than 2 days to complete
Model Number: Everton 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed
"Bought and built this shed in the Summer 2014 mostly by myself over a 3 week period. This is a 1 week job with 2 people so schedule time accordingly. I had help putting up the walls and roof. The instructions were good and everything lined up to a 1/4 inch gap at the back - no big deal. Do reinforce the floor with an extra 4x4 and two 2x4's. Use wood temporary straps to hold the roof gables/trusses in place if you don't attach the plywood to the roof immediately (they hold everything into place). I used just over 5 packages of shingles (5 won't do it if you do it correct). I had to reinforce the bottom of the doors as the heavy duy staples seperated from the door frame after a week."
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Review 5 for Everton 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Santa Rosa, CA
Date:August 8, 2014

Low end materials

Pros: large shed for the price
Cons: low end materials lack durability.
Model Number: Everton
"Mine was built by the manufacturer in one long day--about 10 hours.
This is a pressed-wood product, including the floor, that will deteriorate quickly if not kept well-sealed. Should be both primed and painted immediately.
They installed the shingles without using roofing paper to protect the pressed wood roof. They said roofing paper (despite it being very inexpensive, as well as standard building technique for shingle roofs) was an "extra" which I had not ordered.
Shelving (which is at additional cost) is a joke--build your own, or use free-standing. Attractive, sturdy shelving is available at Costco.
I have been told one can "upgrade" to plywood. If I had to do over, I would definitely do so, for the sake of strength and longevity.
I suggest any purchaser carefully review the available "extras" before buying. You will probably want some of them--like roofing paper!
Of course, this pushes up the price."
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Review 6 for Everton 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:July 8, 2014

What a great shed for a great price!!!

"This shed is what the novice builder needs. It says 1 day to build with two people but it took me a little longer because I did most of it myself. The directions are very easy to follow and having everything pre-cut was a huge advantage. I would recommend this to anyone!!!!"
Review 7 for Everton 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Arlington, WA
Date:July 6, 2014

Great Shed - Take your time.

Pros: excellent instructions., materials perfectly cut., well designed.
Cons: best if you are (or have) experienced help.
Model Number: Model: 19235-7
"I bought this shed based on the reviews and the discounted price. I am thrilled with the value.
Everything was measured and cut perfectly... absolutely nothing to cut.
The only advice I'd give is to allow for and take as much time as you need. Some reviewers said they finished in two days. Clearly they have more experience than I do. Disclosure: I suffer from 'analysis paralysis', so I naturally take longer.
Don't rush or settle on fit. Precision will pay off. I made a few decisions regarding fit and alignment (e.g., 'it'll be okay') that bit me later down the line.
Bottom line, the finished shed is beautiful and high quality. Neighbors are totally jealous :-) I highly recommend this company.
Couple hints:
-Paint the body panels & trim pieces before you attach trim. Saved me effort and looks awesome.
-Remember to account for cost of un-included materials (foundation; roofing shingles, felt, drip edge; paint; ramp) this added about 30% to the cost of the shed for me."
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Review 8 for Everton 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Big Bear Lake, CA
Date:June 20, 2014

Upgrade the Trim for a great look

Pros: good instructions, well designed kit
Cons: warped rafters don't have a good work-around, 3/4" screws don't quite grip
"First, thanks to previous reviewers for some good suggestions. Yes, buy the 12' 2x4's for floor and wall top plate, which gives you some room to discard a warped or twisted stud or two. I live in snow country, so we added blocking on the roof at the horizontal seam, and cut in some supports for the overhang as well. We used a third center 4x4 runner and put the outer two at the edge rather than 1 foot in.
What really improves the look is upgrading to 1x3 corner trim - I was able to find it in the woodgrain stamp texture - and using the thin little strips in the kit to cover seams at the sides and back. My wife made me use the last 2 to cover the plastic z-bar, not necessary but looks OK. Then a nice finish is running textured 1x4 to hide the exposed 2x4s of the floor frame. I had cut the corner trim long enough to go the extra width of the 1x4, and the combination results in a nice overall look.
Like some of the other folks, we used all screws. I would have hit my thumb a thousand times if I'd tried to do it all with nails.
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Review 9 for Everton 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Oakland, CA
Date:June 1, 2014

Nice Shed Good Instructions

Pros: nice design good instructions good price
Cons: warped rafters
"Nice Shed at a great price
Shed assembly time is underestimated.
It took 2 guys 2 days to level the lot and create the gravel bed.
1 Day - 2 guys for Floor and Wall Assembly
1 Day -1 guy for Gables, Roof, Trim, Door
1 Day - 1 Guy for Drip Edge, Roofing felt and Shingles.
I did not have a framers gun so we screwed the whole thing together with 3" and 2" exterior screws.
Warped wood is a fact of life but I do think that some effort should be made to ensure the rafters are straight.
Overall the Shed came out square and level but I would not say it was perfect.
Too bad I did not check my local building code because this shed requires a permit with a roof exceeding
120 sq ft. I hope I don't have to take it down now.
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Review 10 for Everton 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Atlanta, GA
Date:May 24, 2014

Love our new shed

Pros: great value
Cons: build time greatly underestimated
"I'll start by saying that the Everton, with all of its small aesthetic upgrades, seemed to be the best value that we could find in an 8x12 unit.
As many other reviewers have suggested, we chose to upgrade some of the structural elements of the shed. We replaced all of the 12' dimensions that consisted of 4' and 8' sections with single 12' 2x4's (sides of the floor system and top & bottom plates of the sidewalls). Additionally, we went 12" OC for the joist spacing and doubled the number of 4x4 runners to 4. Contrary to several reviewers, the vast majority of the lumber that we received was straight. If I were to nitpick one item, I would offer that a good number of the treated lumber was hardly stamped and you we had to locate the faint discoloration left by the (light) pressure treatment to identify those pieces.
As to build time, it took us two weekends and a couple evenings thereafter to go from building the foundation to shingling and caulk (we still need to paint). We used a framing nailer for just about everything not trim. Frankly, I don't see how anyone can construct the shed in two days hammering just about everything as instructed by the manual.
We've already had our electrician power the shed and plan on adding some additional shelf space - the lower shelf is pretty comical.
All in all, construction time aside, building the shed was an enjoyable little project."
Review 11 for Everton 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Northern Arizona
Date:May 4, 2014

A superb shed

Model Number: Everton 8' x 12' Wood Shed Item ##596417
"We have just finished assembling this shed and put in most of the stuff we wanted to store. I had been concerned that it would be too small for us. However, I added a number of things. I added another loft at the front end. I added a large (from wall to wall and about 36” deep) shelf at the back. Along the right side, I added three 8’ x 16” shelves at equal separations. I left the left side free to hang garden implements such as shovels and rakes. Not only did we get all our stuff in but there is room to spare. We haven’t really used the second loft yet. I emphasize that we tend to accumulate things, so I am not talking about a modest amount of stuff.
I found the directions extremely well written and easy to follow. But I agree with many of the other reviewers about the time required to assemble the shed. I estimate that it took a minimum of 6 man-days to complete the shed. In addition, we had to prepare the foundation (we did the 4” x 4” x 12’ lumber on cement posts) including leveling the ground. Our construction was inhibited a bit because we built the shed in an open areas surrounded on all four sides by bushes. We had three narrow paths through the bushes from front, left and right leading to the front of the shed assembly area. This made it difficult to do some of the tasks because we didn’t have a nice flat area on any side of the shed for laying things out.
As other reviewers, I emphasize the necessity of reading the instructions thoroughly and following all the instructions. For example, I did not check to make sure there was uniform separation between the rafter peaks before attaching the roof. There was no problem until I went to install a skylight. The skylight went in all right but it is clear that the rafters are not parallel which makes the job look not so nice. I like one reviewer’s suggestion to buy 12’ 2” x 4”s for the top and bottom of the side walls rather than splicing as the instructions call for. Given my limited work space it was difficult to keep everything tight with the splicing.
I also ran electricity to the shed which I think will be very important because now we can work with power tools in the shed and nearby. I hung a shop light in the peak of the rafters.
Some reviewers have indicated they were able to do this job alone. I complement them but I really recommend there be an additional person available. On the other hand, the rigidly sequential way in which the shed is constructed makes it hard for two people to work all the time. One person would often be standing around. However, that might have been dictated in our case by the confined space. If we had had more space, two people could have worked on the walls (one person build the left wall while the other builds the right, and so forth) and other things simultaneously. However, be very careful not to get ahead of the sequential nature of assembly. At the end, it was possible for two people to work together because of the separate nature of adding all the finishing pieces.
I was very impressed with the quality of the lumber and the hardware including screws and nails. Having very high quality lumber ensured there were no problems with knots or splitting wood.
As to the future, I think I will add an external plug box to make it easier to access the electricity for outside work. We live in the desert and even at 80 degrees (in early May) the shed is getting really hot. I think I may add a small exhaust fan at the upper rear wall vent opening to keep the shed from becoming an oven when the temperatures start going over 100 in the summer.
In writing this review, it is hard to be too analytical because I have nothing to compare to. This is the only shed I have constructed. Having said that, I found very little to complain about. The shed is a solid, sturdy building that, I am sure, will provide many years of satisfactory service.
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Review 12 for Everton 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Lake Isabella, CA
Date:May 1, 2014

great looking shed

Pros: a nice looking and very solid wood product
Cons: too many pieces
Model Number: 19235-7
"This is a great looking and very sturdy little shed with a lot of room. Only draw back, There were way more pieces to assemble than expected and did take 2 people more like 3 days rather than 2."
Review 13 for Everton 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:LI, NY
Date:April 29, 2014

Great Shed for Great Price

Pros: great price
Cons: some pieces were not marked
"amazing shed for the price. the extra storage space due to 10 ft peak is great. very easy to build. took 8hrs with the help of one other person. saved time using a nail gun. will need another few hrs for paint and shingles."
Review 14 for Everton 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:April 28, 2014

Worth the trouble

Pros: good looking shed
Cons: materials leave a bit to be desired
Model Number: 8 x 12 from Costco
"Despite the fact the package arrived 17 days after ordered; despite the fact many of the wood pieces were twisted and unmarked; despite the fact that instructions were somewhat misleading, I endorse this product. It took longer for me to level a spot to place the shed than to build it."
Review 15 for Everton 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Huntsville, AL
Date:April 13, 2014

Outstanding Value!

Pros: best looking 8'x12' shed on the market!, high quality materials, clear instructions
Cons: none
Model Number: 596416/(596417-current sales number until 05/04/14)
"This shed is by far, the best looking and the best value on the market. It arrived within one week.
The Everton currently is being offered at a "SALE" price, which even makes it a more outstanding value. We paid the original price 5 weeks ago, and thanks COSTCO's 90 day policy, we obtained a refund to match the current sale price. If you need a lawn/garden shed, get THIS shed!
As a previous reviewer indicated, the packaging looked a bit small for the size of the shed....the packaging was very well engineered and every item was there--undamaged!
The instructions were very clear and easy to understand....just be sure and read them and do not assume you know how items are to be assembled.
For our shed, it had to be built on 4x4 "rails" which took about 5 or 6 hours to get them placed on 2x8x16 inch concrete pads which had to dug into the sod to various depths to insure a level base for the floor. For me, that was the "hardest" part.
As mentioned in the instructions, I chose to space the floor joists 12" on center and I locally purchased 3 additional treated 8 foot 2x4's, as I wanted to insure our lawn tractor had extra support.
They supply more than enough hot dipped galvanized nails, but I chose to use my pneumatic nailing tools for most of the assembly tasks.
Very pleased with the final results. Now for painting...waiting for the wife to decide on the colors!
Review 16 for Everton 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:April 11, 2014

Classiest Kit Design on the Market

Pros: nice design with finished soffits high pitch, unbeatable price, good quality hardware, pressure-treated wood, roomy loft, product arrived early
Cons: more time-consuming than advertised, pieces not always clearly marked, roof connections could be stronger
"I'm a carpenter and enjoyed building this kit although Costco's 2 day/2 person estimate is very optomistic as it took several hours just to unpack & sort the many pieces/understand the directions and a full day to site and prep the raised foundation. I chose the Everton because the style matched our home roof pitch and having an overhang with closed soffits looks classy on a shed and protects the siding. The structural design is good except for the roof & joist toenail connections which I thought were weak. To strengthen I added blocking at the gable peak (since there is no beam) and Simpson offset hurricane ties to secure the joists inside to the studs in case of high winds. The shed looks dynamite with a colored metal roof. Spray painting the inside white also helped reflect the light and gave it a nice finished look and adding a few extra shelves was easy. I took the advice of a reviewer and bought two 12-foot pressure-treated 2 x 4's for the base perimeter to eliminate the seam. The new shed with some flower beds added a nice focal point to our back yard and visitors think it's a custom building. Costco hit a home run with this product."
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Review 17 for Everton 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Southwest Utah Mountains
Date:April 11, 2014

Kit Makes a Great Base for a Mountain Shed

Pros: steeply pitched roof sheds snow better, assembly instructions easy to follow for novice, window lets you see inside - great feature, quick delivery of kit with helpful driver, all my toys fit through the door
Cons: i added a few more roofing joists for strength, really needs more floor joists for heavy loads
Model Number: 19237-7
"My mountain cabin needed a shed to store my family's motorized toys and other items too dangerous for the garage (e.g., gasoline). To conform with our HOA rules I needed to add a metal roof and log siding after putting the kit together.
I put the basic kit together myself including raising the walls. It was tricky but can be done. I spent a lot of time preparing the foundation since I built it on a slope. Once the floor was installed I built the walls on top of each other using the floor to support them since I didn't have a big enough flat surface to lay them out. The floor was exactly the right size.
I purchased metal roofing material and log siding from a local hardware store and installed them after watching DIY videos on the Internet. The metal roof was not that expensive but the log siding was. Climbing on the roof to screw the roof to the roofing plywood was awkward but I managed using a long ladder sloping from the roof to the ground. I had to add a couple of extra 2x4s to the inside walls to nail the edges of the log siding to.
I am pleased with the result. It could look better but I am not a professional carpenter and it still looks pretty good. I put several ATVs, gas cans, tools, etc. in the shed for the winter.
One of the great aspects of the shed is its peaked roof. When it snowed this winter I noticed the snow would slide off the roof unlike other sheds that didn't have the steep slope this kit has.
In summary, it took me a lot longer to build the kit and make my modifications than the sales literature says but the result is good looking and extremely functional. Similar sheds built by professionals in my area cost four to five times more than I invested in my shed.
Adding a vertical sliding door is the only thing that I would think would have made the shed better looking. But these doors are costly and the kit doors work well and look good with the wood siding."
Review 18 for Everton 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Silverton, OR
Date:April 7, 2014

Great shed

Pros: everything was pre-cut with step by step, instructions.
Cons: it did take longer to build than suggested but i, didn't mind & enjoyed the project.
Model Number: Everton 8 x 12 garden shed
"The shed arrived 2 weeks from purchase, really fast. One piece was smashed so I called & they immediately shipped replacement boards. We did reinforce the center of floor but strictly because a heavy riding mower was going to be sitting on it. Also we put 2 more studs in back wall. It took a total of 4-5 days to assemble with two people. I was able to customize the shed with cedar shingles in peaks & a cupola on top. All in all I would say this is a very good value! I am very happy with purchase."
Review 19 for Everton 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:Tucson, AZ
Date:December 30, 2013

Don't bother unless you build homes for a living

Pros: sturdy once built, looks nice once completed, lots of space inside
Cons: warped boards and cheap lumber used, way understated on the labor hours required
Model Number: 19235-7
"2 people 2 days to assemble???? And that is 1 day to assemble and 1 day to paint?? I have an actual carpenter friend that helped me and together we put in over 20 hours each to assemble. Some of the boards were so warped and cut crooked that we had to use clamps and pulleys to twist as we screwed them together. This took care of some of the twist and bow but not all of it. We also discarded all the provided screws and bought the brown lifetime "star" drill bit screws. The provided ones are cheap and would not provide the needed strength for this shed. Once it is put together using the new screws, it is a very sturdy shed. But the time it took and the amount of labor to correct all the warping was ridiculous.
p.s. there are also a few errors in the instruction manual in the detail pictures...I am so lucky that I had an actual builder available to me to help...
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Review 20 for Everton 8' x 12' Wood Storage Shed
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Middletown, NJ
Date:November 24, 2013

Great Shed - fun project

Pros: no cutting, looks good, 2-3 days from unwrap to painted - if handy, plenty of space - more than met my needs, the loft adds a lot of space
Cons: without power tools this is more than 2 days, building one was fun the 4th less so
Model Number: Everton
"The picture looked good. The price was right - it was also on sale. The online reviews were positive with some warnings about effort and materials. Three neighbors and I all bought this shed (4 total) and figured it would be a two weekend project for the four of us. If you have nail guns (we had a framing nailer, a finish nailer, and a roofing nailer), a power drill/screwdriver, can follow directions and are handy, you can get one shed done in 2 full days (assuming you already have a foundation ready - we used concrete pavers) - then add a few hours for painting. If you lack power tools and/or aren't handy, two days is a pipe dream. If you are single handed, it will definitely be harder to get the walls up, but getting the walls up and roofing are really the two jobs that require two sets of hands. As many have said, you will have to follow the directions which are very good. There were only a few spots where it took a few minutes to figure out what had to be done (e.g. the shelf supports). The kit was delivered on time and was very well packed into a relatively small package. Most parts were well labeled, but with a tape measure to confirm dimensions, you can't go wrong as the directions note the size of everything. It is helpful to have a flat yard or driveway to lay everything out and to start assembly. Once you have the floor/deck done, it is a very good work surface. Given the reviews that some lumber was warped, we bought some extra 2x4s - ended up returning them as our kits' lumber was ok. We did not need all of the shingles (about 5 bundles/shed) and returned the extra. Other estimates of about $400 for additional materials are pretty good - don't forget pizza cost. We did buy additional 2x4x12s for the sides of the floor and the top and bottom plates of the right and left walls. Much sturdier and easy to work with the assembled walls, well worth the extra few dollars. If you don't buy/need extra wood, there really is no cutting. This is a well thought out and prepared kit. The first shed took about 2 days (2 people). The last two took about 1.5 days (2 people), most of the savings in time was due to just knowing what part went where. We did end up with some gaps in the eaves that were a little larger than caulk will fill, but some expanding foam did the job well. There are a lot of nail heads/holes and seams to caulk. If you take the time to caulk them you won't see them after you paint. The roof does have a steep pitch - it works best if you take two (or three) step ladders and a 2x12x12 and make a work platform next to the shed to stand on. You may want to paint the shed box before putting on the trim and roofing drip strips - will make painting the big fields very fast. That said, this will interrupt the flow of assembly - depends on how much of a perfectionist you are. I highly recommend this kit and the finished version looks great and holds everything I wanted to put in and more."
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