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Ooma Telo Air VoIP Telephone Bundle

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Customer Reviews for Ooma Telo Air VoIP Telephone Bundle
Review 21 for Ooma Telo Air VoIP Telephone Bundle
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Coral Springs, florida
Date:March 27, 2013

Phone Number

Cons: good sound nad easy hook up, can not or will not fix my problem
Model Number: WDBJV0000NCH-00
" I received my ooma 8 days ago.
I did not have any problems installing or activating the product.
I made several calls around the country.
After 5 minutes I asked them how the sound quality was.
So far everything was perfect.
Then I found out that the caller ID on the other persons phone did not display my name.
It displayed someone else.
The company said that was because someone must have had the number prior to me.
I have called three times and spoke with three different people.
The problem is still not fixed.
If they do not fix it this week I will return the product.
Review 22 for Ooma Telo Air VoIP Telephone Bundle
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:No. CA
Date:February 22, 2013

Saves Money but No Mute

Pros: saves money, reliable
Cons: cannot mute the ooma box.
" I've had Ooma for over a year. It's reliable, and it does save money, but there is one glaring feature that is missing. There is no way to mute the Ooma. You can adjust it's volume, but you cannot mute it. Therefore, unless you opt for the "Do Not Disturb Feature" (which routes all calls to voicemail; your phone will not ring), you must listen to the Ooma announcing all calls. This is quite a distraction when one has the Ooma located in a bedroom. Also, all modern phones have a mute, so for my purposes, this is a big design flaw. If that doesn't bother you, then go for it! "
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Review 23 for Ooma Telo Air VoIP Telephone Bundle
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Anchorage, AK
Date:April 4, 2013

Should have done this sooner!

Pros: saves lots of money!, responsive customer service, easy to set up
Cons: had to replace original hardware, took extra time to set up since original defective, unable to port an alaska phone number
Model Number: Ooma VOIP + wifi
" Shipping was quick and I received my Ooma a few days after ordering. Was simple to set up. Unfortunately my hardware was defective and the Ooma would beep and talk at random intervals unprovoked. When I hooked it up to wifi, it kept dropping offline and reseting. After a call to customer service, and getting forwarded to second tier support, a replacement set and wifi adapter was sent. The ooma works perfectly now. So even after the disappointment of the original unit not working, I'm extremely pleased with the quality of the calls and customer service response, and the fact that I'm saving over $30 month with more features than my old service! "
Review 24 for Ooma Telo Air VoIP Telephone Bundle
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Date:April 9, 2014

Good until something goes wrong

" First of all it was long hours of on the phone exercise with the ooma customer rep. to get the service started. Make sure when you start the project you have more than an hour to spend over the phone during set up. After the first set up it worked fine until a year later I had to change my Internet Service Provider. Their experts on the other end of the phone could not figure out how to get my service to work. I spent at least an hour or more every single day for three days and they could not figure out what was wrong. I was without phone service all these days. finally I had to add phone service from Comcast in order to get phone service started. now the device is piece of garbage sitting in my storage room. "
Review 25 for Ooma Telo Air VoIP Telephone Bundle
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:San Jose, CA
Date:March 12, 2013

Works with ADT!!!

Pros: low monthly service fee, compatible with google voice, works with adt
Cons: limited countries in the international bundle., needs to be located near modem and router
" I don't use the LAN line very much, so it made sense to find a solution that had good sound quality, with a low monthly service cost, just monthly taxes. However, the deal maker was that it worked with my ADT alarm system. After hours of looking around online to figure it out, the trick was to go to the online account, My Ooma, go to Preferences -> Phone Numbers -> Click on your account device name "Telo" -> Change "Mode" to Fax. When Ooma calls ADT it will look for a regular dial tone, vs the special Ooma dial tone. When I put it on Alarm Mode it dialed ADT successfully, however, it would seize the phone line for 1-2 minutes. In the Fax Mode the ADT console was able to make a successful call and hangup after 15 seconds. "
Review 26 for Ooma Telo Air VoIP Telephone Bundle
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:North Carolina
Date:April 29, 2013

Awesome Product & Service

Pros: awesome product & service
Cons: none
" We have had the Ooma product for nearly a year and we are so happy with it. The quality of the calls are good (although not as good as a land line), but out of 10, being the best, I would put the Ooma at an 8 or 9, which is really good considering your only paying taxes each month. We purchased the "Premier" and as a part of that service, I was able to provide my brother, who lives out of state, his own personal number for us and it doesn't cost him anything to call us! I do use a lot of the "Premier" options, so it has been worth it. Honestly, I can't say enough of how awesome this product is. As long as Ooma has a great product and service, I will not go back to a traditional land line service again. We were paying nearly $45/month for unlimited long distance, now it is $5-$6/month for taxes! You can't bet it! "
Review 27 for Ooma Telo Air VoIP Telephone Bundle
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Portland, OR
Date:March 27, 2013

Price good, quality ok

Pros: easy set up, cheap monthly fees
Cons: a little pricey, voice quality so-so
Model Number: Ooma Telo with wi-fi
" Easy to set up. I bought two and connected one on wi-fi and one directly with no dectable quality difference. Most people we talk to on it say we sound fine. One family in particular for some reason say we sound muffled every time. Everyone else seems fine, with occasional distortion if we're loud. I increased out internet speed but nothing changed. I don't like the goofy music that plays for a second every time you pick up the phone. Haven't got a bill yet but the $3 monthly sounds great. We'll probably use this less and less as time goes on as we migrate more to cell phones. Nice to have this though for the kids. Can't exactly trust a 2 year old with an i-phone when they talk to grandma. We ported our old # and it only took about a 10 days - they said to expect a month.
If you're computer is always on, there are cheaper options out there but this is nice as a stand-alone.
Review 28 for Ooma Telo Air VoIP Telephone Bundle
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Phoenix, AZ
Date:March 20, 2013

So Far...So Good

Pros: install is a breeze
Cons: none thus far
" I am a former user of another VOIP phone service provider for almost 8 years and was tired of paying $24.95 per month plus taxes. Decided to switch to Ooma because of its low cost and that I don't use the land-line very often but need to have one. The package arrived within 3 days in early March 2013. It took less than 10 minutes to install. Must read the instructions carefully as the install was different that others. Everything worked great out of the box. I chose to retain my phone number for $40 extra. The number was ported from my prior phone company to Ooma within 2 weeks and the service is good so far. I am not using Ooma's WiFi adapter, just installed it between my router and my phone with the standard network wiring. So don't know how well WiFi works. Given my less than 2 wks experience everything seems ok but time will be the true test of longevity and reliability. "
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Review 29 for Ooma Telo Air VoIP Telephone Bundle
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Centennial, CO
Date:March 16, 2013

Glad we finally made the switch

Pros: phone bill now less than $4 a month.
Cons: none so far
" My sister has had her Ooma for over two years. I kept waiting to switch over to ensure she really liked it.
We bought ours from the warehouse, so I have no experience with the wireless adapter (which is sold separately). Took just minutes to set up, and it works great.
I really, REALLY like the premier service. It includes a huge data base of telemarketer/spam phone numbers that are automatically blocked. Couple that with the ability to set up our own personal blacklist, and I can say we have successfully taken back control of our phone.
There was a hiccup with porting that those who have bundled packages might want to be aware of. Our number was ported over in less than 3 days. I called the company we were bundled with to cancel the phone portion, and they had already switched the internet and cable services to their 'normal daily charges' plan. They told me once the number was ported, they cancelled the old contract...! "
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Review 30 for Ooma Telo Air VoIP Telephone Bundle
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:March 15, 2013

Very close to the sound of a land line

" First of all I will say that I will keep this telephone system. I was a telecommunication tech for 30 yrs. The Ooma system sounds very good for what it is but is not multi million dollar Lucent ,Nortel or Alcatel switching system. That being said, it works very well and has some good features. I'm still keeping my land line but I'm going to remove the long distance portion and that will save me $22.00 a month. So I'm not porting over my number.You call forward your old number to the new Ooma number and everyone won't know the difference. Then tell your tell everyone you that when they see you new number incoming, to add it to their phone list and your done.My name will not come through. I am using the trial Ooma premier but unless you port your number your name will not pass through the switching equipment and only your Ooma number will appear on calling party's caller ID.I could port it and then get a new number for my land line but I don't want to pay extra cost. "
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Review 31 for Ooma Telo Air VoIP Telephone Bundle
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Date:June 12, 2013

Great product and a great price

Pros: porting was seemless, great cost savings, very good sound quality
Cons: setup manual is a little vague in some areas, had to cycle power twice in 6 weeks to recover, voice lag (normal for voip service)
" Had my Ooma for about 6 weeks now and very satisfied to date. Found the setup manual to be a little vague in how to connect the unit to your computer (i.e. leave the laptop connected wirelessly to home internet and connect the Ooma to the wired Ethernet port, or disconnect wireless then connect Ooma). But other than that it went smoothly. Paid the extra $40 to port my old number. Porting was complete in only 3-4 days and Customer Service kept me informed of the status all the way. Sound quality has been very good. The only negative has been a the unit required a power cycle a couple of time after power outages and internet outages in my area. Simply cycled power and it came back fine. Just got my 1st bill and my home phone service went from almost $40/month to $3.70, so I will re-coop the HW cost in just a few months.
I am using the wireless adapter and it has been working fine. Ooma is in the kitchen and the wireless router is in the computer room about 20ft away and through 2 walls. No issues. Also have unit tied back into the phone wiring of the house and running 2 wired phones along with 6 wireless phones. No issues and all work great. "
Review 32 for Ooma Telo Air VoIP Telephone Bundle
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Litchfield, Ct
Date:March 23, 2013

Great Product once I got a new wifi adaptor!

Pros: great clarity, easy setup, easy to use with fine web dashboard, quick reply from tech support
Cons: tech support a bit weak
Model Number: Ooma Telo Air
" I set the unit up on Sat. morning. Set up was easy as promised but the wifi disconnected rather quickly. I moved it closer and closer to my router with limited success. Called customer service and the call was answered star for that. I did have a problem understanding a woman from the Phillipines though. She ran me through the set up again and trying the unit in different locations. I still had the same issues. She talked with the "second tier" support and recommended that I try some changes to my router settings and call back if it didn't work. It didn't work but it did change the passkey. I couldn't get into the wifi setup after that. I called back and never did get it to work that day.
Tried calling for the 3rd time the next day and finally got a great tech that knew what to do. I changed a setting on my Mac for the network config and away we go. Finally got back to where I was to begin with. She couldn't figure it out either. She put me in touch with the 2dn tier support and I got a guy with a lousy attitude telling me all that I didn't enter the password correctly. He had me go through it again in a totally different way than the directions stated. Did it his way and guess what.....didn't work. He finally copped an attitude and said that I needed a new unit (surprise surprise) and I'd receive it came Wednesday. Popped it in and everything worked great! I still wish it had more range but at least I can use it in a different room. Not the room I wished for but okay. I knew from my research that there have been issues with the wifi adapters...wish I didn't have to put in hours on the phone. The unit worked perfectly when hardwired from the beginning. I would have given 5 stars except for this wifi fiasco "
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Review 33 for Ooma Telo Air VoIP Telephone Bundle
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:The Great Nothwest
Date:April 5, 2013

Almost Free Phone Service

Pros: almost free service
Cons: customer service
" We’ve had Ooma now for 90 days so far so good. The reason why my title says almost free phone service is because you still have to pay the taxes of After your investment into the unit in your taxes will cost you around five dollars a month which is pretty good. Sound quality is pretty good but don't expect it to be better than your landline service. Where I live the landline service was pretty bad so this is actually better for us. People we talk to have no idea that we are on a VOIP instead of a landline.
For us it was easy setup straight out of the box. I connected it to my wireless router, connected the phone, activated it online, and it was it was ready to go. The whole process took less than 10 minutes. Porting our number was easy to do. They said it could take four weeks or more for porting to be complete and it actually took about three or four days so I was really surprised.
Really the only drawback is customer service. It is really pretty bad. You call and it's like they're reading the answers from a book. They don't seem to know anything more than the information you can find on their website.
My Ooma came with 90 days of free premiere service. After that it's $120 a year which is payable all in one lump sum. You have to cancel before your 90 days is up or it automatically charges credit card on that you have on file (which is needed to pay your taxes each month. Definitely make sure you you're on top of that since they do not give any sort of refunds. Not even if you for purchase the premier service and decide you don’t want it later or move to a place where you can't have the service.
The basic no frills service works well, but one thing to note is that Ooma is a VOIP so if the power is out or your internet service is down, the phone service does not work. With the premier they have call forwarding so that if your powers out automatically be transferred to a cell phone.
Fax machines don’t work well with Ooma. I have no problem receiving faxes, but it doesn’t work for sending them.
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Review 34 for Ooma Telo Air VoIP Telephone Bundle
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Marietta, GA
Date:March 2, 2013

You can save moneny...if it works

Pros: low cost solution to pots, tech folks at ooma are nice
Cons: delays when talking, wireless adapter next to useless, must be right next to wireless router to work
" We purchased the Ooma device with wireless adapter in an effort to reduce the costs we pay to our current phone provider.
I liked that the product came with the wireless adapter so that we could place it in a location other than next to our router.
When it arrived, I followed the directions to activate and hook up the device wirelessly. It didn't connect. I called Ooma, and they talked me through getting it to connect. All seemed OK until the test call when about every 10th word was dropped and then the call just dropped all together.
The Ooma would go from blinking red (off line) to all blue (working) several times an hour.
I called back and was told that perhaps the device needed to be closer to the router. It was, as the crow flies, about 10 feet away. The router is on the second floor, and the Ooma is on the first floor directly beneath it.
I moved it upstairs and placed it right next to the router but still had it connect wirelessly. It did the same thing: going off line and on line continually through the day. Two cans and string would be more reliable.
I called Ooma again and was told to reboot my router. Not good. I did that, and it STILL acted up.
Called again and was told to hard wire the unit to my router. Not good because I wanted to place it someplace NOT next to the router. But I did as told. It worked. They then said to hook it up wirelessly again. Then wanted me to do some reconfiguration of the Ooma through my computer. After several more calls, the tech finally said I needed to set up a DMZ Node for Ooma, but that I would have to do that myself. I Googled it and got a bunch of info, none of which seemed to help.
The few times the Ooma has been working I experience a delay when talking. For example, if I call my Cell, I say "hello" and then a half second later, I hear the "hello" on my cell. In the end, although there are savings to be had with Ooma, it's not worth the hassle. The techs were nice, but they couldn't fix my problem, so I am boxing this up and taking it back to Costco. My advice: avoid the Ooma with the wireless adapter. Just go for the wired version. As I noted earlier, because of where we want to keep our base unit, having the Ooma wired directly to the router was not an option. "
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